Anakin went back and forth, slashing stormtroopers with his old lightsaber and dodging blaster fire. He went around in a circle, killing stormtroopers left and right. He would have to die for them to get his children, who were protesting as they were hidden in Owen and Beru's room because there was no way to escape. Stormtroopers had well surrounded the place and Anakin was going one-man-army on the stormtroopers and the foster parents were afraid that if they got too close, he could cut them down too.

They heard much noise outside of blasters firing and a lightsaber swinging. It continued for a long while, but just suddenly, it all stopped. There was nothing but silence. Then a sound of a body falling down was heard. Luke and Leia ran out of their foster parents' arms with tears welling up. Both sets of foster parents ran out to follow them and found Anakin severly wounded and lying on the ground and his children were huddled all over him, crying and talking to him frantically.

Then they looked to the entrance. It was filled with stormtrooper corpses and Owen and Beru feared that the smell of death would come.

Bail crouched down to Anakin. Breha was standing up. Bail was shaking him.

"Anakin! Wake up! For your children! Please!"

Luke and Leia started doing the same. They shook him and starting yelling for him to wake up.

Anakin was unconscious. He was in space, but he no longer had the suit. He was Anakin again, before the fight on Mustafar. Before Palpatine twisted and manipulated him to his control. His children were in front of him. Anakin ran to them, but it was like something was pushing him backwards. In front of his eyes, his children grew.

First, they appeared to grow up into ten year olds. Then twelve year olds. Fourteen. Eighteen. Just like that, they reached their twenties. Twenty-one. Twenty-five. Twenty-nine. They reached their thirties, then their forties, and even more after that. They kept looking at him with the same fixated stare. He could see in their eyes that they were growing up and didn't need him anymore. It was killing him silently. Then Leia disappeared. After a few years had passed by him, Luke did too. His children were growing up and dying in front of him. It was a fate worst than death.

Anakin was sobbing. He was all alone in the void. All alone. He stopped when he heard voices. He wondered if they were real and reaching out to him or they were all just in his head, tormenting him by reminding him that they were all gone. He thought the latter first, but the voices continued. He stood up and he was surrounded by light. It was warm.





Anakin woke up to his children's and their foster parents' sorrowful faces. After he did, they started to smile again. His children hugged him as soon as he got up. Their eyes were red, so he knew that they had been crying.

"Daddy, don't do that again! We thought you were gone!"

Anakin embraced his children and wrapped his arms around them.

"I'm sorry, you guys. I shouldn't have worried you like that." He was speaking to his children's foster parents too.

Bail crouched down.

"Oh, thank the Force you're alive!"

"Yeah. But why did the stormtroops come here of all places? Palpatineā€¦ I have to warn Master Yoda and Obi-Wan!"

"Anakin, you very nearly joined the Force. Do you really think that you're in a good condition to fight? Stay here until your wounds have healed. Or else you'll just be adding more wounds to the ones that haven't healed."

"I'm sorry, but I can't! Their lives are at risk!"

"I worry for them too, you know. But I know that the wisest thing to do is stay here with the children!"

Anakin stood up.

"I can't justā€¦ leave them! I know very well that they are more than capable of taking care of themselves, but still! I know for a fact that there are many more stormtroopers at the Emperor's Palace in Coruscant than here. There may be two of them, but I must give them assistance."

Bail sighed in annoyance. He knew how stubborn Anakin was.

"Fine. Just stay long enough for me to put some bandages on you."

"Fine. But after that, I have to leave."

"What are you going to take anyways? It's not like you can just call an Imperial shuttle to come take you to Palpatine's Palace. Palpatine already knows of your betrayal." Bail lectured as he began to wrap bandages around Anakin's wounds.

That was a good question. How was Anakin going to get to Coruscant?

"I know."

"What is it? Please, tell me all about your genius plan."

"Chalmun's Cantina."