Chapter 1- Turbulence

Harry Potter rested his forehead on the smooth glass of the planes window, the coolness alleviating his often irritable lightning bolt shaped scar. Wide, young, emerald eyes were reflected back at him. The scar, he was told, had come from the car crash that had killed his parents when he was still a baby. Harry was 10 years old now and had no memories of his parents but he always carried around a locket that held a picture of them inside. They looked so happy together. Lily with her long red hair and familiar green eyes resting on his father James' shoulder, a mischievous grin on his face. Sometimes Harry would imagine himself beside them. The happy family he was supposed to have before being cruelly taken from him. Being given the locket was the one small act of kindness his relations had ever bestowed upon him. A treasure that his mother had died with and that Harry cherished above all others. Harry had sworn that his parents pictures moved sometimes when he wasn't watching but did not tell his relatives for fear that it would be taken from him.

A loud rumble indicated that the plane had finished its taxi and was powering up its large numerous engines. Harry could feel the vibrations all the way from the wings to his seat. Gradually at first the aircraft began to creep forward before accelerating increasingly more rapidly. He watched with interest the Heathrow Airport tarmac fade away from his seated position within the large airplane. An almost imperceptible shudder occurred as the landing gear retracted into the planes interior, sealing it off into the aerodynamic design.

The runway lights soon merged into a giant web of lighting as the city proper came into view. Harry marveled at the beauty of the sleepless city as the plane gained altitude. The thousands of lights from cars and buildings lit up the night like Christmas lights. 'Much better than any of the houses in the annual privet drive Christmas time light shows' Harry thought. A show in which Harry had almost died the previous year when putting up lights on a icy roof for his slave driving relatives.

His Uncle Vernon whom he lived with after his parents deaths had recently been promoted to regional manager of the Grunnings Japanese branch and decided to move the entire family over to accommodate the new job. Harry was surprised he was even taken along with his relatives as he was sure they would much rather have left the 'freak' behind. That being said Harry was still in economy class while his Aunty, Uncle and Cousin sat in business class. Harry preferred the separation over his usual forced cohabitation though as he relished in the peace and quiet.

The section he was currently in was hardly at capacity and most of the passengers had started to settle in to the late 12 hour flight. Harry In fact had all three seats to the isle to himself and best of all a window seat for his first ever flight. Harry had rarely left Surrey before, let alone the country and was soaking up the new experience like a sponge. Many children his age would not adapt well to uprooting their lives but not Harry. He had little friendships at his old school due to his larger, bully of a cousin Dudley and his gang of cronies. To Harry the move was a fresh start where he had the possibility of a better life. Dudley would find a much harder time of spreading lies about Harry when he didn't even speak the native language, or so he hoped. Harry was interrupted in his musings as a young air hostess walked by with her rattling trolley.

"Can I get you anything from the cart there kiddo?" She asked. Harry couldn't help but notice the extreme amount of make up the girl was wearing. It reminded him of one of Dudleys old broken clown dolls.

"No thank you. My Uncle and Auntie didn't give me any money" Harry replied uncomfortably glancing towards his relatives in the cabin in front.

The stewardess followed his gaze and her face flashed disapprovingly for a second before returning to Harrys with a warm smile. Reaching into her cart she pulled out a can of coke and a chicken sandwich.

"Here you can have this on me. I don't get nearly as many boys your age who are so polite these days."

"Thank you so much! Harry said accepting the gifts graciously. "This is the first time I've been on a plane. It's so exciting."

"Well aren't you a cutie." The hostess said before being drowned out by loud complaining from the business class cabin. Harry cringed as he recognised the voice of his whale of a cousin. "Well looks like it's one of those impolite little boys. My name is Rebecca by the way. If you need anything at all just press the little bell shaped button above you and I'll come help you out."

Harry smiled and nodded to Rebecca and then watched her walk off to his demanding relatives. After quickly demolishing the sandwich and drink Harry lay back into what was going to be a very long flight.

At first the time passed quickly for Harry as he took in the new experience but after a few hours he began to tire and fell into a light sleep. His dreams were filled with a jumble of green lights and flying motorcycles.

A sharp jolt awoke Harry from his slumber. The entire plane was shaking, rousing all the sleeping passengers into consciousness. Bright flashes drew Harrys eye towards the window. It appeared they had flown into an electrical storm as Harry noticed the dark clouds being periodically illuminated by jagged streaks of light. A loud tone sounded and the fasten seat-belts signs lit up.

"Attention passengers this is your captain speaking. Please expect turbulence as we pass through a patch of rough weather. We ask all Passengers to remain seated until told otherwise with there safety belts fastened. Thank you." The many planes speakers crackled.

Harry glanced around the cabin at the half asleep travelers fumbling with their belt buckles. There were a few who seemed unsettled by the situation, gripping there seats, pale faced and white knuckled. One particular woman was breathing heavily into one of the sick bags as what Harry assumed was her husband rubbed her back comfortingly. Harry wasn't worried, he knew that plane disasters were a rare occasion in the modern world.

"Here let me help you with that." Rebecca said as Harry tried fastening up his very loose safety belt. Once strapped up tightly she moved on to the other passengers in the cabin.

Another flash of light drew Harrys eye towards the window. For a moment he thought he saw something large silhouetted amongst the cloud. He squinted up against the glass trying to make out the shape. A deep, inky blackness met Harrys gaze hiding all of its mysteries.' I must be imagining things' Harry thought shaking his head.

A deep rumble added to the already shaking aircraft. Suddenly the aircraft dropped in altitude as if something very heavy had fallen atop it. A shrill scream pierced the cabin. Harry looked over at sick bag lady who appeared to be having a panic attack in her seat. Her husband had unbuckled himself and was staring into her eyes, cheeks clasped in his hands, trying to calm her down.

"Sir please stay in your seat with your belt fastened." Rebecca said sternly, bracing herself against the seating as she made her way up the aisle.

A harsh screech of tearing of steel followed by a thundering bang erupted. Harry felt a sense of weightlessness as the cabin fell into disarray. Rebecca and the comforting husband were flung around the cabin slamming into the overhead compartments, releasing even more debris into the madness. Harry ducked as an awful pink luggage bag tore past him. The rough edge of the bags handle caught him in the cheek, tearing a shallow grove along his skin. The pain was searing as Harry brought his hand up to his face. His hand came back warm and crimson.

Harrys neck whipped downwards as the pilot regained control of the aircraft. 'What the hell is going on?' Harry thought. A horrendous wailing slipped through the from the cabin in front. The tone was familiar. 'His aunt perhaps?'.

Harrys gaze was drawn to the window once again. His mouth opened in shock. Three long parallel gashes were imbedded in the wing and one of the large airplanes four engines was ablaze. As Harry leaned in closer to get a better looked before his view was suddenly cut off. The window appeared to be blocked by what Harry thought looked like rough black stone. As quick as the lightning around them the stone parted revealing a large yellow reptilian eye. The large slitted pupil narrowed with its unnatural stare.

Harry jumped back, startled, before lurching against his seat-belt. Panicked fingers fumbled at the clasp releasing him from his seat. He stumbled backwards before tripping over into the aisle. Dazed he looked for what tripped him. Rebecca lay like a rag doll on the ground, eyes glazed over. Harry cringed at the crumpled form of one of the few people who had shown him kindness in his life. Keeping low he crawled up next to her.

"Rebecca? Rebecca get up!" Harry yelled slapping the girl into consciousness.

She was slow to stir. Her eyes fluttered, fighting to focus under the harsh emergency lighting. "H-Harry?" She asked through a haze of confusion.

"You need to get up. There is something is outside the plane." Harry said in a hushed tone.

For a moment a deafening roar drowned out the storm. The right side of the plane flared as another engine exploded into a raging fireball of jet fuel.

"Att-tention passengers," the pilot struggled to speak over the shaking of the plane, "Brace yourselves, we are going to make a forced landing at sea. Emergency inflatables are under the seating. God help us."

Comprehension of the situation slowly dawned on Rebeccas face. Harry carefully helped to pull her to her feet amongst the unsteady cabin. She gripped his hand tightly. "We have to get strapped in Harry." Rebecca started to lead Harry back to his seat.

Harry tugged at her arm. "No not there! In the middle," he pleaded.

Rebecca nodded and they found some empty seats in the middle column near the back of the plane. All around them people were hunched over, some were sobbing while others were outright screaming. Rebecca made sure they were strapped in tight and showed Harry how to brace himself for the landing. Harry took deep panicked breaths as his bloody cheek rested between his knees. Rebecca squeezed his hand tightly and attempted a reassuring smile but he knew that she was just as terrified as he was.

The sick bag lady became hysterical trying to pull her husband back into his seat. His head lolled unnaturally about, unsupported, and he had a nasty bruise on his temple. Harry watched her progress through the gap between the seats in front of him. Her wailing was cut short as an enormous three taloned claw crashed through the ceiling above. Metal screeched as the claw shredded though it like it was paper. One of the ivory talons pierced her shoulder causing her to go silent and pale with shock. She dropped her husband and looked at him with an almost surprised look on her face. As quickly as it entered the claw curled up with its prize in hand and pulled out of the cabin taking several rows of seats with it.

Suddenly Harry was gasping for breath. The cabin had lost all pressure and all of its precious oxygen was escaping. Harry felt a mask being pulled over his head. The emergency breathers had been released from the ceiling panels and were now flopping about over head. Rebecca secured Harry first and then with Harrys help she managed to get hers on properly too.

All of the loose luggage and most horribly, the unconscious husband, were sucked out through the airplanes now gaping hole. Each time something hit the edge a piece would break off and the hole would widen. Those closest to the wound also began to get sucked in as their restraints failed against the immense force. Harry clutched Rebecca tightly as she did the same to him trying to keep each other anchored. Harry couldn't even cry as the air rushed against his face causing it to go numb.

The toll on the aircraft became too much and in one foul wrench the airplane split in two each piece spiraling down uncontrollably. Out of the hole all Harry could see was a kaleidoscope of sea and storm. He quickly lost all sense of direction as he spun about straining against his seat. Each time the sea came into view it was more defined, more near.

Harry wrapped his arms tightly around Rebecca. He had lost his parents when he helpless, he would not lose this nice person if he could help it. He felt a warmth swell up inside him and an emerald dome materialised around the two as the plane impacted into the rough ocean. Harry marveled as the mysterious dome not only protected Rebecca and himself from harm but also kept the water out. Rebeccas eyes met Harrys and they shared a confused look. The dome was translucent enough to make out some detail beyond. The remainder of the plane was devastated but still retained a semblance of its frame. The bodies of its lifeless passengers were being dragged down without struggle, them along with it.

For a few moments they sank protected into the abyss before the dome faltered and disappeared. A wall of ice cold water hit them hard shocking them out of there wonderment. As soon as the dome fell Harry felt himself completely drained of energy. His limbs grew twice as heavy and his head became clouded.

Images came to him in waves. He saw Rebecca getting out of her seat. Next she was in front of him undoing his straps. Then she was fumbling under his seat. A rush of bubbles surrounded them and Harry found himself being dragged upwards sharply. Rebeccas arm was looped under his and he could feel her straining to keep hold of him.

Suddenly Harry felt the wind on his face and began taking large gulps of air. He coughed and spluttered up sea water he couldn't even remember ingesting. A large, red, octagonal raft floated in front of him, one of the inflatables Rebecca must have pulled from underneath their seats.

"Quickly get up!" Rebecca yelled against the roaring sea, pushing Harry up as hard as she could.

Once out of the water Harry turned around and helped pull Rebecca up. She fell atop of him, both of them spent of energy. Harry peeked his head up looking for any other survivors. He found none. Large rolling waves of black sea slowly separated them from the floating debris of the crash. As much as he had loathed his relatives it surprised him how much hurt he felt at the assumption of their deaths. They were the last family he had and however cruel they may have been they were the only thing separating himself from being truly alone. Panicked he grabbed at his chest, relief washed over him as he felt the familiar shape of his mothers locket. Grabbing it tightly he curled back down with Rebecca.

"I c-can't see anyone else. Are you ok?" Harry chattered into her ear. The cold of the water had soaked him to his bones and he felt as though he would never be warm again.

"I'll live," Rebecca said through blue lips. The makeup that had covered her face was now washed and running. "See that zip over there? Open it up and pull out the orange and s-silver pack."

Harry did what he was told and handed the pack over to Rebecca. She took out what looked like an orange brick and began flexing it. Small cracking sounds could be heard and she placed it between them. Warmth, glorious warmth came from the brick. It must have had some stored chemical reaction that creates heat Harry thought as he huddled up to it. The second item Rebecca pulled from the pack was a metallic blanket which she wrapped around the pair of them sealing in the warmth.

They lay there drifting for what seemed like eternity. The large swells lifted there raft up and down many times threatening to topple them over but they had lost the energy to fight. If the sea wanted to take them then it would. Harry could feel life spread back into his limbs from the warmth and became almost cozy. Soon both he and Rebecca fell to their exhaustion and passed out, lost at sea.


The harsh sunlight woke Harry from his slumber. His muscles ached and his face stung. Flashes of the previous night entered his thoughts. Rebecca the stewardess who had saved his life last night dozed peacefully next to him on the floor of their life-raft. The sun caused her face to glow and Harry realised that she was very beautiful.

Harry rolled out from under their blanket and tucked his side back in for Rebecca. 'Well, where the hell are we now?' Harry thought getting up with a grimace. The storm had passed Harry noted gratefully, leaving clear skies and a calm blue ocean. While Harry appreciated that they were no longer being battered from all sides by the elements another predicament had presented itself. Harry could not make out a single landmass or ship any where around them. His eye sight wasn't fantastic at a distance having lost his glasses somewhere in the events of the previous night and so he decided to wake up Rebecca.

"Rebecca?" Harry said softly, shaking her gently.

"Ahh five more minutes Jake I have the mother of all hangovers." Rebecca said pulling the blanket over her.

Harry put his palm on his face and sighed. "Rebecca I hate to break this to you but you are not hungover and we kind of have a situation here".

"Who the hell-" Rebecca sat up before connecting the dots in her head. "Oh crap."

"Yeah, now help me find out where we are. I can't see so well without my glasses." Harry said helping her up.

"Ouch!" Rebecca clutched her side as Harry was helping her to her feet. As her hand came away Harry could see a red stain on her stewardess uniform. Tentatively she lifted her shirt up revealing a jagged gash arching along the side of her stomach.

"Ouch." Harry concurred. "Does this raft have any bandages or something?"

"There should be some in the medical kit in one of those zip pockets" Rebecca said through shallow breaths.

Harry dug through the many zipped pockets that the raft held. In them he found some bottles of water, energy bars, a flare gun, a basic survival kit and finally a red box with a white cross on the lid. Searching through the box he found several rolls of bandages.

"There should be a little brown bottle, get that too it's an antiseptic."

Harry grabbed the bottle and mad his way back to Rebecca. Rebecca took the top off the bottle and splashed it onto her wound. Harry gave her credit as she did not scream but bit her lip and looked upward sharply, blinking away the tears from her eyes.

"Ok now help me wrap these up tight." Rebecca said, holding the rolls of bandages. They used up a full roll around Rebeccas midriff before tying it off.

"Much better." Rebecca said with hint of relief. "Here let me clean that cut on your cheek for you."

Rebecca poured some of the antiseptic onto a torn portion of bandage and dabbed at his cheek. Harry cringed at the sting but he had received far worse injuries before. It was a rare occasion when Harry was beaten by his uncle but it had happened. Usually after his uncle had been drinking. Once such occasion had left Harry to cry alone in his cupboard with two cracked ribs. His relatives had just ignored him, out of sight, out of mind.

"You're a tough little dude you know that?" Rebecca said roughing up his already messy black hair. Harry gave her an annoyed look but secretly he enjoyed the affection.

"Um, I just wanted to say thanks for saving me last night." Harry murmured. His eyes became downcast as he thought of the faces of those who were dragged down with the wreckage. "If it wasn't for you I'd-." Harry began to crack.

"Hey cheer up kiddo." Rebecca tipped up Harrys chin. "You saved me as much as I saved you. I don't know if I'd have been able to hold it together without you by my side."

Harry smiled and tackled Rebecca with a hug. "Hey, easy with the injured." Rebecca said between a mixture of laughter and pain. Harry looked guilty, unknown to Rebecca that was the first Hug harry had ever had.

"Now let me see where we are." She swiveled her head around, seeking anything of help. "Well crap. Looks like it's just you and me my little amigo until the rescue party finds us."

"Are you sure they can find us? We've been drifting a while." Harry questioned.

"Trust me they will send a fleet of planes looking for us. They probably just had to wait until the weather cleared first. Now pass me one of those energy bars I am starving."

Rebecca appeared confident but Harry could see she was trying not to worry him. He threw her an energy bar and opened a bottle of water to share. Harry realised how hungry he was and grabbed an energy bar as well. They sat there leaning against the raft frame enjoying their meager meals.

"We should probably take it easy on the rest of the provisions. Just in case." Rebecca said calmly.

For hours they drifted, sharing small talk about there lives and interests. Harry found out that Rebecca was 23 and had only been a stewardess for three weeks before their flight. They both saw the humour in her extreme case of bad luck. She had two older brothers which had caused her slightly tomboyish attitude and she had a boyfriend, Jake, who she knew would be worried sick about her. Harry didn't reveal much about his bleak life but did tell Rebecca that he wanted to help people when he was older, become a doctor or a policeman. Rebecca thought it was a noble goal and they both laughed when she had suggested a career in aviation.

"Harry I'm not feeling too flash I think I might have a nap. Just wake me up if you see anything."

Harry nodded and noticed that Rebecca did look kind of clammy. He sat there while the sun arched slowly across the sky. He never even heard the faintest sound of a rescue plane. The sun was becoming unbearably hot with no where to hide so Harry decided to go for a quick swim. He thought about waking Rebecca but she looked like she needed the rest.

Shedding his over-sized ragged shirt Harry dove into the surrounding ocean. Relief washed over him as he entered the cool calm water. Harry loved the water. To him swimming was the ultimate escape, a foreign world in which he could leave all of his problems behind. Harry had been recommended to join the school swimming team by his P.E. teacher but his relatives refused to take him to the swimming meets. Harry swam in circles on his back making sure not to drift too far from the life-raft. Only when the sun had crested along the horizon did Harry decide it was time to get back to Rebecca.

Immediately after entering the raft Harry knew something was wrong. Rebecca lay scrunched up, breathing irregularly and bathed in sweat. Harry rushed over to her side peeling her matted hair away from her face. Her eyes fluttered beneath closed eyelids.

"Rebecca are you ok? What's wrong?" Harry put his hand on her extremely warm forehead. Harry knew the symptoms of a fever when he saw them.

Harry lifted the bottom of Rebeccas stewardess shirt to reveal her bandages. There was a small dried streak of blood but not enough to be a concern. Tentatively Harry untied the bandage and revealed the wound underneath. Harrys heart dropped. Rebeccas skin around the wound seemed to have a yellow tinge and the surrounding veins had turned sickly and dark. Harry cringed, they had not cleaned the wound as thoroughly as they thought.

"H-Harry." Rebecca coughed finally coming into awareness. "Your eyes they were glowing so green."

"Rebecca your hallucinating. We need to get your fever down." Harry said panicked.

"No when the plane went down. That b-brilliant green barrier that saved us, you did it. Your eyes were shining so bright. My little guardian angel." Rebecca stroked Harrys face fondly.

Harry was shocked at the revelation. 'I did that?' He thought. Harry had almost convinced himself that he'd dreamed the whole thing up. 'I can dwell on that later. Rebecca needs my help' Harry thought. Scrunching up his discarded shirt he dipped it into the water and placed it against Rebeccas forehead. Rebeccas eyes had drifted following things unseen to Harry.

"Just focus on me all right Rebecca. You've got to get through this ok. Just think about Jake worried sick. He needs you, I need you." Harry pleaded.

Rebecca lip twitched upwards at Jakes name. "Jake broke up with me last week." A tear ran down her cheek. "He didn't want to wait for me when I traveled."

"Rebecca, I-"

"It's ok Harry, j-just promise me something ok?" For the first time Rebecca let her mask down and Harry could see all of the fear she had been holding back. She had been brave for Harrys sake but she didn't have the strength left in her. "In case I d-don't make it tell my folks and my brothers that I love them."

Harry nodded meekly. "Don't give up just yet the rescue team could be here any minute and you can tell them in person yeah?"

"Yeah." Rebecca feigned one last smile before closing her eyes.

Harry stayed up most of the night changing Rebeccas bandages and trying to keep her cool. He even, in a bout of desperation, tried to call on whatever power saved them in the plane crash, but to no effect. Harry stayed up as long as he could before his eyes grew too heavy, and the raft floors beckon became too great. Without even realising it he dozed of into sleeps gentle embrace.


A heavy beating sound woke Harry. Harry sat up shaking the fogginess of sleep from his head. Sunlight crept through his sleep encrusted eyes. That un-placable beating persisted. 'A rescue plane perhaps' Harry thought, snapping to attention. He scrambled over to the flare gun and felt the cool grip in fingers. There was already a flare loaded in the chamber and two spare rounds if needed.

A large shadow moved over the lifeboat causing Harry to whoop with glee. That was until he looked up. Moving across the sky was an incredibly huge, obsidian beast. Scaled wings spanning wider than houses moved up and down as the membranes trapped air keeping the monster in flight. 'A dragon!' Harry thought. His mind flashed back to the plane crash. The enormous reptilian eye and the giant claw that had torn through the cabin.

Harry fell back onto the raft floor stricken with fear. The dragon paid him no mind though as it flew past overhead. Harry watched as it carried on into the distance to what very much looked like-

"A island!" Harry exclaimed in a hushed tone. "Rebecca wake up! There's an island where we can find you some help. You can go see your family and everything going to be fine." Rebecca didn't answer. "Rebecca?"

Harrys face fell as he turned towards the still Rebecca. "Rebecca?" He repeated this time with tremor in his voice. Rebecca was deathly pale and her chest was still, no sign of breathing. Harry placed his hand on her forearm and gasped at how cold she was to the touch. Tears streaked down Harrys face. Rebecca the girl who had shown him so much kindness and bravery was undoubtedly dead.

"We were supposed to make it together!" Harry yelled at Rebeccas still form. She looked peaceful as if she could just have been sleeping.

Harry let out a throat shattering roar. He gripped tightly the flare gun that was still clasped in his hand and turned towards the island. Pain tore a hole in Harry with more intensity than he had ever felt and soon that hole began to fill up with anger and venom towards the only target Harry could cast his fury at. He fired the flare towards the dragon feeling a small kick from the recoil. The flare never came close as the dragon was already miles away. Harry fell to his knees and seethed with frustration.

"If it is the last thing I do, I am going to kill you dragon" Harry spat and began the long paddle towards the mysterious island.