Mikasa, Remember Me!

"don't forgot about me!" - chapter 1

"Hey guys, bad news!" Connie shouted as he entered the room where all the104th Trainees Squad member that joined the Scouting Legion gather, "What is it, Connie? Did the titans came again!?" asked Jean as he got up from the table.

"No, worse than that, Jean. I-It's Mikasa she-"

Let's go back in Time...

"Eren, we're going on another expedition outside the walls..." said Mikasa as she walked beside Eren, "I know that, Levi-heichou told us about that." Eren replied as he looked at Mikasa, "What's the problem? Why do you always look so down whenever there's an expedition outside the wall?" he asked her.

"Of course I would be." she said as the two of them continued walking, "And why is that?" Eren asked Mikasa curiously, "Eren, what if... one of us die?" Mikasa asked Eren seriously while looking at him in the eyes.

"What the heck are you saying Mikasa, we won't die! We will all survive this, do you understand that!?" Eren shouted at Mikasa as a reply to her question, "How can you be so sure of that?" she asked him, this question took him by surprise. "I-I-I just feel it!" he told her.

"Just remember, Eren, when the worst comes be sure to come at me, okay?" she said to him seriously, "There you are again, Mikasa!" Eren again shouted at her because of her behavior. "I won't die! I'm not that weak, and look I already have this titan power so stop underestimating me!" he continued.

"Eren, I'm just worried about you, you don't have to be angr-" before she had the chance to complete her sentence, Eren shouted at her again, "Just stop it! Your not my mother and I am not you baby brother! Your so full of yourself! You think you're better at me!? I really hate your g-!" he stopped at shouting at Mikasa when he noticed that... She's crying...

"M-Mikasa... I-I-" he was interrupted by Mikasa, "Fine! If that will make you happy then... I-I will do that..." she said between *hics* and gasps as her tears flowed down her cheeks and she slowly walked out she didn't even had the chance to hear Eren say...


Even during the expedition Eren is still thinking about that whole incident, "I-I better say I'm sorry to her..." he muttered while riding on his horse. During this expedition many titans came than they expected there to be. But Eren somehow managed to survive while thinking about the whole incident.

"Jaeger, what's wrong with you today, you're spacing out so much than usual." Levi said while going back inside the Wall Rose, "Nothing sir." Eren replied with his head down.

When they finally went back from the expedition, Eren still hasn't seen Mikasa.

In the Present...

"No, worse than that, Jean. I-It's Mikasa she's in the hospital right now, she hit her head when fighting the titans!" Connie announced to everyone, "What!? No way!" said Sasha who finally stopped eating the potatoes,"How is she, is she okay!?" asked Armin, "Mikasa!? Where is she!?" said Jean as he began to get ready to go to where Mikasa is, "Follow me!" said Connie. Then there he is, Eren left with eyes wide open, 'She's Mikasa there's no way she can...' he thought then he decided to check up on her.

"So Doctor, hows Mikasa?" asked Christa with a worried face, "She's okay now..." the doctor replied which made them relieved, especially Eren, "But she's currently suffering from an amnesia..." the doctor said with a sad face to them, "well I must excuse myself now, there's still other patients." the doctor continued.

"What!? Amnesia then does that mean she can't remember any of us!?" screamed Connie finally realizing whats happening, "Of course, Idiot what else?" replied Ymir as she hit Connie in the head.

"No way... MIKASA!" screamed Sasha as she dashed to where Mikasa is currently at, "..." and with Eren who was quiet all the time, he's currently gritting his teeth now, 'It's all my fauly... If only I didn't said those thing to her...' he thought.

There she was lying in a white bed, with bandages around her head (not literally around her head... just the forehead or something, baka -_-'), sleeping peacefully.

"She looks so peaceful like nothing's wrong..." Jean mumbled while looking at Mikasa, "I know right..." replied Sasha while eating a bread, really even a friend's already in the hospital, she's still eating...

"Guys, can you leave us alone for a moment?" asked Eren, he wants to have a private time with the unconscious Mikasa, "Sure thing, Eren..." said Armin while tapping his shoulder, "Eren, make sure you don't do anything to her, okay?" said Jean while glaring at Eren. "Stop it, Jean!" Eren shouted at him back.

"Mikasa, how are you?" he asked the unconscious Mikasa while holding her hands tightly, "I-I know it's my fault your like this..." he continued tightening his grip at her hands, "Please forgive me..." he said as tears fell down his cheeks, "And-

"please don't forget about me..!"

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this is actually my first Shingeki no Kyojin fanfiction, this anime is really epic