In Truce or Consequences Kim and Shego made temporary peace while looking for Ron and Drakken, and Kim set Shego up on a blind date. Shego extended the temporary peace by hiring Kim in Truce is Stranger than Friction. While watching Drakken, Ron won some money in a cooking competition and decided to take Kim somewhere nice. His intentions were good.

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The Cold, Hard Truce

"Hurry KP," Ron urged, "our ride leaves in eight minutes!"

"Our ride? What are you talking about?"

"Trust me, and hurry!"

"What do I need for the mission? Why did Wade call you? How are—"

He took her arm, "I've taken care of everything, come on!"

Kim was not entirely sure if she trusted him to have handled everything as he led her out of her house and took off running. She ran to catch up. "Where are we going?"

"Golf course. Ride is there."

"I mean, where is our ride taking—"

"Later, Kim, we gotta move."

After the g-forces went down sufficiently for Kim's stomach to return to its normal location she demanded answers, "What is this thing, and where are we going?"

"New supersonic vertical take-off thingie… The Air Force wanted to test it with passengers."

"So we're guinea pigs?"

"Nah, we're getting a free ride."

"Where are we going? What's our mission?"

"No mission, KP. I told you when I won that money in New York, I wanted to take you someplace special."

"We talked about skiing at Mount Middleton."

"Trust me. This'll be better."

"I… Ron, did it occur to you I might want appropriate clothing for where we're going?"

"Your mom packed for you."

"My mom?"

"Sure. If you're going to be gone three days I knew you'd need clothes."

"Three days! I…"

"We got separate rooms at the resort. Even separate floors. That was your dad's idea. He still didn't want to agree. The webcams? They were Wade's idea and what finally convinced him."


"One in my room, one in your room, so the parents can check up on us. Change in the bathroom. I don't think anyone would hack in and tape the transmission, but you never know."

"I still don't understand what's happening."

He smiled, "All you need to know is that we're going to have a great weekend, at a great resort. And it was my idea."

Memories of failed dates ran through her mind, filling Kim with a sense of dread. On the other hand, Ron had been doing much better lately. This might be a wonderful weekend. "It sounds wonderful," she told him, and gave him a hug and deep kiss before resting her head on his shoulder as he put an arm around her. "I should have had Shego threaten you with bodily harm sooner."

"Hey, I wasn't that bad – was I?"

"You were. But you've been great lately – and this really sounds wonderful… But you still haven't told me where we're going."

"It's going to be a surprise."

"A hint, can you give me a hint?"

"Bobby Flay told me about this really nice ski resort."

Kim felt a sinking sensation in her stomach, "In Chile?"

"Yeah… That Portillo place."

"The one Shego warned you against and said don't take me there?"

"Hey, Shego doesn't tell us what to do. Or maybe she does… She might have been doing that reverse psychology thing where you tell someone not to do something so they'll do it anyway. Do you think that was her way of telling me to take you there?"

"I don't know, Ron." "No, she doesn't want us there. She was planning to go there with Joe and didn't want us in a thousand miles." Kim racked her brain, trying to remember the exact weekend Shego had told her that she would be at the Portillo resort. Kim felt fairly certain this was the weekend Shego had named. Joe was a secret agent… Maybe his government had sent him on a mission and the weekend with Shego had been cancelled. Maybe Drakken had a new take-over-the-world plan and needed Shego to steal things for him. Kim had never before wished for Drakken to be working on an evil plan, but she wanted it now.

Before going through customs Kim went into the ladies room and sent a text to Shego's number. 'Ron brought me to Portillo. Customs now. Where you? Text soon.'

The phone rang immediately. "Princess?"

"Where are you?"

"Chile, where I said I'd be – and where you aren't supposed to be."

"Aren't you out on the slopes?"

"I got here first. Joe isn't here yet. What the hell are you doing?"

"Ron surprised me."

"Why didn't you warn me?"

"I told you, he surprised me. Can we have a weekend truce? You aren't planning to steal anything – are you?"

"That's a personal question, but no. Crime is taking a holiday – at least with me this weekend."

"Good, now-"

"Where are you calling from? Did I hear a flush in the background?"

"Yes. We're at the airport and-"

"We'll talk here. Find a way to ditch the boyfriend for twenty minutes or so when you get here, text me, and we'll meet at the cozy bar." *click*

There had been no threats against Ron's life. Kim considered it a very successful call under the circumstances.

It was late afternoon when they arrived at the resort and checked in – too late to consider skiing that day. Ron and Kim were not only on different floors of the resort, they were at different ends. Kim wondered if that was also her father's doing. Kim pleaded it might take her extra time to unpack because she wasn't sure what her mother had included in her bag and promised to go to Ron's room in an hour so they could look around the resort together. With luck she could unpack in five minutes and have her conversation with Shego.

The webcam, with a note instructing her how to turn it on and to place it on top of the dresser, was on top of the suitcase. Kim followed the directions. There was also a note from her mother and something in a small brown paper bag. Kim read the note first:
You're eighteen. Your father and I trust you, but
you are an adult and can make your own decisions.
I don't know what you and Ron are doing, but I
do expect you to be careful."
Love, Mom
P.S. Your father delegated watching this webcam
to me. While Wade assures us they are secure
there is the chance some genius could crack it, so
don't do anything you don't want to appear on the
web. And if you need some privacy in your room I
suggest you 'accidentally' drop a towel over the cam.
There is no audio pickup, only visual on this."

"You're the best, Mom," Kim smiled. She opened the small brown paper bag – and found a box of condoms. Kim blushed, her mother's warning to be careful taking on a deeper meaning.

Kim called Shego to arrange a fast meeting. "You said meet you in a bar?"

"The cozy bar, right."

"Does it have a name?"

"Nah, it's just the bar – but on the website they call it the cozy bar, and I've been in here waiting for you for two and a half drinks – get your ass down here."

It took Ron little time to unpack in his room, about as much time as it took for him to set up the little hammock for Rufus on top of the dresser. Ron glanced at his watch, wondering why it took girls so much longer to unpack than guys, and then turned on the television. He wondered if there was something wrong with the set - it seemed like all the stations were in Spanish.

Very little green skin was showing when a woman called, "Kim" as the redhead entered the bar. The cheerleader sat down and Shego slid a dark drink over to her, "Here, have a Mickey."


"A Mickey Mouse – Coke and grenadine. It's a kiddie drink, but you're legal here if you want something stronger."

"I think I'll pass."

"Suit yourself. What I want to know is why the hell are you and the buffoon here?"

"It's your fault."

"My fault?"

"Sure, you told him to step up in the boyfriend department and… By the way, thanks."

"You're welcome."

"And when you said, 'Don't take Kim to Portillo,' he thought you were using reverse psychology or daring him or something."

"Great," Shego grumbled, "an imagination on testosterone. He really set this up without telling you?"


"Well, I give him points for that. So… One room?"

"Two," Kim blushed, "Dad insisted—I mean, that's what—Two rooms, okay?"

"Fine," Shego smirked. "Bought you and boyfriend a little present." She slid a small box in a brown paper bag across the table.

"Box of condoms?" Kim sighed.

"You're good… Okay, maybe good isn't the word. Ron might appreciate you being bad this weekend – but he'd probably call it good."

"Knock it off," Kim hissed. "Separate rooms. Room cams – that was Dad's idea too."

"There are ways around it," Shego assured her. "Look, I don't care what you and boyfriend do, or don't do, I just don't want to see him, or let him see Joe, okay?"

"Looks bad for government security agent to be on a ski weekend with international thief?"

"Bingo. Look, Joe should be here in about an hour. We'll have dinner here at the bar, then go to our room. You and what's-his-name can eat at the main dining room and hit the cinema or the rock climbing wall or something. Hell, you can have a nightcap here before you go to bed if you want – Joe and I will be gone by then. Tomorrow… Joe likes to get up early and hit the slopes. I can play Little Mary Sunshine and get up early or play evil seductress and keep him in the room 'til late – you and Ron want early or late shift for breakfast?"

"You take early."

"Skiing tomorrow… They got about three dozen trails here, beginners to expert. Joe likes the expert. I know you're good. How's Rufus's blond pet?"

Kim rocked her hand in a so-so gesture. "Beginner to intermediate. I-"

"Then keep him on the princess, Princess."


"La Princesa is one of the trails. Joe and I will have lunch at Tio Bob's tomorrow – restaurant up on top. You and Ron can eat at the Ski Box, kind of a snack shack at the bottom of a run. When we're done skiing we send texts to each other and we'll coordinate how to avoid each other for dinner, okay?"

Kim smiled, "Sounds good, Sis." She extended her hand, "Truce through the weekend."

The two shook hands and Kim stood to leave, "Hey, don't forget the rubbers, Sis," Shego said, loudly enough for people sitting nearby to hear.

Kim blushed, and hurriedly grabbed the package. She felt certain that anything she said would be deliberately misinterpreted by Shego – who would make another comment with an even higher level of innuendo. She ran back to her room to drop off the second box – carrying them would give Ron ideas, then headed for Ron's room – wondering if perhaps this would be a good weekend to give Ron ideas.

Ron nearly sank the plans when his first comment was, "I want a glass of wine at the bar."


"Come on, Kim. You don't have to have one. I want to order a legal drink. Mom and dad let me have a glass of wine with dinner if I want. I've had a beer or two. But I've never ordered one legal. You don't have to have anything."

"Later, okay?"

"I guess," he shrugged. They explored the common areas of the resort before dinner. He had a glass of wine with dinner and Kim told him again about the wine and sheep's head she had with Shego while they were looking for him and Drakken.

He suggested they turn in early to get an early start on skiing the next day. She countered with attending the cinema at the resort. The picture wasn't exciting, but they enjoyed sitting in the dark with Ron's arm holding her close. He got a beer at the bar after the movie and she ordered another Mickey Mouse. They drank slowly out on the deck which had hot tubs and a heated pool, looking up at the stars and the Andes.

The good-night kiss outside was held to a sedate level by the fact it was a well-lit resort hallway. She considered asking him in, but there was the potential for a little cuddling to end up on the internet, and if she used the towel trick her mother would assume something more than a little cuddling was going on.

"You're wonderful," she whispered before he went back to his own room.

Kim had told him to sleep late – she wanted to take it easy. Ron was surprised by the knocking at the door that awakened him earlier than he had planned. He stumbled to the door. It was too early for maids to be cleaning. "Kim?"

"No, it's me," a male voice answered.

"Who is…" Ron began. The voice had sounded too familiar. "Are you sure you're you?"

"Positive. Open the door, Rod."

Ron's fears were confirmed when he opened the door to find Dr. Drakken standing in the hall with an overnight bag. "Let me in," the blue man demanded. "I need your help."