Chapter 2

Laura's POV:

Finally we finished filming the episode.. it was so hard to focus:/ ugh

Ross: Hey Laura, great acting! As always:) wanna grab something to eat?

Laura: ... Sure:) but give me like 10 min i gotta look for Raini and Rydel about something..

Ross: Okay! I'll be waiting at the Sonic Boom set!

Laura: Kaykay seeya later!

Considering how Raini and Rydel hang out all the time, they should be in Raini's dressing room!

*Walks into Raini's dressing room*

and I was right... Raini and Rydel are chatting away:p

Laura: Guys, I need some help!

Rydel: Hey Laura! Whatsup?

Laura: I like Ross...

Raini&Rydel:... FINALLY...

Laura: *confused* what?

Raini: We were beginning to think you were'nt ever gonna admit your feelings for Ross...

Laura: It was that obvious huh... What should I do? I dont wanna ruin my friendship with him but i want him to know how i feel towards him!

Raini: Gee Laura, calm down! You didnt even breathe when you said that... take a deep breath...

*Laura takes a deep breath*

Raini: Okay why do you think you'll destroy your friendship with him?

Laura: Aint it obvious? He doesnt like me:/

Rydel: Oh that you dont have to worry:) As his sister, he tells me ALL his girl problems and trust me, you're ALL he talks about:D

Laura's Thoughts: WHAT?! He talks about me? Does he like me?

Laura: Oh my gosh! What should I do?

Before Raini or Rydel could reply, Laura received a text from Ross.

*Text Conversation*

Ross: Hey Laura, you done with your girl's talk yet? I'm starving!:(

Laura: wow Ross what a surprise! Considering you're ALWAYS hungry!XD

Ross: Hey I'm a growing boy! so dont judge my appetiteXD so how long more will you girls be done?

Laura: Gee Ross I'm coming now, relax!:)

*End of Text*

Laura: I gotta go guys Ross is starving:p me and him are gonna grab something to eat :)

Rydel: AWW~~~ my little bro and his girlfriend are going on a date!

Laura: Rydel! We're just hanging out! I'm not his girlfriend! Bye guys! Text y'all later!

Raini: Have fun you two!

*Laura meets Ross*

Laura: Hey Ross! so whatcha wanna eat?

Ross: Hmmm.. how bout Mac? I havent ate mac in ages!

Laura:*giggles* haha okay lets go! I dont want you starving any longer!

Ross: Great lets go!

Ross grabbed my hand and we walked to his car. I could feel sparks shoot up my arm! Ugh the effect this boy has on me... When we reached his car, he let go of my hand and went to the drivers seat.. Ahh how I missed the warmth of his hand on mine:/