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~`~`~Chapter 6- Harry's First Time~`~`~

Draco was surprised. Which was not an easy thing to do but as he kissed Harry once they finally got back to the house and into the bed, Harry had done a one-eighty. He became a completely different person, the man that would shy away from others just to avoid questions was now biting at Draco's lips, neck, and chest while his hand were wrapped in the blond dreads pulling on them slightly. He was ripping off cloths and running his hands all over the other man's body, like if he didn't feel every inch of Draco in that moment he would die.

"Harry hold on love, I need to find the lube" Draco smirked looking on the ground after Harry had knocked it out of his hand on accident. Harry blushed but nodded backing off a slightly but still keeping his hands on Draco's biceps. When he finally managed to find it, he smiled and got back onto the bed sitting back on his heels between Harry's legs. "You need to relax," He said placing a kiss on the man's chest and rubbing his hands up and down his legs.

"Draco I've been fingering myself since fifth year, I know to relax." Harry said rolling his eyes and Draco pulled back and stared into Harry's eyes for a minute not saying anything. "What?" Draco sighed heavily.

"You're drunk Harry." For saying this, Draco reserved a slap to the shoulder.

"I'm buzzed, I had two beers Draco…and a shot of whiskey, I was nervous…I've seen your penis, my fingers are not that big!" Harry held up his hand as if to show but then realized what he had done and blushed bright red placing his hand back onto Draco's back.

"So buzzed not drunk…I can live with that" the next thing Harry knew, his boxers were gone and Draco's mouth was slowly and perfectly working over his cock. His hands ran up and down Harry's thighs while his mouth moved along the other man's arousal, Harry on the other hand was surprised that he was not ripping holes in his sheets because of how tight he was gripping. The fabric was crumpled in his hands as he throw back his head and let out a moan. Harry gasped when he felt Draco pull off of him, he whimpered lifting his hand and tried to guide Draco's mouth back but the other man pushed his hand way. "Relax I'm not done with you yet." He slipped his hands under Harry's knees and lifting them slightly.

"What are you…Oh Merlin Draco!" Harry laced his fingers through Draco's hair as the man gave a slow lick to his hole. After getting Harry's attention, he began to lick harder and faster, giving gentle bites to his bottom made him loose then death grip he had on Draco's hair. Harry was moan loudly now begging for more as the assault continued and moved back to his pulsating erection. Draco pulled back after a minute; he sat back on his heels whipping his mouth off on the back of his hand and smiled. He looked at Harry's flushed face, he reached down and gave himself a few strokes.

"Show me" he simple said handing Harry the lube and smirked when the black haired man gasped, his face turning bright red.

"But I…and you're watching…and I-" Harry mumbled and Draco sighed loudly cutting him off.

"Show me what you've been doing since fifth year Harry" Draco smiled when Harry bite his lip and nodded. He leaned back making himself comfortable so he could see every bit of Harry.

"You're already enjoying this too much." Harry said giving a nervous chuckle.

"What can I say, I've always enjoy watching you suffer…Potter." Draco noticed the shiver run down Harry's body and how much faster the man went about the task of stretching himself. As he slipped the first finger in Draco decided to try something. "Well, what'd you know-" Harry looked up through hooded eyes as Draco paused for a moment to lean forward and kiss him "Golden boy Potter's got a dirty side." He whispered against the other man's lips.

"Malfoy stop-" Harry caught himself and gasp covering his mouth with the hand that wasn't busy.

"Let me guess?" Draco guied Harry's hand making him add another finger and bagain to move his hand for him. "The Chosen One always fantasied in school, when we were emenys, that I'd charme my way into your pants and have sex with you, that it would turn me to the good side…isn't that right Potter?" Harry nodded moaning grabbing Draco's wrist as the other man took over with his fingers, scissoring and thrusting them into him over and over, each thrust was harder and faster than the last. "Does it turn you on…thinking that your ass could make an evil man good?" Harry growled and pushed his body down to meet the thrust of Draco's hand. He pulled back and grabbing Harry's arms, moving him into his lap while sitting back on his heels again.

"Draco please?" he whimpered when Draco did nothing, but the man remained still. "Draco?" he whined then moaned out as Draco bit his neck, running his tongue over the area to sooth the skin.

"I want you to be honest with me Harry. Do you love Draco or do you love Malfoy?" He moved away just far enough to look Harry in the eyes.

"I love all of you Draco, the good…the evil, I fell in love with you because I saw through the bad, and I always knew you had good in you." He kissed the other man "In my school fantasies you were always fighting against the good side so we would wrestle around a bit and then we'd fuck in a closet or empty classroom." Harry blushed when he finally looked at Draco's face again; the man was smirking at him in a devilish manor.

"Maybe during the holiday this year we can go to the school when they are all gone and make your school boy fantasies real…we could even do it in Snapes old office." He smiled and kissed him.

"Is that one of your fantasies?" Harry laughed when Draco nodded and kissed him again. Harry wrapped his arms around Draco's neck pulling him down closer; he lifted his legs to do the same around Draco's waist. "Raise your hips for a second love" Draco said as he started kissing down Harry's neck he grabbed a pillow and placed it under Harry's hips. "Makes it a little more comfortable for the first time." He answered the other man's questioning glance.

He kissed Harry again before moving down the bed to be in-between his legs. He supported himself on his elbows, he wrapped his arms under Harry's knees and rested his hands on his upper thighs, he gentle pulled encouraging Harry to spread his legs. He moved one arm back and wrapped his hand around Harry half-hard cock stroking him to full arousal before replacing his hand with his mouth. Harry began to moan and he ran a hand through Draco's hair, he gasp when he felt a finger gentle ran over his entrance, before pushing in again. As Draco sucked and licked Harry's member his fingers pushed in and out of him. He felt Harry tighten the hand that was wrapped in his dreads and pulled off slowly.

"Let's not finish you off just yet" he smirked and kissed up Harry's body, he pulled up Harry's legs a little higher. "You sure you're ready?" Draco asked and smiled into the kiss Harry pulled him into.

"Yes, I've been hoping since we were in school when I realized I liked you that you'd be the one…I don't think I could be more ready." They kissed again, their lips moved against each-others slowly and softly, as their tongues entered the kiss it became more like a dance than anything else. Harry suddenly pulled back and gasped as he felt Draco apply gentle pressure with the tip of his penis against his entrance as a warning. He took a deep breath and nodded letting the other man know it was okay to continue.

"Okay, just breath, you know to relax but I'm still going to say it…relax" Draco kissed his forehead and smiled before slowly pushing in, he had prepared Harry well enough that the only discomfort the man felt was the stretching there was barley any pain. "You okay?" he kissed him holding his face looking into his eyes.

"I'm fine, I just feel…full" Harry laugh turned into a moan when Draco gently thrust his hips. He pulled out and pushed back in. Draco used Harry's moans as a sign as a go-ahead and became to move slowly move his hips as he kissed him again. Harry grabbed at Draco's back his finger nails digging in as Draco's thrust became harder and faster. He moaned and begged for more as their bodies moved together.

"Merlin Harry you're so tight, fuck I love you." Draco moaned and kissed him again.

"I love you too…Draco, feels so good…yes there, right-there-right-there…fuck!" He growled and gripped Draco's back as the man sat up gripping Harry's hips as he trust in harder, he growled, grinding his teeth to keep from cuming when he saw Harry start to stork himself. His hands tightened on Harry's hips and his thrust became more erratic and less rhythmic. "I'm so close…I'm goanna cu-!" Harry body twitched and tightened around Draco as his hands shot up and grabbed onto the headboard as his orgasm hit him hard and he cried out Draco's name. Draco followed shortly after, he bite his lip to keep from making noise but Harry pulled him down into a heated kiss as an alternative.

"Well that was quite the show Potter" Draco smiled after he caught his breath, he fell to the right of Harry and pulled the other man to him "Who knew you would look even sexier while screaming my name. Ow!" He chuckled when Harry elbowed him. "But really…did I live up to the standers of losing your virginity oh Chosen One." He smiled and kissed Harry wrapping his arms tighter around the man.

"You went far above what I was expecting. Hermione said it was going to hurt and I was going to be sore and it would not be fun…What we just did was complete opposite of that. I mean…wow" Harry smiled and kissed Draco again "you have the right to look as smug as you do right now," He laughed and rolled on top of Draco sitting up on his hips.

"That's what happens when teenagers go at it in their dorm rooms, with little to no understanding." He ran his hands up and down Harry's back, he closed his eyes and rolled his head back as Draco's hands pressed harder giving him a message. "You know…I could go again" Draco smiled, Harry rolled his eyes before leaning down and kissing him.


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