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Chapter 2

I hear Edward coming out of the bathroom just as I finish reorganizing my luggage. Neither of us says anything, so luckily there's a knock at the door before things can become awkward again. I open the door to find Alice, all happy and giddy and bouncing with energy. When I look at her I really hope she'll get the message: You kept me up all night long and I'm really cranky this morning so don't mess with me okay?! But Alice being Alice, I really don't foresee her reaction. She doesn't even seem sorry for waking me up, she just says: 'Oh come on Bella, don't be such a prude, let me have some fun to okay?' Like honestly, she doesn't feel sorry at all. Before I can even say something very mean back, it seems like Edward heard what she said and suddenly he's really close behind me. 'Alice, really just shut the fuck up we didn't get any sleep at all and I really don't like to be reminded about 'how you like it just like that hard and fast' okay? So just don't talk about it anymore, I'm really not in the mood.'
If it weren't for the fact that Alice was standing in front of us, I would be really turned on. In this moment he's so close to me I can feel his body heat and practically whispering 'fuck' into my ear isn't helping either. But I don't mind because Alice looks shocked as hell and she is quiet. Alice is NEVER either of those. When Edward turns around to put on his shirt, (yeah turns out he wasn't wearing a shirt, sweet baby Jesus), Alice finally seems to gain back her ability to speak. 'Wait you guys really heard that?' she asks with a tiny voice. Honestly I kind of feel sorry for her, she probably didn't get just how MUCH we could hear. But since I'm still cranky and sleep deprived I say: 'Yeah we could hear EVERYTHING, so please don't remind me and let's forget about it okay?'. She seems to process that when I tell her I'm just getting my bag and that we'll meet in the lobby. Edward is just finished putting on his clothes, so he already walks out of the room, I guess he's overheard us and is going to the lobby to. Like honestly, is it so hard to just wait for us?
When I come out of the room and close everything up I hear Alice and Jasper whispering to each other in hushed voices, apparently Jasper is not to happy with her news because he looks very ashamed and slightly remorseful when he catches me watching them. Well at least someone feels like they should.
Alice quickly skips to my side and with Jasper trailing behind us we go to the lobby. Luckily no one brings up the sex sounds again and we have some small talk about what we're going to do today and wondering where we'll get breakfast, since we're all really hungry. Edward is busy texting someone on his phone or something like that when we enter the lobby. Edward gives Jasper a dirty look but Jasper just stays quiet, he truly is very ashamed. Apparently Alice's shock did not last that long, acting like her happy self again as if nothing happened. Not that I'm complaining, I really want to get rid of this awkwardness and forget everything about last night. Luckily we have some time to pick up some breakfast before we're going to meet up with the group for some sort of activity out of town. I'm already looking forward to this trip being over, thanks to Alice, Jasper and Edward..


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