Chapter twenty four

'What can we do for you today Mr. Potter?'

'I want to open another vault in the name of Jamie Potter then transfer one million galleons into it. After that we'd both like to go to our vaults.'

'Very well,' the goblin started writing then tapped the parchment with his long finger making the parchment disappear, 'I will get someone to take you down to your vaults, it won't be long.'

'Thank you,' Harry and Jamie moved away from the counters.

'Why don't you look happy Harry?'

'I hate goblins, they aren't to be trusted, so I hate having anything to do with them. I'll explain why another time, it's all part of what I was doing before the big fight.'

'Mr. Potter, Miss Potter, follow me.'

Harry and Jamie followed the goblin into one of the carts, they went to the new vault first, Harry encouraged Jamie to take some money that it was hers. When she was done, they went down a lot more levels until they came to Harry's vault. He saw his sister's stunned look as the goblin opened the door, Harry hurried to gather some galleons, stuffing them in his pouch before the siblings got back into the cart and the long ride back up.

'Now, apart from robes and a trunk, the rest you can get when Sev sends the letters out. So is there anything you want or need?'

'I do need some…um…personal products.'

Harry saw his sister blush, 'Just so you know Jamie, I got used to all that stuff you girls need because of Hermione. We spent nine months in a tent, I got used to her mood swings and she explained about periods and bloating, all that stuff. I know most girls won't tell boys about it and most boys don't want to know, but as I said, I got used to it, so try not to get embarrassed. Do you know which shop you need?'

'No, that's why, so because of Hermione you would know which one.'

'I do, come on,' Harry took his sisters hand and led her to the shop she needed then stood near the door while she looked around for what she needed. Harry knew she was embarrassed and she hasn't had a lot to do with boys so having one with her while she got those types of products made her feel uncomfortable.

When they left that shop with Jamie still red in the face, they went into Madame Malkin's to both be fitted for new robes and said they would be back later to pick them up. So they went to get Jamie a trunk to keep all her Hogwarts stuff, then Harry took her into quality quidditch supplies.

'Even though I won't be playing quidditch this year, I still like to fly. You might make the team so you should have your own broom, I always did when I played. First year Aunt Mini and Dumbledore worked it for me to have a nimbus 2000, when it got broken in my third year, Sirius sent me the new Firebolt, that got lost just before I turned seventeen. So I need a new broom and you should have one as well. Now even though the school has new brooms, it's good to have your own and it means we can have a fly together whenever we want.' Harry could see Jamie was a bit hesitant, he wasn't sure why whether it was because he wanted to buy the brooms or if it was something else. So Harry just showed Jamie the different types of brooms before choosing the new firebolts for both of them and he knew his sister would handle this broom easily.

As they stepped out of the shop they almost bumped into someone, 'Potter.'


'I…um, look, I want to thank you, for saving me from the fiend fyre.'

'You're welcome but I think we're even Malfoy, you didn't identify me to your father or Bellatrix, so thanks,' Harry stuck his hand out and Malfoy shook it, 'Are you returning to Hogwarts to do your last year?'

'Yes, Severus sent me a letter asking if I was. Now I have the chance I would like to become a healer.'

'Severus mentioned that you're his godson. Um, I'm not sure if you know this, so did he tell you about me, or us?'

'Yes, he thought I should know as I do sometimes visit him in his rooms.'

Harry saw Draco's eyes drift to Jamie, 'Oh sorry, Jamie this is Draco Malfoy, he's in my year but a Slytherin and Severus' godson, Malfoy this is my sister Jamie Potter.'

'It's nice to meet you Jamie.'

'It's nice to meet you as well Draco,' Jamie smiled shyly.

'I'll let you finish your shopping, Potter,' Draco nodded then stepped into quality quidditch supplies.

'You two seemed awkward with each other.'

'We've hated each other since the day we met, but I know with him it was how he was raised. His parents were death eaters, Voldemort's biggest supporters and they made Malfoy take the dark mark but he never wanted to. If he can just get over all this pureblood shit, thinking they are better than everyone else then he would be a half decent bloke.'

'But isn't all Slytherin's purebloods?'

'Most are, not all, that's half the problem I think. Severus was a Slytherin and he's a halfblood.'

'Like we are.'

'Sort of, we had a witch mother from muggle parents and a pureblood father, Severus had a witch mother but a muggle father. One of my friends is the same, witch mother muggle father, Seamus Finnegan, he's a good bloke. So now is there anything else you want before we head back to Hogwarts?'

'Um, yes, I asked mum and dad once but they said no.'

'Okay, so what do you want to do?'

'Since I know now that they did leave you because they were scared for themselves, I want to see the house. I've heard so much about it, read a bit about it, how you were in there that night.'

'Maybe it will do you good to see it, I've only saw it once, at Christmas. Okay, come on,' Harry and Jamie left Diagon Alley, Harry took his sister by side along apparition, arriving in the small alleyway not far from the Potter home. They walked hand in hand through Godric's Hollow until Harry pointed.

'Oh shit,' Jamie blushed, 'Sorry.'

'Hey, sometimes you have to swear, it helps and I'm sure you've hear me over the last couple of days. Now from what I found out I was upstairs in my room which is at the back of the house. Hagrid was the one that came to get me, Dumbledore said that was about half an hour after. Hagrid said I must have cried myself to sleep, he washed the blood off my face then wrapped me in a blanket and put me inside his jacket and flew me to Dumbledore who was waiting with Aunt Mini at the muggles place. Apart from the blood protect it gave me being left there, he said because I was known around the world he thought being raised away from all that would be better for me. I still wish he found a magical family to take me, but I get the protection. I didn't even know I was a wizard until Hagrid came to get me on my eleventh birthday. I refused to believe him at first but he said did you ever make things happen when you were angry or upset and I realise that all the weird things that happened around me was because I caused it to happen using my power without even realising it. I turned my teachers hair blue once, found myself up on the roof at school, made my hair grow overnight, made a glass window disappear at the zoo. So many things and I had no idea I was doing them. You probably know what's that's like, doing magic accidentally.'

'No, I never did, mum and dad didn't start teaching me until I was eleven, but I was never angry or upset as a child, just lonely.'

'Well you're not going to be lonely anymore, you have me, Aunt Mini and my friends until you make your own. Now how about your big brother shout you an ice-cream before heading back to Hogwarts?'

Jamie giggled, nodded then slipped her arm through Harry's. Brother and sister kept talking as they walked through the town that started everything for these two young people. Their lives might have been so different over the years but now they had found each other, they found their family, now they can finally share their lives as brother and sister.

The end: