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My breathing was labored and my hair stuck to my sweaty face. Martha was beside me I imagined her murmuring encouraging words into my ear. Her voice was nothing but a low hum to me. I couldn't decipher a single letter if I tried. I clenched her hand tightly as I pushed.

12 hours I was in labor. I didn't want an epidural in fear of hurting my babies. I refused bravely. Now, I wish I had. I wished...I wished for him to be here. I wish he knew. I wish he knew of his children.

"Marie, push!"

My body was acting on its own accord doing what it pleased and right now it wanted them out. I grunted and did as told. The pain was immense. The contractions are what hurt the most. When I'd push it was almost a relief, but then the contractions would bounce right back. I wasn't able to tell when one ended and the other started.

I wasn't listening to the doctor between my legs. I wasn't listening to anybody. I just wanted this pain to stop. I wanted them out. I cried and clenched my jaw preparing for the next wave. My jaw unlocked as I yelled out in pain. Martha beside me pulled my damp hair behind my ears clasping it with her metal hair pin. I think I yelled at her not to touch me...I'm not sure, honestly.

I sobbed as a contraction lessened. I had only a few moments to breath. Weak and trembling I fell back on pillows cold with sweat. Wracking my head back and forth as I breathed in and out. When it came to push again I wailed not wanting to do it anymore.

"I can't. I don't want to, Martha, it hurts! Make it stop," I begged, but I was forced to push as my body took over. That's when I saw her step inside the room. She was covered in pink frog scrubs. Her hair was in a loose point tail. I wanted so badly to yell at her, but Dr. Yotes told me he could see the head. That it wouldn't be too much longer if I gave one last strong push.

I felt a searing pain right before I heard the cries.

"A Beautiful little girl," he said to me as he lifted my daughter so I could look at her. She was covered in red, white fluid. Her arms and legs trembling softly against the cold air. It must've shocked her. She wailed loudly. She was a normal sized baby. I had expected bigger or even smaller, but not normal.

An overwhelming feeling of love wafted over me.

"My baby girl, Ziza, she's so beautiful," I sobbed.

Martha kissed my wet forehead and agreed. I watched in panic as he handed her off to my mother.

"Don't-shes going to take my baby. Don't giver her to her! Please," I begged.

"She's going to clear her airways, Marie, I'm going to need you to push for me. We have one more,"

Pushing. I have to push again. I felt the familiar searing pain and couldn't wait to see little Aiden.

"Wait, stop. Don't push," said. I froze. His voice was filled with panic and I didn't even realize Ziza was taken from the room. And all the nurses had suddenly appeared from the woodwork.

"What? You told me to push-what's wrong? What's wrong with my baby?"

"The cord is wrapped around his neck. I need to loosen it. Try to stay calm, Marie," At that moment my mother turned to me her eyes filled with tears. She was hurting.

"OK, I've got it. I've got him," Dr. Yotes said, but he didn't show me Aiden only stood up and quickly moved to the back. I did get a glimpse of him. His body wasn't rich in color. Not like his sisters and I realized he wasn't crying.

"Why isn't he crying? Is he OK?"

No one answered me they only continued to work on him. Four bodies huddled around.

I looked to Martha who looked on in terror.

"Cry baby, cry, just breathe in, please, please!" I sobbed.

I watched in silence fearful to speak that I might miss his loud shrieks. The silence was deafening. Everything was so loud, but so quiet. Like every little move screamed at me. Made my head hurt. I shut my eyes and prayed. I prayed for him to suck in air. Just cry. Please. Cry. Tears streamed down my face as I prayed. Just cry. You can do it. Just cry. For mommy.

Martha's hand tightened around mine and I pried my eyes open. I saw the nurses first. They were standing in the back their eyes cast to the floor. Their faces wet. My eyes adjusted to the man before me. I peered up at him.

His face was sad. His mouth moving. His arms holding out my baby. My mind didn't register any of it until Aiden was placed in my trembling arms. He looked so beautiful in his blue cap and matching swindling blankets.

In a split second I took in his pale face. His lifeless body. He wasn't moving. He wasn't crying.

He wasn't alive.

The sound I made was inaudible. It wasn't a word. It wasn't a cry. It was a mother mourning her son.

"Aiden, sweetie, open your eyes. Open your eyes for mommy. Come on, you can do it. You're strong just like your sister. Just like your father. Breathe, baby, breathe," I sobbed.

"Marie, Aiden is gone," Dr. Yotes said.

"Don't tell me that. Don't you dare say that! He can't be- No!" Shock began to fade and the pain began to set in as I clutched him tightly to my chest.

The room emptied. Leaving me to mourn my dead son.

I had fallen into a dreamless sleep after I had passed the afterbirth still clutching Aidens still breathless body to my chest. I dream of nothing. It was just blank. I don't know how long I slept, but when I woke up Aiden wasn't in my arms. Frantic, I glanced around the room to pause at the window beside my bed that had a view of the city. She was holding him in her arms. My mother.

"Give him to me," I demanded scrambling out of bed.

She only turned to me slightly. A small smile on her lips,"I can't do that,"

"Why the hell not? Give me my son, Mother!"

"I can't because he's not here," She said turning to me. She was clutching a bundle of empty blankets. She dropped the blankets and small hat to the cold linoleum floor. I cried out reaching for the cloth as it fluttered to the ground. I didn't make it and they landed softly just beyond my grasp. My legs gave out and I crashed to the floor, sobs wracking my body as reality began to set in.

"Why?! Why-why?!Oh, God!" I screamed into the cold floor,"Where is he?"

"I sent him to be cremated,"

"No! Why-why wold you do that? Why would- I didn't say goodbye...you had no right," I cried. She had no right.

"As your mother I have every right," She squatted beside me her fingers pushing my hair from my face. I just laid there too heartbroken to fight her.

"And as your mother I got rid of that stand in- Martha was it?" Her voice was ice as it stabbed at every nerve ending in my body. With every word my hatred for her grew. With every word I receded into my own mind. The blackness I had slept in began to overwhelm me and I wasn't fighting it.

"I know what this pain feels like. I know what it's like to kill your child, Marie," She stated.

"I- I didn't kill him!"

"Oh, but didn't you? That shock of electricity you got the day of your last appointment- the one that is visibly still there. Dr. Yotes was a willing participant since I had his child pornography itch to hold over his head," she had reached for my hand pressing on the red dot,"This jolt was a virus to snuff out the weaker specimen. I was hoping it would be you, but for some reason it wasn't and instead it took your son. I know I was shocked as well! It's why you went into labor so early. This virus sends the body into shock. It caused great distress and your sons Furyan side had kicked in just as I had hoped, but it wasn't as strong as your daughters and the more he tried to fight it the tighter the cord wrapped. It's tragic, really," Her voice was so calm as she dished her dirty laundry to me.

After a few moments of digesting her words I lifted my head from the cold wet puddle I was laying in,"You murdered my unborn son!"

"Ah, yeah, dear are you feeling alright? Did you just now catch onto that? Now, you see these men over here?" She pointed to two large men in all white hospital uniforms,"These men are going to take you to the Psych ward. You know why?"

I could only tremble and shake my head, but she nodded hers and the doors opened.

She had Ziza.

"No! Please, don't do this! I'm begging you!" I screamed shoving my heavy body to its feet. The men had moved as one seizing my frantic movements to reach my child. In one movement they had me off the ground. One burly man had my shoulders and the other gripped my kicking legs. They lifted me from the ground like I weighed nothing.

"Please, I just gave birth hours ago, I just gave birth. I just gave birth! Please! Stop it! Stop! Mom! Mom, please- please," My cries for help fell upon deaf ears as the pulled me from my hospital room. The entire hospital was dark- or at least my hall was. I threw my head back to see my mother cuddle Ziza close to her chest. She stoked back her curly dark hair and kissed the top of her head.

"I'm your mommy now, sweetie, wanna see if we can find your father?" I heard her say.

I was thrashing and wailing as they kept walking.

"Somebody! Help me! Please! Anybody! How in the hell is there not a soul in this damn fucking hospital?!"

"Oh, you see you're not in the same hospital you were in earlier. As you slept we moved you," She spoke up as she trailed behind me. Her lips pressed a kiss to my baby's head and I screamed at her. Ziza only wailed and I let my body go limp. There was no point in fighting anymore. I was doing more damage to myself than to them. She comforted my crying daughter by singing a song I hadn't heard in years. I blocked out her voice and just watched the ceiling lights go by.

We came to a stop and I was dropped onto the floor my head slamming hard against it.

"Get her up,"

One of the goons pulled me from the floor and set me against the wall. We were in a dark hallway. And beside me she ordered the other man to open a metal door.

"This will be where you die, Marie, where you'll wither away from hunger deprivation. I'm sorry it's had to come to this, but you serve no purpose to me or her anymore,"My mother smiled down at Ziza when she grasped her finger.

"Can I have a moment with my daughter?" I asked shoving off the wall. My hospital gown barely reached mid thigh. My mother just raised an eyebrow at me and I restated my request,"May I have a final moment with my daughter, please?"

"That's better, Hugo, Wilfred go on. I can take it from here,"

I watched the two large men stalk down the hallway disappearing around the corner all the way at the end.

"Here," She handed me my daughter and I smiled brightly. She was beautiful. Her complexion was all her fathers. Her eyes slid open and I marveled at how beautiful they were. They were a deep brown. I'd imagine Riddick shared the same eye color as his daughter.

"Where is he?"

"Who? You're lover or your dead son?"

I gritted my teeth,"Where's Riddick?"

"Now, that's a funny story. Richard came by and stole my locket for you. He killed all my men- all 28 of them. It was mesmerizing honestly. And when he didn't kill me I knew he was in love with you. You naive little girl. Even then you felt like you need to know me. Anyhow it took me a year, but I had found him wandering around a sleazy hotel. He was surprised to see me nonetheless. You see I gave him a choice. If he didn't leave at that moment I was going to blow the entire building. The construction work that plagued your weeks of pleasure were my men filling explosive concrete into the foundation. Richard, of course was going to go back and get you, but I had convinced him to leave," She explained coldly.

"How? What did you say to him?"

"The truth. If he went anywhere near that building I was going to blow you and your unborn children sky high,"

I stared at her in shock. How could she have known? I didn't even know.

"I can see your miserable little brain trying to make sense of this. Let me clear it up for you. Remember the night your friend died? We drugged you. In the needle beside the drug was a nanobot that would send a signal to my cell whenever you and Riddick decided to get down and dirty. It would also send me a signal confirming the moment you conceived. It's rather smart too. It gave me the number of sperm that attached to your egg so I was able to conclude that you were with twins, but that's how I got him to leave. I'm not sure where he went, but he went far,"

He knows. He knew I was pregnant. He knows about them...my heart sank. He doesn't really know anything. Not after today.

"Now, I say you've had enough time with my baby, hand her over," She said reaching her long talons for my child.

I stepped into the dark cell. I had set Ziza on the ground by the wall and moved to the opposite wall.

"Marie, you little bitch! Get out of that hole and give her to me!" She growled stepping right up to the blackness.

I pulled the metal pin from my hair and clenched it tightly.

"Marie, don't make me come in there!" She threatened.

"Oh, what are you going to do, mother? Call me a bitch?" I teased stepping away from the wall. I could see the anger in her face. I could see her contemplating whether or not she should step over that threshold. I was in the middle of the room now just watching her strain herself.

"Marie, I will not hesitate to kill you!" She hollered as one last hope to scare me into moving into the light. She inched forward stepping into the darkness.

"I'll be sure to show you the same courtesy as well, mother,"

She was in front of me now. Thankful for quiet feet I tiptoed around her echoing high heels towards her back.

Riddick's voice echoed in my head.

"Go for the sweet spot - just to the left of the spine fourth lumbar down. The abdominal aorta."

I grabbed hold of her shoulder and shoved the metal pin right where it needed to be. She screamed out as I twisted it pulled it out. She tumbled to the ground. With what little strength she had left- what little life- she turned to look at me. I think she made an attempt to laugh, but she only choked on her own blood.

"I told you I was going to kill you," I spat and kicked her in the stomach.

"Now, if you don't mind, but I'm going to need your clothes," I said as her eyes fluttered shut. I stripped her of her clothing and put them on. I'm glad we were pretty much the same build. I put my dead mother in my hospital gown and slid her high heels on before gathering my daughter into my arms.

"Let's get out of here,"

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