The sun woke him up and he turned over in annoyance, bumping into a warm body. Snuggling in closer he snaked his arm around the slender waist and nuzzled the soft pink hair. Szayel grunted at the sudden contact and rolled over, his head buried in Yyldfordt's broad chest, kissing his chest softly he snuggled in deeper to his brother's embrace.

Thankfully Grimmjow had easily released Yyldfordt of his obligation as his fraccion, and Szayel was all too pleased to take him. When questioned as to why he felt the need to have a traditional underling he merely replied for experiments, and with a collective shudder everyone left him alone. Yyldfordt did serve as his fraccion when the occasion called for it, but Szayel preferred him as his lover. Yyldfordt did have his own quarters, which he visited regularly enough so they appeared used, but at night he was in their bed.

Yes, their bed. While he enjoyed spending time by himself on occasion, and did so in his quarters, he enjoyed life with Szayel. It seemed things were brighter, easier, with him by his side. Szayel trusted him implicitly and so he was allowed a greater degree of freedom than most fraccion, and was careful not to flaunt it. Theirs was a partnership, not master and servant. He absentmindedly stroked the soft hair as he kissed his brother's warm forehead.

Warm golden eyes peered sleepily up at him, his lover beautifully rumpled first thing in the morning. Before Szayel could fully wake up Yyldfordt began his sweet seduction, determined to rumple him up some more.

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