I do not own fairy but this is my very first fairy tail story.

I sat on the roof of the takahashi estate. "Akira!" My father yelled pulling me down. I cut my arm aon a branch. I ran until i collapsed in an alley. "Are you okay?" I looked up at him. He had orange hair and glasses. "Mm-hmm.' I mumbled. I sat up on my knees. He held out his hand and smiled. I took it and smiled at him. "Do i know you?" He asked. 'I don't think so." I said. "Well i'm loki." He said kissing my hand. "I'm akira." I said. I fell to the ground. He picked me up and carried me to a guild. I fell asleep. I woke up with a warm washcloth on my head. "Your awake now." Loki said from the side of my bed. "Yes where am I?" I asked calmly. "The fairy tail guild." Loki said. I hid my excitment due to the pain. I winced in my pain. "Easy there." Loki said. "I've been through worst." I said. Loki picked me up and jumped out the window. "Damn you give us the girl." Koko said. The members of the guild came out. I jumped down. Loki held my hand but i pulled it away. "Who the hell sent you?" I growled. "Your father." Koko said making me wince slighty. "I'm not leaving." I said. Koko smirked and pulled me to the roof. I kicked him in the stomach and pushed him off the roof. Someone grabbed me from behind. 'Get off of me." I growled. "Your coming home.' I shuddered at the voice. My best friend, Gajeel! He was in a trance. He ran to sabertooth guild. "Hello, akira." Gajeel said. I ran to the door. Loki kicked it in. Loki pulled me into him. "So you got a boyfriend." Gajeel asked. i blushed and turned away from him. Gajeel pulled me to him. He used "iron fist" on me. "let her go!" Loki yelled. I gasped in pain. "Go get natsu, gray, erza, and loxus." I said between breaths. Loki nodded and left. My father stabbed me in the arm. "AHHHH!' I screamed. Gajeel started attacking me. "Leave her alone!"Loxus yelled as everyone attacked him. Gajeel pinned me to the wall by my throat. I clawed at his hand. "Ow! You bitch." Gajeel said trying to slap me but i held his hand and sqeezed. "Let me go or you'll regret it." I growled my eyes turning blood red. I pinned him to the ground blocking all his moves. "Remeber before you fight me just remeber, I always win." I said as tears filled my eyes. Gajeel blinked and looked at me. "What's wrong with you?" Gajeel asked. I bawled harder as he hugged me. "My father-" I said through sobs. I was now furious. "Gajeel smiled. 'Ready?' He said. "I am so ready let's go." i said as we all ran to the guild. Their was a 30 foot tall robot attacking the guild. "You have to change." Gajeel said. 'No i won't remeber what happened last time." I said tearing up. Gajell smacked my head. "Now!' Gajeel snapped. "Full take-over now!" I yelled. "move back." Gajeel yelled. I felt my wolf features come out through the light. I finished changing everyone gawked at me. "Let's go." Gajeel said sitting on my back. I growled aat him. 'Don't give me that attitude.' Gajeel snapped. "How are you going to get up there?" Loki asked. I jumped into the air landing at the top perfectly. "Training?" Gajeel asked. I nodded sniffing the air and leadind him to where my father was. I growled lowly. " So you changed completely. You better not kill me like you did to your mother" My father growled. I pounced on him cutting his throat. He kicked me out of the window. "Akira!" Loki and Gajeel yelled. I landed next to next to loki on my feet. I jumped back into the window. I growled at my father's dead body. I disactivated the blast timer. Me and Gajeel made it to the ground. I jumped back to the robot without Gajeel. I hit the self distruct button. I got stuck in some loose wire. The robot exploded with me in it. "AHHHH!" I heard everyone scream. I shook my head to get rid of my headache. I was in the forest. I walked back to the guild in my wolf form. Loki and Gajeel smiled at me. I looked at the ground. "Akira are you ok?" Gajeel asked. I looked at him. "Wait no stop, not til your magic regains itself." Gajeel said. I changed back falling to the ground really hard with a loud thump. I woke up with my head in loki's lap. 'Morning sleepy head." Gajeel said. I just smiled. "You okay?" Loki asked. i nodded my head slowly. "Are you gonna talk?" Gajeel asked. I nodded my head,no. He rolled his eyes and left. I sat up. My wolf features hadn't completely left and wouldn't leave for a couple weeks. I was stuck witth wolf ears and a fluffy tail. I giggled and played with my tail. Loki smiled and raised an eyebrow at me. I blushed and looked at the ground. Gajeel poked my tail and i growled at him. He put his hands up in defeat. I smiled and pounced on him. We both laughed as we wrestled like wolves. I won as usual. "Are you two done?" Erza asked. I hugged her slightly. "She is cute with ears and a tail." Erza said. 'You should see her puppy dog eyes. Even better than when she was a little girl." Gajeel said. I smiled evilly. I yawned showing my needle sharp picked me up. I squeeked with suprise. Loki carried me to my apartment. I curled into a ball on the bed. I fell asleep instatly.
I woke up in a confy position. Their was a knock on the door. I yawned and answered the door. I smiled at Loki. "Your voice back yet?" Loki asked. I nodded yes and yawned again. "Yupp all better now." I said smiling. "Natsu, erza, gray, and loxus are looking for you." Loki said. I stepped aside so he could came in. "Okay let me go take a quick shower." I said grabbing a pair of clean clothes. After my shower i put on a pink mini skirt and white and pnk shirt that stopped at the top of my stomach. I grabbed my brush and brushed through my straight brown hair. I put in a high ponytail. "Ready?" Loki asked. I nodded grabbing my phone and leaving the apartment. When we got to the new fairy tail guild i smiled at the warm welcome. "Hey, akira wanna join our team?" Natsu asked. Everyone gasped.