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Kuroko Tetsuya was relaxing with his lover, Akashi Seijuro, in his house on a Saturday afternoon. They were resting in a comfortable silence when Akashi asked, "Do you know any oxymorons Tetsuya?"

Kuroko didn't let any hint of confusion show on his blank face, but Akashi knew that it was there. "Why would Sei-kun want to know?"

Akashi smiled at the use of his nickname. It took him a few months after they started dating (which happened a week after the Winter Cup) to convince and train Kuroko to call him that, but he managed to win (as always).

"Sei-kun?" Kuroko asked, snapping the red head out of his thoughts. "You haven't answered my question yet."

"Let's tell each other oxymorons, Tetsuya," he said, completely ignoring Kuroko's question. He also ignored the slightest hint of a frown that marred the bluenette's face. "You can go first."

The frown disappeared, and Kuroko mentally sighed at his lover's antics. He complied though. "Cowardly lion."

"Anxious patient," came the fast response.

"Angel of Death."*

"Hard water."

"Prisoner of freedom."*

"Slave of indepence."*

"Even odds."

"Alone together."

"Good grief."

"Extinct life."

"Original copy."

"Painfully beautiful."

"Undesirable attraction."

"Expressive silence."

"All alone."

"Appear invisible." Kuroko knew what, or more like who, Akashi was describing, but he made no comment.

"Little giant."

"Absent presence." Kuroko ignored the implications once again.

"Clearly misunderstood."


Kuroko was clearly not expecting that respons. In fact, his surprised showed on his face, but not that much. Akashi noticed it though.

"Sei-kun, could you please explain to me what you mean?" His tone held the barest hints of confusion also.

"You are an oxymoron," Akashi began. "You can play basketball without relying on anybody now. You've beaten all of the Generation of Miracles, including. No, not just beaten. You surpassed all of us. You are a bright shadow*, Tetsuya."

Kuroko was silent. He was certainly not expecting such passionate and praising words from his lover, the Akashi Seijuro.

Finally, he said, "Sei-kun is an oxymoron also."

Akashi raised his eyebrow slightly. "Oh? Please explain your statement, Tetsuya."

"Sei-kun is perfect," Kuroko began to explain. "But he had to break himself in order to attain that perfection." He remembered briefly the time Akashi told him his past and his father's 'training'. "Sei-kun is broken perfection*."

Akashi actually chuckled at his statement rather than be upset or offended. He said, "That may or may not be true. If I am broken, then I hope you will stay with me to fix me."

"Of course." Kuroko's lips turned slightly upward with his next statement. "I love you."

"I love you too, Tetsuya," Akashi replied before he suddenly captured his lover's lips with his own.

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