Okay, so my old pal Joshua put two of my ideas he had kicking around his harddrive up in an unsubtle attempt to get me writing again. He then sugested that maybe I should give that a go, put some ideas up in a collection. Now, these can be up for adoption if you're very persuasive, but for the most part I'm just clearing out hte attic. With that in mind, ladies and gentlemen, The Doctor Is In! XD

This first one was an idea I wanted to do something with, but never got around to it. Basically, the Scooby Trio are given armoured suits for That Halloween which, of course, hang around afterwards. Enjoy.

Dislaimer: I don't own it. Nintendo, Microsoft, Games Workshop, Mutant Enemy and probably a bunch of others do. I'm just doing this for teh lulz. XD

Buffy growled as she looked at the slip of paper in her hand. She really, really hated Snyder, and whoever's idea for a costume this was wasn't exactly on her happy list either.

Damn Snyder and his 'good' ideas, the Slayer thought, grinding her teeth as she thought back to his announcement. The idea was simplicity in itself; a select group of student had written ideas down on scraps of paper for the 'volunteers' (or as Buffy preferred, conscripted) for Snyder's Halloween escort program. Buffy had been praying to whatever deities watched over Slayers that she got a decent costume.

Instead she got someone called 'Samus Aram'. The name almost gave Xander an aneurysm, or at the very least a seizure, as he explained the character as some kind of super bounty hunter from a video game series. One that wore some incredibly powerful armour, and with Party Town all sold out, Buffy was left to go to some new place where Xander had gotten his (unnamed) costume with her other best bud Willow in tow with her own scrap of paper in hand.

"I don't even know who this is," Buffy muttered. "At least you have some clue, Wills," the redhead blushed slightly.

"Well, i-it's Xander and Jessy's fault," Willow said. "They got me into the game."

"Well, yeah, like I said, lucky you," Buffy repeated as the entered the costume shop simply called 'Ethan's'. "You know what an 'Imperial Inquisitor from Warhammer 40,000' is. I have no idea who Samus Aran is."

"Um..." Willo began then pointed to the left of the entrance. Buffy followed her gesture with her eyes.

There in a large glass case stood a red and yellow armour, fully encasing the manikin it was displayed on, with a green visor and green stump on the left hand Buffy supposed was some kind of weapon.

"Um... wow," Buffy said in a small amount of awe. "Are we... sure this is supposed to be female?"

"Oh, very much so," an English voice assured from behind. Buffy span, fists clenched while Willow jumped behind her. The owner of the voice raised an eyebrow. "You know, I'm beginning to see what the lad meant about sneaking up on people in this town. Are you all so jumpy?"

"Only the smart ones," Buffy muttered, relaxing slightly. "You are...?"

"Oh, of course, forgive me. I'm Ethan, owner and proprietor of this delightful little store," the man said with a bow. "From the descriptions your friend Xander gave me, you two would be Buffy and Willow, I presume?"

"Xander said we were coming?" Willow asked timidly.

"Oh yes," Ethan said. "He was nice enough to ask me to put some things aside for the two of you, since he knew your costumes and that Party Town was sold out," he confirmed. "Good news for me, business wise."

"Some people get all the luck," Buffy said wryly. "So, what did he reserve and what's it going to cost me?"

"Cost is no option at all, my girl, I have a little deal with a local philanthropist," Ethan told her. "All I have to do is give costumes to those taking part in the escort program tonight and I will be fully reimbursed."

"That's... rather good willed of them," Buffy said suspiciously. Ethan gave a small chuckle.

"Ah, a cautious young lady," he noted. "Perfectly understandable I was a bit concerned myself. Apparently he was looking for a nice big tax write off and a donation of this size was just what he needed."

"Well, isn't that nice of him," Buffy nodded, eyeing the man carefully. Something was making her edgy about that story. "So, what exactly did Xander ask you to hold for us?"

"Well, the 'Varia Suit' you see in that case for one," He said. "And some props I got shipped in from England based on some table top game he said young Willow's character is from. He said she would know what was needed."

"Um, yeah," Willow said, looking at Buffy for a moment. "Where...?"

"A box out the back. I'll go get it for you," Ethan said. "And something for your costume my dear. I do hope you two enjoy the night. It will be... something special."

That night
High school

The sight of the three armoured figures walking into the school was, truly, a sight to behold. Nobody tried to stop them, nobody got in there faces. Xander just grinned behind the polarised visor at Larry as he walked past. Even Buffy had to admit they had a pretty decent reception. Even Snyder looked a little intimidated as he sent them to their separate groups.

Maybe this night wasn't going to be so bad after all.