Immortal Love

I began to walk down the sidewalk, cellphone in my right hand with him trying to get me back, staring at my feet as they dragged across the ice covered cement. I can still see the look on his face.. and hers. In my mind it doesn't surprise me that he chose to do this to me and make me feel this way. He was always staring at other women even when I was next to him. He never cared about how I felt about anything.

-flash back 10 minutes ago-

"Stan, I'm here to study with you.." I said opening up his door seeing him on top of another woman moving his body over hers. He quickly stood up trying to pull his pants up thinking he could hide what he was doing. "Wendy, it isn't what it looks like!" He said looking at me fumbling with his zipper. "Don't you dare lie to me, I can clearly see what you were doing with that slut!" I yelled slamming the door behind me as a stomped by his parents who went to see what happened.

-Flash back end-

I only felt pain, and anger flowing through me. I was for sure that his parents were probably punishing him for what he did to me, but I left before I knew what they did. There was a full moon on this night and a small breeze that nipped my nose. There were no cars or people out, it was only me, I felt as if I was in Silent Hill from how quiet it was. I reached the intersection that lead to my house seeing a truck coming down the road. "Why even live now, I lost everything cause of him..." I said walking out into the middle of the road accepting my fate. I was tackle to the ground by a force that I couldn't see, we both barely avoided the truck and fell on the road hearing a thud from whatever tackled me.

I stood up and looked back to see it was Kenny who pushed me out of the way. I could see the blood drawing from his head from the impact on the sidewalk. "Kenny! Kenny!" I yelled looking around for help but to know avail. I grabbed my phone off the ground calling an ambulance to help him. It took them 10 minutes to reach us, briefly telling me how to keep him from dying as I waited. I sat in the waiting room of the hospital waiting to see what would happen to him having Kyle come as soon as he heard.

"Hey Wendy, how is he?" He asked me as he sat across from me, he was in nothing but his pajamas, I didn't think he cared that much about Kenny to rush down in pajamas. "They haven't told me anything yet... He's here cause of me though, I tried killing myself cause of Stan cheating on me and Kenny tackled me out of the way of the truck. Fucking asshole didn't even bother stop to see if we were alright." I said clenching my fists together in anger wanting to punch the driver.

We held a conversation for a good hour until the doctor came out with a look of sorrow on his face. "We're very sorry but Kenny's brain suffered to much hemorrhage from the impact that it ruptured his brain." He apologized to us as he walked away, both me and Kyle walked in to see his lifeless body. Kyle broke down into tears resting his upper body on the hospital bed where he laid. I couldn't handle being there so I just left, tears going down my face as well. Anger flared up in me worst than before, first Stan cheating on me, then Kenny risking his life, and for what, a girl who never even tried to speak to him once.

I reached home around 2 in the morning walking up to my bedroom, my parents where fast asleep in their room not hearing me come home. I went into the bathroom in my room taking a shower letting the water just trail down my body as I was in deep thought thinking how it was my fault that Kenny was dead. After I showered I got dressed in my Pajamas and laid in my bed to sleep. The story of Kenny's death will be told throughout the school tomorrow and everyone will blame me.