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YEEEEEEEEEES I did think of this.


Because I am crazy. And I write fanfiction.

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Also, please note that I am not the best in electromagnetics and electrical physics and science. I am a bit liberal about the extent of the OC's powers. See the bottom if you want to have a quick explanation of his powers.

Chapter One: Calm Before The Storm


Or, you know, a lot of them. Damn rockets flying at my face.

I ducked underneath a baseball bat swing and retaliated with dual knives, cutting the guy twice across the neck.

"Kill the demon!" Yeah, sure. Call me a demon, see if I care. I suppose it was true at some point in time.

Electricity sparked down my arms and I raised a hand, my mind manipulating the flow of electrons. It was a nice way of taking out multiple people without using up a lot of electrical power that would drain itself from me.

The current became visible as it stretched through six militia members out through my right hand, then out of the sixth, it came back to my left hand. I threw in a bit more voltage, increasing the current, and judging that human bodies have a resistance of roughly 5K ohms, I'll have to adjust accordingly.

At times like these I love having read books from the library, alongside the fact that being an electrokinetic Conduit has its perks. Like being immune to electricity based attacks.

Though the heat from the resistance can still hurt, but not that much. Thank God for being super heat resistant, alongside my clothes for that matter as well. Also, thank goodness for the fact that grabbing these powers reinforced my eyes. It would suck to go blind from your own powers.

So many things to consider, so little time.

As I spun on my feet to dodge a thrown baseball bat, I watched as the last few of the Conduit kids made it away. Hopefully they'll be able to live somewhat normal lives.

A rocket came a little too close for my liking, and I pushed it away with an electromagnetic wave. It was travelling too fast for me to try to reach out to it and cut the flow of electrons, so that sucked.

Did I mention I was currently holding out against a bunch of militia that had attacked our hiding spot?

Fitting, the one who had once used his powers for evil now dying in redemption.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm going to die here. Endless waves of militia, and them taking down the villain to the heroic Cole McGrath will only bolster their egos. But I can at least go out in style. While some people think it's better to die than be killed, I'd rather go out with a bang than with a whimper.

Then again, maybe this makes up for all the vile acts I once committed. Maybe now, I can redeem myself for Cynthia, the girl who turned me from my terrible ways.

I growled as another bullet skimmed me, taking off a few more of my naturally gray hair strands. Damn you militia, having bullets that aren't ferrous metal. Well, I guess it would be pretty unfair if I could just deflect bullets all around me with a magnetic field. I need to somehow focus in on a bullet, surround it with a magnetic field (as my powers allow), and then send it back.

"You really believe that I'll fall to the likes of you?!" I roared, electricity surging through the militia around me. My nerve circuits were amplified with my abilities, granting me increased reflexes. I became but a blur to the militia members, who screamed in pain as a knife was shoved into their throats or a blade made of electrons cut through them, shocking them as well, "As if you could stop me!"

With a feral grin, I faced the endless militia force, electrons moved by mind to form two 'Gigawatt Blades' as I called them on my hands, ready to face them.

As a massive hail of rockets came to greet me and deliver me to my end, the world went green, my mind going crazy from a massive electromagnetic distortion.

The pinkette raised her wand, finishing her chant.

And nothing happened.

Her entire class began to laugh at her lack of talent…

When a lightning bolt from the heavens rained down upon them.

"Get back!" their professor yelled, "Everyone get back! You too, Miss Vallerie!"

The pinkette refused to move. No doubt this was a sign! Yes, she had summoned something so great, if it warranted lightning from the skies accompanying it!


That's what I theorized had happened. Yes, perhaps the rockets had hit me, and the magnetic field distortion had been me dying.

Huh, I always was told Heaven was supposed to be like clouds, though I feel grass below me. Ha, as if I'd warrant Heaven with what I've done, though.

Hm… powers… check. Yes, I can still feel the movement of electricity, and I can detect people around me. I don't see any signs of aggression nor does the area 'feel' hostile, so I suppose I can relax. This grass is very comforting as well… we never really had grass in the city. It felt… nice, to have nature.

Of course, this new peace was destroyed by a headache, probably from a lack of electricity around here. Ugh… I need to find something to replenish myself. I have my MP3 player on me, but other than that, nothing much.

Hey, maybe there's someone the people here don't like! I could go after them.

Though I should get more back to the current happenings. Like for example, where the hell am I?

The smoke finally cleared, allowing me to see what was going on. The closest to me was a very small (in multiple ways) pink haired girl. On another note, what the hell have I gotten myself into? Or should it be dragged into, considering this was against my own free will. I was completely fine with getting blown across the sidewalk a few minutes ago.

Perhaps if I believed in 'magic', I would say I had been summoned. Cynthia was a fan of fantasy, after all. I'll cover her story later, assuming I've got any time left in this world. My injuries are not going to heal themselves.

…okay fine, but I need to have electricity to do that.

My combat instincts immediately told me to look to my left and right.

There was a rather busty redhead with tanned skin, and when I say busty I mean on the level of implants back home. I could tell by her body language that she was making fun of presumably this pink haired girl. And I say body language not because I'm staring at her (rather impressive) body, but because I can't tell what the hell they are saying. It sounds French, but in a way that's completely messed up and even more broken.

Taking this time that I had, I quickly looked all around me. Okay, it seems I am the only teenager of sorts that isn't wearing a uniform. There's an older man dressed in robes and is balding with a giant staff in his hands, which I am assuming is the teacher. Why do I say teacher? Well, many people of a similar age with one significantly older person suggests a classroom setting. The fact all these people are dressed similarly means some sort of higher education, perhaps?

Okay, so that means I hopefully won't be thrown into a battle right away. Though I don't recall having any lightning spark down my arms when I got here, meaning there's a different source for all these scorch marks on the ground. Flamethrower…? I doubt it.

Maybe I'm out in the rural areas? But then the question is raised how I got here. I definitely felt a mass distortion of the electromagnetic fields around me (being an electrokinetic kind of makes you sensitive to that stuff, and I've manipulated magnetic fields enough to recognize a shift), so there's no way this is earth. The fact I'm not getting the same sort of magnetic pulls that Earth has is also another hint.

So, my theories are either saying hyperadvanced space race, or magic. Both of them are equally ridiculous.

Okay, well, space race theory is out because I somewhat recognize their language as an absurd version of French. Or something like it, anyways. Magic…

Well, the fact there's a massive lizard that looks like its breathing fire, a blue dragon that seems to be eyeing me curiously, a giant mole with some blonde guy playing with it, and a floating eye lend some credit to that theory.

Or, you know, hyper advanced space race, as sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Deciding now would be a good time to actually get some answers (on the off chance they knew what I was saying), I asked where I was. It seemed they did not understand, the professor giving me a quizzical look. The pinkette was still shouting at me in some tongue I don't understand.

So, I played charades. Point at myself, shake head no, tap brain, point to professor, stick out tongue and point at it. I believe that should translate roughly into 'I cannot understand your tongue'.

He gasped, then tapped his staff on the ground. Like hell that'll do-

"Who are you?!" Wait what. I can understand pinkette.

…fuck, magic was just proven to be real. There's no way they could've translated everything I said like that.

…unless they filled my mind with nano-machines to fill my thoughts and speak out my thoughts, then translate their language directly into my brain. But I'd be picking up on those electrical currents, especially since I let out another pulse. No new electric signals.

Well, I guess I'll be rolling with my empirical evidence that magic is real. Here, anyways. Wait, does this mean this is an alternate world?!

"I said, who are you?!" Oh, right. Pinkette here. Well, let's stay calm for now.

"My name is Kurt Bright, but most people call me Gig." That nickname stuck around with me forever in New Marais. Sure, some people called me fearful titles like 'Wrath of Zeus' and 'Odin's Rage'. Roy, a newly found ally there, called me 'Gig' one time as a joke and it spread like wildfire.

The fact it was a pun was the really annoying part.

"Get up!"

"…but the grass is comfortable." I half growled, still kind of in a reverie at how there was nature here!

"I said, get up!"

"Haha, looks like Louise the Zero can't even make a commoner do her bidding!" Backpain (as the busty redhead shall now be known as) mocked, the entire class save this rather bored looking light blue haired girl next to the dragon laughed afterwards.

Well, let it be known that the road of redemption is a hard one. Making the easy choice of just being stubborn, or the right choice of actually helping someone… which would entail also being made fun of and not murdering everyone who irritated me or attacking them with my powers.

I got up to one knee, sort of pitying this girl. The pain and frustration in her eyes showed that this had been going on for a long time. I may have been a monster before, but I was not without limits. Bullying is something that should never happen, and it's ridiculous that some people can only feel good about themselves by putting down others.

Those were the sort of people I hunted. But you know what they say about monsters.

Also, commoner? Wait…

Ahhhhhhhhhh crap, that explains the lack of electricity and massive castle here. I'm stuck in feudal times. And I'm not exactly of high class. Shiiiiiiiiit.

"My name is Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere," What the hell is it with high class people and long names? "Bless this humble being and make him my familiar."

With that, she kissed me on the lips for no good reason whatsoever.

"…wait what-Oh shit!" I hissed in pain as it felt like something was being engraved into my hand. Freaking smoke was coming off my left hand. I don't think that's normal, and that's coming a guy who shoots lightning out from his hands!

Daring to take a look, I saw satisfaction and hope in the pinkette's- er, Louise's eyes. Perhaps this is the first time she's done something to prove the others wrong.

And on another note, cool tattoo on my left hand. I bet getting a real tattoo hurts a lot less though. And there's this weird electromagnetic pulse-

Just ignore it just ignore it

Wait what the hell? Urk, feeling a little woozy…

Why don't you follow Master's orders? Why don't you follow Master's every wish?

Yes… I will… hold up. Screw this I'm putting a neutralization barrier. Something in my hand here is obviously sending an electrical pulse to my brain that registers as a thought. I just need to sorta get a feel for the pulse and then hopefully be able to negate it somehow. That would be more of an EMP though...

Wouldn't it be better not to resist? Wouldn't it be better to just go with the flow, electricity user? ...oh shit this thing knows what the hell I am?! Need to negate this and fast. Wait, if I merely increase the resistance or decrease the voltage, then the current is weaker! Thus decreasing the amount of actual pulses get to my head like this. Unfortunately I can't map out the exact nerve cell flow... that would've been useful. Though it is definitely weaker than any pulse in my arm.

Maybe I will serve? Maybe I will- Hm, I believe that I've tried it before, but this needs some more research later. After all, while I'm not as strong in a combat sense, I know more about my powers and electricity in general. For now though, I should be able to at least get a sense of the nerve circuits and synapses that are giving me these thoughts. This way, I should be able to at the very least suppress this voice.

Aaaand... there we go. No weird voice making me feel drowsy and telling me follow orders and stuff. That was creepy. And that voice was really soft too. Plus, it wasn't really commanding. Power of suggestion is scary.

"Well, while that 'Summon Servant' spell was rather shaky, you managed to complete 'Contract Familiar' on your first time, Miss Vallerie! Congratulations!"

"Only because it was a commoner!" one student jeered, again causing laughter to break out.

"Yeah, if it was a powerful beast, she wouldn't have been able to do it!"

I struggled not to cackle evilly and display a full barrage of my powers on these pitiful children. How easy it would be to shock them all into submission…

No, evil thoughts! I won't just hurt innocents… anymore, anyways.

I noted Louise was about to get angry and fight back, but I quickly whispered, "Don't react in anger. They're getting you riled up for fun. Responding is exactly what they want."

"And what would you know?" she seethed.

"…school?" I shrugged. It didn't help as she began to shout back, leaving me only to sigh and fall back onto the grass.

"Excuse me, young man, but may I see those runes?" the teacher said, completely ignoring the students as he drew the markings.

"Hey, you're a teacher, right?" he seemed surprised, but kept drawing.

"How did you figure that one?"

"Well, students can sometimes all be in uniform," I shrugged my right shoulder, "And you're the only one who's not their age. Therefore, I judged that you are a teacher."

"You would be correct."

"Do you mind telling me what school I would happen to be at then?"

"You," he said, finishing his sketch, "Are at the Tristain Academy of Magic." And there goes the final nail on the coffin!

He then turned around and began walking, "Come then class, we're heading back."

…Then of course, they all began to float.

Well, except Louise.

But I figured that would happen, considering that Backpain had teased her about finally doing something right along the way while everyone was laughing. Ah, high school. If only without the bullying.

"Why?!" she pleaded to the heavens, "I thought I was going to get something powerful! A lightning bolt, it came to signify my familiar and all I got was a commoner!"

"Well, maybe the lightning bolt is a symbol of something."

"Silence, familiar."

"…right. Whatever." I'd ask her to send me back, but I pity the girl a bit. I could at least deal with her terrorizers, then go back.

Because if casting a spell one ways brings me here, shouldn't the spell said backwards send me back? That seems fairly logical.

Then again, this is magic, and if anything fantasy novels go by, magic is as unpredictable as electrons.

And there goes Louise, ranting as she walks. Might as well follow her.

Blah blah blah, manticore this, blah blah blah, dragon that, blah blah blah, why did I have a commoner as a familiar, blah blah blah I had to give my first kiss to a commoner, blah blah blah…

Honestly, I swear she had just gone through the same speech four times.

…I'm so tempted to just shock her to make her shut up. Inner evil side of me does tend to have a good idea every now and then…

Okay, now just to shock her uncons-

"Anyways," Damnit, she turned around, "I will inform you about the duties of a familiar once we enter my room." She stopped in front of the door.

…was I supposed to be doing something? Why isn't she just opening the blasted door? She's right there, anyways.

"Familiar!" she hissed.

"Yes?" I lazily asked.

"If you're a human familiar, let alone a commoner, you might as well hold the doors open for me! I am a lady and noble!"

...damn you chivalry. Damn you feudal times. And damn her irritating 'I AM ABOVE YOU' tone of speech. She might as well be yelling 'All kneel before Zod'.

I half-opened, half-kicked (as I got used to in New Marais, it made for a good diversion when storming a room) the door, which nearly threw it off its hinges, except for the fact it was kind of bolted to metal sheets that were attached to the hinges.

Damn, that would've been badass. But unfortunately the door didn't go flying.

"You need to learn some tact, familiar." She growled. Yeah, and you need to learn to get your panties to be looser.

"…whatever. So, what were my supposed duties?" I asked sarcastically, though she didn't pick up on it.

"After I change." I closed the door, trying not to break it this time.

I was about to comment when I found a skirt and blouse on my face.

Not amusing.

I also felt the urge to take a cold shower. Not that they exist here. Damnit, technology, you abandon me when I need you most! Also, shower would kill me. I had to actually take sponge baths to clean myself since sitting in a tub would kind of kill me. And by kind of kill me, I mean die a really painful death as I short circuit.

Wait, maybe there's a river nearby! Yes, I could make a small hydroelectric plant as to have a way for me to replenish electricity.

Crap, they don't have wires here! Ugh, so now I need to make a list of things to do.

One, fine good copper somewhere, obtain it by what means I have. Which entails either making money, intimidating the guy, or just stealing it… hm, magnetic field manipulation shouldn't be too hard.

Two, find good enough smith that won't question why I want it in a very thin shape. Unfortunately, I won't have any insulation, so it'll hurt to anyone that touches it.

Three, find other materials to create hydroelectric plant. Four, find location suitable enough that is well hidden but easily accessible by me. Five, build hydroelectric plant. Six, profit! Or more like have sustainable form of energy if I remember my readings on generators right.

Ugh, this is gonna take so much work. Great, then I need a storage unit for all that electricity as well… Hm, if I can put it into my music player, that should make things easier… Yes, but I don't have the charger. Damn. Actually… I could be the median! It could flow through me and into the player, which I then drain from later! Hoor-

"Familiar, are you paying attention?!"


"Ugh! Stupid familiar!"

"…I have a name, you know."

"But you're still a familiar!" …I am half a second away from committing coldblooded murder right now, "You will follow my instructions!"

"…make me."


"I said make me follow your instructions."

"Fine!" …oh hell. Is that a riding crop? You have got to be kidding me, "Now stay still for me!"


She hesitated, "W-wha-?"

"Do it. I dare you." If bullets felt like a mere soft punch, I doubt this could do much.

"Then take your punishment!" I grunted as it hit my flesh, but didn't do any real damage. Maybe a small cut or two, but my healing let me recover from it in a second or two. She continued to hit me for give or take ten minutes, "W…why are…"

Well, I could say because I'm not human, but there's far better ways to put this, "I'm that badass."


"What, did I say something wrong? I was merely saying I was that amazing, in other words." She merely pointed at me and mumbled incoherencies, "Well, because I frankly don't like just sitting on my ass all day, I think I'll take your clothes and have someone wash them. Then I'll probably scout out the place."

I took said clothes and put them in a basket and hoisted them away. Huh, I think 'badass' is some sort of slur here. Or maybe I had just said that… shit, I think she interpreted that as 'I am that bad of an ass'. Damnit, I am sorting this out later.

Then again, English was always my least favorite subject…

Meh, I'll just keep walking for now. Though I do have my headphones, so that should be nice…

Son of a bitch it's playing Where We Belong by Lostprophets. I swear my MP3 player came alive or something, the way that it likes to pick out appropriate tracks… Must be from all the time it spent around me. I think I did overcharge it at one point. That and we had to get some specialized one that wouldn't be interfered with my electromagnetic field that went all crazy with the electricity that flowed in me, even if my powers are actually weaker. I can't exactly store as much electricity in me like MacGrath could, I merely manipulate electron flow more.

…Crap, I totally forgot to ask where the hell I can get these things washed, and I ain't going near water unless I have to. Despite the fact I can control the current, it still freaking hurts to touch water. Well, let's think about this logically… the students would all be in their separate dorms, and judging from the size of this school, there's a lot of students. However, it takes a lot of workers to keep this place clean and whatnot. Also, they'd probably keep all their workers in one place, meaning that a substantially larger and more 'dense' electric signal will be where the workers are.

Of course, this means that I have to get to the middle of the entire campus to let out a big enough radar pulse to try to locate said servants quarters…

…and if that giant tower out the window is any help… it's gonna be a long climb…

And what's that voice that's echoing so loud? It bugs me, and when I find the person who has been somehow louder than my music, I'm gonna punch him. Hard.

After about ten minutes of wandering later, lo and behold, I found the source of the voice. It was some blonde guy dressed in the uniform here, maybe whispering sweet nothings to his lady friend that was with him. Well, whatever…

"You!" Geez man, no need to shout… and I'm wearing headphones and have done nothing wrong. Leave me alone. "I said you! Turn around!"

"What do you want?" I growled, making him recoil a bit. Huh, that's odd, the girl has a different color cape than he does. Perhaps I can ask Louise about that tomorrow.

"You're that boorish commoner that Louise summoned, correct?"

"What's it to you?" I said, leaning back on the wall, "You got a problem with it?"

"The only problem I have," he struck a pose, most likely to impress the girl he was with, "Was you interrupting a moment of romance."

"Really? Because I could hear it from further up the tower. I hear that making love in public is often frowned upon." I smirked, pushing off the wall, "Now, if you don't mind me, I'll head off now."

"Y-you! You! How dare you insinuate that I would do such a thing!"

"I never insinuated anything. All I did was merely make a joke at your expense."

"Hmph!" Oh, here comes the temper tantrum, "Well, it must be such a horrible thing, to have such a rude commoner for a familiar."

"…better than a mole." I 'whispered', walking away. I didn't bother to stick around to hear his shouts and insults. That, and I cranked up the music so I wouldn't have to put up with it. Oh, and how convenient, I was right next to the door outside-

Holy shit that's two moons.

Two hours later, I had finally gotten over the fact there were TWO MOONS out here.

Yup, looks like I'm not in my world anymore! How the hell do they have a blue and red moon anyways? Guess that phrase 'once in a blue moon' doesn't apply here, huh?

Well, whatever. Now to climb that giant ass tower! Just gotta set that basket of clothes down first, alongside my electronics. I would not want to drop my music player at let it break while climbing.

Though I'm glad I managed to learn that skill where you could do some electromagnetic connection and launch yourself up at metal.

Let's see… manipulate magnetic field around that flag pole sticking out… manipulate field around me… and there I go, flying! Man, electromagnetic field manipulation is fun. I only wish I could do it faster, as to be able to stop bullets from hitting me. If I could do that, I'd be a killing machine.

Oh, and that reminds me, taking… care of people here should be easy enough. For an age that relies strictly on swords and other metal melee weapons for the most part, I can decimate armies here! Plus, since magic is fairly abundant, I won't be accused of demonic arts and shit unlike my world and timeline!

…my inner demon is now laughing in glee.

Now, what's at the top of… hey, weird glowing purple rock… with its own electromagnetic signature? Huh, I didn't feel it earlier. Well, might as well try to sap the energy out of-

"Ugh…" I blinked repeatedly. Man... I feel sore.

Is that grass next to me? Aaaand I'm looking at the sky.

Holy crap, did I fall from that height? Well, that crystal... imprinted, for lack of a better word, a technique into my mind. I hadn't actually thought of using static electricity to slow my descent. Huh, that would've been useful in the city, actually. I wouldn't have to climb around as much and also wouldn't have taken so many bullets all the time while running.

Taking another look at the crystal, I found that it no longer glowed, alongside having lost its very distinct electromagnetic signature. I tried running a current through it again but nothing happened again. Might as well keep it with me just in case.

Lightning flashed overhead, distracting me from the crystal. Huh... I could use a recharge, actually.

Using my powers, I traced the electron flow and tried to find where it would go next. Heh, luckily it's this tower right here!

Floating up using magnetic field manipulation, I quickly made my way to the top of the tower. Wow... it's got an amazing view from up here... Too bad you could never get this sort of view in New Marais. I'd love to be able to look out a window and actually see nature instead of street for once. More maybe that my electric-nature-thing part of me talking.

Ah, right, lightning bolt.

The world flashed white while I felt myself recharging, the headache I had from before disappearing entirely. Yes, that feels great! I mean, I don't really rely on the whole absorb-energy-use-it-later, but having electricity is always nice! Man... if only I could actually control these strikes! Being able to control a lightning bolt and where it strikes would be great! Unfortunately, I can't just call these things out of nowhere...

Unfortunately, the lightning strike ended, but I still came away feeling hella great. Well, time to test my new abilities.

Leaping off, I tried out my technique, holding out my hands, palms down, using static electricity to slow me down. Hey, this actually wo-whooooa! Okay, I have to remain focused there! Nearly spiraled out of control...

After about a minute or two, I touched on the ground, landing very softly. Ahh... that's awesome. I'm going to have to do that more often at night when no one's watching. After all, I sort of want to keep my powers a secret for now. I don't need Louise trying to have me use my powers to do whatever she wants.

Well, I suppose I might as well take these clothes and go find someone who can wash these things...

"Burn my dread," I sang along softly, turning another corner, having wandered around for at least a goddamnned hour. Oh hey, a maid! And someone who actually has a normal hair color!

…is it sad that I've been in this world for one day and already miss having normal hair? I swear I've been thrown into some anime that the kids always liked watching…

"'Scuse me." I tapped her shoulder, eliciting a squeak from her. She turned around, her head about level with my chest, "C-cynthia…?!"

"N-no," she stammered, "Siesta…"

"Oh, sorry. I mistook you for an… old friend of mine." I shrugged, "Now, would you know where I could get these washed? Carrying them was kinda a pain."

Siesta led me to where they were washing things, and I apologized I couldn't help because of a… curse, which I demonstrated by dipping two fingers in the water.

She was helpful in explaining the whole feudal relationships here, which I had already learned about in history. Standard rich and powerful nobility abuse the much more abundant poor, complete with nobles taking in… mistresses from villages and towns, only to never be seen again in the worst cases. I could already deduce what happened by Siesta's scared tone.

…wait, wouldn't this mean there would be a lot more magically potent kids, assuming magic is a genetic trait here? With all the bastard sons and daughters roaming around, this 'magic equals nobility' rule should've caused the collapse of this country… er… kingdom. Gah, so much confusion here! I'm going to need a pencil and some paper to map this all- damn, they only have ink and scrolls here. Damnit. Modern technology, how much I will miss you here…

Anyways, it was pretty bad here since nobles had magic with which to torment the peasants with, so that makes it probably worse than medieval Europe. And nobles could pretty much practice their arts freely, since there weren't really any laws in place to protect the peasantry. A bad sort of nostalgia filled me as I recalled my first few days as a Conduit, doing what they did, essentially. Though I never abused anyone. I really just used my powers for intimidation and when someone was being stupid.

Unfortunately, Siesta had to go back to her duties, leaving me without a chatting mate. I guess I'll head back to Louise for now. I've got nothing better to do.

Well… day one of being brought out into some weird alternative world timeline… I guess it was okay.

…of course, this only means it's going to get worse.

Kira: No. Just no.

Oh come on, it works! Besides, anti-heroes are fun. And we do get to see Gig's anti-hero side next time.

Gig: You bet. *smirks*

Kira: Hell dude, you just made a bloodthirsty OC.

Weeeeell not always. Gig's a nice guy… or at least, tries to be. Until people piss him off. And currently he's only hanging with Louise since he pities the way she was treated.

In case you didn't figure it out, Gig's around the time of the events of inFamous 2. And yeah, I know Cole supposed to be the only one with electricity but there's just SO MANY POSSIBILITIES with electrokinesis! My inner scientist couldn't resist!

However, I would like to now go over several things about Gig's electrokinesis abilities. Gig researched electricity, so he understands how he can manipulate electron flow and electricity's properties to do what he needs. While he lacks things such as the Megawatt Hammer and the Precision skill, he can make up for him with his extensive knowledge. Like bio electricity manipulation.

Current list of abilities: Electromagnetic Shockwave, Gigawatt Blades, Kinetic Pulse, Radar Pulse, Working on Polarity Wall (the specifics of it are still lost on it, so he's doing research on it), Lightning Tether, Lightning Hook, Disintegration (stopping the flow of electrons which happen to hold things together...), Electricity Drain, and Heart Stop (modifying electron flow/current to stop someone's heart) [EVIL KARMA SKILL]

Well, please leave a review if you want to, or have any criticism, but please try to make it constructive! Seeya all next time!