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Immortal love Ch.6

I couldn't believe it, it didn't seem possible even though stranger things have happened in this town. I have my own guardian angel, someone who will protect me from harm and be by my side no matter what. "Kenny are you sure he said guardian angel?" I asked him as I caught up to him grabbing him by the collar.

He stopped and turned around grabbing my hand. Having him hold onto my hand like that sent shivers down my spine but I actually liked it. "Yes, I am your guardian angel, I have to watch over you, God has something big for you planned when you have become of age." He said as Stan passed me and Kenny giving us a look of anger as usual. "What age exactly did he say?" I asked him ignoring my asshole of an ex.

"He didn't specify if it was age in years, or age in some other form like intelligence or physical peak." He said letting go of my hands and opening up his locker. "I guess we will just have to find out won't we." I said blushing a bit missing the feeling of his hands on mine. We chatted casually as we walked to our first hour. A former student enrolled again, it was one of the goth kids from middle school Henrietta Biggle. She was very different though, she was skinnier now and had developed a lot over the years.

Cartman was the first to say something and of course, it got him sent to the principles office for calling her an emo bitch. I sat and watched as he walked out of the room in anger having her sit in front of me. "Hey, Henrietta is it?" I asked gaining her attention. "Things have changed, if you want to know how the social life of this school has changed, come see me and Kenny at lunch." I said pointing to Kenny, the school has changed a lot and hoped that I could make a new friend out of it.

She simply nodded as Mr. Garrison went on with the lecture about Romeo and Juliet. I started daydreaming dream about Romeo being Kenny and me being Juliet. Like all good day dreams though it was cut short as the bell rang for us to switch classes. "What was that all about? I thought you hated Henrietta from middle school." Kenny asked me as we walked into second hour. "I need more friends, I have lost all my good ones and I'm trying to be nice." I said as Stan bumped into Kenny on purpose making him drop his books.

"Watch it bitch." He said continuing to walk down the hall meeting up with Bebe for their second hour. Kenny picked up his books and held my hand again walking to our next hour. The class was actually interesting, the class was about religion, gods, and angels. Throughout the class Kenny would smirk whenever the teacher said immortality wasn't possible. "If only she knew." he whispered into my ear making me giggle a bit.

My third hour Kenny wasn't in because he had to go to woodshop, so I was alone with some kids I barely knew like Clyde and Travis. The hour went by fast because it was about stuff I already knew so I just jotted down drawings in my folder to pass the time. I met up with Kenny at the lunch room seeing Henrietta walk in going over to the goth kids table seeing her be rejected. I ran up to her tapping her shoulder motioning for her to follow.

"Yeah you may want to avoid them." I said sitting down having her next to me. "After you left they started to hate everyone even more, that includes you as well." I added taking a drink from my milk. "I went up and asked about you once and they said you left them alone and wanted nothing to do with you so... I'm sorry for that happening." I said putting my hand showing support. "It's fine I guess, they were assholes anyway, whenever we would hang out all they wanted to do was smoke my cigarettes or try to have sex with me." She said eating a salad that she brought

Cartman came into the lunchroom with Kyle sitting next to us seeing Henrietta. "I'm sorry for calling you an emo bitch." He said lowering his head. I have never seen Cartman apologize like that before, except for when I kicked his ass about making fun of breast cancer. "It's fine, I know how you are Cartman, your weight makes you angry." He looked up knowing she was right and had hit a nerve. "Here take this." She said throwing him a pamphlet about a weight loss camp. "This is the best one in the Denver area, the one we have sucks." She said eating her salad as Cartman looked over the paper.

Kenny held my hand underneath the table making me blush at such a sudden movement in front of everyone. "I have something to tell you when you have time." He said whispering into my ear which sent a shock through my body that words couldn't describe. Throughout lunch every seemed to be getting along, even Cartman was being nice to Kyle. It was nice to see everyone happy and not fighting with each other. After lunch me and Kenny walked to our next hour but he pulled me into the janitors closet closing the door

"What the hell kenn-" I was cut off as he forced his lips on to mine holding me close by my waist. I didn't know what to do so I stood there in complete shock. He broke the kiss after a couple of seconds stepping back a little. "While I was dead I could wander the earth a bit before going to heaven and I went into your dreams. I saw what you wanted and I gave it to you, what you want to do after that is up to you now." He said kissing me one more time before opening the door and leaving.

I stood there with a million words running through my head of what I could have said if he didn't leave. His kiss felt so warm and made me feel relaxed, it is something I want to feel again. I ran up to him in the hallway forcefully turning him around and kissing him this time. "You're my guardian angel, and now my lover.." I said after breaking the kiss locking my hands in his.