Ch.5: Aid from Ninja Turtles

A short while later, everyone has gathered at the outdoor café of the zoo so Pam can tell her friends everything that has happened to her in Ninjago. She did tell them that it's a long story, so Mikey and Casey ordered some pizza. Pythor observed his slice with curiosity, making the orange-masked turtle stare at him.

"Uh…never tried pizza before?"

"Not really, no," the Anacondrai answered truthfully. "It's rather interesting though." He then stuck his tongue out so that it can pick up the scent particles before he pulled it back in. "Smells pretty good."

"It'll be better if you taste it," Mikey suggested. Reluctantly taking the turtle's word for it, Pythor took a bite out of the slice…

"This…does taste better," he said in awe before taking another bite.

"Told ya so," Mikey sang as he joined the snake for a slice as well.

Meanwhile, Pam has told her friends about her adventures in Ninjago. Raph, Skipper, and Savio weren't the slightest bit happy about Pythor having a crush on Pam. Raph even came close to throwing a fit and his sai into Pythor when she accidentally slipped out that he's been kissing her.

"HE DID WHAT?! LET ME AT 'IM! LET ME AT 'IM!" Savio quickly coiled around him to hold him down, a shocked look in his eyes.

"Raph, calm down!" Pam begged. "Don't get so worked up!" She then turned to the surprised Pythor, who threw his pizza up when Raph lashed out at him and it landed on Mikey's head. "Sorry, Pythor; I forgot to mention that Raph tends to get a little…angry."

"A little?" Savio replied with an arched eyebrow. "Chica, I think his shot actual lava out of his top on that one."

"Still, I agree with Raph when I say that I'm surprised at ya, Pam," Skipper said to her as he turned a glare at Pythor who's peeling the pizza off of Mikey. "I can't believe you've been making out with a snake!"

"Hey!" the boa snapped.

"I'm talking about Pythor, not you!"

"Michael, I am so sorry about that," Pythor said to Mikey as he helped peel the cheese off him. "Your brother startled me."

"Hey, it's cool, dude," the turtle replied with a laugh. "Personally, I think he and your red ninja Kai'll get along well since they're both hotheads."

"Hey, I'll have you know that I've been keepin' my cool lately," the red-masked turtle snapped.

"Like you did when Pam told us that Pythor was kissing her?" Maurice reminded him smugly. Raph then gave him a death glare.

"You're lucky Savio's holding me right now," he growled, "or else I'd turn you into a winter hat for April."

"Raphael!" Splinter snapped, smacking him on the head with his staff. "That is enough!"

"Ow…but, Splinter—" He stopped when the rat gave him a threatening glare and hesitated. "Sorry…"

"Are you going to stay calm now?" asked the nervous Private.

"Yes," Raph answered with a bit of annoyance.

"And you're not going to attack Pythor?" Pam asked with a warning tone.

"No…" She then nodded to Savio, who then slithered off of the turtle, who sighed with relief before glancing up at Pythor.

"I'm watchin' you, bub," he growled, pointing at his eyes before pointing at the snake. Pythor just ignored him before Pam got down to business.

"Anyway, that's why we came back to New York. If there's anyone who might know where we might be able to find Hun, it's you guys."

"Well, we hate to disappoint you, Pam," Leo replied sadly, "but the truth is—"

"I think I might know where he is," Casey stated. "I heard some rumors goin' on that he's been spotted at this abandoned warehouse at the pier. When April and I got wind of it, we were gonna tell the guys when we found you four headin' over here."

"But…where did you get that information?" asked Flora. "Chances are that getting it must be rather dangerous."

"Not dangerous for me," a female voice answered. The group turned to a tan-skinned girl a year younger than Pam, with brown eyes and long jet-black hair with long purple bangs. She has on a black sleeveless top with black bands going up from her mid-lower arm to her underarms, silver bracelets and belt, and red-violet pants with black-and-silver boots. Pam's face lit up when she saw the girl.

"Angel!" she cried, getting up and hugging the girl. "Oh, it's so good to see you, girl! How's your grandmother and brother Ryan?"

"They're doing great," the girl answered. "Ryan just got accepted into the college he's going for."

"Oh, I was hoping you'd say that!" Pam replied with another hug for her. Pythor, Flora, and Acidicus turned to Casey and April with confusion.

"Oh, this is Angel Bridge," April explained, holding her hand out to the girl. "She's a friend of ours who lives with her brother and grandmother. Casey was asked to look out for her by her grandmother." Angel then turned to the snakes as Pam introduced her to them.

"Angel, this is Pythor, his sister Flora, and their friend Acidicus." Angel then smiled in greeting before giving Pam a sly smirk.

"Hey, Pam," she asked, "Pythor wouldn't happen to be your new boyfriend, would he?" Pam and Pythor blushed simultaneously before the growling Raph took a good grip on his sai.

"Uh, well," Pam answered with a sheepish grin, "he does steal a kiss or two from me whenever we encounter each other…" Acidicus then rushed in to save his king and Pam.

"Uh, Angel," he asked, "you said you've found Hun?"

"Sure did," she answered him. "I also heard that he's calling the remaining Purple Dragons here in the city and other street gangs willing to join to a meeting there tonight. Said he's looking for some recruits for his new boss."

"New boss, huh?" Skipper replied suspiciously before turning to Hans and Donnie. "What do youtwo think?" The turtle in the purple mask then thought about it.

"Well, by calculating the strength of each street gang and then combining them all, the Purple Dragons might be too strong for the police to handle if they all joined them."

"He's right, Skipper," Hans said to him. "I don't know if even we can handle them." Pythor then thought of something.

"I think I might have an idea," he said. "When I was trying to unite the tribes in the past, the ninja foiled my first attempt."

"How did they do that?" asked Leo with interest. Seeing that they're willing to try anything, Pythor smiled.

"Here's the plan…"