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Safe and Sound- Epilogue

A month later

"Greg!  I need those results!" Catherine called down the hallway, reminding Greg about the rush on the samples she had given him.

"I was just about to page you," Greg said, stepping out into the hallway with a file folder in his hand.

"And?" Catherine asked, taking the file folder when Greg held it out for her.

"Nothing too unusual.  Only the level of arsenic is a little weird," Greg answered with a smile.

"Thank you Greg," Catherine said, a hand on his shoulder.  "I can't wait to tell Sara."

Greg went back into his lab, where he really felt safe.   He put Nick's samples into the machine and waited for the results.  In the meantime, he sat down and took a small break.  He tried to keep himself busy.  When he was busy, he didn't have a chance to dwell on Crane and the nightmare.  Unconsciously, he put his hands to his throat, feeling the line that was still there.  He was lost in thought, in memories.  And he didn't know he wasn't alone.

"Greg?" he heard a voice ask.

Greg jumped, eyes blinking a few times before registering Grissom's face. 

"Sorry…" Greg stammered, going over to check his machines.

"Greg, sit down," Grissom said, motioning to the chair that Greg had just vacated.

"I just put in the samples Nick gave me, they aren't ready yet," Greg explained softly.

"I know you just finished with Catherine's, I just saw her.  That's not why I'm here."

"It's not?"

"I'm proud of you, of how you're handling this.  I won't say that I can understand, I can't say that I can imagine what you went through, and what you're still going through.  I just know that it's hard and that you're being amazingly strong and brave."

"Thanks Gris," Greg said quietly.

"I just wanted to let you know how much we missed you here.  I know you still have things to work through, and if you need anything, let me know."

"Thanks," Greg repeated, smiling weakly.

Grissom got up and headed for the door.  In the doorway, he turned to notice that Greg hadn't moved much.  The young lab tech had only moved his hands, from his lap back up to his throat.

"You are safe and sound," Grissom said, watching Greg's hands move away from his throat.

Grissom left Greg in his office, secure in the knowledge that Greg would be just fine.


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