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What Are You Wearing?

Today was the anniversary of the formation of the Teen Titans so the original Titans invited all the honorary titans to their tower for a party. This was the moment Jinx had been waiting for. She hadn't seen Kid Flash since they defeated the Brotherhood and she was mad. Who did he think he was! Pulling her to the good side and then leaving her! Did the roses mean nothing to him? Was that part of the strategy to get her to the good side? Make her fall for him then leave her! Well, Jinx had had it and saw this party as a useful agent in revenge. The only people who know about the plan were her two closest friends, Raven and Argent. They both helped her pick out the outfit that would make Kid Flash regret leaving her.

So here she stood outside the Titan Tower dressed in a short strapless black dress with a pink trim on the bottom and below her chest. She had her silky pink locks down with a simple rose clip holding her bangs back. Jinx had layered her eyes with eyeliner, mascara and deep pink eye shadow. Her lips had deep red lip stick on to make them stand out. On her feet she wore a pair of simple black heels.

Jinx took a deep breath. This was the moment she had waited for. She rings the door bell.

"Hello?" said a voice, most likely Cy.

"It's Jinx." She said

"Wow Jinx...you look amazing." Cy said "Oh right come in! Join the party!" and the metal doors to the tower opened. Jinx walked in and heard "Hey guys Jinx is here!" from the end of the hall. Taking this as her cue Jinx walked through the door way and into the main room.

"Hey Jinx." Raven said in a dull voice looking bored

"Hey doll." Argent said with a wink

"Hey guys." Jinx said walking toward them only to be swept away in a flash. Next thing she knew she was standing in a bathroom. The boy's bathroom. In front of her stood an annoyed Kid Flash dressed in a red button down long-sleeve silk shirt and black jeans. His flame red hair was still defying gravity and was messily standing up. Jinx had to admit he look hot, but there was no way she was going to tell him that.

"What are you wearing?" Kid Flash asked in a dangerous voice

"A dress." Jinx replied shortly rolling her eyes

"More like a rag! It's exposing everything." Kid Flash said glaring at Jinx

"So" She said shrugging

"And you have too much make up on!" He said

"So." She said once again shrugging

"Now if you will excuse me I'm going back to the party." She said starting toward the door only to find Kid Flash standing in front of her.

"Not like that you aren't." He said

"Why do you care?" Jinx said getting irritated

"Hello! Did you not see all those guys drooling over you out there!" He exclaimed

"So. Maybe I want guys drooling over me." She said

"Well you shouldn't." Kid Flash said, "You are better than that." This made Jinx snap whom did he think he was telling her what to do! He left her!

"What do you know!? You left me!" Jinx exclaimed

"I didn't leave you!" Kid Flash said, "I had things to do! I was busy! Being a hero isn't easy! You should know that!"

"Whatever." Jinx said once again trying to leave putting her hand on the doorknob. Only to have Kid Flash remove it.

"No!" He said "You can't go dressed like that!"

"Why! We aren't a couple! You aren't my boyfriend! Stop being so protective over me! I can make my own choices!" Jinx yelled. Kid Flash grabbed her by the shoulders.

"I care because this isn't a good choice! I care because you are important to me!" Kid Flash yelled back.

"Right." Jinx said rolling her eyes "And that's why you left me! That's why you left me broken-hearted! I loved you!" Jinx yelled at his face then pulled out of his grip realizing she had let it slip. Let the fact she loved him slip. Slowly her eyes got misty due to the forming tears. Kid Flash stood there frozen looking as if he couldn't move. Jinx once again went toward the door. Only to find herself pressed against the wall of the bathroom Kid Flash inches from her face. His blue eyes staring into her pink cat-like ones.

"No! I told you before I left because I had business! I was busy! I didn't leave you! Yes you are important to me! Why do you think I worked so hard to get you to join the Titans!? What did you think the roses meant!? Jinx you are important to me!" Kid Flash said bringing his face closer to his.

"Why?" she said staring into his eye "Why am I so important to you?" Kid Flash got closer.

"Because I love you." He said before bringing his lips over hers. Jinx closed her eyes and her hands found their way to his fiery locks, while one of Kid Flash's arms wrapped around her waist. As the kiss deepened and got more passionate Jinx found herself being pushed against the bathroom wall. Jinx was drowning in emotions the kiss was so passionate. Then suddenly Kid pulled back a look of worry on his face.

"Someone's coming." He picked her up and rushed them into one of the stalls locking the door. Just then the bathroom door opened and Robin and Speedy entered.

"Wonder where Jinx and Kid Flash went." said Robin

"I know!" Speedy exclaimed annoyed "I only got a quick look at Jinx! She looked so hot! But then Kid Flash stole her. Wish I had super speed. Then maybe it would be me stealing her and going to a closet." SMACK!

"OW! What was the for!" Said Speedy

"Don't talk like that! We all know Jinx has a think for Kid Flash and only Kid Flash." said Robin "Plus did you see how anxious Kid was to see her after all those months of not seeing her due to Justice League business. He was pacing like crazy and kept asking if anyone knew when she would be here and then she showed up and the way she was dressed. Well it's no surprise he speed her away."

"Oh so you do think they are making out in a closet?" said Speedy obviously smirking

"NO! Kid isn't like you!" Exclaimed Robin "I mean I'm sure he would love to be doing stuff like that, but he hasn't seen Jinx for months. So he probably dropped his flirting nature and tried to talk her into changing."

"True." said Speedy "But you never know." And the two left. Jinx and Kid remained in the stall a few moments. Jinx clinging to Kid.

"So..." said Kid Flash smirking at her in his arms "wanna go find a closet?"

"Keep dreaming." Jinx said pushing herself out of his arms

"Every night." He said winking at her

"I don't know what's worse! The mad you or the annoying flirt." Jinx said shaking her head. She turned toward the stall door but felt Kid wrap his arm around her.

"Will you please change." He said into her hair "I don't want guys to look at you too much." Jinx leaned back into him

"Trust me I want to after hearing Speedy." Jinx said. At this Kid stiffened tightening his hold on her.

"Oh trust me. I've got my eyes on him now." He said

"A little protective aren't you." Jinx said chuckling

"Of course." Kid Flash said

"Well you better get me something to change into." Jinx said pulling out of his grip only to be pulled back again as Kid pressed his lips to her.

"I love you." Kid said as they pulled away

"I love you too." Jinx said and Kid speed off and was back in well a flash. In his hand he held a simple red dress that reached her knees and had a one shoulder strap. On the strap was a rose. Jinx smiled and took the dress.

"It's okay right?" Kid asked "I was thinking of the one with lightning bolts but decided roses were better." Jinx gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"It's perfect." She said "Now get out of the stall so I can change."

"Sure you don't want me to stay." Kid said wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Unless you want me to go out in this." She said pointing to the dress she was wearing and Kid speed out of the stall. Jinx changed into the dress and stepped out.

"What do you think?" she asked

"You look amazing," Kid said staring at her "but you still have too much make up!"

"Fine." She said and walked to the sink and removed the make up. Once removed she put some simple lip gloss on her lips.

"There." She said "Happy?"

"Very." Said Kid wrapping his arms around her and giving her a peck on the lips.

"Then can we go back to the party?:

"Fine." He said pouting "I wanted to kiss you some more or maybe sneak out of her."

"We can leave as soon as I say hi to the Titans." Jinx said rolling her eyes "Okay?"

"Okay." Kid said pecking her on the lips again. The two made their way back to the party.

"Well look who decided to show up!" Said Beast Boy as the two appeared.

"Yah sorry." said Jinx "Apparently my dress didn't pass the inspection." Everyone laughed but they also noticed that Kid had his arm around her waist holding her near in an almost protective way. His eyes were only on her and they were looking down at her full of love.

"So..." Raven said asking the question on everyone's minds "You guys together now?" Both blushed, looked at each other and then nodded.

"Congrats!" A bunch of people said.

"I win!" said Cy taking money from Beast Boy. Kid leaded close to Jinx.

"You said Hi to everyone now?" He asked

"Yah." She said looking at him

"So we can go and do other things now." Kid said waggling his eyebrows.

"Yes." She said rolling her eyes and leaning in to kiss him. Kid then picked her up bridal style and said, "Well we got to go. We have other plans to attend to. See you guys later." and he dashed out leaving a room of shocked Titans.

"I didn't even get details!" exclaimed Argent

"Trust me you are going to get better details tomorrow." Raven said winking.

"Where do you think they went Rae?" Beast Boy asked draping his arm around her shoulders causing Raven to blush a deep red.

"I don't know." She said pulling her hood up "Now leave me alone I have to do meditate."

"What's with her?" Beast Boy asked confused as she walked away.

"Nothing." Argent said giggling now knowing about Raven's little crush. On the other side of the room Robin turned to Speedy and said on sentence that summed up everything that had just happened. "Now there maybe some closet action."

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