So sorry about the waist guys. I moved! :) So there was a lot of packing and unpacking finding a place and job and so on but things are calming down. I had time to write a little injoy :).

Well this was it. Bruce is standing out side of Anna's apartment building. He decided to wear a black over coat with a blue under shirt and black dress pants. He went through different conventions they could have on the way to the party in his head. He realized he didn't know to much about Anna besides what she did for work. As he planned a conversion Anna stepped out of her apartment building.

She was stunning, the full length deep purple dress hugged what curves she had. The deep V neck line showed a little more of Anna that Bruce had never seen. Anna was very conservative in her every day wardrobe. Her hair was down and slightly curled. She smiled at him.

Bruce's mouth just dropped.

"Hello Bruce you look very handsome this evening." Anna smiles at him blushing from the look on his face as he sees her.

"You look, he tries to think of the right word to use, amazing." He hoped he chose the right word. Anna blushes lightly and Bruce opens his car door for her. Once he steps in and buckles up he begins to drive.

"That is a very beautiful dress." Bruce's comments as he drives.

"Oh, yes I agree Tony gave it to me." Anna stairs out the window.

"Really? Why is that?" Bruce was confused.

"Yes he some how found out I has nothing to wear so he brought me this this morning." Anna glances at Bruce watching his expression.

"That was very nice of him, to do that for a new employee..." Bruce didn't know how to put it, he didn't expect the conversation to go like this.

"Oh no! It's not like that he just wanted to see your reaction." She couldn't lie to him, besides she didn't want him to think Tony and her had anything like that, he was just the annoying boss to her.

"That's not what I was thinking exactly but that's nice to know." Bruce didn't know what to say, he didn't plan for this. Luckily they arrived. Bruce steps out and opens the door for Anna. Anna smiles and thanks him. Bruce nervously offers his arm. Anna blushes and takes it. They walk to the door where they are greeted by a door man with a list.

"Have a nice evening Mr. Banner and guest." The man says.

Once in side Anna looks around. It was a huge room with a bar at one end and stage on the other. Music was playing in the background and every one was talking.

"Bruce!" They heard Tony great them as they entered.

"I'm so glade you guys could make it." Tony smiles at them.

"We kinda didn't have much of a chose." Bruce mutters.

"Oh yes you did Bruce you have a mind of your own." Tony smirks mischievously. Pepper Pots joined the group.

"We'll hello, you must be Anna Gray I've heard so much about." Pepper stuck her hand out to shake. Anna blushes, "what did Tony tell her?" She wonders to herself.

"It's nice to meat you Ms Pots." Anna smiles and shacks her hand.

"Please call me Pepper." She smiles at Anna.

"Boys go get us lady's a drink while Anna and I sit and try to get to know one another." Pepper smiles at Tony. Anna couldn't tell if she was being friendly or up to something.

"I'll have cranberry juice." Anna calls to Bruce as him and Tony are shoed away.

Pepper and Anna fine a table in the corner of the grand room.

"So how long of you and Bruce known each other? Pepper asks as she sits.

"Well I haven't know Bruce for to long we only met a week or so ago." Anna replays.

"Oh Tony made it sound like you guys knew each other for months, oh wait are you that one girl that spilt tea on Bruce? Pepper smiles.

Anna blushes, "Yes that was me, Tony told you that?"

Pepper nods.

"I think that's a cute way for a cupel to meet." Pepper replays.

"What?! Oh no Bruce and I aren't dating." Anna's face goes crimson.

"Oh my mistake I just thought you were by they way he looks at you." Pepper says waving in apology.

"What do you mean they way he looks at me?" Anna questions Pepper.

"Well look for your self he's looking your way now." Pepper nods her head in the detection of the boys.

Anna glances up, her eyes meet with Bruce's. Her cheeks get hot as they gaze at each other. Anna turns her head away before she begins to shiver. She was amazed by the feelings she got just they way he looked at her. She felt something dangerous behind those brown eyes.