Bright Shadow, Broken Perfection

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A couple months after they began dating, Akashi decided to make Kuroko to say his given name.

He actually wanted to get Kuroko to say his name a few weeks after they started dating, but the bluenette was quite stubborn and kept on calling him 'Akashi-kun'. He finally decided to use greater measures to get him to use his given name, even if it's just a nickname.

He called the bluenette. "Hello?"

"Hello, Tetsuya."

"Oh, hello, Akashi-kun." He gritted his teeth slightly, but didn't say anything. No, literally. He let an awkward silence stretch on in their conversation. Finally, Kuroko broke it. "Akashi-kun?"

"The reason why I called you is because I want you to start calling me by my first name. There will be no objections, and I will get Maji burger to stop selling vanilla milkshakes until you comply."

He hung up before Kuroko had the chance to tell him that Kagami had started to make milkshakes for him (if he bought all of the ingredients, of course).

Akashi somehow managed to find out about Kagami and Kuroko's little system, and to say that he was furious beyond belief (and maybe just a little bit embarrassed) is a complete understatement.

He angrily dialed Kuroko's phone number after he made a phone call to a certain tiger. "Hello?"

"I've shut down your little system with Taiga. You will learn how to say my given name, Tetsuya."

He hung up abruptly again, not allowing Kuroko to say that Kagami had taught him how to make his own vanilla milkshakes. (He got sick and tired of having to bring a milkshake to school every single day and having to carry ingredients home every week.)

Yet again, Akashi learned that Kuroko had learned how to make his own vanilla milkshakes. He gave up on that route and brainstormed a different way to make Kuroko listen to him. Finally, he had created a plan that would hurt him a bit, but it allowed him to achieve his goal.


"Tetsuya, I won't visit you until you say my given name or at least a nickname involving my first name. And I will ignore you if you visit."

See, Akashi and Kuroko visit each other every two weeks minimum. They alternate each month, and it just so happens that it was Akashi's month at that time. He didn't want to do this, but he knew that it was bound to drive Kuroko insane.

"If you could last an entire phone call using my given name, then I'll come visit you. Don't even think about using a recorder or just thinking that it's only for one phone call. I'm going to make sure that it lasts."

Needless to say, Kuroko was calling him 'Sei-kun' by the end of the week.

That last line had me thinking about how awkward it would have been to practice saying 'Sei-kun'. Oh, I could just imagine Kuroko practicing it and his grandmother or mother coming in and being all like "What are you doing?" Then Kuroko would either be blunt and straight to the point (Jeez, my teachers make so many puns that I found a pun in that. I said 'straight to the point', but Kuroko's not straight XD. Just ignore me and my terrible puns), or Kuroko would be flustered and try to avoid having to say that he's gay. Depends on what type of parents he has.

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