Everyone reacted at the same time. Faith tackled the werewolf. Conner dropped Kennedy who ran to embrace her lover. Angel and Spike ran over to Kate. Fred rushed over to Wesley and pulled him toward the exit, following Gunn who was doing the same thing with Anne. Xander, Lorne, and Teresa rushed to the exit. Harmony backed away from the carnage, caught between Nina and a wall with no exit. Oz rushed over to where Faith and Nina were fighting. Buffy just stood, numb. Giles appeared next to her. "This is all your fault." He pulled off his glasses and sighed. "You are such a disappointment." He began to clean the glasses.

"What do I do?" She whispered

"Embrace what is inside of you. Kill the vampires, as is your destiny." He looked through the glasses, deemed them satisfactory, and returned them to his face.

"You want me to kill Angel and Spike?"

"Well you can lay them one more time if you like, but then yes, that's what I want."

"I can't." Buffy mewed "I can't." She began to cry.

"No matter, I have other things to attend to." Where Giles had stood the Wolf now stood, had always stood. She batted Nina aside, who transformed into a naked human woman in seconds. "Attention!" She said in a chipper voice "Attention please!" Seven zombie vampires entered the room, each carrying three innocents. "I have an announcement." She punched the ground and the walls fell down, the roof caved in. They were standing in a pile of rubble, alive only because the Wolf needed the slayers, so she had protected the room. "This is my house now." She flung her hand toward the innocents and each was covered in a series of shallow cuts.

Angel ran toward the Wolf, but Faith grabbed his arm. "She'll kill you in a moment."

"I will." The Wolf replied giddily "Now watch what I can do." She hit the ground again and wooden shrapnel flew around the room. Angel and Spike ducked to avoid it while the zombie vamps allowed themselves to be staked. As the dust piled up on the floor blood flew from the wounds of the innocent far too fast. The ground began to split.

Oz helped Nina to her feet. Harmony ran from the room. Kennedy tugged at Willow. The witch refused to move. Faith ran over to Willow and started to drag her from the room. Kennedy got the idea and helped. Angel ran over to Oz and helped him lead the weak Nina away. "Spike we've got to go!" Angel shouted "Come on!" The blond vamp left Kate.

The demonic energy began to warp the air around them, as it had at the hotel and when the Wolf had failed to make sure someone was dead during her earlier sacrifice attempt. The ground shook and the Wolf giggled. "Come on sis! Let's show these lower beings how to party!"

The remainder of the building fell apart. Angel could see everything that was happening from the yard of the abbey. There were no longer any walls to hide it. A coal black hand rose from the ground. A woman with shoulder length kinky black hair pulled herself from hell. The hem of her orange dress ended mid-thigh on the right and just below the knee on the left. Only the right side had a sleeve. Her eyes were the same pumpkin orange. Her lips were green. Her skin was so black she seemed to suck in the light. Like her sister the Ram was beautiful, but while the Wolf's beauty was misleading in its femininity there was nothing disarming about the Ram. She was terrifying in her allure. The Ram's form was also feminine, but her femininity was not accented by dimples and a charming grin. Instead the Ram sported muscular arms and legs, a taut stomach, an ample bosom, and a rigid spine. Her orange eyes absorbed not just the light of her surroundings, but the very images themselves. Everything around her grew dimmer as she walked by. Her sister generated light, the Ram sucked it back in. Yet that light did not disappear, it ran through her veins, strengthening her. She licked her green lips. "I'm hungry."

The Wolf ran up to her sister and threw her arms around her. "We will devour them all."

The Ram grinned. Her eyes burned like suns. "We will begin now." She walked over to Kate's dead body and straddled it, sitting on Kate's stomach. She reached inside the hole in Kate's throat with her left hand. She thrust her right hand through Kate's chest, shattering the breastbone to get to the heart. As the Ram pulled the bloody mass of Kate's heart out she reached down and snatched out the woman's lungs. The ram thrust her face into Kate's heart, devouring.

Angel saw it all. He was frozen in terror and disgust. He felt himself going hollow. He thought he might now know what Wesley had been talking about when he said he was fading away. That was how Angel was feeling now. He felt himself become disconnected from the scene that surrounded him, from the world that surrounded him. If the world had been tainted by such a vicious act, maybe they couldn't salvage it. Maybe it wasn't worth saving. He felt something pulling at him, but it was so far away. Spike stood frozen, Willow had cast some kind of spell on him to stop him from rushing back. Angel noted these things with a distant eye. It was over. They had lost. "Angel!" The voice was so distant, who was calling him?

"Come on Faith, we have to go."

"I'm not leaving him! Angel, come on!" Oh, Faith. He tried to save her. Had he? Angel felt strong hands pick him up and toss him away from the abbey. He hit the ground hard, facing the grey sky. The sun hadn't been out in so long. Not that it made much difference for him.

Her face appeared in his range of sight. She held out her hand. "Angel come on."

"Buffy," She was a vision, even wither her puffy eyes and shaking hands.

"Please get up." Angel reached for her hand and she pulled him to his feet. The world came rushing back in and they were running. They ran into an abandoned building and the second the last of them were over the threshold Angel felt the air take on a thicker quality. A green hue enveloped the room while silver sparkles glanced in the air. Willow was standing with her palms facing upward, chanting. They were all here, except for…

"Conner!" The loud noise in the silent room shook the assembled. "Where's my son?"

"He went to look for his family." Teresa said "He'll be back, though he won't have found them." Her shoulders sagged. "I saw him come back, blood on his hands. The Ram waited- I mean will wait- I'm not exactly…" She took a deep breath, holding in tears. "She kills them, and leaves the fresh bodies. He tries to save them, and the warm blood stains his fingertip-"

"Stop!" Buffy said "Please," She sunk to her knees.

"I don't even remember…" Xander was speaking. "How did we get there, in that room? I saw Anya, she told me-" He looked at Angel and leveled a finger at him. "She told me-" He dropped his hand and shook his head. "What's happening to me?"

"The same thing that happened to all of us." Faith said "The Wolf can read our minds, alter our emotions, and is stronger than all of us combined. Now the only place where she couldn't hurt us is theirs. Whatever protected us is gone."

"Because I killed Kate." Nina murmured as she pulled Oz's jacket tighter around herself

"That wasn't you." Oz said "That was the Wolf."

"That was me." Willow said having finished her chant "I let the wolf out."

"She tricked you." Buffy said "The same way she tricked me. Her powers-"

"I also have power!" Willow shouted "Why couldn't I use it to stop her?!"

"Enough," Wesley said "We need a plan."

The attention of everyone in the room turned to Angel, who was laughing. There was something frightening in it, something unhealthy. "A plan? For what, how to spend our last moments? Wes. It's over. Were done, beaten. We could barely hold our own against the Wolf and now this new… monster-" Angel shook his head. "It's over." He echoed

"No." Fred's voice was calm and firm. It was loud in the sense that she projected, but she didn't shout. She spoke and they listened. "No, I don't accept that."

"Doesn't make it any less true love." Spike's voice was hollow.

"So that's it?" She asked "You're just going to lie down and take it?" She walked around the room, looking at each of their faces in turn. Only Wesley and Faith could meet her gaze. "Is this what you brought me back for?" She asked as she stood in the middle of the room "To watch you give up?" Angel stared at the ground. "Angel, you're humanity's champion."

"I'm a demon." He said "I was created for evil."

"So was I." Said Faith "Did it for a while too. So what? So what if the big bad wants to use us? We've got free will. We decide how this ends and I'm not going down lying on my back." She approached Angel. "I'm taking this bitch down one way or another."

"We can't." Angel said "Don't you get that? They won."

"Who says?" Fred asked "Who says they win?"

"They won!" Spike snarled, loud enough to echo from the walls to the roof to the floor quite a few times. "They beat us! We're done!" He slammed his fist into the cement wall, hitting it until his knuckles bled and continuing well after. "It's," His knuckles shattered. "Over."

"No." Fred said "I just came back, I'm not going out like this. I'm going to see the sun again. I'm going to live again. I refuse to give up. I refuse to let all of you give up."

"There's nothing to give up." Spike said "There's nothing left."

"There's us." Harmony suggested

"Shut up Harmony." Spike snapped

"No." Fred said "Harmony's right."

"Yeah I am." Harmony said cheerfully "Thanks Fred."

Gunn stood up and clench his fists. "I don't care." He said "I don't care if we live or die, I just want to hurt them. I want to stop them, or at least slow them down. These bitches made our lives hell for years. They orchestrated all of this bullshit to take over the world and they fucked us to do it. Whatever my life should have been they fucked it up. They killed Fred and Wes, hell maybe they even killed Cordelia. Maybe they're responsible for Jasmine. I don't care, I want to take them down. So what if it's over, so what if we die? We take them down too."

Angel shook his head. "There's no point. If you feel like you have to die fighting I understand that. I respect that. But I'm done. I'm tired."

Buffy's head snapped up and she glared at Angel. "Boo. Fucking. Who." She approached him and then stopped only centimeters away. He could smell her breath, like berries; he could feel the heat of her anger. "You're tired? I'm tired. Every. Single. Day. I never get to rest. It's always Buffy the Vampire Slayer swooping in to save the day. Stop the master, stop Angelus, stop the mayor, stop the initiative, stop Glory, stop the trio, stop the first. They never let up, they never let me rest. There's nothing I haven't had to put up with. I should be loving life, out there hitting the clubs, knocking a few back with Willow and Xander. I can't. I have to be a mom to Dawn. I have to watch over the slayers. I have to save the world. Again. I don't care if you're tired. I gave up my life, my future, for this world. It's not going to be destroyed. I'm going to save the day and you're going to help. Okay prophecy boy?"

Angel didn't know what to say, so he let instinct take over. He kissed her. Her lips were warm, inviting. She kissed him back, the desire clearly there. But she only let it go on for a few moments, a few too brief moments that Angel wanted to spend an eternity in.

"Do we all get to kiss Buffy if we agree to help save the world?" Spike asked

"That should hold." Wesley said

Willow let go of Buffy's and Kennedy's hands. She was drawing on the power of the slayer to reinforce the magic forming the boundary around the abandoned industrial building they had claimed. Wesley had told her the essence of the Hart was their most effective weapon against the partners. Willow didn't like using their power, but she was glad they had a way to defend themselves. "I'm going to get some sleep while things are quiet. I'll need to monitor this if they show up and try to get through." She looked at Kennedy. "You'll wake me?"

Kennedy nodded. Willow rubbed her eyes and headed for a corner of the building. It was odd how fast they had all adjusted to the green and silver air. It didn't take long for her to fall asleep. Kennedy held vigil over the witch, Buffy just stared out the open door, waiting.

Wesley walked over to another corner. Faith was sitting cross-legged, leaning against the hard cement. She hardly even found such conditions uncomfortable anymore. Fred was leaning against Faith's boney but noticeably softer than cement shoulder, snoring. Wesley sat down next to Fred and brushed a strand of hair away from her face. Faith watched the love with which he performed the act, the happy way he soaked in the view of her face. "I asked her." Wesley looked up at Faith and she knew she didn't have to elaborate. Faith blushed. She wasn't embarrassed that they were talking about sex. Faith was anything but prudish. Her shame came from her mistrust of him. "I'm sorry. I know you're going to say a lot of what I felt was the Wolf, but some of it was me. I thought you did that terrible thing and I'm sorry."

"I forgive you." Wesley said "I'm glad actually, that you care so much."

Faith nodded. "I do, about both of you."

Wesley thought about that. "I want to ask you to do something for me."

"What is it?"

"Will you agree to do it before I tell you?"

Faith shook her head, a smile on her lips. "I know what you're going to say."

Wesley nodded, he would try anyway. "What you did back at the abbey, when you tried to save me. If it comes down to it, if you have to choose between living and saving me I want you to let me die." The idea of dying again scared him, but not as much as the idea of her death.

"I'm not going to promise that." Faith said "I'm not going to let you die again."

"You weren't there the first time, you couldn't have done anything."

"I'm here now." Faith said "I can do something now."

Wesley looked down at Fred again, at the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest. "At least-"

Faith didn't let him finish. "I'll save her first." Faith promised

Wesley smiled at her. "Thanks,"

Faith chuckled.

"What?" Wesley asked, amused himself by her mirth

"I was just thinking about all of those little decisions you don't put a lot of thought into at the time which end up determining your future. I'm really glad I didn't kill you."

Wesley laughed with her. Fred stirred from her position leaning against Faith and they tried to quiet down to avoid waking her. "It would have been a shame."

"Angel probably wouldn't have gone so easy on me."

"There definitely wouldn't have been doughnuts."

"Doughnuts?" Faith asked, stifling more laughter

"You don't remember? I was quite angry about the doughnuts. The mercy thing I was fine with but the doughnuts pissed me off."

"I remember now." Faith said "If someone tortured me and got doughnuts I'd be pretty upset to. That's enough reason right there to turn them over to the watcher's council."

"If I was going to turn you in it wouldn't be to those gits. I'm not good enough to work for them? Who got blown up in their own headquarters?"

Faith laughed again. "Didn't that happen to you too?"

"Oh yeah," Wesley remembered the Angel investigations headquarters before the Hyperion and how a bomb had put an end to it. "I still feel like I won though."

"The new council is pretty cool. I give Buffy and Giles a hard time every now and then, keep them on their toes, but they do a good job. My place in Cleveland is pretty swell."

"Tell me about it." Wesley requested

"I've got twenty-three slayers in my care. Our facility is an old dance center Giles got cheap because it was possessed by evil spirits. One exorcism later we had the perfect front. What could be suspicious about a bunch of girls coming in and out of a dance center?" Faith went on about the building, how she had set it up, who her star pupils were, and what sorts of demonic activity they handled. She got more excited as she went on, remembering how much she had accomplished in a year. As she told her story the Wolf's effects faded. Wesley thoroughly enjoyed listening to her. He liked hearing about something good, a life that turned out well

"You look tired." Faith said when she finished relating the take down of a slime demon.

"I guess I am." Wesley said

"Get some sleep." Faith commanded "Things might not be this quiet again."

Wesley didn't see the point in arguing so he leaned against the hard, cold walls and found it surprisingly easy to fall asleep. Faith waited until she was sure he was out and gently transferred Fred's weight off her shoulder, leaning the woman against Wesley. Faith stood up and stretched. Her lower back and shoulder were aching. She walked around the room to try and loosen up. Thinking about Cleveland, about Robin, it had been bittersweet. On the plus side she was now cleansed of any residual effects of the Wolf's influence, but she missed her boyfriend so much now. Faith looked around the room. Kennedy and Willow were sleeping in each other's arms. Gunn and Anne were in a similar position. Nina had managed to cobble together an outfit from other people's spare clothes and she lay on the ground asleep. Oz was holding her hand and stroking her golden hair. Teresa was asleep with her head in Lorne's lap while he stared at nothing, thinking. Spike and Harmony were making out in the darkest corner of the room, which both surprised Faith and surprised her by being surprising. Angel and Buffy were keeping watch, clutching each other's hands like it was their only lifeline. Angel waited for his son to return, with each passing moment imagining another horrible scenario. Buffy was waiting for the monsters, waiting for the inevitable fight. Faith was glad they had each other for comfort.

"The ants go marching two by two ha ra, ha ra." Xander said in a monotone.

Faith looked behind her and there he was, staring at the pairs, his face unreadable. "Are you okay Xander?" Faith asked, knowing he wasn't and hadn't been for awhile

Xander shook his head, unable to pretend anymore. "Is it nice, knowing you have someone waiting for you, or does it just eat you up how you'll tear him apart when you don't come back?" He looked thoughtful, like this was an abstract question, a classroom hypothetical.

"Xander," Faith didn't know what to say, didn't know how to help.

"You're selfish you know." Faith wasn't sure what to make of that, but Xander wasn't done anyway. "You made him stay behind so you could have peace of mind, knowing that he's safe. Yet you deny him the same. You condemn him to mourn you forever."

Faith frowned. "I don't intend to die."

"Whatever," Xander said "You condemned him."

"Xander," Faith tried again "This isn't about me, it's about-"

"Don't." Xander paused. "Say her name. Don't say it."

"Okay," Faith said "I won't. I know you've been unhappy for a long time-"

"Look at them." Faith did, nobody was paying attention to their conversation, which she was thankful for. "They have each other, you have Robin."

"And you're alone." Faith finished for him

"I've been faking it for so long, I just don't see the point anymore. I do my job to the best of my ability. I follow Buffy's every order and I watch over my slayers. Every day or two I call Willow or she calls me. She tells me how the magic is going, how her slayers are doing, how her relationship with Kennedy is progressing. I lie. I tell her about the slayers I don't care about at all as though they were my family. I tell fake stories about trips to the local pub where I chat up the ladies and occasionally take one home. She laughs and jokingly calls me a dog. I've never been to the local pub. I know those slayers only as well as I have to in order to get my job done. I lie to spare her feelings so she doesn't know what I've become. I'm alone Faith. I'm alone and I'm bitter. I have nothing to go back to, nothing to fight for. I pretend for Willow and Buffy, to spare them pain or guilt. If it weren't for them I don't know if I'd even…" What? Get up every morning? Go on living? The possibilities were disturbing. "After Tara Willow lost it. All of her love for Tara turned to anger. I know how she felt, because I feel the same way. Except the only person I have to be angry at is myself. I killed the one I love."

"The first killed Anya." Faith contradicted, knowing it was pointless

"I wish I'd never met her."

"I don't think she did. I think she appreciated the humanity you gave her. I think she enjoyed the…" Inspiration struck. "Connection you provided her to the world."

Xander shook his head. "I killed her." He laughed bitterly. "It always ends like that, in some terrible way. Buffy rejected me. Cordelia rejected me and died. Willow went back to Oz and then turned into a lesbian. You tried to kill me mid-sexiness. I left Anya at the altar, hurt her so badly she returned to vengeance, and then she died. My life… I just suck."

"No Xander," Faith said "You stuck with the slayer, with your friends, with no powers or special abilities of your own. You helped save the world with your tenacity and ingenuity-"

"Tenacity?" Xander asked

"I'm dating a high school principle, I've met a few English teachers."

"Fair enough," Xander said "But Tenacity?"

"We're getting of topic."

"Sorry Shakespeare-"

Faith punched Xander playfully in the arm. "Shut up,"

They smiled at each other. "I keep waiting." Xander said

"Stop." She said "Because what you're waiting for isn't going to happen. You have to take the first step. If you don't want to get back out there, I understand, but at least talk to somebody. Tell Willow or Buffy what you're going through. If you're worried what they'll think call me." She saw his expression. "I'm serious. Call me. Anytime. Robin will think I have a secret lover and get all jealous. Then when I reveal the truth he'll feel so bad he'll cook and do the dishes for a month." Faith saw him smile again. Good, he had a nice smile. "You need to work through this. Maybe ask Giles for a transfer, work with some people you know."

Xander shook his head. "Buffy needs me in Australia."

"I've got an idea." Faith teased "Have them send Andrew over there to keep you company." She chuckled at his expression of pure horror.

"Don't give Buffy any ideas! She's been trying to get rid of him for a year. She almost got him to move into his boyfriend's apartment but then they broke up. Apparently Andrew's clingy. Andrew clingy? You don't say. Also weird and annoying but I digress."

Faith stifled another laugh. "Wait, when did Andrew come out?"

Xander shrugged. "I don't like the twerp, I don't keep up on his social life."

Faith sighed, but it was one of those happy sighs. The Life-is-weird-and-annoying-and-we-live-in-it-and-t hat's-amazing sigh. "Let's live." Xander nodded. He pointed behind her. Faith turned around to see Buffy looking at her and biting her lip. "What's up B?"

"I want to apologize." Buffy said "I tried to kill you."

"That was the Wolf." Faith said

"No, that won't suffice. I need to apologize, please accept that."

Faith considered. "How about this. Now we're even. Scales are balanced, past is past, we both did things to each other and that's… all right."

Buffy took a moment to think. "Deal, we're even."

Angel shouted from over by the door. "Buffy get Willow!"

Buffy ran over to Willow and Kennedy. Faith and Xander ran over to Angel. Rushing toward their green sphere of protection was a bloody Conner.

Horrible laughter forced Gunn from his dream. It was a nightmare, full of accusations and painful wounds. Alonna had been there, and the doctor from Wolfram & Hart who had deceived him into smuggling Illyria's sarcophagus into the country. At first Gunn thought the sadistic laughter was part of the nightmare, but when he opened his eyes he saw the Wolf and the Ram in the doorway. Had they breached Willow's barrier? No, they weren't coming in.

Conner was on his hands and knees, panting. There was blood on his hands, some old, some acquired when they scraped the ground during his fall. The Wolf tittered. "Oh little boy you should have seen them bleed. 'Conner help us!' What was it the one girl said?"

"My brother's a superhero. He'll save us." The Ram answered in an even voice

Conner's hands clenched into fists. He shook with pain and rage. "Conner," Angel approached the boy warily. He placed a hand on his back and Conner jumped up, slapping the hand away. "Connor…" He didn't need to ask what happened.

"Are you a superhero Conner?" The Ram asked quietly

Conner cried out in Rage and ran for the doorway. He bounced off the barrier and landed hard on his tailbone. The Wolf and Ram laughed some more. The Wolf had a very girly laugh, but the Ram's laugh was deeper, coming from the diaphragm. She stared at the boy with her sunny eyes like he was a piece of meat. Angel wanted to throttle her. "Get away from here!"

The Ram continued to stare at Conner, but the Wolf turned to look at Angel. "We're your guests, don't be rude." She tittered some more. "Aren't you going to invite us in?" The Ram smiled at that, exciting her sister. "It's ironic, because he's a vampire."

"I got it the first time sister dear."

"Why did you design them like that, so that they had to be invited in?"

"It's symbolic, inviting evil into your hearth."

The Wolf shook her head. "Yours were so much better than mine. It's a difficult process, making a line. The Hart's was most impressive."

Gunn noticed that Buffy went stiff. The Ram snapped her eyes over to the slayer. "Yes Buffy, our partner created you. Not only that, she chose you, as she chose all of the slayers. She chose you special to serve a very different purpose than your predecessors. She allowed you to have and create what no slayer had been able to have before. She gave you a loving mother, a watcher who would care for you instead of treating you only as a tool. She allowed you to have friends. You were created to do what no other slayer before you could."

"What's that?" Buffy whispered

"The Hart and I are very different. I have no patience for virtue or heroics. She loves them. She likes to set um up and knock um down. I revel in depravity, but the Hart needs variance to salt her meat. She wanted you to be the best of all heroes. She wanted you to save the world. She wanted you to be heaven-sent. Only then could you clear the way for her. Only then could you set up the apocalypse. Such dramatics are futile to me, but matter a great deal to her."

"The Hart picks?" Buffy asked "She picks the slayers?"

The Ram nodded. "Every single one. She set each up to do great works and then destroyed them in the cruelest of possible ways." The Ram turned to Faith. "Your boyfriend's mother was one such canvas. She had finally accepted she could be both a mother and a slayer, finally learned to stop resenting her son. Then the Hart cruelly separated her from the boy."

Spike chuckled. "Liar, she did no such thing."

The Ram stared into the blond vampire. "You think you control your fate."

"Well yeah," Spike said "I do."

"You weren't meant to win that fight. The Hart affected the outcome."

"What are you talking about?" Gunn asked "What are you trying to accomplish? You can't hurt us in here." Gunn stood up and approached the barrier. "We'll find a way to beat you, and we've got all the time in the world, because you can't touch us."

The Wolf chuckled. "Not all the time. We're just waiting for the final piece."

"More slayers," Buffy whispered "You're waiting for reinforcements, so you'll have seven slayers for the sacrifice. You're just going to toy with us until then."

"Oh clever girl," The Wolf mocked "Thinks she's something special."

"She is." The Ram said "She ended the world." Sharing a laugh the Wolf and Ram walked away into the dark night. The pretty women left the heroes to their own devices, confident they would not be able to stop what had been set in motion long ago.

Gunn felt a glimmer of hope. "If we can stop any slayers from entering L.A. then the apocalypse can't happen. All we have to do is get a message to Buffy's group."

"It can't be done." Willow said "Travel through the L.A. border is one way until the senior partners are evicted. Anybody can get in, but nothing can get out."

"Maybe they won't send anyone." Harmony said cheerily

"Dawn and Giles would never abandon Buffy." Xander said "If we don't come back they'll send someone eventually."

"So we just have to stop the senior partners before that happens." Gunn insisted

"How?" Buffy asked "We don't have a plan. We don't have anything." Those of the group who were awake all looked at each other. No one had any ideas.

Conner walked up to the barrier and lay his hand against it. "I'm not."

"Conner," Angel said "Please talk to me."

"They're dead because of me. Everybody dies because of me. I should never have been born. I wasn't a miracle, I'm an abomination." Conner lay his head against the barrier.

"No, you're my son." Angel insisted

Conner slid to the ground. "I wish they'd killed me."

Gunn looked around the room. They needed some source of hope, something to remind them they still had a chance. Gunn looked at the silver sparkles in the air. He looked at Nina, lying on the ground. "We have one thing Buffy." He said

Buffy looked at Gunn while Angel tried to reach out to his son. "We have some of their power." He pointed toward Angel. "We have the Ram." He pointed to Nina. "The Wolf." He gestured to Buffy, Faith, and Kennedy in turn. "The Hart. We have their power, we can use it against them. We can find some sort of spell, something, and turn their power back on them."

"How?" Kennedy looked at Willow. "How do we do that?"

Willow shrugged. No one else had any more to say. "Everyone try to rest." Buffy said "In the morning we can try to figure this out. It's late and we all had a bad day."

"Bit of an understatement." Gunn mumbled, but he lay down next to Anne and tried to sleep. He was thankful the next morning that he either hadn't dreamed, or didn't remember them.