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Chapter 1: Jennifer And The Candy Store

"I am Jennifer, an average 14 year-old teenager, and the new girl in a town known to people as Norrisville. My parents decided to move here not too long ago. When I was not too little, I dedicated most of my time helping my dad with his wood industry and helping my mom with her candy shop, which she also moved over to Norrisville. Right now, only my mother and I are in a nice neighborhood with nice neighbors and such tranquility. My dad left for business travel, but he'll sure return to see his only child and wife. It feels so nice to see the beautiful scenery in summer. Yeah, I'm still on vacations, but they're getting over now. Only 4 days are left and I'll be transferred to a nearby school called the Norrisville High.

I have a little thing that maybe nobody has even noticed yet... I'm the #1 fan of the hero of Norrisville... the Ninja. I've got a similar scarf (I use it all the time.), I've been drawing images of the Ninja, pretty awesome drawings, and I even drew myself with a similar ninja suit!

The very first time I started having dreams with the Ninja was on my 5th birthday, when I wished at the top of my mind, heart and soul that I could see the Ninja someday in person.

Nine years already passed and my wish seems hopeless. It makes me feel so sad all the time, and I even fall into depression. First because I'm an only child, so I have no sibling to play or share with. Second, I have no friends. I never made friends in elementary school because nobody liked me and I've been bullied several times. My parents are almost always working and only a few times I have fun with them. My family's perfect, it's only that they pay more attention to their business than to their depressed daughter. They still love me, though. That's a thing that will never be broken. But they're busy all the time.

Today is Thursday, and I'm just sitting beside my glass window, looking at the kids playing in harmony around the neighborhood. Their laughter warms my heart. They're all friendly towards each other. *Sigh* If only I could be out there with that bunch of kids playing and running together... If only I could meet the Ninja someday... in person. If only he could save me someday too..."

"Jennifer! Lunch time!"

"Ah!" I gasped and immediately hid my journal and pencil under my bed. "Coming, Mom!"

I took a quick look at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a short, sleeveless pink dress and covered it with a black vest. I had black leggings under it. I wore black boots and fingerless gloves. My hair was light brown and shoulder-length, also layered. I had vivid brown eyes.

After the quick look, I rushed out of my room and down the stairs. My mom had prepared delicious spaghetti for lunch, and maybe it could be enough for dinner. I walked over to the table and sat in a chair.

"Hi, Mom." I said kindly, yet with a sad tone.

"Jennifer, why do you sound sad, my dear?" She asked while digging out some sauce from the fridge.

"I'm sad because nine years passed and my wish hasn't been granted yet. And my depression and loneliness doesn't let me smile. I so need to see the Ninja!" I thought. "Nothing. I was just... thinking about Dad."

"Oh, dearie." She walked at the round table with the small bowl of sauce and two plates full of spaghetti. "Daddy's just on an important meeting with workers from the wood industry. It'll take weeks or even months to achieve his goals with the job."

"I know." I sighed and looked down at my food. "And what's going to come to the candy shop?"

"Oh, the candy shop! I forgot about that." She face-palmed when I mentioned the candy store.

"Forgot about... what?"

"It'll be open in about two hours. And I'm still not ready to unpack the boxes in there. Think you can do that for me, honey?"

"Well... sure. Why not helping my greatest mother?" I said smiling.

"Thanks, Jennifer. It's an honor to have you as my helper."

"You're welcome."

"Now, eat your spaghetti before you starve."

I picked up the bowl full of marinara sauce and dipped some into the spaghetti, then mixed it. Spaghetti tastes delicious with the sauce already in it. I picked up my Chinese chopsticks and began eating.

Later that day...

Me and my mother were inside the candy shop she called The Candy Paradise. I saw all the boxes scattered here and there. There were two glass fridges, one was for cakes, and another had some holes, that one sure was for ice cream. As for the candies, there was a big table full of boxes that had the names of the candies. At the counter beside the two fridges was the cash register and beside a wall closer to the glass doors was a small table and two chairs. On a side of the roof was also a small TV.

"Just remember: Always keep these keys inside your pocket whenever you enter and leave the store. Always lock the doors. When customers come, smile and offer them some help if they need it. Make them feel welcome when they come in. The prices are simple and are already set on the candies. All you need to do by now is to unpack the candies, cakes and ice cream and set them on their right places before any customer arrives."

"I know how to manage that, Mom." I said kind of sternly. "I'll try to finish up as quick as I can."

"That's my dear." She kindly patted my head. "Oh, and if there's an emergency, run back to the house and lock the entire store."

"I will." I gave her a nod.

"Okay, I must be leaving now." She said and opened the glass door. "I'll be looking for you in six hours." Then she was gone and the glass door was closed.

I walked at the glass door and saw that OPEN/CLOSED thing that hung in it. I showed the side that said CLOSED to the outside so everyone could notice the store was closed. Then I went to the boxes...

Twenty boxes full of candy. Mom sure knew how to make money with these, and they were good candies. There were varieties of them. From delicious to sour, healthy and crunchy, silky and greatly sweet.

There were chocolate bars, chewing gum, sour candy sticks, candy pellets. It was a whole candy paradise! With a rush, I opened the first box and started placing the candies to their belonging places in the boxes that were in the table.

Suddenly, a knock on the glass door surprised me in my silent moment and I looked over to see who it was.

Looking through the glass door was a teenage boy with dark purple hair and vivid blue eyes. He wore a red shirt that had some symbol under a gray hoodie, dark skinnies and purple tennis shoes. I blushed. Mom said to make up the store before any customer comes in. I face-palmed and got up.

"Sorry, the store's closed for now." I said. "New management! Will open up in about 40 minutes!"

The boy simply nodded, gave me one last look and walked away.

I sat on the floor and laid my back on one of the boxes. "Man, I should be quicker this time so I could get to work with customers." I suggested to myself and got up.


After many minutes of working with the boxes, I decided to give the store a small clean-up and a fresh scent of vanilla so it could be more attractive to customers. I turned on the radio that was beside the cash register and selected some rock music, then picked up the broom and a dustpan and went to sweep the floors.

"Man, I never thought this was going to be so fun!" I said and kept sweeping, until a song in the radio played. It was one of my favorite songs... I sang it.

"I feel it in my bones

To make my systems grow

Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Welcome to the new age, to the new age

Whoa, oh, oh

Oh, I'm radioactive


Whoa, oh, oh

Oh, I'm radioactive


That song was so bruce! I so wanted to hear it again, but then another random song played and I kept sweeping the floor.

After the minutes of sweeping, I went over to the counter and cleaned it up a little with a hanky.

"Cleaning up the counter..." I sang. "Ugh. I must be crazy." I said, dropping the hanky to the counter.

I went to the glass door and flipped the OPEN/CLOSED thing over, showing the OPEN side to the outside so people could see it.

I ran at the counter and adjusted my apron and bandana, then waited for any customer to come in.

Ten minutes passed. It was already three o' clock. Only two hours passed since I started working. But it was fun to organize everything.

After many thoughts, two teenagers came in to see the shop. They were a boy with ginger hair, and the same guy I saw minutes ago. I stood up straight and thought of some welcoming words.

"Welcome to the Candy Paradise shop. Feel free to taste our high-quality candies for just ninety nine cents. We'll be having a Halloween special starting on October 1st."

"Did you heard that, Cunningham? She's gonna' have a Halloween special! We wouldn't have to pick cheapo candies from our neighbors." Said the ginger-haired boy. "That's gonna' be so bruce!"

I giggled. "Yeah, the special will be made on the full month. Not just on Halloween. Anyways, how can I be at your-?"

My question was interrupted when the boy picked up like seven different chocolate bars, two candy sticks and a bag of candy balls. He quickly placed them on the counter. My eyes widened in awkwardness.

I chuckled. "I can see that you're a candy lover." I then counted the candies and worked with the cash register. "That would be $9.99 please."

"You know, Howard? If I were you, I would leave a couple of sweets."

"No honkin' way! I'm buying them all!" Yelled the boy known as Howard and placed ten dollars flat on the counter.

I picked up the ten bucks and worked with the cash register. "Thanks for coming to my candy shop. May the two of you have a nice day."

I watched as the boys left the store and sighed. "My first customers were only two... and I've sold ten dollars on candies. Mom's going to give me a hug for it. And I should tell her about the Halloween special. It might be a good idea."


It was 5:27 PM and no other customer came by. Perhaps it was because the store was recently established, so it was obvious that only a few may come.

I felt tired of standing behind the counter and sought for something fun to do...

"Ah, I can watch some TV."

I picked up the remote, used two dollars on a water bottle and a chocolate bar, and sat on one of the chairs. Then I turned the TV on.


"Sports... nope. Painting... boring. Movies... lame. Kids' programs... lame. Novels... I hate romance!" I said in boredom as I looked through the channels for something fun. "There's nothing fun on TV! Awgh, forget it. I'll see what's in the boring news."

I then put on a news channel and watched for a while, chewing a bite from my chocolate bar...

I sighed. "Weather forecasting? That's so boring." Then I drank some water as the news continued.

Just then, my mother came in and saw me watching TV in boredom.

"Jennifer, have any customer entered the store?" She asked.

"Just a pair of guys. That had been like two hours ago. Nothing else."

"How much have you sold?"

"Only ten dollars in candies. The price was ninety-nine cents, as marked in the boxes so..."

"Ten dollars in only a day? Nice job, honey."

"Oh, and I bought a chocolate bar and a water bottle myself. So that counts as 12." I added.

My mother came at me and removed my apron and bandana. "You've done a nice job today. And the store looks great. It also smells like sweet vanilla. Thanks, honey."

"You're welcome, Mom."

We walked at the doors, where she kissed my cheek and opened a door. "Now, you go back home and prepare your stuff for school. I've bought your favorite backpack."

"You did?" I asked excitedly. "Mom, you're the best! Thank you so much!"

"The house is open so you won't have any trouble to come in." She added.

"Thanks, Mom."

After that, I made my way back home...

That night...

I walked through the streets in search for the entrance of my neighborhood. The shop was right a few meters from the exit, so returning was easy. Only that it was now nighttime, and everything was dark. I was getting confused and a little scared.

Fear is something that only a few people could overcome. I was on the same path... but it was hard.

I had to be careful in case something happens...

Author's note:

Things about me that are true:

1. I'm a HUGE fan of RC9GN.

2. I'm recently doing drawings of the Ninja and my Kunoichi.

3. I honestly love him so much!

Hope you guys enjoyed my first chapter! TheCherryBlossomKunoichi out!