Hi, I'm Winter! I'm new to this site and I really hope I can entertain you with my stories. Before we start, I can assure you that this fic will have a happy ending. It will have approximately 15 chapters (or maybe more, if I see that I need that).

I am NOT A NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER, SO EXCUSE THE GRAMMAR. If I see mistakes, I will correct them. This fic will contain stuff like Lemon, yaoi and a few pairings (I will not give them away, well, except for the complete obvious one, which is Eren and Levi, hell yeah). It'll also contain magic tricks. A lot of them. I'll try explaining them as I go, so if you guys have any questions, shoot away.

Moving on to the summary: Eren is a beginner magician, choosing card tricks as his main job. He's a very happy fellow until one day, a certain kind of a substitute teacher in his high school tells him that tricks are, from now on, banned from his class. Eren, being awesome, decides one thing that will change his life - he challenges Levi, the substitute teacher in question, by disobeying. What Eren doesn't know, is that Levi has some secrets of his own...

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"Do it again, do it again!" a blonde haired girl hurried him, her eager eyes watching Eren shuffle the card deck in his hands. He smiled, looking at seven other classmates huddled around his table, eating him alive and waiting for more magic before their eyes.

"Okay, one more trick, and that's it," he said, placing the deck in his hand and rolling his sleeves back up so it wouldn't confuse the little crowd. "You," he pointed at the blonde, "are going to be the spectator."

The girl squirmed in her chair, smiling widely when Eren addressed her directly. He cut the deck three times, closely watching her following his every move, speculating what he is going to do.

"I'm going to tell you a secret," he said, giving her a half-smile. "I have a ridiculous memory. Some can say it's photographic."

"Fuck off, Eren, we all know you couldn't pass a test if you wanted to," a guy named Jean rumbled. Eren rolled his eyes at him. Some of the students nodded their heads at Jean, silently agreeing.

"Ah ah ah," Eren said. "If I didn't fail the tests, you'd get lower grades, and we don't want that, do we?"

The blonde, who was apparently from the class below them, looked back at Jean and his friends. "Shut up, will you, let him do the trick!"

Jean raised his hands up, granting Eren his performance a go.

"As I said, my memory is off the hook. Spectacular. Let me prove this to you."

The blonde nodded, leaning a bit toward Eren, her body language indicating she was more than drawn to the trick before her. Eren stopped cutting the cards, holding them in both hands now. "I'm going to need you to pick one card out of the deck, okay?"

He started passing the cards in a bundle, opening the deck into a wave of cards, letting her know she had to pick from one of the passing cards. The blonde told him to stop in the middle of the deck, making Eren smile.

"Great, we have a card, ladies and gentlemen," he said, happily taking out the card and placing it down on the desk. "See, I'm going to go through the deck, and I will tell you what card is missing. Because," he looked at Jean, winking at him. "I have an amazing memory."

Eren switched the cards up, so all of them were easily placed up, once again moving the cards in a wave.

"Ah, so many cards, so little time," Eren said, looking somewhat struggling with his memory. Jean looked downward bashful, proud of himself that Eren was probably going to fuck up any moment now. And then –

"Oh! Easy. It's the eight of spades," Eren said, putting the cards in place and quickly opening the card on the table, showing the blonde, wait for it – the eight of spades.

Seven people fell into a roar of awe, clapping, obviously questioning the trick with their eyes. How did –

"This is bullshit!" Jean said, his face already changed to disbelief. "How the fuck do you do this, I have no fucking clue –"

"Eren, please, one more!" a girl next to Jean shouted. Eren distinctly remembered her name being Sasha, but he was not sure. "One more and we'll let you be!"

The crowd was getting bigger and bigger. Eren could count a huge bunch of people from his class, maybe even everyone, alongside with their friends from other classes. He could never get over the rush of excitement whenever he did a show like this, even if it was in school. The brink of excitement rushing through his bloodstream, constant fear that he'll somehow fail the trick, and then immediate relief when he got the trick right. Seven people turned into twenty, Eren, again, shuffling the cards in between his fingers.

He had been doing tricks for as long as he remembered, his father showing the first one when he was little. Being the hotheaded idiot he was, card tricks endeared him. He would always carry three different decks with him all the time, practicing tricks 8 hours a day. He had an arsenal of them, some new, some old and dusty.

Yet he never ceased to surprise his classmates.

He lived for these moments, for utter admiration. He was known as a kind of magician around school, earning the name of 'Card guy' among teenagers around campus. He liked this name. Mikasa told him he was being ridiculous taking pride in this kind of thing.

He eyed the crowd, looking for the dark haired girl and her red scarf, once again sighing that his half-sister never appeared in his shows. She considered magic tricks a waste of time and space, disapproving of Eren's life choice from the first trick he had ever shown her.

But she never told him to stop. In fact, she bought him card decks every birthday, showing him that she did, in fact, support him in some way with his life-long dream.

Eren did another card trick, had another round of applause and then heard the bell ring. The crowd around him groaned in a unison, some of the kids cursing. They all wanted more. They always did. For card tricks were interesting until you found out how to do them. Eren prayed none of them looked up card trick tutorials on the internet, or else he'd be screwed big time.

Students shuffled into their respectful seats, talking about daily lives and other crap Eren didn't bother to listen to. He quickly grabbed his backpack, putting his cards back to place, smiling as he drew books for this lesson out.

He prepared for Advanced algebra in a matter of seconds, years of practice making his hands move faster than usual. Eren thought about lunch that would follow after this lesson, his stomach rumbled with a very annoying sound. He mentally shushed the hunger, thinking he'd coach Armin into sharing those wonderful sandwiches his grandmother prepared for him every day. He couldn't wait to see his best friend and tell him how cool he felt when he did tricks today. Armin was probably the only person he would tell how proud he was of the tricks. Armin never judged him, unlike Mikasa.

There are times in life, when a single moment is going to decide the rest of your future. There are times, when, particularly for Eren, that a single most valuable event would cause him to rethink everything he has ever done, has ever learned.

That moment happened exactly after Eren sat comfortably in his chair and directed his attention to the blackboard and the teacher standing in front of the class.

The cough had been loud. It had been loud and obnoxious and dreadful. Eren's eyes widened when this cough set silence to the whole class, calming every student in a blink of an eye.

The cough came from none other than a very short person, a teacher that Eren has never seen before in his life, standing and holding a piece of chalk. The man, dressed in black, looking entirely different from other teachers in Eren's school, had this look on his face. It struck Eren as utter disgust. Loathing. Anger. And it was the best poker face Eren has ever seemed to notice on a person before.

"Welcome," his voice was low, so low that it caused Eren's stomach to churn around in a flutter of nerves. "to Advanced Algebra."

Some of the students gazed at one another, silently asking the question everyone wanted an answer to. Who was this guy?

"Before you brats start quivering in your seats, I'm here as a substitute teacher for Mrs. Petra Ral. I'll take about three months of your time. It's going to be hell for you, and for me."

The class took a collective breath, the short man giving off this sense of authority in the way he spoke. Eren straightened his back.

"My name is Levi Recon. And you lot are going to call me Mr. Recon. No exceptions."

Eren took a mental note that Recon was indeed a very strange name, and for some reason, he felt as if he had heard the name before. But he wished the thought away, proceeding to understand that he will have to listen to Levi for three months. He already missed Mrs. Ral.

"Given this information, I have a few errands to run. I will check attendance and if," for the first time Levi turned his attention to one particular student, which, to Eren's surprise, was him, "I see anyone do tricks before or during or after my class, I will make sure you fail this class."

Everyone, and Eren meant everyone, turned in their seats and stared at him. His eyes widened, mouth forming a perfect 'O' because hell yeah he was surprised.

He rose from his seat before thinking. He didn't think it'd cause any trouble at first, but Eren rarely thought before acting.


Mr. Recon stared him down, his gaze giving Eren goose-bumps.

"You are asking me why." And it wasn't a question. It was a personal challenge.

"Yes, sir."

Levi raised his chin a bit, his composure even more authoritative than before.

"Because I hate magic tricks."

The entire class waited for the climax, for Eren to boil with anger. And it didn't come.

Eren was surprised. He was so surprised, that the only thing he did was slump into his seat, his bubble of happiness bursting into overcoming sadness.

His head rushed around a thousand possibilities, some crazier than the other. The wish to tell Armin about everything increased, but so did Eren's ability to fuck up in every situation without thinking too much before acting. Levi Recon, the substitute teacher continued on rumbling about Algebra as if nothing has happened, but Eren… Eren already had something in his mind, something blooming and constructing deep inside. A simple decision, triggered by mere embarrassment and a wish to show off.

The chain of thoughts led him to a decision even he never thought he could pursue.