To All My Readers:

Instead of posting Disclaimers at the beginning of each and every chapter, I have decided it would benefit me to simply create this template and post it instead on all of my new stories.





NAME: Lifesbrokenmarionette

AGE: Too young for some. Too old for others.

OCCUPATION: Full-Time Student, Part-Time Writer, Mom

AVERAGE INCOME: Enough to put food on the table and a roof over our head.

DESIRES: To live a wholesome life and give all to my child.

Average Writers Profile:

NAME: Well Renowned and REAL

AGE: Varying, mostly old enough to know how to make money efficiently.

OCCUPATION: Writer, Millionaire, Parent

AVERAGE INCOME: Enough to pay people to put meals on their table and build roofs for their heads.

DESIRES: To not see shoddy representations of their lives posted in Disclaimers.

Reasons for posting this is to make certain that any and all reading this understand that while the thoughts that go into bastardizing and virtually ripping apart an original writer's thoughts and ideas, along with any OC, environmental changes and scenarios that do not match up with cannon writing or are entirely new are mine, the original inspiration belongs to someone else. So please, read on and get to know the thoughts and inspiration behind each new story posted after this disclaimer. Please note that this is for the whole posting process of the subsequent story. You will not see a disclaimer in this story after this.

Thank you,