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A/N: I got this idea after reading the Total Drama wiki on Wikipedia and it talked about his full name and how at the end of Total Drama World Tour Cody would be 18. I also had this Transformers vibe going on at the end. So... one thing lead to another and here we are.

So without further ado...

Static plays. A boy around the age of 15 walks up to the camera. He has brown hair that falls down to form bangs, his eyes are a hazel blue, and he is wearing a some white shirts with two stripes of red and green on the outermost one with blue jeans. He smile a small gap tooth smile then frowns while looking on the ground almost as if he was about to cry before looking back at the camera. "It's been almost 200 years. We have been trapped here for almost 200 years, by him." He says the word him slowly and angrily before going back to his pitiful state.

"Chris tricked us all. After each and every one of us signed our contracts he gave us some punch to seal the deal and if we refused he would not let us on the show. It tasted horrid but we had to drink it if we wanted to win the money. By season 4 we knew something was up when none of us aged. He roped in more contestants as the years went on. All with the same trick. The worst part is our contract is permanent.

"He said if anyone tried to say something he would personally shoot them in the knew he was not joking. We thought someone would notice that by season 50: Total Drama Lava World that we all looked the same half a decade ago, but no one said a word.

"On season 174: Total Drama Elements, Noah made the slip up by sarcastically saying the reason why we look so young is because Chris gave us a serum to make us live forever in a Q&A segment. Even though he was joking Chris took it seriously. He called us all to the lobby of our private hotel and told Noah to go down on his knees and beg for his life. Obviously, Noah refused. Chris, out of anger pulled a pistol out of his pocket and shot Noah in the middle of his head three times before anyone could do anything.

"Eva, Izzy, Owen, Katie, his girlfriend at the time, and Me, his best friend, broke down crying. Chris just glared at us and said if anyone else mentioned anything we would meet his fate.

"Later that day he lied to you, the entire viewing audience that Noah had committed suicide because I, his boyfriend, broke up with him. And you bought it.

"There were some fun seasons, others more.. painful. Especially after losing Noah. The cops were finally on him, so to go out with a bang he got all 148 of us to have to have Total Drama Death Sentence in Space. As it sounds like, we were...we are put in space, on a large capsule of some sort. We are put in teams and the losers has to...kill its losing member." He laughed bitterly. "And we are supposed to be the lucky ones. The ones that survived the qualifiers.

"At first we were outraged by the proposal, but after a gun pointed at Owen's head made us all agree to it. Now there are only fifteen of us left: me, Tyler, Zoey, Ryan, Stephanie, B, Scarlett, Heather, LeShawna, Dwayne Jr., Dawn, Izzy, Geoff, Mike, and Sadie. All of us have decided tonight to revolt. I have stolen this video camera from him to record this message, and to warn you that we are coming and need back up.

"My name is Cody Emmett Jameson Anderson, leader of the resistance, sending this message to anyone on Earth to help us in the fight against Chris. We are here, fighting." Static plays, camera goes to black.

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Update: Well here I am, I want to say that I am quite satisfied with the reviews, and while I was touching this story up a bit, I really would like to continue it as an actual story. As you can tell, I added a few people to the list of survivors that I feel would not only be a generally believable survivor list, but would also provide a dynamic cast (There was only one person I took out and replaced, I bet you guys would feel that there would be no real difference between the two, but trust me, from my perspective, which one survives makes all of the difference for the tone.). Not to mention to at least get one representative from each of the new casts that has joined the TD/RR family.