Music Inspiration: Underneath, by my man Adam Lambert. From his album Tresspassing.

Rating: K

Ownership: I don't have any copyright to To Kill A Mockingbird, Glee, Lego, Leggo, Duplo. Bu…T! I have lots of dvd's, music and paraphenalia in Glee stuff. I own buckets and buckets of Lego, Duplo and railway sets. I love spaghetti and therefore also have a lot of Leggo. And, natur-ali-mon, I have a copy of the book and the dvd and the video of To Kill A Mockingbird. {and I own my imagination.}

Dedication and Inspiration: This is written for Mr Hinrey Snakespear. I met him in fiction press . com land.

Being Them: Taking Mr Schue and Cooper and Marley, where Unique and Blaine can not. Some body should be writing Glee for under 16 year olds.

~ Terminal Velocity ~

Chapter 1.

She sits next to him at the playground. "Hi."

He pokes his tongue out and moves away from her. Does anyone know how to spell thbrll properly?

"What's your problem?" And she runs after him. He tries to get away from her every time he sees her. Run, run and he sits down. She catches up, he runs and sits down. And she does it all over again and again.

All over the playground. From a distance, they look like they're playing a game. Under the climbing jim, into the sandbox, the base of the swing supports, under the hot metal slide.

"Girls have cooties. Go away. Stop following me." Run, run. "Leave me alone!" Run, run. "Go, a wayyyyyyyy!"

"NO! I WON'T." And she runs after him some more. She's dressed like Scout out of To Kill A Mockingbird. Overalls, shirt under that, boys boots, hair shortish, and chewing gum. Her Father dubbed her Scout, although her name is Marley. Her Father wants her to grow her hair long, but she keeps giving herself hair cuts.

"Boys have more cooties than girls, any how."

"Whataya want any how? I don't wanna play wiv you. You don't know how to play wiv boyz." He stands with his hands on hips, scruffy pants, hoodie jacket, occasionally dropping his head into a slump look. He tries to be tough, kicking stones and throwing sticks. He even holds his breath so he won't sook when he looses at games.

He won't wash when his Mum tells him to. When she pulls him by the ear and stands watching, he makes sure not to do behind his ears, the more gunck the betterer. After having to brush his teeth, he eats hidden lollies and old sandwiches (sammiches).

"I'll beat you up, if you don't watch out."

"What?" and she starts to cry. She stomps her right foot, flops on the ground, legs bent weirdly and wails, reALLY, REALLY LOUDLY. "WAAAAAAHHHH, WAAAAAAH."

"He won't play with me, he's a bully. Waaaaahhhhh."

"Oh shut up, you're gonna get me in trouble." He stands alongside her, hitting her shoulders. "Stop, will you. Damn you girls are stupid. Stop it, stop it."

Her crying stops, just a little. Hup, hup her breath is slowing down. And just when he thinks the sillyness has stopped "Waaaahhh, aaahhh, waaaah."

"Shut up, I'll box your ears." He's looking around to see who's watching. There are adults on the edges of the playground, drinking coffee from big thermos. One Father gets up and starts to walk to them.

The boy signals the man to stop. "She's okay. Just my kid sister, wants her own way." The Father stops, they both signal all is well, and he goes back to the other parents.

"I'm not your kid sister. I don't even know you. Idiot boy."

"Hey, stop being nasty. You either wanna play, or you don't. Don't be horrible, like all the boys say you are."

"Well, I know something you don't." She's looking up at him, coyly, trying puppy dog eyes. He crouches down, 'cause she's not talking really loud enough.

"What do you know?"

She pulls him over, he fights to be let go. They tumble over in the dusty playground.

Punch to the face, pulling hair, grabs to the braces and she pulls his hood over his face. Jumps up, grabs his lego and runs as fast as …..

"Hey, come back here."

She's really, really fast. Just as fast as the footy players, running for the ball, running with the ball. She's always wondering why they just don't kick it?

She hides behind the tree, after realizing that he's not going to catch her.

He's out of breath, and really happy she stopped. "Giv, me, aback, … my … stuff…. pl…"

"I want to play with your toys too." Kicks some mushrooms around the base of the tree. "I've got lego like these at home. But mine are silly pink and other silly girl colours. Yours are more fun."

She hands him the bag of lego, after opening and looking inside. "Please?"

"Sure, but you can't be doing silly girl playing. These are boys lego, I make planes that fly, and boats and rockets."

They walk, side by side. Her left hand all the way deep inside her left leg pocket, right arm swinging freely. He's a good foot taller, on her right, swinging his lego bag in his left hand. He's constantly scratching his head, behind his ears and wiping the sweat on his forehead with his right hand, thus always getting more dirtier.

"You wanna know what I do with mine?"

"Not really, 'cause these are mine and you can't play girl games wiv 'em."

"I don't play girl games with mine. I put them into battle with one another. The other day, I had them being cowgirls and indians."

"That's not allowed any more. My teacher says so."

"Well, I'll make your teacher take a bus on route 66, go really fast and …."

"I don't wanna talk about my teacher, or play these with her. Lets go over to some shade, 'cause I freckle in the hot sun.….."

And they play lego, get dirty, and share evil children's game scenarios.

She sings Glee tunes and he belts out darker beat, beat songs.

Both enjoying their child hood.

~ Awwww, how cute ~