Chapter One: Where's Kim?

Dr. Ann Possible was in her office at the Middleton hospital taking a lunch break. She felt tired as she was taking a bite out of her salad. It was like any other day at the hospital that was until Ann's office door swung open by a nurse.

Ann obviously taken by surprise by the nurse's unexpected entry quickly got up from her chair.

"Kate, what's wrong?" Ann asked.

"Dr. Possible, Dr. Samuels wants to talk to you right away. He's waiting for in front of the operating room" was all the nurse said to Mrs. Dr. Possible before leaving her office. Without thinking twice Ann rushed herself to the operating room.

Ann was used to being quick on her feet since a doctor's work was never done at the hospital. She was always on call so being interrupted wasn't something new but something about the nurse's reaction gave her a different feeling. She was worried. She didn't know what to expect, did it have something to do with her world famous teen hero daughter?

"Richard" Ann said finally reaching the operating room "what's going on? Why did you ask Kate to call me here?"

"Ann, the boy who is always with your daughter …." Dr. Samuels said

"Ron?" Ann quickly responded. She felt her stomach in knots. "What happened to Ron?!" Ann asked frantically "And Kim?!" Ann asked looking to see if she saw Kim anywhere or if Kim was…

"Ann listen" Dr. Samuels said trying to get Ann's attention "Ron was brought in just a few minutes ago… in very bad conditions." That wasn't something the brain surgeon wanted to hear. Even though Ron wasn't her son she felt like he was. He was part of her family and a great friend to her daughter.

"We don't know where Kim is" Dr. Samuels said breaking Ann's thoughts. "She didn't come with the boy" Dr. Samuels calmly told the brain surgeon.

Kimmie isn't here… with Ron? Ann thought. It took her less than a second to focus.

Where Kim is isn't important right now. What's important right now is…

"Define bad conditions?" Ann asked nervously worrying about how bad Ron's condition might be.

"Let me put it this way" Dr. Samuels said "he has fracture wounds. We don't know the seriousness of them just yet…not to mention he has a broken leg. We are pepping him for surgery as we speak" Dr. Samuels said.

"I'm going in" Ann firmly said.

"Ann I don't think…"

"Look Richard" Ann said "Ron is like a son to me. I've seen him grown up with my own eyes with my Kimmie. I wouldn't forgive myself if something happened to him and I had the power to do something to prevent it. I'm going in" Ann said standing her ground glaring at the doctor. There wasn't going to be anyone or anything standing in her way from helping Ron if she had anything to say about it.

"Fine Ann, Go prep for surgery" Dr. Samuels said following Ann, who was already walking herself through the operating room doors.


A red headed teenage girl lay on a small single bed. It was dark inside her room, there was no windows, no light but a little nightlight shining a small light in a corner of the room. She closed her eyes resting her head on a dirty piece of laundry snuggling herself with it.

She slowly heard the locks from the door being unlock.

Click, Click, Click

When the door finally opened the light was turned on inside the room. The red headed girl slowly opened her eyes to see a tall, tan, muscular man, no older than in his mid-40's, standing in front of the door.

"Let's move Esmeralda! Get dress and move it" He hissed through his teeth. The red headed girl frighten got up as quickly as she could. She moved to small corner of the room where there was a long wavy black wig and chocolate brown contact lenses on top of a pair of worn out pants and long sleeve shirt. She stared at the contacts slowly lifting them up. The chocolate brown color reminded her of something...something she just couldn't put her finger on.

"Move it before I beat the living…" The man hissed again, glaring at the red headed teen.

"No please I'll hurry" the teen said stopping the man before he can say anything more. She grabbed the worn down ripped jeans and a long sleeve black shirt as quickly as she could. When she was done putting on her clothes she put on her wig and contacts.

"Finally" the man said. He walked towards the red headed girl and yanked her out the door.


Ann was outside Ron's room waiting for any sign of Kim. She didn't have a clue to where her daughter might be. She place her hand under her chin thinking of a possible reason why she wouldn't be here...she had none.


She turned to see her husband James and the twins walking her way.

"How's" Jim said "Ron?" Tim finished the question looking at their mother.

"Ron's going to make a full recovery" Ann smiled "he does have a broken leg but another than that he's perfectly fine"

"Can we see him?" The tweebs asked in unison.

"Of course, just don't make so much noise okay boys?" Ann said opening the door letting the tweebs inside.

The Possible adults stood outside the room. James stared at his wife, who had a worried look on her face. with concern. He didn't know what could be troubling his wife. Everything seemed fine, Ron was going to make a full recovery. So why would she looked as though something terrible had happened? After a minute since the tweebs entered Ron's room and no sounds of bickering were heard it finally came to him.

"Hon, Where's Kim?"


The room where the red headed teen was was huge! It was filled with sewing machines and the women operating them while they chatting among themselves. The room was hot and stuffy, with everyone wiping off the sweat from their faces as they continued their sewing.

The red-head teen was isolated from the rest of the workers. She was sitting at her own table with a rugged man by her side a few feet away from the rest. She was told not socialized with them and that if she did consequences were sure to come. She was silent throughout the day. She spoke no word unless addressed to do so by the rugged guard. She simply sat on the chair wiping the sweat from her face and sewing the pieces of cloth one by one. She would sometimes let her eyes wonder towards the window at stare at it when the rugged man wasn't looking. She didn't know why but she felt… happier looking outside. She let her mind wonder with the dreams and hopes that she had. She imagined her having a mother, father, and brothers all living in a two-story house together. She imagined herself sleeping in comfortable bed with a huge window where she can see the night sky. She even imagined herself having a boyfriend with blonde hair with chocolate eyes living a happy life.

"Don't make me hit you again girl! Back to work!" a rugged man said smacking the teen on the head.

Breaking from her fantasies, the red headed teen quickly continued her work, wiping again the sweat pouring down her face.


Ron slowly woke up. He felt sore and every single part of his body was aching in pain. Ever so slowly he tried pushing himself upward but stopped when he heard a familiar voice.

"Oh no you don't young man, you need to stay in bed" said a voice that Ron only recognized as his...

"Mom?" He asked weakly. When he opened his eyes fully he saw all the smiling faces of his parents and the Possible's with "Get well soon" balloons filling the room.

"Ron, how are you feeling?" Ann asked giving him a friendly smile.

"Very tired Mrs. Dr. P… where am I?" The blonde asked as he looked around the room. He stared at everyone with a puzzled expression.

"Ronald, Son" Mr. Stoppable said.

"You're in the hospital" Mr. Stoppable finished as he placed his hands gently on Ron's shoulder.

"Hospital? Why am I…?" Ron started to ask when he was cut off.

"C'mon everyone" Ann said "I think Ron needs some rest. It's been a long day for everyone"

"Ann's right" Mrs. Stoppable said.

She looked at her son with a smile "We'll be back later Ronnie" She said. " After you gets some rest"

Everyone nodded in agreement making their way outside of the room. Ann was about to get out of the room herself when Ron's voice stopped her in her tracks.

"Mrs. Dr. P, Can I ask ya something and promise to be honest with me?"

Ann looked at Ron. "Sure Ron" she responded giving Ron a very weak smile.

"Where's Kim?"

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