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Author's Notes: This is my masterpiece. The one I've been writing and editing all summer. I don't have it finished yet, but it's pretty long, so I figured I needed to start posting it. Please read this, and please review. My entire ego as a writer is riding on this. If it is not read, I will be a broken woman.

Prologue: A Dream

He walked along the lake. He knew that he was dreaming. Somehow he always knew when he was dreaming.

It was night - pitch-black night. Not even the stars shone. And someone was watching him.

He turned his head sharply, scanning the area with well-trained eyes. He tried to hone in on a presence, but in his dream, he could not focus.

But it was her. It could be none other than her.

He began to run.

He had long since left the lake, and was now running in an open field. His throat tightened in panic. He felt like a hunted animal - one who could not escape.

For her presence was getting stronger.

His legs were leaden, and he was finally forced to stop. Panting for breath, he found himself beside the lake once again. He didn't want to face her again. He could think of no way to prevent it.

A dull thunk sound filled the air, and he was thrown forward. He looked down to see a sword tip jutting from his chest. He whirled and stared at the girl who impaled him - the girl he had once loved, and killed. As he dropped to his knees in the expected shock and pain, her mouth formed a smirk. "Hello Vegeta."