The Imperial shuttle arrived. Anakin, his children, and his children's foster parents both went to say their farewells. Anakin, his children, and the Organas wished them both good luck. The Lars, who weren't really in this whole Jedi business, stayed back, but wished both the Jedi good luck anyways. Owen made a smart remark and said, "Good luck. Oh, and when the Emperor is down, make sure he stays down." Obi-Wan laughed and he and Yoda went off in the Imperial shuttle which was heading to Coruscant, where the Imperial Palace was. Where Emperor Palpatine was.

Anakin and his children kept waving even when the shuttle could no longer be seen in the sky, but stopped after a few minutes. Anakin was very worried about the both of them and hoped that they were successful in their mission to defeat Palpatine and restore the Republic.

His children knew that he was worried because he hadn't left the spot where he said goodbye to Old Ben and Yoda even after Luke and Leia's foster parents went back inside. They tugged on his cape and got his attention. Anakin crouched down to their level.

"What is it, children?"

"Are you worried about Ben and Yoda?" Luke asked. Anakin smiled weakly, but they couldn't see it through his dark mask.

"Yes. Indeed. I am well aware that they can take care of themselves in a battle, but still.."

This time, it was Leia who responded. "Don't worry. They're Jedi! They can do anything!"

"Like you!" Luke added. Anakin figured that Yoda must have told them that they were Jedi.

"I know. Anyways, let's go back inside." Anakin held one of each twins' hands and walked back with them.

Finally in Coruscant, the Imperial shuttle holding two Jedi landed in a secluded area near the Imperial Palace. Obi-Wan knocked out the pilot in order to avoid being discovered and hid him somewhere. Yoda walked out and they took a look at the place. It was grand, giant, and intimidating to those who didn't have much courage.

"What a place. I'm shedding pounds just thinking about the ground we'll have to navigate."

Yoda hit Obi-Wan in the head, but not hard. Obi-Wan put his hand on the place where Yoda hit him and tried to sooth it.

"What did you do that for?"

"Complain, you should not. An important mission, we have."

"Okay. Okay. I won't complain- Master Yoda!"

Both Obi-Wan and Yoda ignited their lightsabers. Obi-Wan was sure there was at least thirty stormtroopers. They were surrounded by them.

"This is not good."

"Your first clue, what was?"

All the stormtroopers had their all blasters directed at the two Jedi in front of them. Even more stormtroopers were arriving. It was clear they were not going to get out of this without a scratch.

"Anakin! Is he and the children okay?"

Obi-Wan was frantic. Surely if they found out about their plan, they would attack the former Darth Vader, his children, the Lars, and the Organas.

And he was right.

Stormtroopers had surrounded the Lars' moisture farm. Luke and Leia were hiding behind the adults that would happily be blasted first. Anakin had his blue lightsaber ignited, but that didn't intimidate the numerous stormtroopers one bit. The children's foster parents had their hands up like the stormtroopers ordered.

"Stormtroopers, you dare, you dare?! I'll take you all on!"

With that, Anakin charged into the sea of Imperial soldiers with fire in his eyes and a determined expression. The other adults had taken the children and rushed them to the other exit.

Anakin would not make it out of that battle completely unscathed.