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Chapter 44: Remember Me, Ninja

It was a beautiful morning in Norrisville. The people normally did their daily routines and some just walked around the city.

Of course, it was a certain day of the week nobody liked too much.

Monday, a day filled with lots of work, duties and chores.

At Norrisville High...

Nobody in school liked Mondays that much. Some people had things to do this day, like getting their exams done and sending their projects on time.

"Ugh. I hate Monday mornings. They're the worst part of the week."

"Don't tell me about it, Cunningham." Said Howard.

An absolutely bored and tired Randy Cunningham walked around the school halls with his best buddy, Howard. Actually, they arrived at school earlier than they expected.

"I mean, first, our parents sent us earlier, which is the worst part EVER. And second, no fun stuff has come just yet. Not even Jackson has showed up."

"Hey, now that you've mentioned her, I wonder what's up with Jennifer."

"You ask me? You should tell her once she comes. I mean, it's not that I don't care, what I'm trying to say is that you two should talk privately, and you should ask her what the juice is up with her."

"I just hope she doesn't rejects me like last time. I'm afraid that she might get depressed, but I'm certainly not going to let the Sorcerer take over."

"That's Cunningham alright!"

Randy smiled at that.

At Jennifer's house...

In a silent dream, Jennifer woke up and sat up on her bed. She stared at every detail of her room, until her eyes saw a golden light lightening the dark room.

Without a single word spoken, she jumped out of her bed and walked to her desk. The light was coming from her backpack, so she opened it. With surprised eyes, she saw the Golden Sandglass shining immensely.

Then, a male voice spoke to her.

"It is time, Kunoichi."


Jennifer let out a silent gasp and sat up. Her bedroom wasn't as dark as it was in her dreams. The window was open, allowing some wind and light to come into the room.

"Stupid dream. Of course it's not time. I've been sent here for an eternity."

The alarm buzzed right after she said that. She reluctantly shut it off and got off her bed.

"I shouldn't be having that stupid dream. Well, I don't care the least. All I care about right now is my timing for school."

With no more words, Jennifer fixed her appearance to prepare for the day.

At Norrisville High, minutes later...

The halls were full of students now, but Jennifer didn't really care about that. Her mind was so foggy of all the thoughts about the dream she's been having for a week. Those days were pretty hard for her. She couldn't hang out with her buddies because she always rejected them so they wouldn't know what was going on with her. She stopped working at her mother's candy shop as well. Her parents already forgot about her Golden Sandglass since the day she lost it after traveling through time, and she didn't wanted to remind them about that issue.

Jennifer stood next to her locker and dug out a snack bag from her pink bag. She opened the lid and ate her salty snacks.

"I wish for that stupid dream to get the juice out of my head."


Randy and Howard kept walking around, talking about random stuff.

"But really, we should head there once we're done here. I heard there's these new and bruce games nobody in Norrisville has ever played yet, so we're totally going to be the first bros in doing so."

Just then, they saw Jennifer, but she just looked away as she walked.

"Jackson. Why does she keep ignoring us?"

"Not a clue. She's been like that last week."

"Last week? Since when she got that depressed?"

"I don't know, but I'm worried about her."

At class...

The ninth graders were now attending their History class, writing everything their teacher wrote on the chalkboards.

Jennifer was quite focused on the class, writing and looking at the chalkboard and so on. But once again, the thoughts of her dream struck her mind. This caused the point of her pencil to snap, and she reluctantly dropped the pencil to her desk.

"Ugh! Stupid wonkish pencil!" She murmured.

Just when she was about to pick up another pencil, the NinjaNomicon flashed. During all those previous days, Jennifer kept the Nomicon, and now she had it in her backpack. Using the teacher's permission, she rushed to the bathroom with the book hidden under her jacket.


"NinjaNomicon, I sort of have been having a dream about the Golden Sandglass, and I honestly hate it. Mind telling me what it is and why do I- Arg!"

Her consciousness was immediately sucked into the book. Her face fell flat on the book's pages.


Jennifer saw many clocks and words saying "Past + Future + Present = One". Then many letters formed her next riddle.

"The past and the future will work together and become one with the present."

"Past, future and present? Are you trying to say, because I'm the future Kunoichi, I have to go?" Jennifer felt a spark of anger growing within. "You know what?! Forget it! I'm sick of all this stupid ninja duty! I don't want to return! All I want is to have a normal life with the guy of my dreams, and the stupid sandglass and you act as a stone in my way! So from now on, I quit!"

After that she was pushed out.


Jennifer angrily threw the Nomicon out of the girls' bathroom and walked off. But what she didn't knew was that something emerged from it. A huge light expanded from the book, and a figure of a person was being formed.

When the light faded, the person was revealed. It was a girl with shoulder-length brown hair. She wore a short, pink dress, red fingerless gloves and pink boots. She also had brown eyes which glowed red when she opened them.

This girl was NomiJenny.


Meanwhile, as the students were busy in their classrooms, Heidi made an important announcement.

"Hi, y'all! I've got bruce news today! In honor to our first Kunoichi of Norrisville, classes will be cancelled. Tonight all of us will recognize the female ninja as the Brucest Kunoichi in Norrisville! So pump those fists and prepare for an epic festival!"

All teens of each grade ran out of their classrooms, cheering joyfully.

Randy and Howard were the last to leave, the only difference was that they weren't running like crazy like the rest of the teenagers.

"So... honkin'... BRUCE! You know, we should tell Jackson about this. It might cheer her up."

"We could, actually. I hope she says yes, because tonight will be the Kunoichi's brucest night ever!"

"And I suppose you're thinking what I'm thinking?"

Randy smirked. "Fireworks with McSquiddles..."

"Free nachos..."

"Free Barely-Chunks..."

Then they both yelled "Every bruce thing will be 100% free!"

And they performed their casual bro slap.

"This is our time, Cunningham. The "One In A Million" time, and we can't miss it!"

"Yeah, but before we get ready, I'll stop by where Jennifer is and talk to her."

"Jackson can come at any time. We have to prepare right now."

"Howard, sometimes you just need to be patient."

"Patience is for shoobies." Howard pouted.

They stopped by where Jennifer had dropped the book, and Randy picked it in his hands.

"Why would she drop the Nomicon?"

Both shrugged, and Randy put the book securely in his backpack, then they both walked out.

Hiding on a wall was NomiJenny. Her eyes flashed red at the sight of Randy and Howard. Then she also left the school.

Later that afternoon...

Jennifer was wearing a fine dress, but she wasn't excited to join the party. Her dreams about the Golden Sandglass struck her mind horribly that it led her to depression.

Mrs. Jackson peeked her head to see her daughter before entering her room. Like Jennifer, she was wearing a party dress. "Jenny darling, we're almost ready to go."

Jennifer just nodded.

Mrs. Jackson then left.

"I don't want you to notice what I'm going through, Mom." She whispered.


All the students of Norrisville wore fancy and elegant dresses. The night was sparkly and filled with lots of music, lights and fun.

And just like the boys said, every awesome meal, drinks and desserts were absolutely free for everyone to enjoy at their highest. This was a pleasure for Howard, who already drank three Barely Chunks once he and Randy entered the big party.

During the whole night the boys had a lot of fun. They laughed, told stories, laughed again, ate some cheesy nachos and gravy fries, talked some more... they had the best night ever.

As for Jennifer, she wasn't as happy as the boys. She kept the Golden Sandglass with her just to keep a close eye on it. She didn't wanted to go back to her timeline. She didn't care about being stuck in the past, all she wanted was to be with Randy forever... but that wasn't something she could do.


NomiJenny, who was walking around, was caught in sight by a crowd of boys and girls who were big fans of the Kunoichi and the Ninja alike. But they were too oblivious to know she was not the true self of Jennifer.

"Hey, Mystery Girl! Since we all know you're the Ninja's biggest fan, can you tell us about him?"

"Yeah, I heard the Kunoichi is his "helper". But I personally think she's a loser. All of you shouldn't love her. All she does is ruining things up so the Ninja can fix them and then y'all be happy forever and ever."

The teens muttered words to themselves, kind of confused at what she said.

"That's not true!" Yelled Theresa. "The Kunoichi always tries her best to help the Ninja save the day!"

"Oh, that's such cute of you, gal. But you've been proved wrong. The Kunoichi shouldn't even be here."

Theresa felt like crying when NomiJenny said that to her. She knew the Kunoichi was nice, but she believed what NomiJenny said, bringing up some disappointment to her heart. She couldn't take it anymore and ran off crying.

"That's not cool, girl!" Yelled a random student.

In that time, NomiJenny kept telling some other students some fake stuff about the Kunoichi, which in turn made them feel sad, angry and disappointed.

"You know, there's one particular thing we should snatch out of her. Did you still named her "The Brucest Kunoichi In Norrisville"?"

This called everyone's attention...


Too many sad and angry voices were heard through the vents, awakening the evil Sorcerer. He sniffed the air and a sinister smirk was formed in his face. All of those voices meant power to him.

"Hmm... impressive. Disappointment, sadness and raging fury. Negative feelings provoked by the Mystery Girl herself." He laughed as he summoned his green stank. "Finally, after 800 years lying in this filthy hole, a great chaos will lead me to freedom!"

The stank flew up to many vents and to the many students who felt their negative emotions.


Jennifer sat next to a table and watched as some boys and girls danced. She sighed at the fact she had to leave. She didn't wanted to lose everything she just got, like her intense love for Randy and her friendship with both him and Howard.

"Hi, beautiful." Called Randy. "What's up?"

"Nothing important." She replied with a low voice.

"Nothing important?" He repeated. "Are you okay, Jennifer?"

Jennifer sighed. "I'm fine, Randy. It's just..."

Randy kept his eyes on her. She couldn't hold on to a lot of sadness because she had to leave. She felt a lump in her throat, causing her voice to shiver.

"Randy... the Golden Sandglass has spoken. I... I have to go."

"What?! Jenn, you can't leave just because your sandglass told you to."

"But it told me to! I can't do anything to stop it!" She sobbed.

Randy wiped out her tears with his fingers and fixed her hair a little. "Jennifer, look at me. You should not cry. Just... come with me."

Randy took Jennifer's hand and led her to the dance floor. There was soft music playing, so the people there seemed calm and relaxed. The people who danced literally hugged each other.

"Randy..." She sniffed. " know I can't dance."

"You don't need to."

He took her right hand and held her side of the waist with the other as the soft song kept playing. Before they started dancing, the song "Can I Have This Dance?" was playing. Now the song "These Small Hours" played as they danced.

Time seemed to stop for both as they softly danced and spun around in the dance floor. They both felt each other's warmth fulfilling their hearts, and closed their eyes to take it in.

"No matter what happens, Jennifer, I won't let you go." He whispered to her ear.

Jennifer stared at Randy with teary eyes after he said those kind words to her. She felt her heart pumping against her chest, already feeling his love in her.


She wanted to kiss him as well as he wanted to kiss her. They moved closer to each other to share their kiss, but then the music went off and the sounds of chaos caught their hearing.

"What's happening?" Gasped Jennifer.

Randy and Jennifer looked at each other. They knew what was coming, and ran off together, holding their hands.

"It's Ninja time!"


When both teens made sure they were in the clear, they dug out their Ninja masks. Jennifer looked at Randy with concern, knowing this was her last time as the Kunoichi in Randy's timeline.

"No matter what happens, I'll always be there with you. And hey, enjoy this time just like back in the old days when we worked together."

Jennifer dropped a tear. "I sure will, Randy."

Their hands touched, but they quickly let go and wore their masks on their heads. Instantly, the usual red glowing lights surrounded them, then magic black and red threads swirled around their bodies, covering their actual clothes. Randy's suit was created first, then Jennifer's, from toes to the head. Jennifer's eyes turned pink and her twin wavy ponytails popped out on both sides of her head.


On the front yard of the school, all the stanked students sought to take the statue of the Kunoichi away, but were interrupted when both Ninjas arrived.


The Kunoichi whistled at the monsters.

"Here I am, folks! You want me? Come and get me!"

The monsters looked at each other, blinking their eyes. In just a matter of seconds they ran out on a rampage against the Ninjas.



More green stank flew up to many vents and to the people with the bad emotions.


By that time, the Ninja and Kunoichi were taking down some monsters using punches and kicks, but they were too many for them to beat. Just as they took some down, more came up.

"I guess we'll have to use bigger methods, don't you think?" Asked Randy.

"I say we combine our powers." Replied Jennifer.

She held Randy's hand and he received hers. With just the touch of their hands they summoned the necessary power to beat the monsters.

"Double Ninja Air Fist!" They yelled together.

A huge air fist hit several stanked people, knocking them off to the ground. But as soon as they powered down, Jennifer noticed more and more stank flying out of the vents.

And little did they knew that the worst part just happened.


Inside the school, the ground began to shake. The Tengu stone, the very one ancient object that kept the Sorcerer imprisoned for 800 years, started to shatter until it broke to pieces and the grounds fell to a bottomless pit.

Green stank flew up in the air as the Sorcerer made it out of his ancient prison, laughing low and coldly.

"My time has come, Ninja." He said to himself.


"That shnasty Sorcerer won't give it up, huh?"

"I guess he wants to kick things up a notch." Said Randy. "But quick question, why are so many people gettin' stanked during your own party?"

More monsters showed up, surrounding the two ninjas. They roared at them like furious dinosaurs.

"I think it's better that we split up. We have no time for chatting."

"I'm with you, Ninja."

With that said, they jumped to attack the incoming monsters.

With his scarf, Randy took one of the monsters and threw it at some that ran at him. After that he slid under one, caught it and threw it at an attacking one, then performed a spin kick at another.

He threw many powerful attacks at so many monsters to knock them down. A single air fist attack hit several monsters, and a hydro hand strongly pushed them off and soaked them wet. However, a fire attack stopped them from running, and instead they ran away, scared of the fire.

"To stop my foes and hold them back, I shall summon an Earth Attack!"

The earth worked on his favor, and many pieces of the ground flew towards the monsters. Each piece of earth hit one monster or two. One of the monsters was hit, but then did some funny gestures before being hit again, and this time, it got knocked out.

"Man, these shoobs won't stop!" Exclaimed Randy.


As for Jennifer, she used her hand-to-hand skills at some other monsters. She double-kicked one, then jumped to punch another in the face and kicked the next one. Two other monsters ran towards her very quickly. She knew she couldn't attack that fast, so she thought of something. Right above her was a pole, and she used her scarf to swing up to that pole, causing the monsters to hit themselves and go out on a monster fight.

"Fight while you can, freaky things, because you're about to be frozen out of your butts." She said before conjuring ice power into her hands.


Just as Randy kept fighting, Jennifer used her ice powers to freeze incoming monsters to ice, giving Randy more chances to attack his enemies. With just a punch, kick, or the usage of his weapons, the monsters got easily beaten.

While Jennifer was shooting more ice, she failed to notice she was losing balance, and slipped off, only to be caught by another monster. The monster held her tight and was about to eat her like a treat. Jennifer didn't had the chance to run because the monster had her entirely stuck. It was so much that she couldn't move.

Fortunately, Randy arrived just in time to kick the monster off and save Jennifer. Just that kick knocked the monster off. Randy quickly ran to help Jennifer.

"Thanks." She said to him.

They saw all of the monsters they fought were beaten, but that didn't mean it was over. A sudden explosion called their attention, and when they looked to see what happened, they were face-to-face with many of McFist's robots.

"Robots from McFist?! Are you kidding me?!"

Jennifer face-palmed. "No honkin' way."


"Yes! YES! DESTROY THOSE NINJAS!" McFist yelled excitedly.

Viceroy wasn't too much excited, and he was sassily drinking a cup of coffee.

"Can you believe it, Viceroy? My plan is working! IT'S WORKING!" He shook the scientist when he yelled that. But Viceroy got so annoyed, and most of his coffee fell on his lab coat. He crossed his hands at Hannibal.

"Get my limo, we'll be the first to see how those Ninjas get knocked down!"


"Ninja slice, Ninja slice, Ninja slice!"

The Ninja's worked fast and together, destroying as many robots as they could. On a certain moment, a bigger robot engaged at them, and thus time they decided to attack it together. They ran at their highest speed, jumped up in the air and struck their swords into the robot's metallic body, causing an eruption that made its parts fly apart.

The Kunoichi was suddenly hit by a stank ball, which pushed her to a wall, far from Randy. When she put herself together, she saw none but her own enemy, the Sorcerer. She felt a chill down her spine and sworn to feel her heart skipping some beats.

"Ah, Kunoichi. At long last I finally meet the first female Ninja."

Jennifer got almost stuck at words. That was until she felt brave enough to face the Sorcerer for the first time.

"Yeah, we might have met, but not for much longer. Because the Ninja and I will kick your butt!"

The Sorcerer laughed. "Puny human. When I rule there won't be such things as you and your friend!"

"My, I see you're walking through rainbows."

The Sorcerer got angry at that and launched green stank at the Kunoichi, but she quickly deflected it with her sword. The Sorcerer fired another stank blast at her, but she jumped away.

Her body started to get limited, which meant she was getting exhausted. Because of this she was hit off-guard by another stank ball. The hit was very strong on her that it weakened her body. With that done, the Sorcerer went to pick her up, nearly choking her neck.

"So, Kunoichi, I presume you're out of power. Because when I get done with your friend, this world will be mine!"

By that time McFist's limo arrived at that same spot, and was surprised to see the Sorcerer free once more. He and Viceroy got out of the car and watched as the Kunoichi struggled to break free.

"Yes! Destroy her, Sorcerer! Destroy those Ninjas!"

The Sorcerer never listened. Jennifer tried so hard to get off of his strong hand, but it wouldn't budge.

Surprisingly, an Air Fist hit him right in the face, and he finally let go of the Kunoichi. The Ninja landed in front of his companion ninja style.

"I don't think so. Ninja Hydro Hand!"

His attack worked on him as it pushed him off to the ground. With him down, the Ninja took that time to check on the Kunoichi. He scooped her up in his arms, helping her up to her feet.

"Kunoichi, are you okay?"

Jennifer let out a weak moan. "Not quite."

"Hang on, I'll use some Art of Healing on you."

"Ninja, I know how to stop him."

She held out the Golden Sandglass.

"You said you had to go."

"Yes, but we can possibly use a last bit of power to go back in time and stop whatever made all of this happen."

Randy smirked under his mask. They had a new plan.

The Sorcerer summoned full power into his hands, forming two big lightning balls and stormy clouds.

Jennifer decided to waste no more time, and called upon the power of the Golden Sandglass.

"Golden Sandglass, please, for our last time, return us minutes back in time, when everything started!"

"Hey, Sorcerer!" Randy called. "Time's up!"

The sandglass shone immensely, and a circular wave of light expanded all around the place, reversing time. This caused every disaster to dissppear, and every destroyed building, car, etc., returned to normal as if nothing had ever happened. And also, a time portal appeared below the Sorcerer.


Using the little amount of time he had to his advantage, the Sorcerer launched a lightning blast at the Ninja and Kunoichi. She quickly pushed Randy off and threw the Sandglass to him, and took the pain all for herself. The shock of it all lasted for long seconds. The Kunoichi screamed out in pain before collapsing to the ground.

The time portal sucked the Sorcerer in and into the darkness, sending him back to his underground prison. The Tengu stone sealed his prison once again, keeping him locked forever.

Also, NomiJenny was sent flying back to the NinjaNomicon, which magically sucked her in and force-closed.

Time reversed to the moment the monsters were about to destroy the statue of the Kunoichi.

Randy analyzed what the monsters were about to take off. He heard Jennifer's alternate self had said fake things about her, hence the attack.

"Of course! Everyone got so mad because NomiJenny talked fake things about the Kunoichi. The statue is the key!"

He stood in front of the glorious statue of the Kunoichi, and knew it was the key to bring the stanked people back to normal.

"I'm guessing Jennifer won't be the Brucest Kunoichi Of Norrisville anymore."

With that said, the Ninja leaped up to the statue and held out his sword.

"This is for you, Jennifer." He whispered before swinging his sword. "Ninja slice!"

With his sword he made an X that went through the statue, breaking it off. Once it fell to the ground and shattered to bits, lots of green stank flew out of it. In almost no time everybody returned to normal. Though they were lying on the ground, exhausted because they were badly used by the Sorcerer.

The Ninja turned to see the Kunoichi. She was lying on the ground unconscious. She was way too shocked that she blacked out after the Sorcerer attacked her. This was the only thing time didn't reversed.

"Kunoichi, are you okay?" He called, shaking her by the shoulders.

There was no response.

"Kunoichi... Kunoichi, can you hear me? It's me, the Ninja."

Again, no response from Jennifer. She was breathing, but she couldn't respond to the Ninja's voice. This saddened him.

"Kunoichi, I need you awake. I can't lose you."

Everyonee up and saw what became of the Kunoichi. Sadness was reflected in their eyes. They didn't expected to see her hurt. Everything then fell to silence as the Ninja hugged the unconscious Kunoichi in his warm arms. He pushed her head against his chest and waited...

"Wake up, Kun..." He whispered to her.

Seconds passed, and he felt her twitching her body a little. He looked down at her with big eyes as she slowly woke up.

"Ninja?" She moaned, now opening her eyes.

"Kun, you scared the cheese out of me! Are you alright?" He asked, fully concerned.

The sad crowd began to smile and look up to see the Kunoichi.

"I am."

Randy sighed. "Thank cheese."

Jennifer smiled under her mask. "Ninja... I owe you so much for saving me. I love you so much."

The crowd got surprised at what she said and stood silent to hear what the Ninja had to say to her.

"Kun... I love you too."

They both uncovered their mouths and shared a sweet kiss. As they kissed, Debby Kang took a picture at them.

"Sweet cheese, they ARE kissing!" She said to herself.

Everyone had their own expressions as the Ninja couple kissed. Some became wide-eyed, some loved their romantic moment, and some exclaimed in disgust and left.

McFist and Viceroy were expecting to watch the Ninja's as they were being destroyed when they got out of the limo, but instead, saw them kissing.

"Aah! Those Ninjas are kissing! VICEROY, GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

The next day...

Debby Kang had created a new report. This one called the attention of thousands of people around Norrisville. It was all about the Ninja and Kunoichi's first kiss.


"Wow! Now that is something big!" Said Hugh Jackson.

"Yeah, that surprised us more than the huge invasion in the city. But in my opinion, those two look cute together." Said Jane Jackson, who chuckled at the last part.

But then Jane became a little serious. "Hugh, this is our last day in the past. Jennifer has told me about the Golden Sandglass. If we don't return now, we'll be stuck in this timeline for a hundred years."

"I know." Hugh approached his wife and hugged her.

Jennifer walked down the stairs with all her packages and bags. She held the sandglass in her arms and looked at her parents sadly.

"Mom, Dad... I'm gonna' miss this house."

"Oh, darling." Jane hugged her daughter for consolation. "We both know you had so much fun, but we have to go. You'll finally go back to your own school without any problem."

Jennifer sighed.

"Well, we should call your friends to say our goodbyes."


The Jackson family stood in the middle of the road of the neighborhood, the sun shining above them. Surrounding them were all of their belongings.

Randy and Howard arrived right at the nick of time, and saw Jennifer and her family.

Jennifer was quick to approach him and give him one last hug. Tears weeped down her eyes.

One of her hands dug something into one of Randy's pockets. She hugged him tight but not like a crushing hug.

"Goodbye, Randy." She cried. "I'm gonna' miss you."

"Hey, this isn't our last goodbyes. I'll be seeing you in the future." Randy said, trying so hard not to cry.

"I know."

"Hey, Jackson!"

Howard tossed her a bar of chocolate. A big one.

"It's just a little bruce memory for when you get back. I'm sure you'll love it!" Howard said, also trying not to cry.

Jennifer chuckled. "Thanks, Howard."

The Golden Sandglass marked its time to use its power. It shimmered as bright as it did in Jennifer's dreams. She also could hear the voice speaking to her.

"Randy... No matter what happens... Stay bruce!"

She hugged him again, then they kissed.

"Jennifer! Come on before it's too late!"

More tears filled her eyes as she slowly let go of Randy's warm hand. She returned to her position and looked at her only friends for a moment before shaking the sandglass.

The wind roared hard around them like a tornado as they were surrounded by a golden light. It began expanding, making it hard for the boys to see, until the light shrank, and the Jackson family was gone. The process was too fast that the wind instantly calmed down.

"Goodbye, Jennifer." Randy muttered before walking away.

Howard watched as his best bro walked away with sadness in his heart. He was about to follow him when he stomped his foot onto a small, hard object.

He moved his foot out of the way and saw Jennifer's sun pendant resting on the ground. He picked it up and thought...

"Hey, Cunningham, wait up!"

At Randy's house...

The best bros were playing their usual favorite game, though Randy wasn't excited for that. Howard, in the other hand, was very proud of himself for beating Randy's scores.

"Wow, you're seriously being terrible, Cunningham. I mean, for the last few hours I beat three of your highest scores!"

Randy sighed. "So what?"

Howard raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean by that? Wait a minute, don't tell me you're being wonkishly depressed just like Jackson back then because that's wonk!"

Randy let out another sigh, and went to look out the window. Now Howard felt worried. He dug out Jennifer's pendant and placed it beside Randy. But just then his urge to use the bathroom called up.

"Man, I got to hit the can. I'll be right back, okay? Okay. I'm gone now."

He immediately left and closed the door, leaving Randy to his thoughts.

He thought of the time he hugged her. He swore he felt her hand on his pockets, so he searched deep into his pockets, and felt a particular piece of paper in his right pocket. He quickly dug it out and saw it. It was a pink folded paper. It had a heart and Randy's name on it. His confused look quickly turned to a down one as he eyed the folded paper and then opened it, only to reveal a letter written by Jennifer.

"To Randy

I wish our relationship could last forever. Just like the time I thought I was going to stay here. But now I'm back where I belong, and I really miss both you and Howard. I just hope, when you're done reading this letter, that both of you have a happy, cool and bruce life, make your dreams come true and get an awesome future. I wish the best of luck for you both, and remember that in the future stands a Kunoichi who will always remember you with all her heart. I love you, Randy Cunningham. I always loved you, and always will. I hope you remember me too, as both Jennifer and the Kunoichi. Goodbye, Randy Cunningham, 9th Grade Ninja. I'll miss you so much."

He honestly wanted to bust in tears, but he held his sadness back in and breathed out.

"I will remember you, Jenn. And I'll miss you too."

He stood staring at the blue sky just like Jennifer once did. The silent wind played with his hair and there was pure silence. No noise bothered him from staring at the beautiful sky.

Back in Norrisville of 2033...

The Jackson family finally returned home. And they were surprised to see their old new belongings were still in one piece.

Jennifer felt welcome, but then her depression struck her heart. Once she walked in, she made it to her room and found her NinjaNomicon resting on her bed.

"I'm back, Nomicon. I hope you got something to cheer me up."

The book immediately sucked her consciousness in, taking her to a nice and calm Japanese meadow.

Just like last time, she saw the same riddle.

"The past and the future will work together and become one with the present."

"That makes no sense, Nomicon." She said, already wanting to cry. "The Golden Sandglass brought me and my parents back to my timeline. I can't go back to the past like it happened before I became the Kunoichi." Her eyes filled with tears and she felt a lump in her throat. "I can't do anything to return, and I can't see Randy ever again!"

Enraged at the turn of events, Jennifer kicked a rock with all her strength and screamed with utter sadness in her heart. Then she was pushed out of the Nomicon.


Mr and Mrs. Jackson knocked at their daughter's door many times, but Jennifer didn't opened up. All they heard was her noisy cry. They felt sad for her because they knew she loved Randy so much.

"Honey, it's no use to keep knocking." Said Hugh. "We should just get straight in and talk to her. If she's depressed then we have to help her out of her problems."

"You're right, hon." Replied Jane. "Call a doctor. I'll talk to her."


Jennifer kept sobbing, with her body covered under the sheets and her face lying flat on the pillow. She heard the door opening and turned her back to her mother.

"Jenny darling, are you alright, honey?" She asked softly.

"Leave me alone, Mom." Jennifer whimpered.

"Jennifer, your dad went to seek for a professional doctor. You need help."

Jennifer turned to face her mother with a sad and angry look in her face. "And what makes you think I need help?! Because of that stupid sandglass I've lost everything! My life in the past, my friends, and the guy of my dreams! They've gone out of my sight, forever!"

Her mother's face saddened even more. "Jenny darling, I..."

"No, Mom! Don't "Jenny darling" me! I'm already a grownup like to be called like that! And I don't need a doctor!"

She ran off to her nanowall and passed through it, heading to her balcony.

"Jennifer, get back to the bed! You need help!"

Jennifer didn't listened as she wore her mask, becoming the Kunoichi. When all of her suit was done, she jumped and flipped before she touched the ground and ran off.

Mrs. Jackson ran through the nanowall and to the balcony, looking for Jennifer.

"Jennifer Jackson!"

She saw her daughter as the Kunoichi and sighed, knowing that she couldn't stop her.


With all her strength and speed, Jennifer ran to the same forest she always visited many years ago. The distance between the forest and her house wasn't too far, and she could get there faster than with her former hover board due to enhanced speed she gained as the Kunoichi. So now she just sprinted all the way to her favorite forest.

A small family saw the Kunoichi sprinting in the streets, and they stared at her with confused looks.

A toddler girl of that family smiled and said. "Look, Mommy, it's the ninja girl."

The family of four stood amazed at what the little girl saw.


Once Jennifer arrived to her destination, she ran all the way in to her little wooden house. She found it in just seconds and saw it was still in one piece. With no words, she removed the mask and entered her little hideout.

She missed every bit of it, and took a good eye on her ancient drawings. Sticked on a wall was a paper with her name on it.

"Can't my parents respect my privacy?!" She asked angrily and took the paper in her hands.

When she opened it, a surprising object fell to the ground, and there was a letter written on the paper.

"Hello, Jennifer. I believe this object belongs to you. I found it on the streets when I suddenly saw you heading here and decided to give it back. It's as special as you are, so don't you ever miss it, young lady.

Sincerely and kindly..."

She read the last three words below with huge, teary eyes.

"...Mister... Randy... Cunningham."

She picked up the object and saw it, a beautiful golden sun pendant. The same pendant she found back in the past. She rubbed it nicely, feeling its fresh texture.

The thought of Randy brought tears to her eyes. She placed the letter and the pendant on the table and threw herself to the bed crying out loud.

Later that night...

Jennifer stood asleep in the small bed, with a warm pair of sheets covering her body from being cold. She woke up to the sound of fireworks in the distance.

"Now what?" She moaned, still tired to sleep.

She slid the curtain aside and saw the fireworks far away. She could also hear the entire town cheering out loud.

"The Kunoichi has returned!" Jennifer heard a woman yell.

The city of Norrisville was actually celebrating for the return of their hero after so much time. They believed the Kunoichi was gone missing, and now were happy that she returned.

"They're celebrating." Said Jennifer. "Now that surprises me, but I'm not moving from here."

She laid down again and tried to sleep for the night.

Her memories about Randy still brought tears to her eyes. She couldn't hold the feeling once again and cried, but her sorrow was covered by the noise of the fireworks in the distance.

Back in present Norrisville, months later...

Summer was coming, which meant it was time for the sun to heat up even more.

Everybody at Norrisville High was excited for their vacations to come. It was the last day of school, and the two ninth graders were soon becoming sophomores.

Before heading to their homeroom, Randy put in some books on his locker, one being his NinjaNomicon and mask. Lately there was no evil scheme ever since he and the Kunoichi saved Norrisville from destruction. And with the Sorcerer defeated, no evil interrupted everybody's happy days.

Actually, McFist decided to go on a vacation and let go of the issue of destroying the Ninja. He did this because he failed the Sorcerer for the very last time and never got his reward. So instead of insisting, he and his family went to have their very own vacations.

Randy closed his locker and headed to his classroom, some sadness took over as he remembered the very last time he was with his beloved girlfriend, Jennifer.

"Hey, buddy. What's with the long face? You know, everybody's real pumped today. I heard there's going to be a HUGE pool party this weekend. So, you in?"

Randy didn't answered. He just looked at the floors as he walked.

"Cunningham, please cheer up. I heard there will be a rain of McSquiddles on the after-party."

"Howard, buddy, I know it's all so exciting, but I'm not in the mood like to go to that party."

"Why not? We've gone to so many places together. Why are you so not in the mood?"

"I just don't feel that much pumped. It's been months since she left, and now I miss her."

Howard's smile dropped. "Oh, so you're talking about Jennifer. I do miss her too, Cunningham. But don't worry. We'll be seeing her in the future."

"I know, but I just loved her so much. She really didn't had to go."

"All because that stupid sandglass told her to. But, what if she suddenly comes back? I mean, I don't know much about that thing, but we've been traveling through time. Maybe it's possible that she returns."

"You think?"

"Oh yeah. If you thought she was nothin' but an annoying shoob running around you're wrong. She's the best and brucest friend we've had. It sure was awesome having her around."

Randy smiled at that. "It sure was, buddy."

Both slapped their hands and ran to their homeroom when the bells rang. They knew this oncoming summer was going to be the brucest summer of their lives. And even though they missed their beloved friend, they hoped to see her once again someday.

In the future...

Jennifer stood in her room, drawing some flowers using a holographic piece of paper. She got bored during the past few months and decided to draw to kill boredom.

Her mother entered her room and saw her drawing in calm. She had to say something important to Jennifer.

"Jennifer, I'm sorry if I interrupted you, but there's a thief who stole money at the bank of the city, and he's causing chaos everywhere. Think you can go Kunoichi and save the day?"

A small smile was formed in her lips, and she stopped drawing.

"Mom... I would be delighted."

She got up from her bed and wore her mask. Mrs. Jackson admired the way Jennifer's suit was formed, and in her place stood Norrisville's first Kunoichi.

She ran through the nanowall and jumped down, and then she was gone.

Mrs. Jackson saw her daughter running off and smiled proudly, a tear escaped from her eyes.

"Go get them, my ninja girl."


"I am Jennifer, former average girl, now the hero of Norrisville. I've been always living here, but traveled to the past and met two bruce friends who changed my life for good. Now I'm back, and the city needs someone who can protect them. My heart pumps faster and faster as I run, and I'm not afraid at all. I will always rise and take care of my homeland. I was chosen, and I will do everything in my power to keep everyone safe from the forces of evil. I am Jennifer Jackson... I am the Kunoichi!"

The entire city was shown. There were helicopters flying and lights filling some parts of the town. A new source of chaos rised, but everyone knew there was a Kunoichi to guard and protect them.


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