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A sigh escaped him as he came to; he had no memory of what happened save for a flash of blonde hair and the smell of chloroform. His lids were heavy and his mouth tasted foul, he ran his tongue over his teeth only to find that he was bound and gagged. His eyes widened, their golden iris radiating fear as he realized he was in his lab, laid on one of the cold hard metal tables. His limbs were strapped down by his own restraints and he was naked, completely and utterly helpless.

"It's useless to struggle Szayel" came a mechanical voice. A figure came into view, clad in tight black leather from head to toe they approached, walking toward him as a lion walks toward its prey. He had on a mask that covered his entire face, down to his lips. Only his eyes were visible as they regarded him coolly through the mask, he looked up his scared golden eyes meeting with deep blue. The man leaned forward and Szayel saw a wisp of blonde hair escape from underneath the knit cap he had on his head. Which arrancar had blue eyes and blonde hair? He searched his mind and came up with nothing. His captor was circling the table, his hand lazily running up and down his bare body. Szayel shivered out of slight pleasure and immense fear, for someone to get the drop on him was unheard of and now he was helpless in his own laboratory.

"I think we should do some experiments Szayel" the mechanical voice sounded again. The man picked up a scalpel and inspected it, Szayel bristled visibly.

"Now now, I won't do anything you haven't done to someone else" this was not a comfort at all. Szayel had done his share of things to everyone; he figured this was his payback, their revenge. Slowly the man raised the scalpel to his exposed neck and made a series of small slices from his neck to his collarbone; he felt the warm blood slowly trickle down. Then he felt warmth on his neck, he opened his eyes to see the man slowly lapping at his blood slight moaning noises coming from his mouth as he did so. He sat up, his blue eyes sharp and intelligent, his mouth reddened by Szayel's blood that was continuing to trickle out slowly.

"Sweet, just as I thought you would be" he stroked Szayel's pale cheek tenderly. He moved away from him then, out of Szayel's limited line of sight, only to return a few moments later brandishing a pair of hemostats. Without a word he quickly attached one to Szayel's nipple and locked in into place, Szayel bucked against it as a sharp pain flowed through his chest. His cries muffled against the gag as his captor laughed.

"Oh come now Szayel, you're not playing fair behaving in such a wanton manner. It's as if you are begging for more." His golden eyes widened as the man bent down and slowly circled his tongue on the abused nipple, despite himself Szayel felt a warm tingling in his groin as he started to harden. His captor, still sucking on his pained nipple began to pinch the other one with his hand and he was embarrassed when a rather pleading moan escaped his throat. He felt the other man laugh against his chest, his hot puffs of breath against the saliva coated nipple making him harder.

"You like that do you my little slut? You are begging me for it aren't you?" He smiled down, showing his white teeth and Szayel thought something looked familiar to him. He picked the scalpel back up and made shallow cuts on top of Szayel's prominent hipbones, humming the entire time, Szayel whimpered in pain as he felt the scalpel slice into his delicate skin. He saw the man bend down so his face was level with the table and gently he moved his thighs apart so his face was level with Szayel's semi-hard length. He gave the tip a quick lick before he took one round orb and then the other into his mouth, sucking and humming the entire time. Szayel moaned like a whore at the sensation and tried to move once again but was held in place by his bonds. Then a sharp pain shot up his spine and he felt heaviness between his legs, a hemostat was now clamped in-between his two orbs onto the sensitive skin of his sac. He screamed through the gag and was backhanded for his efforts.

"Now now, is that anyway to act when receiving pleasure?" Szayel wasn't sure that having a hemostat on your nutsack counted as pleasure, he cringed away from the man in fear. He felt gentle hands roaming his body, cupping his face and felt light kisses being dropped on his head and neck. He relaxed under the touch, but did not let his guard down as the blonde continued to pepper him with kisses and light touches, gently stroking his cock until it became hard.

"Now Szayel, you are going to become my slut. Do you understand?" The pink haired man swallowed and nodded, afraid to disagree. "If you are good I will give you pleasure beyond all reason" the blonde continued, his voice mechanical. Szayel had figured he was using some sort of interference so he would remain unrecognized.

He watched as the man picked up a latex glove and stretched it, then he became horrified as he saw it being tied tightly around his cock. He moved his hips in protest but the man simply laughed. Unzipping his pants he saw his attackers penis for the first time, it was thick and proud, blonde hair at the base. He made a mental note that whoever this was had natural blonde hair that ruled out a few people at least. The man grunted with the release of his member, which already had beads of pre cum on the tip and he brought it to rest on Szayel's mouth.

"Open, and don't you dare bite" he warned with malice in his voice. Szayel gulped and opened his mouth, he pushed the head in and Szayel felt the salty pre cum on his tongue. Closing his eyes he lightly sucked as the man pushed no more than the tip in his mouth, he felt a fist in his hair and cracked his eyes open. His captor had one hand in Szayel's hair and the other on his hip, thrusting lightly in and out of his mouth. His head was thrown back and a few more strands of blonde hair had escaped, his mouth was slightly open in pleasure and he was making small groaning noises. Szayel couldn't shake the feeling that he knew this man. Rather suddenly he pulled out and walked to the end of the table, his erect cock bobbing the whole way. He stopped by Szayel's hips and gently rolled his cock onto the places he had previously cut, coating himself in blood.

Szayel gasped, the sight was beautiful and terrible; wonderful and frightening. It both aroused and disgusted him, as if his body knew his cock began to throb painfully. The man stood before him, still clad in all leather save for half his face, eyes peering out from the mask bold and blue, cock coated in red blood, and a few pieces of blonde hair falling into his face. He was gorgeous, magnificent, frightening and terribly sexy. He tried to cry out, he wanted him to remove his hat, to see that fall of hair. Frantically he tried to motion to it but the man shook his head. He settled himself between Szayel's thighs and stroked his cheek smiling.

"You are mine" he said firmly as in one brutal thrust the seated himself inside Szayel. He cried out in pain, throwing his hips up to escape the offending object. The bonds held him down as he got no time to adjust as he got thrust into again and again, he felt the slick blood coating the man's dick slid in and out of him, a firm hand on his hip and one around his throat. Szayel groaned, he loved this sensation, of being dominated and helpless but he would never tell anyone. He felt the hand tighten on his throat, cutting off his air. He looked up into those blue eyes and saw a flash of concern as he made a squeaking noise, the grip lessened so he could breathe again.

"Mine" the man said again, slapping Szayel across the face. "You're my slut, my fucking slut" he repeated like a mantra pounding into him. Szayel groaned, the man was hitting his prostate and his throbbing cock wanted release, it felt so good, all of it. He noticed then the hemostats were still in place and as he fucked him the man was littering his body with bruising bite marks, he shuddered as he felt sharp teeth on his shoulder. It was then he noticed his bonds had been released, yet he had no desire to leave. He wrapped his legs around the man and saw two blonde eyebrows arch up, hesitantly he reached up and undid his gag.

"Fuck me" he said, his voice rusty from disuse. Unreadable emotions played across the man's face as he flipped Szayel over onto his hands and knees. He slowed the pace down slightly, kissing his back gently while roughly pinching his nipples. Szayel groaned and arched his back, inviting the man deeper into him, with a grunt he felt a smack on his ass and the blonde's length drive into him.

"Whose slut are you?" The man asked him, his mouth right by his ears as he continued to plow into him. Szayel didn't answer, and he felt a smack on his ass as the man withdrew. He whined at the loss of contact.

"I asked whose slut are you?" Szayel swallowed.

"Yours" he said softly.

"Do you want me? Do you want my cock?" He gestured to his now glistening cock, the blood had worn off and it had simply left a light red stain on the proud member.

"Yes, yes I want it" he managed to get out. He was humiliated yet still aroused.

"Turn back around' was the only command. He eagerly flipped over and the man entered him again, he moaned at the feeling of fullness.

"Yes, your my fucking cock slut" he grunted, pulling on a handful of pink hair. "Tell me what you like bitch?" He demanded.

"Your cock" Szayel said, panting.

"Is that it?" He gave a particularly hard snap of his hips that had Szayel clawing for release.

"Your…your cock fucking me."

"Fucking you where?"

"In my ass, in my tight fucking ass!" He practically yelled. He felt the man bend over him again, slowing his hips to a rolling motion.

"Good boy, you do love my cock in your tight little ass don't you?" Szayel nodded, close to tears with his pain of being denied release. "You've been so good" the man cooed as he undid the latex glove from the base of Szayel's cock. He kissed Szayel lightly on the lips and laid him on his back, the golden eyes widened in surprise when he saw the man remove his pants and climb on top of him.

In one swift movement he lowered himself onto Szayel's aching cock crying out in pain and pleasure. Szayel couldn't wait, he rolled his hips up demanding release and he saw the man smile softly. He felt a hand circle his throat again and he groaned, yes this was incredible. To be held down and have someone ride him, he moaned as the man slowly moved his hips rocking back and forth gently. It wouldn't take much, the pace picked up slightly and he felt the slow warmth start in his stomach and he moaned.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum" he muttered, trying to give the man warning.

"Where do you want to cum?" The man asked, snapping his hips as Szayel pinched his nipple hard.

"In your ass, I want to paint your walls white" he groaned as he said those words. This was so dirty, so filthy and yet felt so fucking good. The man reached behind him and began to fondle Szayel's balls as he went faster and faster, finally Szayel could take it no more and grabbed the slim hips and slammed them down on his cock. He felt the throb of the spurts he sent into the body above him as his pleasure poured out of him. A low moan slipped out of the blonde's mouth as he rode out Szayel's pleasure; once he was sure the pink haired man was spent he climbed off, cum dribbling down his leg.

"Open your legs" he commanded the scientist. Szayel complied, shocked he realized the other still had not cum. He saw the man spit on his hand and quickly coat his dick before shoving it inside him. He groaned at the sensation and wrapped his legs around the man's waist. He watched in awe as the man switched into sonido and began to pound into him at a breakneck pace. He moaned as his prostate was abused with every thrust and he felt himself growing hard again.

"Fuck" Szayel got out between gritted teeth "fuck me and make me your bitch!" He heard a guttural growl from the other man, and he felt sharp teeth tear at his neck, blood pooling at his collarbone.

"You get me so fucking hot" he heard the blonde say in his ear.

"Just fuck me, I want to feel you cum inside me" he moaned as he nibbled the man's earlobe. He felt him stiffen and after a few more thrust the blonde snapped his head back and howled his completion. Szayel felt the spurts of warmth deep inside him as the man continued to thrust, riding out his completion. Szayel moaned as he felt his stomach coil in knots, his own orgasm moments away he frantically stroked himself and came right after his partner, his cum painting his stomach white in pearly drops.

Pulling out of him the blonde quickly lowered his head and lapped at Szayel's spilled seed and licked his lips. Szayel moaned at the erotic sight, and the man snaked his way up his body, dropping kisses on the naked flesh and finally their lips met. Szayel opened his mouth allowing the man access and their tongues fought and stroked each other. Szayel could taste himself on the other but he didn't care, this man had given him more pleasure than anyone and he kissed him with reckless abandon. They moaned against each other's mouths and Szayel felt his face being cupped but the other's rough hands.

"I have to go now" he said, voice still disguised.

"Will I see you again?"

"If you want."


"I will come for you." Szayel shuddered at the thought. He liked games, and this was one that even if he lost was most pleasurable.

"I'll be waiting" he replied. The blonde smiled and kissed his forehead.

"Not as long as I waited for you" Szayel opened his mouth to ask him what he meant, but the man had vanished.

In his room the man opened his locked safe, placing the clothes, mask and cap inside he closed it before heading towards the shower. He stopped to pick up a framed picture he had on his desk of himself and his younger brother, the shock of pink hair and golden eyes making him smile.

"My how you've grown up Szayel" Yylfordt said warmly.