Limited time

By lfbrox

After DA 3 got canceled I tried to lighten my bad mood by reading some nice and not so dark Fan Fic. But a lot of them are so dark (besides some decent smut parts) that it doesn't help to lighten my spirit. I need some fun stuff. So I decided to write some myself. I don't know where this fic leads to but I intend to make it somewhat funny (in the following chapters). And by the way, this ongoing lack of good Max and Logan fics is really starting to worry me. So please read and review and tell me if you are up for some fun (hope I can pull it off). And please some more M/L. This constant M/A is really contributing to my bad mood. Let's have some fun, cause "the world will still be broken in the morning".

AN: I just thought I re-post Chapters 1 – 6 in this section. No changes in the story. I just wanted it to be complete. So if you read Chapter 1-6 in the NC-17 section, please just skip to the new Chapter 7. Thanks.

Chapter one: The wonder pills.

"Gotta blaze", Max yelled to the gang at Jam Pony's and rushed on her bike to the lab. Logan ditched his appointment with Sam for re-checking on his now working legs, and sped through the city. They arrived at the same time at the parking lot of the lab. Both out of breath. Not because of the exhausting ride but because of high pitched expectations. They entered the office quickly though careful enough not to get too close. The hope was there that the virus bitch would finally go down, but it was really not the time to be lightheaded. They sat down and waited impatiently for the lab geek to show up, each nervously shifting in the chairs they were sitting in. Max finally couldn't stand to sit and wait so she got up and walked through the room in quick steps. Back and forth. Logan figured it is best for him to stay seated as the danger of bumping in to one another was too big if they were both pacing around the little office. Neither of them spoke a word even though their brains were working on high speed. // What if it works? What if it doesn't work?// they were both thinking at the same time, even though neither of them knew what would be scarier. To finally be able to touch again but not knowing exactly how to move on, or not being able to touch and longing to be together. Max was confused. It didn't make a lot of sense. She so wanted to be able to touch Logan again. But that meant everything had to change. Even if they would still be dancing around each other and not move to another level it still would change because now they wouldn't have an excuse for it anymore.// Maybe it's for the better if it doesn't work. It would be easier for the both of us. If it doesn't work, everything is back to "normal". At least what is normal for me and Logan. We didn't have to face those complicated issues. And god knows I've never been good at expressing and confessing my feelings. It'd be all better if it stays the way it is. It'll be spared from humiliating myself in front of Logan by spilling out my "emotions" or what ever Normals call it....ah god....but I still want to touch him, kiss him...god...jump him. He looks so cute there, all insecure, shifting in his chair............god damn it .....where is that lab geek....// Max was thinking pacing around the office lost in thoughts. The lab geek nowhere to be seen. // Why is this moron ask us over and is not showing up?? This is making me crazy. And it also doesn't help if she runs around here passing me every 30 seconds. How am I supposed to think one coherent thought when she places her ohhhh so well formed ass in my view so frequently. .....I wish I knew what she is thinking right now. Is she as nervous and insecure as I am? God I hope this works. I don't know how long we can go on with the virus until it separates us for good......Where the hell is that fucking guy....// Logan thought getting more and more impatient by the minute. Then finally the door opened. The lab geek coming in. He sat down and unwrapped his sandwich. Max sat back down and they both watched him intently praying for him to finally start speaking. Then he looked up took a bite of his sandwich and finally started: "Well hello you two. Sorry I'm late but I have tons of work to do. I mean I worked so many hours on your virus stuff that some things just stepped in the background. And now everything just piles up over my head. Do you mind if I have my lunch now? God I've been so busy all day I didn't even have time to ha......". "Sorry to interrupt you. But we really give a flying fuck about your eating habits. Now would you finally put that damn sandwich down and tell us what's going on", Max barked, then adding a soft "Please" through clenched teeth. Knowing that Max could easily tear him apart he carefully laid down the sandwich and got up. He got something out of his pocket and walked around the table now facing Max and Logan. Both stopped breathing when they saw what he was holding in his hands. A small bag with little purple pills in it. // He wouldn't carry those pills around if they didn't have anything to do with the virus, better even the cure for the virus// Logan thought expectantly. Then the lab geek held up the small bag and victoriously and very dramatically let out a loud "Da, da. May I present the little pills to heaven", he swung the little bag in front of Max and Logans eyes and grinned like an idiot. "Da, da????", Max and Logan asked simultaneously. "I worked on the cure for weeks – day and night. It was really a challenge, but I somehow got it to work. If you (pointing the little bag to Max) take one of those then the virus will be coded with some kind of antibodies, but I don't want to bore you with details. Then you cannot affect, eh he he I don't know about affect, but you cannot infect and kill Logan anymore. But the coding is only temporary, unfortunately". "Temporary??", both asked again out of one mouth. "Yeah, but that's the best I could do in such a short amount of time. But give me some more time and I will look for something permanent", the lab geek promised. "And how long would that mean – temporary?" Max requested, not knowing if she should be thrilled or disappointed. "Well about 6 hours. Sorry, not enough to get it on and get a good night sleep together, but still. 6 hours are better then none at all." The lab geek grinned. One could only imagine what pictures he saw in his mind the way he looked at Max. Both of them looked at him then at each other only to blush lightly and look back up at the lab geek in search for more information. "Well, if you take the pill it takes about an hour for the effect to kick in. Then you....", the geek got interrupted by Max "What do you mean – about an hour – are you sure it is an hour or could it also be an hour and 20 minutes. Maybe you don't care so much about details, but we should be pretty damn sure what we're doing. So those 6 hours. Are those 6 hours or about 6 hours. And anyway. Are you sure that those work at all?" Max bombed him with questions not believing how this jerk could be so imprecise. "Uh, uh, uh. Cool down girly", the geek tried to calm her down. But at that girly Max stood up and Logan had to stop his hand from trying to make her sit again. Not in the world did he want her to kill him before all those "abouts" were clear. So he just looked at her calmly and she sat down again waiting for answers. "Well as I said", the geek continued as he walked back behind his desk just to be save, "the coding lasts exactly 6 hours. And for the effect to kick in it is indeed "about an hour". Depending on if you ate something or not. So don't rip my head of, ok gir...- never mind. But there is one more thing. If you take those pills too often your body will turn to be immune against the antibodies. So you can take just one pill in 24 hours. That allows your body to relax in those 17 hours in between and not getting used to it. So that means 6 hours for the pill to work one hour till the effect kicks in. That makes 7 hours. The rest is for your body to rest. Do you understand me. No experiments. I don't want to be the one who gets you killed Logan. Because as sure as the hell is hot this superwoman would kill me next", he finished looking a little pale and terrified now. "Got it", Logan stated, "now, how much of these little pills you have and how much will those cost me?" "I have 2 of those little bags. Each ration contains 30 pills. And it'll cost you – for the pills and my work – lets see....about, no exactly 25.000 $." With that he put the pills back in his pocket, leaned back in his chair and looked expectantly at both of them. They both thought that it's a hell of a lot of money, considering Logan was broke now. But they also knew that pissing him off now wouldn't be the smartest move either. They looked reassuring at each other and then Logan got up and handed the geek an envelope. "Thanks for your help. Those are 30 grand. For the pills and for the effort to keep on working on a permanent cure. Now can I have the pills please" Logan said, then adding a little shyly "and a glass of water." The geek took the envelope and quickly counted the money. He handed Logan the pill and went out with a simple "be right back" to get some water.

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