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Chapter 1:

Little three year old Harry Potter was very intelligent. He was grossly underestimated by his relatives as was evident by the weeding that he was doing in Petunia's (his Aunt, much to his dismay) garden.

He was carefully pulling up the crabgrass when a voice hissed out.

"Human hatchling should be inside." The feminine voice spoke.

"Who's there?" Harry asked back. A small coal-black garden snake slithered out from the roses.

"You speak?!" she hissed. Harry was shocked and looked around for his realitives who were inside in the cool.

"Yes. I-I guess." Harry finally replied. "How can I understand you?" he queried.

"You are a Parslemouth, young speaker." She supplied. "Only wizards do that. And very rarely do any Speak."

"Magic is real!?" he exclaimed.

"Yes silly hatchling, magic is very real. You smell of pain, hatchling. Why?" she hissed.

"My relatives beat me." Harry said sadly. The serpent was quiet for a moment.

"Hatchling, I am a serpent of the non-magical kind. Come back here in two days and I shall see about bringing a magical serpent to speak with you." She hissed before slithering off. Harry finished his task quickly before eating the meager amount of food before going to his cupboard.

Inside, as he was falling asleep, he thanked his magic for keeping him alive. He knew he'd probably be dead without it. Unbeknownst to him, he started a chain reaction in the very magic he housed.

2 Days Later

Harry was once more pruning his aunt's garden when the garden snake hissed.

"Are you alone, hatchling?"

Harry looked around and replied an affirmative.

"Good, young one." Another serpent, this one male, replied. "I am quite a bit bigger than she and not as easily hidden. Come closer to the back of the shed." He said. Harry dutifully came further down the bed and out of sight of the windows, to see a rather large black winged snake. He told him he was a coatl and he looked about eleven feet long and bigger around than both of Harry's wrists did.

The coatl looked him over before commenting, "I see that she did not exaggerate about your situation. Hatchling, I am Ebony, a familiar bonded to an evil man who forced it so. I am able to break the bond, but I will die quickly if I do not bond to another. I will be able to heal you and weaken the blocks that I see in you if I am your familiar. Then, I can get you out of here." Ebony said.

Harry turned pensive. "How quickly would I be able to leave?"

"As soon as we bond I can take you into the forest to heal."

"Will it hurt?"

"Considering that I have to bite you, yes." Ebony said.

"Can-can we do it now? I want to leave here really badly." Harry pleaded. Ebony nodded and made a come hither motion with his tail. Harry walked behind the shed, his small body fitting easily, and sat down. Ebony coiled around him gently, one coil covering his mouth.

"I'm going to mark your shoulder so it is easily seen. The pain should ebb when the bonds come together." Ebony hissed. Harry 'hmmed' since his mouth was covered, and with deadly accuracy, Ebony struck Harry on the tender flesh of his shoulder, sinking his fangs in as he broke his old master's spells. Harry began to whimper and it was only Ebony's coils that kept him from thrashing. Ebony removed his fangs gently and tongued the spot to get Harry's blood and waited.

Inside Harry's Mind and Magic

When Harry was born, he was very powerful. Fearing that power would later usurp his position, Albus Dumbledore went into Harry's mind and planted the thought that he didn't have much power and pulled out. Belief is a powerful thing.

However, when he noticed the night Harry's parents were killed that Harry was still quite powerful, he placed illegal blocks on his magic. He fortunately did not read what he cast all the way through and missed the big warning.


Reason being, that instead of destroying the blocked magic, it recycled it back into the child's core. As such, the core is forced to expand early and will continue to do so at a rapid pace until the maturity level is reached in about two years. In Harry, it had done so. So, when it had been reached and the blocks still remained, the magic had no choice but to seek an outlet. It found one in his scar, but could not remove the blockage of dark magic there in order to be free. With no alternative, it began to use the excess built-up magic to contain and beat at the dark magic. It wasn't until Ebony started the bond and weakened the magic-blocks that the magic was finally able to punch a hole into the blocks and destroy the dark magic in Harry's scar.

Harry passed out at this point and a black cloud exited his scar, disappearing into nothingness. Inside Harry's magic, it sought out Ebony's venom and examined its purpose.

Many people believed magic was just a tool. Harry, even though he'd only known of magic for two days, had thanked it for keeping him alive. He believed it was sentient and as such, his link to his magic became sentient. At this moment, it took Harry's pained conscience and nestled it in the back of his mind in a deep healing sleep. It took over his body to speak with the would-be familiar.


Ebony noted when the black magic bled out and when Harry lost consciousness. It also felt when Harry's magic swelled and took over. When Harry opened his eyes, they were a myriad of glowing colors. They locked onto his and Harry's mouth wiggled, prompting Ebony to move.

"You seek to bond with my host?" the magic hissed. Ebony nodded, awestruck as he conversed with the powerful magic.

"Yes, I do. He is a brilliant child and I would feel honored to be his friend."

"Hmm. You speak the truth. Harry is in a healing sleep and will not wake until I deem it safe. I will complete the bond and then we need to leave here." The magic spoke.

"If we can get him to the street you can summon the wizard bus." Ebony suggested. Harry's magic thought on it then decided that that was too slow.

"I need to get him to a cursebreaker. Do you know of any?"

"There is a bank run by goblin-kind who deal in that."

Harry's eyes brightened. "Yes, that will do nicely. I will make a portal there. I will now complete the bond. Be ready to move when it snaps into place." The magic ordered and Harry's eyes closed. Ebony felt the bonds complete and quickly moved to give his master maneuverability. Harry's body stood, his magic still in control and boosting his strength, and waved a hand to the back corner of the fence. The fence blackened and crumbled to dust silently, Harry and Ebony slipping through. At the edge of the forest, Harry's hand made a circular motion in the air and a shimmering veil of light appeared. Harry's hands held onto Ebony as they walked through, reappearing unnoticed on the other side on the outside of a white building. They were quickly discovered by the two goblin door guards as they walked up. Before they had a chance to ask questions, Harry's magic spoke.

"I need a place to heal quickly before my host slips into a coma and I weaken." It said. The goblins started upon looking at the child, his swirling eyes cementing the undisguised power. They pressed a sigil on their armor and two more guards came out. Quick words were passed and the two new guards surrounded Harry as he was led into the bank. As the wards passed over them, Harry's skin crackled and sparked before tearing apart the identifying probe. He turned furious rainbow eyes onto the two struck guards who put their hands up in surrender.

"It was an identifying ward meant to tell glamours, species and potions. It would not harm your host." The left spoke. The magic nearly yelled at the goblins but felt Harry's conscience beginning to slip.

"No time, I need a cursebreaker and a goblin healer quickly. He's slipping." The magic spoke. The right goblin shouted out in goblin-tongue before leading Harry and Ebony quickly into an off room and to a chair. Two other goblins came in, quickly closing the door. Harry once more beat them to speaking.

"Albus Dumbledore placed a Curse Block illegally on my host. His body has been abused and malnourished for nearly two years. The Serpent is Ebony and his new familiar. As Harry believed in his magic's sentience, I was able to form and take control to place his conscience in a healing sleep after I expunged the dark magic in his scar. I think something remains, but it is harmless as I see it. I need to release his conscience before he goes into a coma. Please fix him. We can explain more when he wakes. Be ready, he will be quite lost when he wakes until you can explain. He has only known of magic for two days." The magic warned before closing Harry's eyes and releasing the sleep.

Harry's eyes snapped open and he cried out in pain, prompting the goblin healer into action.

"Child, I am Sealtooth. I am a goblin-healer from Gringotts. I need you to tell me your name and relax. Ebony is right here." Sealtooth said. Harry's eyes nearly fell out of his head when he saw the goblins, before he spotted Ebony. Much to the shock of the goblins, the child hissed to the serpent in Parsletongue.

"Ebony, what-?"

"Trust them, hatchling. They will help and once you're better we can explain." Ebony hissed. Harry looked back to the goblins before whimpering out his name, succumbing to the exhaustion that he felt.

While Sealtooth went to work, administering potions and casting goblin-magic, the cursebreaker, Breakbone, examined the human child before cursing and turning to snarl out to the other two goblins to get the King and Potter Manager. The two blanched and hurried to do as ordered. By the time that the two goblins in question were in the room, Sealtooth had moved Harry to a couch, laying him down, having done as much as she could. Now all that was needed was time.

Breakbone had left the Curse Block on the child, as he wanted his King's opinion on the removal. When the Manager arrived, Breakbone marched up to him and got in his face.

"Tell me, Goldnail, do you know what happened to your Last Heir?" he sneered. Goldnail was startled but, much to Breakbone's surprise, he got a uncharacteristically hopeful look in his eyes.

"You have found him! Tell me, Breakbone, where is he? All of the mail I sent kept trying to redirect to Albus Dumbledore. I had to stop sending it. I need to speak with him soon, his fourth birthday is coming up soon!" Goldnail cried.

Breakbone was shocked then pleased that no one had to die today. He and Sealtooth revealed the Potter Heir sleeping in Ebony's coils.

"I need your Vow that you knew nothing of Mr. Potter's well-being, Goldnail." Sealtooth spoke. Goldnail gave it without hesitation, then asked what was wrong.

"Physically, he has been abused and malnourished. Nothing irreversible thankfully." Sealtooth said.

"Magically, I am concerned and in need of outside opinion." Breakbone said, looking towards his King. "He has reached Magical Maturity because of an illegally cast Magicae Exitium Curse cast when he was a little older than one year. I did not remove it because I sensed something in his scar that is similar to a Horcrux but not. It is now just a blank Soul Shard. I do not know how he has managed to survive the buildup, but I suspect that the shard has something to do with it."

Inside Harry's Mind

When Harry passed out in exhaustion, his magic pulled his consciousness to his core to talk with him.

"Where am I?" Harry asked. He jumped when another him appeared in front of him, only this Harry's eyes were swirling rainbows.

"We are in your magical core, Harry. I am the sentient manifestation of your magic and we need to talk." It said.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked, slightly concerned.

"Several things, but I need to be able to talk with the goblins. In order to do that and you still be aware, I need to be in partial control. It requires your complete trust in me, Host. Can you do this?" it asked. Harry nodded without hesitation.

"You're just as much a part of me as I am of you. I must trust myself. Do what you need to do." Harry said. The other Harry glowed and fused with Harry, taking control once more, waking Harry's body in time to hear Breakbone's comment.


"We can answer that." Harry's magic spoke. The goblins turned to see Harry with one emerald green eye and one rainbow eye.

"Please do." Sealtooth asked. Harry nodded. His voice was a combination of his and Magic's.

"I am Harry's Magic. I have been kept behind the barrier the curse pulled forth until I reached maturity and I began to look for an outlet. I found on in my Host's scar but was hindered by the black magic that was not his that resided there. Instead of trying to get passed it or letting myself build up, I fought to contain and destroy it and it's residue. I did not succeed until Ebony started the bonding process, weakening the barrier enough for me to punch a hole through it. When I was free, I was finally able to destroy it, leaving behind only the piece I found safe. With Harry being in the shape that he was in when I destroyed it, I had to place him in a healing sleep and assume control." The magic informed. "Ebony pointed this place out as a healing safe spot and I opened a portal and brought us here. When you healed him enough to stop his pain, I was able to fuse us so that he can be aware of what is going on, hence our eyes."

The goblins were in awe of the story. Sealtooth spoke up.

"Your body is still very malnourished. That, however, can be fixed with a proper diet."

"The piece that still remains in your scar however, is slightly troubling. With the black magic inside of it, you were essentially a Horcrux, or Soul Container. I believe it to be Voldemort's." Breakbone paused, seeing Harry's face. When Harry spoke, it was just Harry speaking.

"Who is Voldemort?" he asked. The goblins were shocked. Did he not know what happened? They then remembered his magic saying that he only knew of magic for two days. Goldnail pulled a chair beside the couch. He wondered how to begin.

"Harry, I am Goldnail, the Potter Family Manager. This is difficult to approach, so forgive me if I seem callous. Do you know how your parents died?" Goldnail asked.

"Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia said that they died in a car crash because they were drunk. I don't believe them, but that's all I know." Harry replied softly. Goldnail was angry, but he did not let it show in his voice.

"Harry, you were never supposed to go to the Dursley's and I am sorry that you've spent the last two years there. Whatever they told you was wrong. Your parents died as hero's, saving your life." Goldnail said. He paused to let it sink in. Harry stared at nothing, processing that the Dursley's lied to him.

"It shouldn't surprise me that they lied to me." He said. "Can you tell me how it happened?"

"It was All Hallows Eve in '81. Voldemort, the uprising terroristic Dark Lord, found out the hiding place of your family. He came that night. Your father died first, a killing curse, as he tried to get your mother to safety. Your mother was with you in your bedroom. From what we discovered after the fact, she died by taking the first killing curse meant for you."

"She died because of me?" Harry rasped. Out of character for a goblin once more, Goldnail grabbed the shocked boy by the shoulders and slightly shook him.

"No! Harry, your mother died for you, not because of you. When she died, all of the protection magic that she had been casting for you took hold. She saved you from dying that night, and if I know the Potters as well as I did, she did it willingly. You are not to blame. You must understand that. It is Voldemort's fault that it happened. Not. Yours." Goldnail spoke, annunciating the last two words forcefully. Harry nodded, his resolve returning.

"What happened next?" he asked softly. Goldnail sighed and scratched his head.

"As best we were able to determine, with the Horcrux cementing this, is that once Lilly died, he turned his wand on you. He shot the killing curse at you. Only—you survived where none have before."

Harry was silent as he processed this. "I don't understand how I could have gotten his soul in me though. Even beginning to think about that confuses me."

"The curse didn't just hit you, Harry. It rebound and hit Voldemort. As I understand, once more with the Horcrux cementing it, he was banished from his body and his soul sent to roam, a shard breaking off and going into you." Goldnail said. Harry made a slightly disgusted face. It quickly changed to one of concentration though. When he spoke next, it was his magic.

"Am I to understand that the piece that is still left in my host's scar is the Soul? Then why do I consider it safe?" the Magic asked. Goldnail looked at the scar and ran his finger down it, sending in a little bit of goblin-magic in order to determine the answer. He 'hmmed' when he found a possibility.

"I believe that when you destroyed the black magic covering it, you technically erased the Voldemort part of it, leaving behind a blank piece of Soul. I've never heard of this before, but it is like the Shard has no identity. No self. It is quite odd, but I suppose that you could possibly absorb it in order to hold more magic."

"Before you try that though," interrupted Breakbone, "I'd like to remove the Curse." Harry looked at him.

"I'd like it gone. I don't want part of me caged up. But, is it safe to do so? I don't want to hurt anyone." Harry said. Breakbone nodded.

"Good point. We have a ritual room, if you would follow us. My king, is the Cleansing Room available?" Breakbone asked Ragnok.

"Yes. Take him there. Remove the curse, then, if he is able, bring him to my office along with the rest of you. If not, lend him a room for the night and we will reconvene in the morning." Ragnok said.

"I think that it would be best to reconvene tomorrow. My host is running on magic right now. Will this ritual require much from us?" the magic asked.

"It might be best if you went back behind the barrier when we're removing it so that I don't cut any of you off. If Harry passes out it can still be done. We'll let you fuse the piece of soul at your convenience. It shouldn't take too much energy as you've already punched a hole through it." Breakbone said. Harry stood and the goblins left the room.

Luckily, the bank was not busy at the moment, so no one took any notice of the small child travelling with the goblins. They went down a hallway and Ragnok veered off to his office and the two guards went back into the mines. The remaining three goblins and Harry stopped when they came upon a very ornate door. Goldnail ran a finger down a crack and with a 'click' the door unlocked and the group went in.

The room was not very spacious, but it was nearly completely empty except for four cushions, three in a triangle and one in the middle. Goldnail directed Harry to the center one while Sealtooth took the top cushion and Goldnail and Breakbone took the other two. Harry closed his eyes as he assumed complete control, feeling odd as his magic went back behind the barrier. He had no time to dwell on it though as the goblins started chanting in their language and Harry began to get really, really sleepy. He didn't know it, but as he passed out, he was enveloped in a rainbow-colored light as the barrier and curse were finally removed.

To the shock and awe of the goblins, Harry's Magic was able to contain itself to the center of the triangle, only burning out that portion of the floor. When the glow died down, Harry was as naked as the day he was born and sleeping very peacefully. His skin had a vague glow still on it, the scars from his beatings fading away. The scar on his forehead faded slightly as there was no more dark magic to keep it agitated, but it did not go away. His magic could not fix the malnourishment though, and only waited until Harry was well enough to eat.

Sealtooth left the room for a minute before returning with some child Wizarding robes. She gently clothed Harry, then they levitated him out and to one of the guest bedrooms in the Goblin Quarters. Very few humans ever came this far into Gringotts. Harry, though, was innocent of all of the things that wizards had done. He had even suffered at their hands as well, so to the goblins, it was as though he had something of a kinship with them. Sealtooth called for a house elf, instructing it to watch over Harry, before the three very tired goblins went to their Quarters themselves and slept the remainder of the day away.

Inside Harry's Mind and Magic

When the ritual was done and Harry taken to his room, he and his magic reconvened to get to work on absorbing the shard of soul in his scar. Harry's magic directed Harry towards his own soul and helped him to open a small portion up to receive the shard. Harry's magic gently grabbed the blank shard and directed it to Harry's opened Soul. In a brilliant flash of white, the shard joined with Harry and his magical reserves, to both his and his magic's amazement, nearly doubled. However, Harry's magic was quick to pool most of itself together and direct itself into a coil, placing itself near Harry's soul. This way, Harry would be able to learn about how to use his magic instead of letting it overwhelm him. With the task done, both Harry and his magic rested. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.


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