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Last Time

"Are you ready to cast the spell, Mr. Potter?" Ragnok asked. Harry nodded, fusing with Magus, as the group walked out of Ragnok's office and into a large chamber-like room with a white circle in the middle. Magus looked over the spell several times before walking into the center and spreading his arms wide.
Magus opened a coil, taking the magic and pushing it outwards as Harry spoke,
"Revertetur Sanguinis Supellectili".
There was a blinding flash of light and a gong-like sound reverberated in the distance. Harry and the goblins shut their eyes tightly as there seemed to be a pressure building in the room. Harry felt really dizzy as Magus continued to push magic through him. He felt his vision fading.
'Too much too soon.' Magus whispered in his mind. 'Let me in control, Harry, the spell is not yet complete. Let me take over.'
As the last of his vision faded, Harry surrendered to his magic, retreating once more into a healing sleep. Hopefully, he would be able to see his stuff tomorrow.

Chapter 3

When Harry awoke next, he heard the goblins speaking in hushed tones near his bed. He was slightly confused by what they were saying though…

"Are we certain that everything was returned?" Sealtooth asked.

"One-hundred percent certain, which is why we must hurry. Many of the things returned were in Dumbledore's possession. He's had to have noticed they were gone by now." Goldnail said.

"Then we must hurry." Breakbone said. "Nithien has returned and is prepared to retrieve Lord Potter. Dumbledore must be stalled if he comes."

Harry groaned and opened his eyes, prompting the three goblins to come to the bedside. Harry noticed he was not in the same room as before, nor the room he slept in previously.

"Harry, are you feeling well enough to move?" Sealtooth asked. "We must get you out of here."

"Wh-What's wrong?" Harry asked.

"Many of the things that returned came from Albus Dumbledore's possession. He is most likely on his way. We must remove you to Nithien's care so he cannot get to you. Now, come quickly." Goldnail said, snapping his fingers to change Harry's clothing. Breakbone stepped forward, a ring, wand and cloak in his hands.

"Harry, these are the Hallows of Death. When Ringrock finished the research, he discovered that the Hallows, according to your mother, gift their master with something akin to Wizarding Metamorphmagus abilities, or the ability to change your physical appearance. Only, we believe that they will actually change your age." Breakbone said, handing over the cloak first.

"This belonged to your father, Harry, and now goes to you." He intoned as Harry draped the cloak over himself. The lower half of his body disappeared, showing its invisiblilty. Harry had little time to marvel as Ringrock handed over the ring next.

"This was another Horcrux of Voldemort's, which we have destroyed, and, by right of conquest, goes to you." He said as Harry placed it on his finger. He jumped when it resized to fit, snuggly hugging his left ring finger. Magus paused as he felt a stirring of the magic in the ring, reaching into several ley lines. He stalled it, telling it to wait for a safer time to call on the dead and then turned his attention back to Harry and Ringrock.

"And this, Harry, is the old wand of Albus Dumbledore, yours by overpowering the protections he had on it in order to call it to you. However, I'm not going to hand it to you quite yet because your mother hinted that there would be a great power flux, one that would most likely knock you out, and we haven't time enough for that. Instead, I'm going to hand it to you as you leave through the portal with Nithien. It should be safe enough. Now, pull your cloak over your head and come with us, Nithien is waiting by the Bridge." Breakbone said, heading out the door, the other two goblins and Harry (invisibly) following close behind. The cloak had been really large when Breakbone handed it to him, but, somehow sensing that it was hindering it's master, it shrunk, fitting against Harry snugly.

The four went through the bank, and into the lobby for a brief moment, only to see the doors burst open, revealing an old furious wizard with horribly tacky robes. As the goblins herded Harry into a cart, Harry heard the voice of Albus Dumbledore crying out,

"I demand to see Ringrock's head on a pike now! I've been robbed!"

The doors behind the cart closed, and the cart took off, but not before Harry saw a new goblin directing other guard goblins to escort Dumbledore out of the bank doors, on onto the steps on his backside. Still,

"Ringrock doesn't have to answer him right?" Harry asked, fusing again with Magus for comfort.

"No, Harry." Goldnail spoke, sensing his worry. "When he accepted the Life Debt, he essentially became your servant until you and he agree that the debt has been paid, or he saves your life at the cost of his own. Now, Nithien has been given a small backpack that has inside of it some of the more personable items, none of which are harmful, and is charmed with goblin expansion charms. With the time dilation, you will essentially be ten upon returning, however we hope that you will have mastered the aging ability of the Hallows. According to this time though, you will only be five. I know it'll be confusing, but trust us on this." Goldnail finished, the cart coming to a stop by a set of large stone doors. They stepped off the cart, going over to the doors where Breakbone slid a finger down it to unlock it, opening them for the four to go inside.

Inside, the room was circular, with many swirling portals on the walls. They herded over to Nithien who was standing by a green and grey one.

"Oh good, you're here. I was beginning to worry that the old fool had found a way to stall you." Nithien spoke, handing over the bag to Harry. Ebony slid off of Harry to coil around Nithien, while Nithien gripped Harry's shoulder. Turning, Harry smiled tearily at the goblins, who looked suspiciously stern.

"Thank you guys. I'll see you again, right?" Harry asked.

The three goblins nodded. Nithien gave Harry a little push and that was all it took for Harry to rush the goblins and hug them, startling all of them. Nevertheless, they hugged him back. When they separated, Breakbone pulled out the wand.

"Alright, Harry. This is the last of the Hallows. Are you ready? Magus?" he asked. Magus prepared Harry's body for the influx of magic, willing the ring not to react too violently.

"We're ready Breakbone." Magus said. With a nod, Breakbone held out the wand, Harry's hand reaching to grab it. Suddenly, it flew from Breakbone's hand and into Harry's and with a brilliant flash of grey light and an explosion of Magic (Magus included), the room disappeared from around Harry, pulling him out of time and space into a world of white and black. In the Bridge Room, Harry's body collapsed, completely lifeless, the strings cut like a broken marionette.

"I wonder if he'll come back the same." Was all Nithien said as he hoisted Harry's body into his arms and turned walking through the portal with a nod to the goblins as he left.


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