Authors note: hey everybody this a brand new fanfic this time this is about Naruto and his mother who survived the nine tails event and about Naruto's life after being given the nine tails and under the care of Kushina aswell as becoming friends with kiba, choji and shikamaru as well as Hinata relationship with naruto this is a kinda dark Naruto story with a much more skilled Naruto.

episode 1: the Betrayal

It was dark, it was foggy, yet for Kushina and Minato namikaze it didn't matter there child was born and they like any other parents were thrilled but soon the tone changed.

"Look at him he's so cute" said Kushina looking down before her child "he definitely has your hair" she said to Minato

"yeah he really does" he said smiling "but now we need to get you to the medical ward as well as Naruto" he said taking Naruto, out of her hands he passed Him to Hands of a medical ninja and he walked off with Tsunade.

However quickly things turned sour, Minato watched as his new-born son almost died at the hands of mysterious masked man, after various blows and fights Kushina was safe with Naruto however it was not enough, the kyuubi was destroying the village and the hokage needed to act fast he went over to Kushina and told the simple truth and what he had to do.

"No fucking way!" Kushina screeched

"We have no choice" replied the calm Minato

"What do you mean we have no choice that's bullshit there must be another way at least one wear you don't die" Kushina replied as Minato turned to look at his child and took him out the crib "no Minato don't what the fuck are you doing stop, stop please stop" she screamed as two nurses put her to sleep fading away she muttered "stop"

-the next day-

Everything was white as her vision came to focus she could see a seling getting up, she saw Tsunade healing he wounds "hey you're awake" she said happily suddenly visions from the previous night flashed into her mind.

"Where's my baby, wears Naruto" yelled a distress and horrified Kushina.

"He's okay he in the other room with the council about who are talking about what to do with him" said Tsunade

"What to do with him?" he repeated "you make it sound like there talking about killing him?"

"well uh about that" instantly Kushina eyes became wide getting up she began to hobble across the floor, Tsunade tried to calm her but she pushed her in the breast causing her to be distracted long enough for Kushina to get half way across the room before falling, snapping Tsunade out of her blushed state.

"Hey, hey, hey you can't do that you will open up your wounds again" as she ran over to the woman

"Then take me to my son, take me to Naruto with a wheelchair I don't care what takes I'll kill the whole council to get my son back I won't let them hurt him no matter what" Kushina said with incredibly determined voice causing Tsunade to put her hand behind her head and began to scratch it

"Well I guess I have no choice to let you go otherwise you will still keep on going and open those wounds" she said she walked to the corner and pulled out a wheelchair "come on let's go"

The council chambers

"look we have to think about this rationally this the fourth hokage's son even it is the host of the nine tails we must continue to support his wishes the child must stay alive it's the humane thing to do we might be ninjas but we are still human and if we do kill this child, this will make us below human and below ninja we be as good as slave traders and rapists!" said a woman on the right side to man on the right

"No we must kill it the child is holding the nine tails within him if we kill the child and the nine tails im telling you this child will be a bad omen on this town" barked the man on the right back

"and wear exactly where you during the attack Fugaku you and your wife went at your home instead your wife was found near the forest supposedly picking flowers, plus eye witness accounts said that the masked individual causing the attack was seen using the sharingan eye" spat back the woman on the left side pointing and waving her finger.

"First of all like I have said before and I will say it again this child is bad omen and must be destroyed" he only got to say half his sentence when a blonde haired woman kicked open the door the woman was undeniably pissed off but the one next to her, in the door way in the wheelchair with the red hair was furious.

"Fugaku uchiha you piece of shit how dare you even think that my child is a bad omen, he is Naruto Namikaze and he is my son" Kushina declared, everyone was mumbling and whispering to each other expect sarutobi who continued and maintained his calm appearance, even Tsunade was looking at her oddly of course she knew about it was true, she just didn't think that she would knock down a door and tell everybody that she was married and now widowed by the fourth hokage let alone have a child with him without ANYBODY knowing.

"if you need proof ask Sarutobi he blessed the wedding and we kept It secret for safety reasons" she continued causing everybody to turn to the man at the far end of the council at first there was silence but then he nodded, right then and there everybody eye widened they began to bark and yell at each other "why wear we not informed of this information?" they asked "this very interesting!" some of them barked others continued to stand by their original terms including Fugaku, at the higher portion the table, the future Hokage slammed down his hammer

"Order, Order, order!" he yelled,~suddenly everybody became quite

"Everybody this meeting is beginning the closing stages, all of you will vote and voice opinions on the subject, like I kindly asked at the beginning of the meeting" said Sarutobi

One by one each of the clans said there part 4 had said for saving the life of the child, while 4 had said they must kill the child there were 10 clans at the council expect Sarutobi making 11 members in total now after the death of the fourth hokage.

"Uchiha" sarutobi said to Fugaku

"I really don't need to say anything more I still stand by believes that this child is a bad Omen and at one point or another the nine tails will find a way out be released or take control of his body, we must kill the child now before the event occurs" said the leader of Uchiha

"Now then we have a 4 to 5 ratio, now Hyuuga please continue with your views" sarutobi said to the leader of the Hyuuga.

"well im in a bad position on one point it is widely known that we are relatives of the Uchiha clan however we have a more sustained relationship that wish not to brake with the Namikaze, are residence is located, close to their and we do not want a confrontation with them so close to are home, not to mention the fact still remains that this is the fourth Hokage's son we cannot just forget that this child is son to the fourth hokage or the fact he is the Heir to the Namikaze clan, so we with all three points in mind we have decided to allow the child to leave" said the Hyuuga clan's leader in thought provoking discussion.

"Thank you, now it's my Tu..." as the future hokage continued to talk, he was interrupted by the baby behind him in the cot crying Kushina heard him and instantly walked up the stairs, picking the child up Kushina began to sing hush little baby, this scene was to many an hart braking moment so much so that three clans the nara, akimichi and the yamanaka clans retracted the statement and sided with the option letting the child live after Sarutobi said his piece for the child living, Naruto was able to live and Kushina went back to her Hospital room with Naruto in hand.

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