Hello Ive been having super heroes on my mind lately so I thought I will just write them out of my head lol enjoy :).

Waiting in a small coffee shop for her chai tea, Anna patiently sit at a table and pull out her sudoku book and quietly goes to work. Minuets pass and She hear her name called. Anna places her book into her shoulder bag and approaches the counter. She thanked the clerk and turned to walk out but she collides with a man.

"Oh gosh I'm so sorry!" Anna apologized.

"No it's my fault I had my nose in a book." The man replies.

They both begin to help each other gather there things. She looks up to see that her tea was all over his purple button up shirt. She covers her mouth,"I am so sorry!" Anna exclaimed again. As she pulls out a handkerchief and begin to dab at his shirt. Anna glances up at him her cheeks red from her clumsiness. He has black ear length messy hair, tan skin and brown eyes behind thin rimed glasses. He is handsome she blushed even harder. He smiles as her dabbing only made it worse.

"Here I got it." He says and gently takes the handkerchief from her. "Is this honey vanilla chai tea?" He asks awkwardly trying to make conversion to fill the silence as he dabs.

"Oh yes with half n half and stevia." She replies.

"I just read a paper on that, the all naturally sweetener is it?" He asks.

"That's what they say any way." She replies shrugging her shoulders. He looks down at he's watch.

"Oh no I all most for got the meeting with Stark." He says. He looks up at Anna and smiles and says as he walks out of the coffee shop "Im really sorry about your drink it was nice meeting you!"she stood there blushing and speechless She spelt hot tea on the man and he says it was nice to meeting her? Maybe he was just being polite. Anna throws her empty cup away and avoids eye contact with the people in the shop and leaves.

Bruce Banner stepped into Tony's offices.

"I'm sorry I'm late I um ran into some one." He says trying to think of the right way to put it.

"I didn't know you had friends doctor..." Tony says as he turns around and examines Bruce's shirt, "Oh never mind you were being literal." Toney holds back a chuckle.

"Did the man oh wait that's tea right?"Tony smells the air and laughs.

"All right Tony you've had your fun can we get to work?"

"Hold on a second did you buy the girl a new drink?"

"No I was pressed for time and-,"

"Or get her number so you could make it up to her?"

Bruce shakes his head no.

"The one time you meet a women and you don't ask for her number, I'm beginning to think your-"

"That's enough Tony." Bruce warns.

"Ok ok I'm done lets get some work done. Tony smirks.

Anna returns home to do some job hunting. Fresh out of collage at the age of 23. She mastered in psychology something she really enjoyed but not a lot of jobs openings for that. She was all ways the person people went to just to talk, they all said she looked like she cared and there was something else they all couldn't quite put there fingers on, she just all ways knew how they felt. She looked through the paper and began to circle job openings.

"Humm interesting, she says out loud to herself, "There's a opening at the Stark enterprise building for a therapist, that's odd, is working in a cubical that stressful?" She thought. She surges and grabs her phone and calls the number and waits.

"Hello this is Stark enterprise how may I help you?" A lady asks kindly.

"Hello I was calling about you therapist position you have in the paper." Anna says into the phone.

"Oh yes I'll set up a interview for you tomorrow at noon bring your papers and yourself to the Stark building and we will see you then thank you for calling." She spoke quickly but nicely.

Anna wrote it all down as fast as she could and before Anna could ask any questions she hung up. Anna sat there for a minute and smiled. Anna could be working for one of the biggest company's in the world. She did a little dance than began to worry what she was going to wear to the interview so she ran to the closet. By the time Anna finally made up her mind on the black pencil skirt that went just below the knee, black tights with her not so tall heels and a nice light blue half sleeve button up shirt with peaces of wavy material on the chest.

She yawns and looks at the time all ready Ill just have something light and go to bed I have a big day tomorrow she smiles to herself. After she eats she steppes into her pjs and brushes her teeth. Anna sighs and set her alarm. "Bed finally." She says out loud to her self. As Anna lays there She think about this morning and the handsome man she ran into Anna blushes as she replays what happen. He was so handsome maybe in his late 30 or early 40 he was way out of her lead besides she would probably never see him again, she thinks to herself. She frowns, story of my life She rolls over and fells asleep.

I hope you liked it I am posting what I have so far and that's 3 chapters but don't worry there will be more to come :).