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"What do we do? What do we do?!" Karima looked back and forth between Roland and Mordecai, "WHAT DO WE DO?!"

"Calm down, Karima." Lilith soothingly spoke while placing her hand on Karima's shoulder, "We can handle anything that comes our way, okay?"

Karima slowly nodded, "Just remember, I'm not like you guys... I don't fight."

Zero pulled out the Energizing Bane and handed it to Karima.

Karima hesitantly grabbed the SMG and held it in both of her hands.

"I'll teach you how to use it." Salvador whispered to Karima.

"A-Alright..." Karima smiled, "I've never held a gun before."

Roland pulled the Eridian Cannon off his back, "We need to decide if we're going to head for those towers or head backwards."

Mordecai looked over at the gun Roland held onto, "Do you think that Cannon will harm Eridians?"

"There's only one way to find out..." Roland responded.

"No. No way." Maya walked up to Roland while shaking her head, "We're here to find Icebringer, not start fights with anyone else. I say we go backwards and try to find any nice Eridians who will help us."

"You think there's nice Eridians here?" Salvador asked, "That sounds a bit loco if you ask me."

"Not everyone is mean!" Maya argued fiercely, "Nora is nice! There has to be more!"

Mordecai shook his head, "I don't think we could go backwards. I mean, what if there's nothing there?"

Maya threw her arms out to the side, "Then we turn back around! Come on, Mordecai. I was right about Leesa when you didn't like her. You have to trust me on this."

Mordecai stared at Maya silently.

"Please, you guys. Let's go the opposite way of the towers..." Maya softly responded, "I know Icebringer isn't that way."

Zero walked up to Maya and wrapped his arm around her, "I'm with Maya."

Maya smiled and bumped her hip into Zero's, "You better be!"

Roland pondered the suggestion and finally nodded, "Alright. If everyone is in agreement, we head the opposite way-"

A burst of purple light struck the ground near Roland, sending him flying off to the side.

Maya spun around and looked to the sky to see a giant griffin-like creature flying above them. The feathers covering the majority of its body were dark purple with red tint. Its head, body, and lion's tail were black and its eyes a piercing blue. Its wingspan was the length of sixteen feet and had giant claws at the tips. The creature reared its head back and screeched, opening its mouth wide to send out another beam of light.

Salvador hurriedly pushed Karima and Lilith out of the way. The ground beneath them became scarred black and the plants caught on fire from the beam of light.

From under Salvador, Karima called out, "Run!"

Zero stood in front of Maya and pulled out his Kunai knives, "We can take it out."

"Are you freaking serious?! That thing is huge!" Karima cried out. Salvador helped pick Karima off the ground. Lilith sat up and watched the creature fly in large circles above the group.

The creature shot another beam of light towards Lilith. As it was coming down, Lilith tried to teleport away.

Nothing happened.

Lilith looked down at her partially invisible hands in shock. Mordecai quickly ran to Lilith and grabbed her arm, pulling her away from the blast. Rocks flew up into the air from the impact.

"I can't use my powers here!" Lilith exclaimed.

Roland tossed out his turret, "Refill on ammo!"

Everyone crowded near the blue light of the Scorpio and checked their weapons. The turret looked up at the sky and shot the creature with fire bullets. The creature screeched and moved away from the bullets entering its stomach. Zero crouched down and watched the creature fly around erratically. He pulled his arm back and threw three Kunai knives where the creature was flying to. Each of the knives hit the creature's shoulder and blew up.

The creature turned in the air and dived towards the ground, aimed for the group. Everyone ran to the side as the creature slammed into the ground. Dust and rocks blurred the view of the creature. Mordecai pulled out his grenades and kept Glacier perched on his shoulder. She leaned forward and held her head low, keeping her eyes on the creature. Everyone readied their weapons as the creature emerged from within the dust.

The creature opened its beak again, light pouring from its mouth. Mordecai threw a grenade that stuck to the side of the creature's mouth. As the grenade blinked, Roland shot at the grenade with his combat rifle. The grenade blew up, taking a chunk out of the creature's face. The light vanished as the creature turned its head to look menacingly at the group. A low growl escaped from its mouth.

Roland pulled out the Eridian Cannon and placed it on his shoulder. He aimed for its face and charged the cannon. The creature roared and moved to the side, charging at the group. Zero grabbed Maya and jumped away and into the air while shooting at the creature's head with his pistol. Lilith pulled Karima with her to the side and used her fire SMG to catch the creature's left arm on fire.

The creature spun around quickly, smacking Salvador with its tail. Salvador was sent back a ways but managed to pull out two combat rifles: one slag and one electric. He shot at the creature rapidly while running around it in circles, avoiding its large swinging paws.

Annoyed with Salvador, the creature stomped its paws hard into the ground. The ground shook from the force and caused Salvador to stumble. While distracted, the creature rammed its head into Salvador to send him flying off to the side.

As the creature walked over to the unconscious Salvador, Maya used her Conference Call to get the creature's attention. It spun its head around quickly, narrowing its eyes at Maya. It slowly turned and intimidatingly walked towards Maya.

While it was distracted, Lilith ran over to Salvador and lifted his head off the ground to check him for any wounds.

Maya kept shooting at the creature as it came closer. Zero came running from behind the creature and jumped onto its back, slashing at the back of its neck. The creature roared and shook Zero off its back. Zero immediately rolled on the ground underneath the creature to avoid the talons on its paws. Zero stabbed his sword into the griffin's underbelly and rolled from underneath it, pulling his sword back with him.

The creature went to slam its paw into Zero when Mordecai shot one of its eyes out. It roared loudly and shot a quick, small light beam at Mordecai. He dodged it but the blast from the beam hitting the ground threw Mordecai off. Glacier flew to the creature and used her sharp talons to pull at the skin on the head of the creature. While Glacier kept the creature distracted, Roland released his shot out of the cannon. The blast hit a giant portion of the creature's side and sent it flying into the field of thorns.

Roland stood up and watched the creature stir until it soon stopped moving. He turned to look at Lilith, "Is Salvador okay?"

Lilith nodded, "He's breathing normally."

"That thing was crazy cool." Karima commented, "I mean, deadly, but still."

Mordecai fixed the red scarf around his neck and held his arm out for Glacier. When she landed, he checked her for any wounds. "Are we going to wait here for Salvador to wake up?"

"We don't have much of a choice. He may be short, but he's packing some serious muscle." Maya spoke up, "We can't just drag him around on the ground."

"It's not safe to wait here though." Zero advised.

Roland placed the cannon on his back, "Well, like Maya said, we don't have much of a choice..." While scanning over his companions, Roland looked to where the creature had been.

Roland quickly pulled out his combat rifle, "Where did it go?!"

The creature flew down from the sky and landed both of its front paws on top of Lilith and Salvador. It gripped onto the two of them tightly and scooped them up. The creature quickly took off, carrying Salvador and Lilith with it.

"LILITH!" Roland screamed while shooting at the creature.

Lilith was able to reach a hand out from between the creature's talons, "Roland!"

Roland ran after the creature with Mordecai following close behind. The two of them shot rapidly at the creature until it disappeared from sight. Zero, Maya, and Karima caught up and watched the skies for the creature.

"Go, Glacier! Find Lilith and Salvador then find me! Don't be seen!" Mordecai called out as Glacier flew into the air and quickly followed the creature.

Roland placed a hand on the side of his head, "Fuck!"

"It's going in the same direction as we were going to go. Let's try to catch up and find them." Maya suggested.

Zero picked Maya up bridal style, "Let's go."

Roland nodded as he, Mordecai, Zero, and Karima all ran in the direction the creature flew towards.


In a large purple and gold chamber room, a dark green armored-clad Eridian ran up a small set of stairs that led to two thrones. The throne on the left was taller than the one on the right. Both thrones were made of a black smooth stone with silver specks on the surface that resembled the night sky. At the top of the two thrones were swirled gold metal 'crowns' with giant red stones attached to the center.

On the sides of the chamber room were giant Eridium columns that held up the roof. The chamber looked out over a green ocean and a large town that was carved into the mountainside. Out past the mountainside was a giant open space of rocky terrain and another set of mountains.

The Eridian bowed down in front of the two thrones, "*My Queen, our scouts have found humans out in the Banished Lands.*"

Sitting on the smaller throne, the Queen tapped her fingers on the arm rests of her throne. Each of her fingers were covered by silver metal claws that led up to her wrist. The Queen wore long light purple sleeves that were attached to her neck by a thick black collar with red stones engraved on it. From the collar, the front of her dark purple shirt fell loosely in front of her chest and stopped mid-waist. Her black skirt fell from that point down to the floor, covering her purple heels. Covering her entire head was a metal helmet that resembled the claws on her fingers. The helmet was flat on her face and had vertical slits where her mouth was so she could speak.

The Queen's helmet had large horns that came from the top and swirled down the the side of her helmet. Holes in the shape of the Queen's eyes were placed so she could see but had a wire mesh inside to keep her eyes hidden.

"*Stand.*" The Queen ordered.

The Eridian slowly stood up, "*Should we speak with the King present, your Highness?*"

The Queen slowly pushed herself off the throne, "*No. The King does not deal with humans, you know this.*"

"*I-I know, my Queen and I apologize. I just thought we may need the King because these aren't our human slaves. These are outsiders.*"

"*How intriguing...*" The Queen trailed off, "*Did the scouts send Admete?*"

"*Yes, my Queen. They saw her get injured greatly but she managed to take two with her.*" The Eridian answered.

"*Good... The humans must be after their friend.*" The Queen deduced, "*At least we have more leverage now.*"

"*Their friend?*"

"*You need not know.*" The Queen walked towards the Eridian, "*Take account of what these humans look like and make sure they do not enter the city on their own free will.*"

"*What about the rioters? Will they try to help these humans?*"

"*Kill any Eridian that dares help them. Take some of my guards and put them out on the streets. Bring these humans to me as soon as you have them all.*"

The Eridian placed a hand on his heart and bowed, "*Your wish is my command, my Queen.*"

"*Oh, and Captain...*"


"*Whatever you do, do not kill the human invaders. I want them alive.*"

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