Return to the Past

Summary: Sequel to Skin-Deep Beauty. Pam, Pythor, and the Serpentine head to Pam's home city New York to for the next of the ingredients needed for Garmadon's cure. When they do, they meet up with the Ninja Turtles and Pam's friends from the Central Park Zoo, all who agree to help them. But what about the remainders of the supposedly wiped out Purple Dragons? I only own a few of the characters; all the rest belong to their proper owners.

Ch.1: The Next Clue

Pam took a sip of her mint chocolate tea as she came into the council room, where Pythor and the other Generals are waiting for her. She fell asleep in her room right after she and Pythor got back last night from getting those tears at the beauty pageant. That tiresome day was crazy, especially when her cousin Bri has hooked up with Cole and is now traveling with the ninja to get her back.

Pythor and the Generals looked up, and Pythor smiled when he saw her.

"Good morning, Pamela," he said to her in a rather flirty but polite tone. "My, don't you look darling like the rays of the morning sun." She wouldn't be surprised; she has on a pale yellow top and a denim miniskirt with white boots, white fingerless gloves, and a goldenrod silk scarf.

"Thanks, Pythor," she said to him. "That's sweet of you." She then turned to Skalidor. "And how are you and your new girlfriend doing, Skalidor?" He blushed in reply at those words.

"Wh-What are you talking about?"

"Skalidor, Pythor and I already found out about you and Fauna finally confessing your love to each other," she teased, "so don't try to hide it." Acidicus and Skales snickered as Skalidor's face became redder. Pythor and Fangtom only rolled their eyes to each other in amusement as if to say "Those crazy kids…" Pam only smiled as she stood between Pythor and Skales.

"Anyway," she asked, "what do we know about the second clue we got?"

"We haven't read it yet, to be honest," Skales answered. "Pythor wanted to wait for you until you got here before reading it." With an understanding nod from her, the Snake King took out the scroll in his hands and unrolled it to read it:

"Excellent work on retrieving the tears, Pythor. Now you just need to retrieve the second of the four ingredients you need to mix into the minera serum for Garmadon's cure. It is the long golden hair of he who betrayed his dark-hearted master not of this world. I am certain that Pamela will aid you with this clue. Good luck to you." Pythor then turned to Pam, who now looks a little pale.

"I take it you know what the clue's talking about?" he asked his Yellow Wind Ninja.

"Unfortunately," she hesitated. "From what I understood, before Hunn began leading his Purple Dragon crime ring, he and the Purple Dragons served this dishonorable snob of a scumbag by the name of Oroku Saki, the head of the Foot Clan and a so-called 'philanthropist' (please note quotation marks). He is also the greatest of the turtles' enemies known simply as the Shredder. But he's not really human; he's a human-like robot controlled by this criminal brain/octopus alien, an Utrom named Ch'rell who's completely messed up in the head."

"How messed up?" asked Acidicus.

"Jason Voorhees crossed with Freddy Kruger messed up."

"Yeesh…" the Generals replied in unison.

"And you think this Hunn guy is the one we're looking for?" asked Skalidor.

"Possibly," the girl answered. " He has long blond hair which he always kept gathered in a thin ponytail. And he did betray the Shredder by becoming the head of the Purple Dragons and trying to conquer al of New York City behind his back."

"And I thought your disowned father…was sick in the head," Fangtom replied with a frown, causing Pam to make a face.

"Dude, don't even get me started."

"Where is Hunn now?" asked Skales.

"Well, the story of where he ended up now is kinda hard to explain," she replied sheepishly before a thought hit her. "Wait, the guys!"

"The guys?" asked the confused Pythor. "You mean the turtles?"

"If there's anyone who knows how to find him, it would be the turtles. So we just need to get to New York and…Aw, darn it!" She gave herself a face-palm in frustration. "How are we gonna get to New York?" Pythor cleared his throat in reply.

"I may be able to come up with a fast solution," he stated, "but I'm going to need a large room for it."