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And now... Let the new journey begin!

Ever since Leesa brought me back I've been able to communicate with her. Sometimes she'll randomly be standing beside Mordecai while we're talking or she'll say hi to me and ask me how I'm doing.

Recently though... She's been different. She looks darker in a way and our conversations are bleak. She stands alone when I do see her and one time, she was covered in blood.

I've yet to tell anyone I have this ability to converse with Leesa because I don't want the others to freak out. Leesa's been trying to tell me something, I know it. I just can't figure it out.

On occasion, she's showed up in my dreams. It's always about memories that involve our companions or something bright... Something that makes her happy.

I've been wondering more and more about what's going on with her in the other dimension and I fear that she's losing the battle...

Roland sat on his knees while staring down into a giant tear in the ground before him. He was sitting with his knees barely touching the tear's edges. Giant spheres of purple light flew around him when he reached his arm down into the tear.

"Come on! Come on!" Roland's eyes scanned the purple dimension that was underneath him while he held his arm out.

From within the tear, a hand reached out and grabbed onto Roland's wrist. Roland could see Leesa's face come into view as she struggled to hold on.

"I've gotcha!" Roland called out while leaning forward to use his other hand to grab onto Leesa's arm. He moved back, slowly pulling Leesa from the tear. When her head passed the tear, she gasped out for air as if breathless, "Roland!"

"Everything's okay! You're okay!" Roland moved his hand up Leesa's arm to grab onto her shoulder. His eyes widened when a hooked claw came out from the tear and sunk into Leesa's back.

Leesa cried out in pain as the claw began dragging Leesa back into the tear.

Roland shook his head as he held onto Leesa's arm tightly, "No no no no!"

"Roland!" Leesa shrieked while digging her nails into Roland's right wrist. "Help me!"

While still pulling with the arm Leesa clung to, Roland leaned over her and tried pulling the claw from Leesa's back, "Let her go!" The claw dug deeper until it completely pierced through Leesa's torso.

"Roland!" Leesa screamed again as he backed up to grab onto her arm again.

"I'll get you free, I promise!" Roland kept pulling on Leesa, desperately trying to get her out of the tear.

Leesa reached forward and placed her hand on the back of Roland's neck. She pulled him in close to her face, "End the suffering..."

Roland choked on a breath as Leesa's eyes turned into ice and her teeth grew into fangs. She hissed at him, "Go to the key!" The claw ripped Leesa from Roland's grip and dragged her back down into the tear. Roland immediately jumped forward through the tear after Leesa and held his arm out towards her.

As Leesa's hair whipped around in front of her face, her normal features returned. She reached her arm up as her fingers brushed against Roland's before she vanished and all Roland could feel was cold water drenching him.

Roland shot up in bed as sweat soaked his shirt and face. He breathed out heavily and looked around his room in the darkness. He wiped his forehead of sweat and got off his bed to walk into the bathroom. All he wore was a gray shirt and black boxers. When he flicked on the light he jolted back slightly when his eyes landed on the mirror.

Standing behind him was Leesa with her head bowed down so her hair was covering her face. She was pointing at the mirror with her right index finger which was twitching abnormally. Roland watched the reflection as blood smeared its way down the mirror to spell out a word.


"Mm morning!" Lilith came up from behind Roland and walked into the bathroom. She wore one of Roland's red shirts and her hair was tossed around in a messy manner.

In the mirror, Lilith walked right through Leesa's form. When she passed through, Leesa's face snapped up and her hair flew around her. She opened her fanged mouth and screeched before vanishing. Roland stood completely still, staring at where Leesa had been.

"You okay?" Lilith turned to look at Roland in concern.

Roland nodded, "Just tired."

"I hear that." Lilith smiled and ran the water in the sink to wash her face. She looked up into the mirror while wiping the water off her skin, oblivious to the word written in blood that Roland could see.

"I can't believe Axton and Brick are leaving today!" Lilith turned and walked over to Roland while grabbing onto his right hand with both of hers.

"They've been planning this for months now." Roland added while looking down at Lilith's face.

"Yeah, well the days just kind of sneak up on- Roland!" While Lilith had been talking, she looked down at Roland's hand. "Your wrist!" She lifted up Roland's hand to show the giant claw marks that were dug into Roland's wrist.

Roland stared in disbelief at his wrist, "I don't..."

"How did this happen?" Lilith asked while pulling Roland over to the sink to wash the giant wounds in his wrist. When the cold water hit Roland's wrist, he realized just what happened. He looked up and saw Leesa in the background again. Tears were streaming down her face as she held onto her stomach with blood pouring from it.

What happened in my dream affected me here... That's never happened before.

"Roland seriously, what could have caused this?" Lilith asked as she inspected the wounds closely.

Leesa opened her mouth to speak which caused blood to come pouring out. She was able to choke out, "Highlands" before vanishing again.

Roland stared at Lilith, "There's something I need to tell you and everyone else."


"You've been able to talk to Leesa this entire time?" Mordecai asked while sitting in a booth in Moxxi's bar. On his shoulder was his Hawnks that was steadily growing up.

"I assumed they were just a side effect of coming back to life so suddenly." Roland explained.

Why am I lying to them?

"What has she been saying to you?" Maya asked from her seat across from Mordecai. Her hand was placed on top of her small belly.

"It was all just small talk until last night. I've never been into contact with her or have woken up with an actual injury." Roland answered, "In this dream, she told me to 'end the suffering' and to 'go to the key'. She then wrote 'Lyptus' on my mirror and mentioned the Highlands."

I don't have the heart to tell Mordecai about all of the blood and the way Leesa looked...

"Wait... Didn't the Eridian mention a Lyptus?" Salvador responded after taking a drink from his mug.

"Yeah he did!" Maya exclaimed, "He told Icebringer that he could see she wasn't a part of Lyptus anymore!"

That's got to be it. I don't know what or who Lyptus is but we need to figure it out and soon!

"We should start in the Highlands. It could very well be a lead to find Leesa." Mordecai smiled, "I hope it's a lead."

Maya got out of her seat, "Should we get Axton and Brick to stay for this?"

Roland shook his head, "They've been wanting to do this for a long time. We can handle it."

"When do we go then?" Maya asked.

"We're not going, Maya. We have to stay here to make sure nothing happens to our child." Zero warned, "If this does lead to us finding Leesa, we need to be distanced."

"Zero, I understand your concern." Maya walked up to Zero and grabbed onto his arm while leaning into him, "I really miss Leesa. Can we please go to the Highlands? If this lead falls flat, we'll stay home when another lead appears."

Zero looked down at Maya, "Fine, but you're staying by me at all times."

Maya smiled, "You got it!"

"You're very happy for a pregnant lady!" Salvador excitedly held up his mug.

Maya moved away from Zero and placed her hands on her hips, "And what's that supposed to mean?"

"Eh heh heh... Nada." Salvador slid down in his seat.

It's good to know everyone still gets along.

"Can you imagine what it's going to be like seeing Leesa again?" Maya asked while sighing happily, "It's been too long!"

Mordecai looked down into his mug sadly, "Yeah..."

I can't imagine what Mordecai must be going through. I may have lost Lilith when I died but I didn't have to experience it until Leesa brought me back. Mordecai has to sit here without knowing what's happening to his girlfriend.

If this lead falls through, I won't give up. Leesa has to come back soon.

Roland reached forward and grabbed his mug off the table in front of him, "I know I never officially met Leesa but she sounds like a fighter. I'm sure she's strong enough to be there when we go save her." Roland held his mug out in the middle of everyone, "To Leesa!"

Mordecai looked over at the mug before smiling, "To Leesa..." He clanked his mug against Roland's.

The rest of the gang clanked their mugs together and cheered, "To Leesa!"

I desperately hope I'm right and Leesa is still there. I don't think she knows how much she means to everyone.

Roland felt a slight burning sensation on the sides of his head save for the top center. He reached up and touched his shaved head underneath his hat to discover nothing there.

... What are you trying to tell me Leesa?

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Maya smiled, "You got it!"

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