"I could kill myself." Will offered lamely.

He was reclined in his office chair sipping on the scotch that Charlie had brought in at the close of the election night broadcast. They had not too slowly made their way through more than half the bottle while spit balling plans as to how to change Leona's mind before 9 am.

Which is how they got to 2 am and Will suggesting his latest idea.

Charlie scoffed from his position next to the table in the corner, "Yeah. Couldn't sue you for breach then."

Will smirked, "Yeah..."

Sensing a change in his demeanor, Charlie sat up a little straighter, "Will?"

Will looked up, "It was a joke Charlie. Relax, jeeze, just a joke."

Charlie narrowed his eyes but nodded slowly as he relaxed into his chair again. Silence took over the two men, lost in their thoughts.

"Would certainly change the news story though." Will murmured.

Charlie sat forward again but Will held up his hands to silence him, "I'm just making conversation. I'm not standing here with a gun to my temple or anything. I don't even have a gun so it's not like I even could if I wanted to." He fell silent again, deep in thought. "I mean, not that I would shoot myself anyway; Really the best way is severing the femoral artery. High probability of success without so many of the post mortem challenges or embarrassments that hanging or jumping out a window might create. Can still have a pretty face in the casket." Will sneered as he took a long drink from his glass.

Charlie stood and made his way opposite of the desk, leaning over it, pressing his hands onto the wooden surface, "William..."

Will looked up at him and shrugged, annoyed. "What? It's actually not the worst idea the world you know. I could leave a note which could be admitted in the trial. I could explain how I was the final approving vote, the room was divided and it was me and me alone who had the final choice to greenlight it. I would make clear the doctored tape was a major factor in my decision. It would completely screw over Dantana's case while insulating everyone else here. And if I do it tonight, before the compliant is even filed then that would cause just enough of a ruckus to distract the media from all of the stupid embarrassing stories he's trying to push out there. After all, 'Disgraced Celebrity News Anchor Commits Suicide' makes a much better headline than 'Mid-Level Producer Covers Primary Campaign Because He Felt Rejected by a Girl and 99 other Stories You Couldn't Care Less About". I could give you cover in the court of public opinion in addition to the trial court..." He trailed off, thinking.

Charlie was shaking his head but Will ignored him, sitting forward at the desk as if he were arguing for a longer segment in tomorrow's broadcast.

"Think about it; You could keep your job and your reputation and integrity. You could convince Mac she's not fired, she could come back and do the job she wants to do with all the staff she wants to do it with. She would be able to run a show and focus on her work without having to see me all the time making her mad or sad or scared or whatever the hell she was implying. Everyone can just keep doing their jobs and be happy. Hell, even Reese would be happy because between being able to hire a cheaper anchor and the insurance payout it would actually end up as a profitable occurrence. Who knows, you might even get a bigger bonus."

Charlie ground his teeth, "Will. Stop it. You're scaring me."

Will stared at Charlie, as if he were baffled by the older man's lack of understanding, "Why? Where's the problem? I wouldn't be causing anyone any problems, no one is dependent on me for anything. One way or the other I'm leaving the show. After that it's not like I've got much going for me. My professional life is over; I'll never get another job. I could retire, sure, but would I do with my time? Sit alone in my empty apartment? I have no kids or wife or girlfriend. My parents are both dead, my siblings would be upset for maybe a week but they've all got their own lives half a continent away, they wouldn't miss me. I've lost Mackenzie for a second time and this time I don't think there's going to be a reunion 3 years down the road. Hell, she thinks I'm a complete jerk anyway. She'd probably be relieved to never risk running into me again."

Will leaned back, sipping his drink and looking at Charlie with a completely unaffected stare on his face.

Charlie was shaking his head slowly, "No...no...no..."

Will made eye contact, "It's not a bad idea Charlie. I mean what the hell else am I going to do? Nothing. There is nothing I can do for anyone to help push past this. May be I was joking at first, but I think this could really help. It's the only thing I can possibly do that screws Dantana, protects you all and saves me from my own misery."

Charlie stood completely still, his face drawn and pale. "You're serious? This is what you want? You're not joking? This is what you want to do?"

Will looked up into Charlie's face and gave him a small sad smile, "It's the most logical thing to do." He shifted in his seat, "And I'm sorry, I know we're friends and out of everyone on the planet you might struggle with it the most but isn't it worth it if everything else is put to rights? You're a logical person. You know this is the best thing for everyone. And I am sorry but I am also sure this is what I want to do. Don't worry about it Charlie. Just do me this favor, let me do the right thing. Give me a hug and then leave the scotch and don't come back for a couple of hours."

Charlie chewed the inside of his cheek, tears gathering in the corners of his eyes. He coughed to clear his throat and nodded resolutely, "Ok." He whispered hoarsely.

Will swallowed, "Thank you."

Charlie straightened, and walked around the desk, opening his arms, "Come on now, if you're going to do this you better stand so I can give you a proper hug."

Will smiled fondly and stood to return the embrace.

He never even saw it coming.

As soon as he was on his feet Charlie swung hard with the heavy glass tumbler still in his hand, solidly connecting with Will's temple and instantly felling the younger man.