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Chapter 1

Walking down the streets of New York had become one of Neal's favorite hobbies since working for the FBI and establishing a somewhat normal honest life. The past few months had presented turmoil for his normalcy. His father had appeared only to disappear again and become a fugitive after killing Pratt; Peter had gone in and out of jail; Hughes had resigned and Calloway had been thrown away back to Atlanta; Sara had left for London; Mozzie was still Mozzie, probably the only constant in his life who hadn't changed much.

His weekends had become more monotonous since Sara left. He couldn't call his emotional state as depressed, he often explained feeling nostalgia for his Palazzo Sasso time he had with her, just when he thought he could build a normal relationship… Not that Sara had blown up like Kate but she put on them many miles of distance. They remained in touch, but it wasn't the same.

He had developed a certain weekend routine which consisted on waking up on a Sunday morning, drinking coffee on his terrace, taking a shower and then going out for a long walk in Central Park to end up sitting on a bench and sketching the by-passers or the trees, the cardinals and squirrels, whatever came his way. Sometimes he would borrow Satchmo after he had breakfast with the Burke's but that wasn't very often. Then, around noon, he would come back home, turn on his computer and watch Sara practice her cello for one hour through Skype, afterwards, they usually chatted for a little while before she had to go to bed for an early Monday start. Then Neal was left with half a day to kill by himself and usually Mozzie helped there, they would just watch an old movie or play chess. It was a boring routine, Mozzie thought "go out and steal a museum, Neal, you're killing me here!" he usually said. But to Neal, it was just normal life and after all the events, he needed this.

After a boring Sunday, the only thing left was to sleep early so by 8 pm, Neal was in bed dozing off. Naturally, Monday morning came very very early…

Neal arrived at the office at 6:30 am. When Peter, Jones and Diana got there at 8, he had already gone through the week's cases and had a thorough briefing prepared.

"Morning all. We've got some interesting ones this week. Conference room?" Neal said to the team of FBI agents and didn't wait for them to respond when he was already going up the stairs. The three agents just looked at each other with raised eyebrows and did as Neal told them, inviting the rest of the White Collar division to the meeting.

Peter let Neal lead the meeting. The younger man was dead on conducting the meeting, listing the main details, providing insights and MO's for the criminals and pretty much solving the cases, giving instruction for next steps to every single agent in the conference room. Peter was in awe of this man. He always knew Neal was smart but he was becoming the best criminal profiler that he had ever seen, he could probably become a brilliant FBI agent if the Bureau allowed him to receive the proper training at Quantico. Hell, he already was a master with guns, he practically just needed the badge.

"Neal? A minute? My office" were Peter's words signaling Neal to join him in private

"What's up, Peter" said a very cheerful Neal

Peter raised an eyebrow "You stole the words from my mouth. What is up with you, Neal?"

"What do you mean?" Neal was confused

"You made senior agents look like toddlers back there" said Peter

Neal chuckled and actually felt a little bad for the other agents, some of them where kinda slow sometimes in his opinion "Sorry, that wasn't my intention. I was just trying to be a step ahead, you know, getting an early start on the week"

Peter was not convinced "Are you bored? Reformed thief's withdrawal symptom? Do you need to get laid?"

Neal laughed wholeheartedly and then "Peter!" he said in mock shock

"I don't mean to pry but it's just weird. At what time did you get in today?" Peter said actually looking a little embarrassed

Neal looked at his feet and dusted off invisible whirlpool from his lapel "six thirty" he said quietly

"Dear Lord" sighed Peter "Neal, are you ok? Wanna talk? I do appreciate the good job and you know it but I also want you to be happy and to have a life"

"Peter, I have a radius" deadpanned Neal as if that explained why he wasn't having a life

"Yes but you only have one year left and you're a very handsome 33 year-old bachelor. So don't give me that crap. You deserve to have fun and enjoy the good things in life even with a radius" explained Peter with a concerned look

Neal had a mischievous look "Peter, I'm being a good boy and you're telling me that it's ok to be a little bad?"

"God help me but yes. You're my friend too and I just don't want you to spend some of the best years of your life working cases for the FBI from dawn 'till dusk!". Peter was now wailing furiously his hands everywhere trying to make a point and it was very amusing to Neal, almost cute.

Peter put both hands on Neal's shoulders, looked directly into his eyes and very seriously said "You and I, are going out Friday night"

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