This is my second fic I am writing which I have been inspired by playing Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. It's a really good game. Tough to beat, but still fun.

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"You've heard of them, haven't you? The Legendary Water-type and the Grass-type Heroes of Purehaven: Aquazen and Silva."

Light blue and green flashed through the rain, clashing with each nother on the peak of the tower. In the midst of the storm, the snake shaped and otter shaped silhouettes of two figures could be seen, tail and scalchop struck each another with enough force to overwhelm most defenses with ease. Both fighters were showing visible signs of exhaustion as they went in for yet another strike, hoping to take down the other. For the next few minutes, blood have stained the peak, only for it to be washed away by the rain.

"My parents have told me about them, and I've heard of them from history lessons and read about them through books that talked about Purehaven's history. They were said to be the ones who saved Purehaven many years ago, twenty to be exact. One would think that the children of these heroes will be treated like kings by Purehaven. To be honest, before all this had happened, even I thought so and like many others, was very jealous. However, that would simply be nothing more than a clich fairytale, especially to one of them."

More loud clashes could be heard in the storm, the pants of the fighters even louder as they soon dropped onto their knees, completely spent and devoid of energy. More than that, their bodies had suffered wounds that would make even the most pain tolerant pokemon give up in whatever fight they are in. Even in their conditions, just a look of the other's fierce and determined eyes was enough for the fighters to push their bodies to their absolute limit and continue their battle.

"Though the two were the sons of the Legendary Heroes of Purehaven, neither had the same treatment. How did I know? Well, I met the heroes and their twin sons. Both of them."

Charging at one another, the two fighters used their most powerful attack against the other. Leaf Blade from the elder, and Razor Shell from the younger. The attacks made contact, and a magnificant display of strength was evident by the rain around them being blown away from their attacks' impact, at their clash's ground zero. Anyone watching the fight would have been awed, until they knew that this fight wasn't a friendly sparring match between brothers and rather, a fight to the death. The elder Servine's red orbs glared into his younger brother's black ones, the younger Dewott returning with a glare of his own. Sparks seemed to be generated as each brother forced their moves to overpower the other twin's.

"One twin was seen as a true successor to their parents' legacy and was almost worshipped by the people. The other twin had the polar opposite, he was shunned by those around him and even was, I quote, brought down to be in his brother's "shadow" despite his efforts and results was often much greater than his brother. For a reason that only the townspeople knew themselves. But all secrets can never remain secret. One way or another, any secret would be let out. After years of unfair suffering, that particular twin eventually found out that reason. This very reason soon turned both twins from brothers to enemies."

"Although the two were brothers, they fought one another like archrivals who want nothing more than their nemesis' death by their hands. In addition, you would have this feeling as if both brothers had gotten a twisted kind of pleasure from their fight." With a grunt and an upward Leaf Blade from the Servine, the Dewott's Razor Shell empowered scalchop was send flying into the air, the mystic blue blade showing a reflection of the Servine's tail, still having Leaf Blade active, close to the Dewott's body. As the scalchop fell and struck the ground blade first, the tail had impaled the Dewott. Gasping in either pain or annoyed exhaustion, depending on which brother you were referring to, the twins stared into each other's eyes once more.

The Servine whispered something to his brother before he gave a scoff of annoyance and pulling out his bloodstained tail, leaving his brother's body to collapse onto the ground. "In the end, only one brother emerged victorious. As for the other brother's fate... well, let's just say..."

The Servine took out the scalchop, still under the power of Razor Shell, by the shell and walked away from his Dewott brother's seemingly motionless body. The Dewott let out a moan of pain as he forced himself to sit up, only for him to see his elder brother charging towards him and thrusting the weapon into...

1 year before current timeline...

"Brother, get up." From a small but still lavish house in the southern part of Purehaven, lived the two well-known heroes of Purehaven, Aquazen, a Samurott and swordmaster whose skills were said to be unmatched by others, and his wife Silva, a Serperior and a master of stealth, who he fought with to save Purehaven twenty years ago. Living with them in their little home was their 16 year old fraternal twin sons and the couple's pride and joy, Lutra and Serpent, a younger Dewott and an elder Servine respectively. The stereotypical idea is that normally twins have the same personality, habits, etc..., but these two are almost polar opposites of each other.

Lutra was the kind of person anyone would want to be with; a loyal and carefree fellow who loves to have fun but will get serious when the need arises. Throughout his life, he was usually seen as part of the "popular" members of the society, be it normal life or in school, unlike his elder brother who was, a quote from the other popular kids, "someone who is even lower than unpopular, that's how low he is". Generally, he is well liked by his teachers and fellow peers alike. However, Lutra can get bored really easily in class, which can cause him to be distracted and that often causes him to be poorer in his studies compared to his Servine brother. He doesn't not know why he's being treated well while his brother was treated like trash by the whole town for that matter. His brother is, as said earlier, nearly the polar opposite.

Serpent was a sociopath, not the type who was comfortable with crowds and such. He was never a good conversationist, for he prefer to let the other speaker start and the fact no one really talks to him, aside from his family of course, made his speaking skills much worse than his much more bubbly younger brother. A cold, calm and somewhat passive personality to top it off, wasn't exactly the best for him to make any friends, not that Serpent has any in the first place. For some reason he does not know, the townsfolk seemed to have a kind of "grudge" on him, most of the adults giving him the evil eye and the younger ones avoiding or just plain whispering nonsense about him (at least that's what he hopes they are) at best. At worst, let's just say he ends up going home with a bad injury or two. This made Serpent a little more sardonic towards others, except his family.

The only few things they have in common is a sarcastic personality that can talk back just about any insult they hear. Serpent, being the more passive of the brothers, often tries not to agitate the guy offending him and ignores them completely. That does not mean he would not give a witty remark of his own. He does do that, if he's in an already bad mood or if he becomes intolerant of the person. Lutra is often the one giving sarcastic remarks when he feels annoyed and that can happen a lot in his life. Often more than not, since Serpent doesn't return an insult with his own, Lutra takes the initiative and Serpent is often taunted for having the younger brother protect him, much to his chargin.

"Five more minutes..." the Discipline pokemon groaned as he closed his eyes tighter. Serpent gave a faint smirk as the Grass Snake pokemon tugged the Dewott with his vines, only for him to frown as Lutra stirred but still stayed asleep. A sly smile appeared on the Servine's face as he wrapped his vines around Lutra's legs, said Dewott too tired to notice. "Lutra, I'm generous enough to give you five seconds to wake up. If not, I'm pulling you out of bed." Lutra muttered something that is mostly incomprehensible, though Serpent could faintly hear a taunt that sounded like "make me, Serpent". That may have been the last straw, as Serpent literally pulled the barely conscious Dewott out of his bed. Lutra's eyes snapped open from the unexpected action and let out a yelp as he fell flat onto the ground.

"Dude, what the hell?!" Lutra groaned as he got up, Serpent retracting his vines into his V-shaped collar. "You could have woken me up in a less painful way right?" The Servine sneered as he pointed at a loud speaker from his brother's desk. "Lutra, that's my less painful way. I could have screamed "Get the hell out of bed!" through this. Directly into your ear. But since father and mother are still in the house and they wouldn't appreciate me causing you to go deaf, I just used the "drag a kid out of bed" method." Lutra sweatdropped at his elder twin's cold-hearted comment as he looked at the clock. 'SHIT! Why didn't he tell me sooner?!' The Dewott thought as ran out of his bedroom to prepare himself while Serpent slowly walked out of Lutra's bedroom with his bag and waited at the living room. The clock read "7.10", ten minutes before school starts. The Servine let out an amused chuckle as the Grass Snake pokemon watched the Discipline pokemon rush about the house to put some of his schoolwork into his bag and taking a quick bath. All this before he took a quick breakfast and rushing out of the house.

'What an idiot my dear brother can be sometimes,' the Servine mentally laughed as he headed out to catch up with his brother, closing the door. But not before he gave a quick ""See you later, father and mother! This is from Lutra and I!". Their parents had a small smile each as they watched from their bedroom window, their twin sons running to school. "Those two are pretty much like us back then... so childish" the Samurott closed his eyes and shook his head slighty, though that smile was still etched on his face. "Good times though..." Silva let out a giggle as she agreed with her mate's statement. Turning around, she slithered out of the master bedroom and into the hall way, Aquazen right behind her.

"Silva, you're going to?" The Samurott need not finish his sentence as Silva nodded her head. This is a regular thing on this particular day of the year, on the twins' birthday. Every year on that day, the two parents would head to a friend's home. To meet an Alakazam fortune teller by the name of Vicis. As a famous fortune teller, he was well known by the townsfolk to be almost perfect in reading one's past, present and future through his unique deck of tarot cards which he said was passed down from generation to generation. From their humble home to his, was a five minute walk that passed by quickly.

"Aquazen, Silva! What a surprise!" Vicis greeted, motioning the two to sit behind the table as he took out the deck of cards. Doing this for the couple for 16 years, the Alakazam had taken it more of a habit, even if it is only an annual event. Vicis skillfully shuffled his deck before settling down, the deck in between the three pokemon. As part of the job, the client takes out three cards,
which Vicis would read to tell the client's fortune. For Aquazen and Silva however, it is to find out about their family's fortune for the year. Normally the client would pay, but for their case, it was on the house, being heroes had its advantages. The couple had insisted before, but eventually gave up.

Silva looked at Aquazen who gave a nod. The Serperior took out the top card from the deck while the Samurott took out the next two. Putting them face down and in the order of how they were taken, the couple watched the fortune teller flip the tarot cards face up one by one. "The first card is," Vicis frowned at the picture printed on the first card. A skeleton wearing a black robe and carrying himself a flag with a black standard and white rose. "The Death. Pain and sorrow would be bestowed upon either certain members or the whole family itself." The next card depicts a moon which has a frowning face, a Houndoom and a Mightyena howling and a neverending pathway, to who knows where.

"Your next card is The Moon. There might be tension among family members and possibly psychological conflict for one of them." Silva looked at her mate with worry and Aquazen returned the same. Up till now, there hadn't been too much negative fortune. Even if there were, it was something that was minor at most. This time, it's as if the whole was bringing pure misfortune to them. Vicis was also confused at the results as well. Never had he seen this kind of fortune in his life. Looking at the final card, he was somewhat surprised to see it. This card depicted an angelic being blowing a horn with pokemon of different species looking up in awe.

"The final card is Judgement. It seems that even with all the misfortunes that might be brought into the family, the family will still accept them and continue on with hope and without falling into despair." The Alakazam took back the three cards before reshuffling the deck. Aquazen thought over the meanings of the three cards that were revealed. 'The Death, The Moon and Judgement... I have a really bad feeling about this, but the only thing we can do now is to prepare for whatever might happen. Forcing a weak smile, the Samurott nodded his head and the couple thanked the fortune teller before leaving.

"You don't think that... that's going to happen again, right?" Not many would have noticed it, but the Samurott's voice quivered ever so slightly as he was reminded of the past. Silva shivered, the memories of that war shook her to the core. Even more so is... it. The pokemon... no, worse than that. The monster that they fought all those years ago, they couldn't forget its evil, blood red eyes. Worse still, that mark on its neck and its affinity was the same as...

"Silva, I think we should forget about it. It's all in the past now." Aquazen said, snapping the Serperior out of her thoughts. "Besides, we do have to prepare for the twins' birthday, right?" Aquazen and Silva grinned from ear to ear. The twins are in for a great surprise tonight.

And that's the prologue of this fic guys. It has been bugging me to write it, after playing DMC 3 gave me this idea. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Evolve and Survive.

The pokemon speaking (before the 1 year ago bit) and the monster from Aquazen and Silva's past are also important characters in this story and will appear in this fic.

Until the next chapter!

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