Chapter 6

Bar Life

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Hermione POV

I sip my drink as I sway to the music, enjoying the bar life, enjoying the night out. It was nice to be out with people, even if I wasn't interacting with many of them. I chuckle as Ginny downs her drink and drags me out to the floor, wiggling and laughing like an idiot. I shake my head and dance with her to the music, letting go. I laugh as we dance, moving to the music, enjoying life. I shake my head as I drag Ginny off the dance floor and to the bathrooms, leaning against the wall in the muffled silence.

"Merlin this is fun... but I need a break. It is so loud out there; I think I have a headache just from the noise." I say as I make my way to the sinks, splashing some cold water on my face, stretching my back and legs. Ginny nods as she leans beside me, bumping into me.

"Yeah... tonight's good though... right? No gossips thrilled to have been matched or anything... no Lavender Brown's or Rita Skeeter's. Though I think I saw Snape and the older Malfoy... both looking kinda hot." She says. I look at her.

"Snape and Malfoy... hot? Maybe you should stop drinking for a while, that's not a sober statement. Anyway I kinda miss not having gossips around... it's boring without them." I tell her. She shrugs, sitting on the counter and pulling off her heels, rubbing her feet.

"Oh come on... like you never once thought about it. Both tall, semi athletic men, powerful, both magically and physically, well off... even after the Ministry screwed them out for being on the dark side... spies or not. Both single last I read the Prophet, whoever gets paired up with them will be lucky." She says with a sigh, pulling her heels back on. I shrug and splash some more water on my face, drying off before I check my make-up.

"I suppose... Snape's not too bad I guess but Malfoy... I had too many run ins with him during the war. And I was tortured in his house... by his sister-in-law. If I was matched with him it would be a very awkward relationship. He's more your speed anyway... you know I'm not into sports and all that. If I had to pick I'd say Snape would be my choice... odd as it is. We'd likely have more to talk about, both bibliophiles, I wasn't bad at potions... I can at least keep up a conversation about it." I tell her with a shrug. It was an odd thing to think about but it was possible. We were all eligible for marriage, but then so was most of the Wizarding World living in England.

"Come on... were supposed to be having fun tonight... I don't want to get all depressed about having to go get married soon. Come on... maybe we'll get some drinks bought for us... or we can just dance against each other and drive every guy in the club mad with lust and desire." I say with a laugh, dragging Ginny back out into the dance floor.

After a while we head back to the bar, ordering two soda water's with ice, cooling off and relaxing, watching the club goers on the dance floor. I watch as the cutting figures of Snape and Malfoy Sr. slide into the mass of people on the floor. They were good looking men, somewhat evil or not. I sigh and sip my drink.

"You think you would go dark if you had to... like they did?" I ask, looking over at Ginny, playing with my straw. She shrugs, sipping her drink.

"I think you don't know how far one would go until one has to decide. You know? I mean I've wanted to kill my brother plenty of times, even looked up some dark spells during the war but... right now... I don't think I could kill someone, not over something like they did. Why do you ask?" she says, looking over at me. I shrug and motion for refills, looking over the bar menu.

"It entirely possible we could be matched with people like them, not all that light hearted but over all good people. I mean they are good people... they could have been worse right? They didn't hurt people just because like Bellatrix or Greyback. Snape was a spy... I guess Malfoy could have been as well... I mean they are friends. Dumbledore never told anyone everything though, so I don't know if we'll ever know who was all working both sides." I say, taking a drink with a sigh, shaking my head. I did love Dumbledore but he really screwed everything up so much more then it needed to be because he didn't tell people what he was doing. I'm not saying he had to tell EVERYONE everything but... someone else should have had his plans so they knew just what he was getting us all into. I shake my head and sip my drink, picking up the menu.

"I don't think either of them would be too bad to be married to. Snape as some... less than attractive features but he's not an ugly man. I mean your parents are dentists... couldn't his teeth be straightened?" she asks me, taking the bar menu from my hand and looking over it.

"I think even without braces and what not there should be a magic way of fixing them, I just wonder why it's never been brought up to him. I mean I understand that the war and everything was part of it but... I would of thought between Voldemort's first death and his reappearance someone would of said... something. It's very odd; maybe he was doing penance for being an ass or something. We'll probably never get the chance to ask. Hungry?" I say, asking the last part. Ginny nods, sipping her water.

"A little, something to share I think, I know we had dinner but... drinking, dancing, we've probably worked off a lot of it by now. Anything jumping out at you?" she asks, scooting next to me to share the menu. I shrug as I look over the menu.

"I don't know... maybe the platter to share? If we're hungrier then that we might as well go find an actual restaurant, or turn in and get some food from the Cauldron, or another of the late night diners. Did you want to leave?" I ask her. I mean clubbing and dancing was fun but... without guys to tease and be safe with... it was kind of boring.

"I don't wanna leave but... I don't really wanna stay either. You know?" she says with a sigh, leaning her elbows on the table.

"Yeah... let's have a few more drinks, see if we see anyone we know. Then maybe change clubs?" I say, we really hadn't seen anyone we knew, it was a little odd... maybe we were just early. We order the combo platter and more carbonated water with lemon, relaxing, people watching, looking for anyone we knew.


Severus POV

I stay near the wall, in the shadows, watching. Watching Miss. Granger and Miss. Weasley enjoy their night, watching Lucius make a fool of himself with people, male and female, that could be our children. I shake my head and grab his shirt as he wonders past, sitting him in his chair, motioning the waitress over.

"Soda water with a twist of Lemon... and some chips. I think he needs something on his stomach, he's not usually this cheap of a drunk." I say, pulling Lucius back to his chair, keeping my hand on his collar. The waitress grins at me and nod, heading to get our order. I give his collar a tug, making him look at me.

"What is wrong with you? You have had ONE glass; you had plenty of food at dinner so it's not on an empty stomach. WHAT has gotten into you?" I growl at him, sticking him to his stool with a flick of my hand. He sulks and plays with his glass.

"I just... I haven't been this free in a long time Sev. Cissa and my marriage, the wars... I don't know how to enjoy life any more... at least you didn't have to drag me off some poor girl. I'm sorry... I'm not used to being in public any more I guess." He says softly, taking the soda water from the waitress with a smile, sipping it, eating a few chips. I sigh and shake my head sadly.

"Neither of us is used to this but you're making a fool of yourself. No woman wants to be with an idiot. I know we're not out to find women but we don't need the bad press either. Have a few soda waters and some chips. I think I'll make the rounds; my arse has gone numb from sitting here. Shall I remove the sticking charm or should I just leave it for now?" I ask as I stand, finishing my drink.

"Leave it, that way I won't fall over or wonder off without you to grab me and save me like a good knight, my dear Prince." He says with a smirk. I glare at him and head off into the crowd, making my way around to the restrooms, making a quick stop. I wash up and splash some cool water on my face and neck, idly rubbing the scars from the final battle, the scars that should have killed me if I didn't suspect that's how he would try and kill me. I sigh heavily and shake my head, now was not the time to get stuck on how scarred my body was. I would deal with that if and when I had to with my fated bride. I just hoped she wouldn't be totally disgusted by them. I dry my face and hands and head back out onto the floor, watching the patrons for a moment before I make my way into the crowd.

I shake my head and make the rounds, nodding to the people who nod to me. Thankfully none of my 'fangirls' were here to squeal and fawn at me. It was an odd thing... being lauded a hero for doing what I did, uncomfortable. I was never one for show, never one for the spotlight. It just wasn't who I was, Merlin help me if my soon to be wife was one for the spot light. HOPEFULLY, if the bloody Ministry did the spell correctly, I would be matched with someone who was like me in that respect... maybe not as... adverse to it as I was... am... but not a spotlight hog. I smile to myself as I watch the club goers, dancing and talking, moving to the music. It was nice... seeing people happy, enjoying life after such a long time at war. I stop at the bar and get myself a drink, sipping it as I go back to our table, sitting with Lucius, leaning back in my chair with a sigh.

"So... did you find a way to get into trouble while I was gone or did you behave?" I ask, sipping, taking a few chips from the plate.

"I behaved, I've sulked into my soda water and people watched. I really don't understand young people, all the bumping and grinding. I mean don't get me wrong I'm a bit of an exhibitionist but... hell even I have standards. Not that I wouldn't mind bumping and grinding with a few of the girls and women out there but I'd much rather bump and grind with them in a room or dark corner. I really don't understand the draw of it all. Maybe I'm just... old" he says with a sneer, like the word left a bad taste in his mouth. I chuckle and pat his shoulder.

"Lucius... we ARE old in some respects. True we may live into our hundreds but think about how much has changed just in the last few years, how much has changed since you were married. Hell I was never good at any of this, all limbs and nose; you at least have experience with the fairer sex. All I ever had was Lily... and you know how well THAT ended." I sigh and shake my head, drinking slowly. He nods and pats my arm, leaning back.

"Should we go socialize...? You think... try to act normal? Make friends...?" he asks after a while. I shrug, sipping my drink.

"Might as well try to get on the dance floor, find someone to dance near... with... thought I'm not sure you can call any of that dancing." I say, turning to look at the mass of bodies near the band. I down my drink and un-stick Lucius from his chair and head for the floor, keeping an eye out for any problems. We're quickly surrounded by willing bodies of women and men, all bumping and grinding against each other, it wasn't unpleasant. I let the other patrons brush against me, trying to not be awkward. It was far harder than it should have been.

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