Ok so recently I stumbled across a Fanfic with Naruto practically being the Rikudo Sannin, the Sage of the Six Paths, and I thought that it was pretty awesome to see everyone's favorite blonde being so powerful. So I haveve decided to carve out my own piece of that pie. I will be writing The Shinobi of the Undead along side this story so if one gets multiple updates while the other doesn't then I am very sorry. I will try to write both of these stories at the same pace.

Now without further ado, I welcome you to:

The Sage of Konoha

It was a peaceful morning in Konohagakure as the people carried on their daily lives. Neighbors greeted each other with a wave and a smile and strangers acknowledged one and other with a nod of their head. People milled about in the crowded supermarket as people were buying food, browsing the stalls, or even just talking with friends.

"Get back here!"

The cry of the ANBU was a regular occurrence and only a few people lifted their heads to watch a streak of orange flash overhead.

"Oh great its at it again."

"When will it just disappear?"

"I hope they beat it to a pulp when they catch it!"

The grumbles were over shadowed by the orange blur's boisterous laughter. If he didn't already have a bad reputation then many people would have probably said that the boy had a heart warming laugh with a smile to match. However he was always playing pranks.

Today he had done the impressive feat of sneaking into the ANBU locker room and rigged up several paint filled gas release pellets. Any ANBU present were now painted orange as they chased the delinquent down. The ANBU never guessed to check the fence as they went speeding by. Part of the fence dropped away to reveal a laughing blonde as he pointed at the direction the ANBU just ran. His senses began to warn him his death was approaching so he took off towards the Forest of Death, the best place for him to hide. He ignored Iruka's cries and angry shouts behind him as he ran through the forest as fast as possible.

He continued laughing until part of the ground opened up into a small tunnel and he slid several hundred feet before being dumped unceremoniously on the ground.


The blonde began to take in his surroundings as his survival instincts took over. A sudden burst of light illuminated the room which caused Naruto's eyes to focus on the crystal with the swirling colors. Naruto, being naturally curious, got up and brushed himself off before approached the strange crystal. He felt an indescribable feeling of familiarity at the pulling sensation the crystal gave off. The next thing he knew, Naruto had lifted his hand which he just brought to rest on the crystal. A massive flash of light filled the room as Naruto felt himself leave that dimension.

"Where am I?"

"You are in a place that is beyond human comprehension."

"Who are you?"

"I am most commonly referred to by you shinobi as the Sage of the Six Paths."

"Wow...why am I here?"

"You seem to have found my crystal. I'm glad it was you Naruto Uzumaki. I have been watching you for the longest time and I feel that you deserve my gift."


"My powers. Every single last bit of my powers and memory now goes to you. It is up to you to achieve what I have failed."

"And that is?"

"Peace. Achieve peace and you will be greater than I can ever hope to be. Good luck Naruto."

The beam of sheer power tore through the ground and shot into the sky. Many people were frightened by the sudden appearance of such a strange phenomenon.

"It was probably the demon brat!"

The veneral mumers of agreement ended the discussion swiftly. Now if only they knew how right they were.

Naruto felt felt his entire body being restructured and improved. His small muscles were now developed and he put on some extra height. He looked lean, strong, and one might dare to say predatory after his baby fat disappeared. He went into the hole as a young boy but now he looked much more like a young man. Once Naruto felt like he was no longer burning alive he turned his attention to the box next to the pedestal where the crystal once was. He opened the box and found the Sage's robe inside. The he threw the material on and found that it seemed to adjust to his size. The robe had white sleeves and shoulders while the rest was grey. A sash like red belt ran around his waist. Naruto noticed that the robe perfectly revealed the six new magatamas that were burnt into his chest much like how the Sage's necklace appeared. The magatamas were all the same color. Unlike the Sage's Sharingan red color they were a deep blue color, much like his eyes. The staff was the next thing Naruto noticed. Like the clothes, once he grabbed it the staff shrunk to the appropriate size for him. He quickly placed the staff on his back. He then started to feel a slight tingling in his eyes. At first the blonde didn't think much about it but now he was experiencing some of the most incredibly unbearable pain he had ever felt. The poor Genin collapsed onto his knees as he frantically clutched his head, hoping that the pain would stop. The pain finally subsided and Naruto was able to stumble to his feet. He quickly grabbed the box with the robes in it and climbed out of the hole. He was happy that the staff didn't clank around unless he wanted it to. He heard the sounds of the ANBU on their way and he quickly disappeared into the forest as he made his way home.

Later that night Naruto gazed into the mirror in complete shock and fascination at what he saw. His pupil seemed to have shot out its outer layers as a ripple pattern now was present in his blue eyes along with three tomoe on the first ripple. He could feel ungodly amounts of power coursing through his body as he thought about the Sage's words.

"All of your abilities huh." He muttered aloud to no one in particular. He was also having clear flashbacks as parts of the Sage's life played through Naruto's mind as it tried to seperate the memories. He was currently watching the birth of the Bijuu. At the end of their creation, Naruto couldn't help but shed a tear at what happened to them. Not long after their creation they were forced to watch their father figure succumb to old age. Naruto didn't know why but he felt a strange attraction to the Nine Tails, Kurama. It was like he had known the fox all of his life.

Naruto was wrenched from his thoughts as he let out a loud yawn. He dragged his tired ass to bed so he could sleep on all of the information he had gathered that day.

Morning. God how Naruto hated morning. He was surprised to find his eyes flutter open at the first glimpse of sunlight. At 4 in the morning.

"No I'm going back to bed! If only I had shutters. God do I wish I had shutters." Naruto never even noticed his chakra flare up and could only sigh contently when his brand new...shutters...had...closed. when did he get shutters? He suddenly had another one of the Sage's memories pop up in his mind as he seen the Sage use a strange technique. The name suddenly flared to life in Naruto's head.

'The Creation of All Things.'

Wow. Naruto had just used the technique that created the Bijuu to create some window shutters to keep the sun out of his eyes. He rolled his eyes at his own laziness and got up. He was about to grab his orange jumpsuit when his eyes suddenly fell on the closed box. He opened it once again and removed the robe only to have a scroll fall out. Gently setting the robes aside, Naruto quickly bent down to retrieve the scroll that fell on the ground. He felt that same sense of familiarity with the scroll as he opened the paper. He instinctively put his hand on the kanji and pumped some chakra into it. A poof of smoke erupted from the scroll and there was now a katana on the scroll. The katana's sheath was purple with a ring of three tomoe at the top, three in the middle, and three on the bottom. The handle of the blade was wrapped in golden wrappings. Upon grabbing the hilt he found the wrappings were as soft and smooth as silk. He drew the blade and found he instantly knew how to use it. It was strange already knowing how to use things he was just discovering. The blade had several words carved into the blade.

"This Blade shall only be wielded by the Savior of the Shinobi World."

Naruto just read the words over and over to himself as he walked to his bathroom now dressed in the Sage's robes. He admired the design on the back of the robes. The Rinnegan was positioned over the center column of tomoe while the tomoe themselves were arranged in a three by three pattern.

'Speaking of tomoe...'

Naruto desperately searched the Sage's memories for an explanation of why he had the Sharingan combined with the Rinnegan. As he thought about it the answer became suddenly clear to him. The Rinnegan had been altered by some force within Naruto's own body that must of somehow added a form of Ten Tail's chakra to it so he had the start of the Jyuubi's eye. Naruto, satisfied with that answer, focused on trying to make his eyes go back to normal with no such luck. Then a sudden mischievous grin spread across his face. They had all heard the stories about the God of Shinobi but those stories never told what the god looked like. In fact, no one except scholars of the subject could even guess at what he may have looked like. Naruto chuckled at his good fortune.

'Let everyone see it! I'm about to blow their fucking minds anyways!' With his answer being set in stone Naruto went back and sealed both the sword and the staff into the scroll which he then concealed inside one of the robe's secret interior storage seals.

'God do I love this robe!'

Naruto couldn't get enough of the confused looks the villagers all gave each other as Naruto proudly flaunted his new attire along with his new eyes. Only a few people noticed the eyes as the rest were focused on the clothing. Many people's eyes lingered on the white cape-like cloak segment that held the intricate design on his back. Another great deal of people found their eyes lingering on the magatama markings on his chest. When he finally reached the Academy he walked into the classroom and was surprised to find he was the first one there. He slowly took his seat in the back and began to lean back in his chair while waiting for the others to arrive. After 15 minutes of waiting they all began to trickle in. Their reactions were priceless.

Naruto sat leaning in his seat as everyone who came into the classroom just stopped to gawk at the Dobe who was actually early. Like many of the villagers most of his classmate's eyes did a quick sweep of his new look before many eyes settled on the pattern on his chest. He casually stood up and whistled as he walked up to the board, grabbed an eraser, positioned it in the barely open door, and walked back to his seat like nothing happened. He could feel their gazes on his back but he didn't care as he sat down and tilted his chair again.

"Well are you guys done staring at me?" The blonde smirked as they all snapped out of their trances and toom their seats. He still did notice the glances he received from multiple girls in the class including the pink haired angel that sat next to him.

Sakura continued to gawk at Naruto's new outfit and the body he had kept hidden all of this time.

'He's actually HOT!'

Sakura knew the thought was shared by almost every girl in the class as they all stared at Naruto, some with stars in their eyes. Iruka walked into the classroom only to have an eraser drop on his head.

"Ok who-" his voice caught in his throat as he seen the hand of the one and only Naruto Uzumaki go up. After several minutes of shocked silence Iruka cleared his throat before he spoke again.

"N-Naruto it's good to see you on time. Ok class, today we're going to start your final exams. We will do writing, physical, and finally jutsu in that order."

Naruto blew through the writing portion of the test. It was really easy when you had the memories of the man that created the shinobi way at your disposal. Next was shuriken and kunai throwing. Naruto crushed Sasuke's score earning yet another glance of disbelief from everyone which just caused him to smirk even more. Finally was the part Naruto had been waiting for: sparring.

"Any volunteers?" Both Sasuke and Naruto stepped forward like usual. The fangirls started to cheer on Sasuke.

"Kick his butt Sasuke!"

"Yeah! Wipe the floor with th Dobe!"

Naruto noticed Sakura stood by Hinata instead of with the usual group of fangirls and actually gave Naruto a supporting smile.

'Hmm maybe she finally wants to get to know me!'


Sasuke shot forward with the intent of putting everything into one punch to end it quickly. His hand shot forward and made contact...with Naruto's open palm. He didn't even pay attention as he spaced out while dodging of Sasuke's attacks. The Uchiha was starting to become angry and his attacks got more erratic. Finally the Uchiha snapped. After so many failed attempts he resorted to his one main jutsu.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!"

Naruto didn't seem to care about the fiery ball of death hurtling his way. Finally he sighed and looked at the fireball with a look of absolute boredom.

"Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu."

The bored tone in which he said it caused the Uchiha to grit his teeth. The water dragon seemed to materialize out of the air. Its sheer size made Sasuke's fireball look like a pea. The dragon roared before it rushed towards the stuned Uchiha. The boy closed his eyes in preparation for the strike when he heard water beginning to splash to the ground. He heard a collective gasp when a cold metallic object was held to his throat. He opened his eyes to find himself staring down the blade of a very impressive katana.

"Do you yield?"

Without waiting for an answer the blonde sheathed the blade and it disappeared in his robes again as he turned around. The Uchiha, seeing an opening, charged at the blonde student with a kunai. Naruto smiled as Sasuke fell fir it. Hook, line, and sinker. At the last moment the blonde backfilpped over the charging Uchiha and grabbed the black haired boy by the shoulders as he twisted him around. Once they were face to face Naruto cocked a fist back and let it fly. He was rewarded by the satisfying smashing sound as Sasuke was sent through a tree.

The silence was incredible as he walked off the sparing field to stand next to Sakura and Hinata. Sakura was the first to break the silence.

"That was awesome Naruto! Sasuke-kun! I have never seen that level of fighting from Academy students! You two are strong!" The sole clap of Sakura's was joined by a timid Hinata. The two clapping started a chain reaction of clapping. No one ever noticed how Naruto got to be standing by Sasuke but his next action shocked everyone including Iruka. Naruto stood above the beaten Uchiha with his hand extended. To be more specific, his pointer and middle fingers were extended in the friendship sign. Sasuke smirked and took Naruto's offer before being assisted to his feet by the blonde. They gave each other a small smile that only they noticed before they seperated.

The jutsu portion was also easy as Naruto created enough shadow clones to fill the entire testing room.

Later when class rank was announced, Naruto was still declared as Dead Last due to his slacking during the year. But he didn't care. He passed and that was all that mattered.

Team 7 is Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha."

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