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~`~`~Chapter 1- Revelation~`~`~

When the war finally ended, when the good ended the evil, a new evil for Harry Potter began. The trails of the ones that associated themselves with Voldemort started. One after another for five years, Death Eaters were being brought in from Azkaban and then returned after they were found guilty. Some were given the kiss other just a life sentence. Harry had to sit and watch as one by one these people were placed behind bars or worse.

When it was finally time for the Malfoy family to take the stand, Lucius was the first; he confessed to all his crimes openly, he did not defend himself what so ever. When they searched his memories, they found that Lucius had been a less then respectable father.

He had locked Draco in the dungeon at five, forcing him to read as much on wizard history and law as the small boy could, he was then tested, forced to rile off facts in correct order or be beaten, it showed how Narcissa was far to intoxicated to care most of the time. As the memories past, one phrase was repeated constantly. "Malfoy's do not…" cry, laugh, smile, show emotion, or lose; always followed. It showed him giving Draco orders at 11 to befriend Harry Potter so he may lead him to his death one day when their Lord returned. He was sentence to the kiss.

When Draco took the stand, he did not speak, he did not lower his gaze for the new Minister's eyes at all, as all the others had before him; he instead held his ground. They began to search his memories, he resisted at first, and a guard took him away before bring him back with blood slipping from between his lips and a dazed look on his face. They tried the spell again but Draco's mind was still too strong, but when they intensified the spell, he broke and the memory's came out in a flood. Out of all of them, they found six, which were beyond surprising.

Memory 1:

"UNCLE SEVERUS!" Draco yelled as he ran through the fireplace into the small house that his godfather Severus Snape resided in.

"Yes, Draco?" smiled the man sitting directly in front of the boy. He never showed emotion in front of anyone other than Draco, the poor boy was eleven and had never smiled, not even when he was a baby.

"Father has asked me to do something horrible again." Draco sat next to Snape, on the arm of his reading chair. Snape closed his book setting it down on the side table before turning his full attention to Draco.

"Did he tell you to hex someone again?" He took Draco's hands in his own as if to say 'you can trust me', but Draco shook his head, looking down at the hands that held his, he never understood why his godfather did things like this. Affection did not make sense to him. "Is it worse than that?" Snape asked and Draco nodded.

"He wants me to become friends with Harry Potter so that I can trick him into coming over once the Dark Lord is back. I don't want to be the reason someone dies Uncle Severus, I just don't know what to do." Draco sighed, unsure what emotion his godfather expected him to display.

"He has asked too much…again, I am going to go speak with him, I'll be back in an hour…you're staying the night, you'll arrive at school tomorrow with me." Snape stood walking to the fireplace and grabbed a handful of floo powder. "There is some left over diner in the fridge if you're hungry… Malfoy Manor!" and with that he was gone. True to his word, Snape was back within an hour with Draco's school things and clothes for him to wear for the night and in the morning. He walked into his kitchen to see that the pile of dishes had been done and the kitchen cleaned. Draco had also taken it upon himself to make oatmeal cookies, Snape's childhood favorite. "Using magic outside of school are we" he smiled hugging Draco, but the boy in his arms simple looked confused.

"I made them from stretch like you taught me, like you always say 'without magic everything taste a little better' and your right…what did my father say?" Draco asked pulling himself out of his godfather's arms and handed him a cookie.

"He wouldn't budge…I came up with a plan though" Snape said taking a bite of the cookie, while pausing for dramatic effected, but Draco did seem to perk up at this information.

"What is it?" Draco moved his chair closer to Snape, his face not changing from its stoic appearance but Snape could tell he was excited to hear the plan.

"Simple, make Potter hate you instead, as I will do. You will keep him at a distance, as an enemy-," Snape said but Draco nodded and cut him off.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…I read that in one of the muggle books you gave me." Draco said. "But how can I make someone hate me so easily?" he asked but before Snape could answer Draco realized something. "I'm a Malfoy" he nodded to himself "I'll just talk like Father" Snape laughed at the joke his godson had just made and Draco's eyes lit up a little before dulling again quickly.

"Are you sure you can do this Draco, you will have to be against and mean to, Harry Potter and his friends in everything they do." Snape asked searching Draco's eyes for any type of emotion.

"I can do this…I'll do whatever it takes to secretly help him become the person who will truly end Voldemort." Draco accepted Snape's hug this time, but was rather awkward about returning it.

"Draco, just remember that tomorrow night, think hard on being in Slytherin when you walk up to the sorting hat, nothing else, only Slytherin…if you think anything else the hat will chose for you and for our plan to work long term you must be in my house, understand?" Snape asked holding Draco at arm's length, the boy simply nodded.

Memory 2:

Draco stood outside in the cool air with his classmates and their brooms for the first time. While they worked on lifting them, Draco saw that Harry got his broom up on the first try just as he had. When Madam Hooch took Neville away, Draco stole his Remembrall and joked about the boy a little, faking a laugh that sounded very forced and more like a cough. Draco teased Harry before taking to the sky and throwing the Remembrall towards the castle.

Even though Harry had never ridden a broom, he took to the sky and chased after the ball, almost running right into the wall while he was at it. When he landed, his classmates praised him. As soon as they were dismissed Draco walked quickly to his godfathers office, he knocked on door and entered the room, shutting the it behind him.

"I did just like you said Uncle, I provoked Harry into acting as hero in the littlest way possible, I throw Longbottom's Remembrall into the air and Harry went after it, even though he never even rode a broom before. You were right he feels the need to stand up for people even though he isn't close to them," Draco said before Snape had even said hello.

"That's very good Draco, just keep it up, yes?" He smiled at the boy who nodded before running off to his next class with a quick goodbye.

Memory 3

"Professor Dumbledore?" Draco asked into the headmaster empty office, when he got no response he went over to Fawkes the Phoenix. He pulled out the sword from behind his back and looked around for something for Fawkes to carry the sword in. He did not have much time if he wanted the Phoenix to make it to Harry in time.

"Where did you find that sword Mr. Malfoy?" The soft but firm voice of Dumbledore flooded Draco's ears and he slowly turned around.

"I didn't find it, it found me…can I borrow you bird?" He asked casually, so much so Dumbledore laughed at him a little before nodded.

"I know why you need Fawkes… a never ending quest to keep Harry Potter alive; I've noticed how you follow him around. How you followed him to the chamber of secrets and basically handed Ms. Granger any books she might need to help him." He gave Draco an amused look and the boy simple shrugged, and looked at the sword in his hands. "Place it into the hat, only a truly Gryffindor could pull the sword from that hat" he smiled at Draco. "Send Fawkes to find him after you've done that." Dumbledore smiled and began to walk away "Oh and Mr. Malfoy…the sword only shows itself to true Gryffindor…have a good afternoon." With that, he left his office and a very confused Draco.

Memory 4

Draco stood in the cold forest watching as Harry watched himself and his godfather being soul-sucked. Harry stood there doing nothing, and Draco knew he needed to do something, After hearing what Harry had said to his friends about his father's patronus charm he too went back with his very own time turning (He was taking even more classes then Hermione in order to be fully aware of Harry when Voldemort was actually back).

"God dammit Potter do something!" he whispered harshly and ducked when Harry turned to look into the woods behind him. "Come on Draco think of something…what was that spell…dame-it" he hit his head repeatedly before jumping up as he remembered it. "Potestatem magiae meae!" he said pointing his wand at Harry, just as Harry cast a patronus charm. Draco's magic escaped from his body and entire Harry, magnifying Harry's magic and making his patronus extremely powerfully.

Hours later he awoke in his dorm room, void of other students, he laid a hand over his chest, over his heart, and sighed. Snape was sitting next to him, with his head in his hands, while Dumbledore stood on the other side.

"Draco" The old wizard said in a sad voice that not many had ever heard him use.

"I know…using that spell gave Harry half my power…permanently …he needs it more than I do." Draco said more to Snape then to the Headmaster. "It's fine Uncle…I'll be fine" Draco sat up slowly, pain radiated through his body.

"I never should have involved you with this…Draco you could have died doing that spell…how did you even find it, it has not been used since medieval times." Snape wiped his eyes, refusing to let Draco see him crying.

"In one of the books Father made me read as a child…It stuck with me I guess" Draco sighed, he turned his head away "What does it feel like?" He asked clenching his blanket in his fists.

"What do you mean Draco?" Dumbledore asked handing Draco a potion for the pain, after quick swallowing the disgusting potion Draco looked from one adult to the next.

"To feel sad or happy, depressed, joy, hell to even truly feel sacred, what does it feel like...to feel anything other than anger?" Draco growled out, Snape just shook his head.

"There not feelings that can be described Draco…you'll feel them one day, I promise." He hugged Draco tightly while Dumbledore patted his back gently.

Memory 5:

Draco sat in front of the dragon Harry was to fight minutes before he was supposed to fight it.

"Thank Merlin you can understand me right?" Draco said and the dragon growled in response. "I know right? Anyway, I need you to do me a favor…don't kill the human that is in the ring with you?" the dragon growled again and Draco nodded along with it. "Okay well if perhaps you faked your death, like fell from the tower, I know for fact the human will be flying at some point, drive him to the castle, fall from the castle…fly away and live happily ever after." Draco suggested and then once more the Dragon growled. "I really do appreciate this and I will most defiantly send an owl to Romania to inform them that you are on your way. Have a wonderful trip" Draco bowed before leaving. He walked over to Snape and smirked handing over the empty potion vial.

"I take it the potion worked…that was a very dangerous idea Draco. Just because your animagus is a dragon doesn't mean that an actually dragon would like you-" Snape was beginning to rant so Draco cut him off.

"Oh hush, just be happy that you made a potion that let a dragon understand human…that's pretty brilliant." Draco smirked again before walking away quickly to watch and see if the dragon would stay true to its word. Thankfully it did and the memory played on to show that Draco was able to witness Cedric tell Harry about the bathroom. After hearing this, he went right then to the first floor girl's bathroom to talk with Moaning Myrtle.

"Well hello there Draco!" she smiled rushing over to him and circling around him. "How's Harry Potter today?" Draco rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Fine, gorgeous as ever" Draco said leaning against a wall. Myrtle shrieked and came very close to Draco's face.

"Have you told him that you like him, that you fantasize about him at night, when you're alone in bed? How you ran you hand down your chest and-" Malfoy's growl cut her off

"Stop" He said simple and she did, backing up a little

"…I could tell him if you're too scared" she giggled out after a moment of silence.

"Don't Myrtle, look I need a favor…and before you ask what's in it for you…it involves seeing Harry naked." He smirked, Myrtle eyes became wide, and her mouth dropped open.

"What do I have to do!?" she screamed

"Tonight Harry will be in the perfects bathroom, now to save time because without help it undoubtedly will take him hours to figure out, tell him what you told me about that Diggory boy putting the egg under the water. Also answer any questions he has about what the egg tells him." Draco told her while inspecting his nails.

"Okay, will do…I'll try to get good looks of his body so I can describe it to you in detail" She giggled loudly.

"Myrtle don't…that would be nice" he nodded before excusing himself to go talk with Snape again.

"Uncle!" He called as he walked into the office only to see his godfather on his knees in front of Sirius Black. "Well this is a turn of events isn't it?" Draco raised one eyebrow while Sirius quickly did up his pants and ran to the floo, he face was bright red, and he was gone in seconds. Snape stood slowly, he growled at Draco, angrily throwing himself into his chair.

"I was actually enjoying myself for once Draco. It'll take at least another month to get him this far again…this had better be important." Snape said rubbing the palms of his hands into his eyes.

"Sorry for that…anyway I talked to Myrtle and she is going to help Harry with the egg and help him realize what it means." Draco said, his lips forming a tight line when at the mention of Myrtle's name Snape's started to smile.

"Still talking to the poor ghost about how in love you are with Harry." He laughed lightly and Draco rolled his eyes.

"Well you try going around, risking your life, giving half you magic to, and saving one person over and over and not develop strong…desires for them." Draco said as he took a seat, leaned back, folding his hands over his lap.

"Strong desires? Draco what your feeling is love" Snape tried to reassure him but it only made Draco get angry.

"I don't feel love for him, because I don't feel anything Uncle!" he yelled before storming out.

Memory 6:

Draco had just told Dumbledore about the mission Voldemort had sent him on, he was now sitting awkwardly next to Snape waiting for the man to respond.

"I am dying already my boy" both men on the other side of his desk looked a little shocked. Well Draco simply raised a brow while Snapes eyes snapped open "I'm afraid I'm suffering from a rather deadly curse, it is killing me slowly and painfully. Let the Death Eaters in Draco, do what you're told…the bigger picture is keeping Harry safe…and you are a key factor in that, Voldemort is testing you, so let it be done." He paused long enough to remove his glasses and rub his eyes. "Let me talk to Professor Snape for a moment alone." With that Draco left the room, he waited for Snape outside in the hallway. When his godfather finally came out the walked to the dungeons together and entered Snapes offices.

"What did he say?" Draco asked not liking the grim look on his godfathers face. "Uncle?" Draco realized Snape must have not heard him. "What did that old coot say?" Draco tried to smile but it turned out as more of a crooked half grin.

"Nothing really, more spells that he thinks will bring Sirius back," Snape said sadly waving a piece of paper around in the air.

"It took a half-hour for that?" Draco asked, not believe his godfather for a second.

"We talked about other things as well Draco…I don't feel very well, could you go to your dorm?" Snape said quietly looking at the list in his hands.

"I'm sorry" he said and Snape looked up at him confused "I wish I knew what to say, but I don't, I have no idea how to console someone who lost the one person that they truly loved, not once but twice…so I'm sorry I'm no help" Draco looked down at his hands.

"But you do understand Draco. You love Harry so much, your love for him is so pure. You love him much more then I could ever have love Sirius. But I got to be with him, even if it was only for a short while, I still got to be him…you-" Snape stopped to wipe his eyes

"I will never get to be with Harry. The second this war is over, I will be locked up and put away forever. I will rot in cell, but you know, it will not matter…because he will still be alive, and I help keep him that way. It will be interesting to see how long he survives without me," He said and Snape chuckled lightly, Draco looked up at Snape. "I should get to bed…potions test tomorrow, can't let you down" He smirked before walking out the door, the memory faded to black.


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