Riddick: They say most of your brain shuts down in cryo-sleep. All but the primitive side, the animal side. No wonder I'm still awake. Transporting me with civilians. Sounded like 40, 40-plus. Heard an Arab voice. Some hoodoo holy man, probably on his way to New Mecca. But what route? What route? I smelt a woman. Sweat, boots, tool belt, leather. Prospector type. Free settlers. And they only take the back roads. And here's my real problem. Mr. Johns... the blue-eyed devil. Planning on taking me back to slam... only this time he picked a ghost lane. A long time between stops. A long time for something to go wrong...

My body was thrown into the wall of my cryo chamber. I could only let out a choked cry as I began to wake up. The ship was exploding around me. I could feel the heat of a fire. Hear the sharp sounds of glass shattering. My mind was groggy as it tried to pry open my heavy lidded eyes. I needed to wake up! I was going to die in here! The shaking rumbled through my body as I slammed head first into glass. I heard a crack. My glasses. My shaking fingers reached to my temple- warm liquid coated my fingertips and my eyes pried open. The deep crimson was a stark contrast to my already pale skin. My eyes widened as the pain began to sink in and my stomach began to churn. My eyes focused on the cryo chamber before me. A large man was chained by the wrists. His face half obscured by a dark blindfold. His body was large-he was large. His skin was a dark tan. The red lights flashing up above made it hard to get a good look at his face. But his head raised and if he could see me he would be glaring right at me. I whimpered in fear and could have sworn he smirked. The ship shook again more violently then before. I tried to brace myself as I was thrown around the a plastic bag in the wind. I screamed out just as my skull cracked against the wall. More blood seeped into my eyes as the ship smashed into the ground. My breathing was heavy and shallow as I tried to choke back my sobs. I could feel the world fleeing from my vision. It wasn't going to come back- not until I woke up.

If I ever wake up.

Someone was pulling me from my chamber. Hands wrapped securely around my waist. My eyes fluttered open and grew wide as I took in the damage of the ship. Half - no majority of the passengers were gone. I began to panic as my mind registered the pain coursing through my body. I struggled against the man holding me.
"Let me go. Get off of me!" I cried as my hands swatted at him. His hands released my waist and I flew back. I landed hard on the ground watching th blonde haired man glare at me from above. His blue eyes radiated hate and I cringed into myself.

"Stay here and die for all I care," He spat walking away to help the others. I scrambled to my feet and immediately regretted it as my head spun. A wave of nausea swam through my body and I doubled over releasing the breakfast I had days ago.

"Get it out of me!" I heard a strained cry. The man was strapped to his chair the one thing made to protect him led him to his death. I watched as she tried to pull the large metal rod out. She barely touched it, but he felt everything. He screamed for her to not touch it and I spun around to where the medbay should have been. In its place was nothing just a gaping hole.
"...in the medlock at the back of the cabin," Frye said.
"It's gone. Completely gone," I told her. She demanded us all to get out. All we could do was wait for him to die. I was the first out of the room.

"Did our luggage make it?" I asked the young boy of maybe 12 or 13. He shrugged and walked past me. I needed to change into cooler clothes. I was headed to my mothers house where it keeps a steady chill to the air year round. I never understood why she lived there. I moved about the cabin while everyone else went out. I slipped off my long sleeved shirt and reveled in how much cooler I felt. My tank top was damp with sweat so I tugged open my suitcase and pulled out a grey shirt and black pants. The top hit above my navel the sleeves were cut off thanks to my best friend, Narissa, who thought it would do me good to tear a few clothes up. And it's safe to say it has. My pants were tight but flexible. I could move around in them easily. I was glad I decided to bring my boots. I slipped off my sandals and put on a pair of thin socks and my combat boots. I tucked in my pants and lacing the laces. My head throbbed dully. Wincing I took them off and pinched the bridge of my nose. My vision was blurred. I couldn't see a thing without my glasses.

I wiped off the dust and slipped them back on. I found a cracked mirror at the bottom and tried not to cringe at the reflection staring at me. My dark curly red hair had slipped from its half pinned styling. Tendrils of curls shaped my dirty face. Dried blood was caked on and I remembered I had half a water bottle left. Quickly, I wet an old shirt and scrubbed my face. Soon it was clean and I could see my hazel eyes. even blurred I could see how tired and scared I was. I may not make it out of here...everyone else is so much bigger in stature I was only a measly 5'2''. And small... Not many believed I was 23, but once they did they looked me over. Ogled my curves and assets and agreed with no doubt in their minds. Tired of sitting here I quickly pinned my hair up as best as I could, slamming my suitcase shut I froze. Someone- I don't know who had walked by the opening. Panicked I scrambled to my feet and spun around to leave.

Everyone was admiring the suns. There were two of them. One red and one blue.

"Bloody Hell," Shazza, I believe, gasped. She was a prospector traveling with her boyfriend Zeke. The young boy I had spoken to earlier was Jack and the one with the expensive robes and cracked glasses was Paris. He seemed too flashy to be here. I squinted at Johns the man who had insulted me after rescuing me just because I was scared. He was a cop or so he led everybody to believe. Something was off about him. I just didn't know what. As if he knew I was watching he turned to me a ghost of a smile crossed his features and he winked. I quickly turned away.
"So much for your night fall," Zeke said.

"So much for cocktail hour," Paris said in his posh accent.

"We take this as a good sign. Blue sun: blue water," Iman, the Muslim with the three young boys said.

"And everyone wonders why I'm an atheist," Zeke expressed.

"It's a bit of a bad sign. That the direction Riddick's headed," Johns spoke up.

"I thought you said you found his restraints over there, towards sunset," Carolyn wondered gesturing in the opposite direction. Was he who I saw walk past the opening? Why didn't he kill me? How much had I missed while I was lost in my thoughts?

"Right, which means he went towards sunset. Zeke,fully loaded clip safety is on. Ok?" Johns had pulled the hand gun from his belt and handed it to Zeke who checked he clip himself. Paris walked over to the small group wondering if Johns was going off to.

"What happens if Mr. Riddick spots us first?" He asked leaning on an old spear.

"Then no shots," Johns said walking off. We were split into groups. One to look for water and the other to stay behind to help fix the ship and make it as inhabitable as possible for tonight. I was with Shazza, Zeke, Jack and Paris. I offered to help keep lookout for Zeke while he dug graves for the dead.

I was standing underneath the tent with my breather as he hacked away and sucked in deeply. My eyes scanned the horizon. I couldn't see anything since the suns were so bright. My eyes landed on a dark figure moving towards the ship where Shazza, Jack and Paris were.

I jumped into the hole,"Zeke! Look!" I pointed towards the figure and Zeke bolted from the hole. I followed as quickly as I could. Three shots were fired.

The man wasn't Riddick, but a survivor. And now his head was blown to bits and brain matter was sprayed on poor Shazza.

"Are you all right?" I asked her while I helped her clean herself up.

"Just make sure you have his back out there," She told me when we were finished. Did she think I was inadequate? That I couldn't keep watch for a mere 30 minutes? I was a little hurt, but then I realized that was someone she loved.

"Don't worry," I told her a bit hesitantly. She turned back to work and I followed Zeke back to the pit to bury more.

"How did you two meet?" I asked gently sucking on the air provided by the tube attached to my back.

"I was a miner and she was the bosses daughter," He smirked remember wrong the memory,"He caught us together one night and threw me out. Nearly broke my jaw, but she came with me."

"She just left her family?"

He looked at me nodding,"It's crazy what you do for someone you love."

We had just finished burying the man when Zeke and I decided to take a break. We laid underneath the tarp roof and rested our eyes. The sound of gravel and sand moving caused us to sit up. We looked around tense and Zeke reached for the gun, but I saw the movement in the hole.

"Look, there's a tunnel," I jumped into the hole and he followed. It's like something had burrowed straight into the side of the holes wall. I made to crawl in, but Zeke stopped me.

"Let me," He said.

"Why, because you have the gun?" I scoffed , but let him take my place. I backed up to the opposite wall.

"I'm going to need you to get out of the hole, Marie," He looked at me like I was a child and waved his hand.

"Why? If something happens to you I can help if I'm closer,"

"And you might get killed in the process. But if you're up there and it does go south you won't have to worry about climbing up a wall to get help," He told me.

"Whatever you say, Bossman," I mocked climbing out of the hole to watch him.

Then his legs began to shake violently as he let out a pained cry and the gun went off. I jumped into the hole and grabbed for him, but I was too late. I shot into the hole immediately being drenched in blood. I fought back the urge to gag and felt for Zeke.

"Zeke! Zeke!" I screamed. I was only getting dirt and gravel then I heard a clicking that made my skin crawl.

"Zeke-!" My voice was cut off by a large hands grabbing me around my waist pulling me from the hole . I raked at the ground and screamed. I kicked and threw my weight but he held on tight. A hand clamped down harshly ceasing my screams. I froze as his large body pressed against my back. I could feel his abs beneath his shirt. They were pressed into my upper back. His body was-was plastered to me. My head rested against his chest. he was so much taller than me. So much bigger. He breathed in my scent and sighed. His chest rose and fell and I tried to keep from trembling.
His other hand slid down my arm and gripped my wrist spinning me around. I gasped as my chest hit his. His face was breathtaking. His eyes - I couldn't see them. They were covered by goggles. I tried to push away, but he pulled me close I stopped breathing as his lips brushed my ear.

His deep voice shocked me. It was rich and slightly raspy.
"You should run,"

"Zeke!" I managed to sputter.

"Is dead."

He starred at me before his head swiveled to the sound of feet. He released me and I stumbled back falling into the hole. The air was knocked out of me. Gasping, I watched Shazza appear. Her eyes growing wide as she took in the blood. Then her eyes darted to me and I fought back the tears. Then her eyes glanced up and I followed them. He was kneeling watching us. Shazza took in the blood that was smeared on his face and arms and glanced at the hole completely bypassing the fact that I was unable to breath.

I was covered in blood. Zeke's blood was all over me. I begin to panic-hyperventilate.

My vision began to dim and I saw her chase after him before I saw Shazza dash after him with Johns hot on the trail.

Then everything went black.