AN: quick notice - I am so happy there are so many Now You See Me fans! This fic is actually very very loosely based on that movie, so you might notice a few similarities, but not a lot. Also, thank you so much for the reviews and alerts, I seriously did not expect so many!

"You should be glad you are getting away with this with only a suspension," the principal said, her arms crossed, face unreadable. Eren could only smile sheepishly, unable to hide his glee.

He remembered Levi Recon's surprised expression when he saw the ace of spades on the ceiling. Eren couldn't help a chuckle escaping his lungs.

"This shouldn't be a laughing matter, young man," the principal addressed him.

Eren opened his mouth to tell her he didn't give a damn, when the office door opened and Levi Recon entered. He wore a poker face on, startling Eren. He was supposed to be furious, or surprised, or even smiling. None of the emotions reflected on Levi Recon's expression, making Eren slump into his seat, the bubble of relaxation crumbling.

"The paint is not coming off," Levi said. The principal groaned.

She pointed at Eren. "Sit here and wait until Mr. Recon and I come back, understood?"

Eren nodded. Then leaned forward. "Can I at least use the bathroom until you come back?"

She waved him off and left the office with Levi Recon following her.

Eren sighed. He did not expect this situation. He hoped for a suspension, he got one, but the part where Levi Recon fell to his knees to admire him didn't happen. Sure, he saw a moment of surprise on Levi Recon's face when he watched the whole classroom cheer for him. But this silent treatment? He did not think it was a possibility.

Eren thought about the trick, and how he failed disappearing quicker. He should've thought the trick out better. Now it was too late.

So did Levi Recon like his trick? Did he feel surprised, did he think the trick was genius?

Eren shrugged the feelings off, letting true fear settle in his system. He checked his phone for messages, finding a dozen angry ones from Mikasa and a few from Armin. He already knew that Mikasa called their parents, earning him a 'grounded' status for the rest of the year. Although he couldn't help feeling victorious about this whole situation. Okay, who cares of Levi Recon didn't like the trick? Eren would still be a legend throughout the school. He smiled to himself.

Fifteen minutes passed, Eren nearly rising from his seat and stalking to the bathroom, when the office door opened again.

Eren straightened his back when Levi Recon sent daggers with his eyes. The substitute teacher rushed inside, and crouched in front of Eren unceremoniously.

Eren gulped some air down, his heart skipping a beat.

"So?" Levi Recon said, cocking his head to the left, fixing his gaze on Eren only. "Care to explain yourself, Jeager?"

The brown haired magician bit his lip, fidgeting with the cloth of his jeans, still a bit black in some places because of the paint. "Explain what, sir?"

Levi puffed some air out. "The trick, brat. The trick. How did you do it?"

Eren suddenly felt suspicion rising deep in his gut.

"You seriously want me to explain a magic trick?"

Levi looked at him as if he was a stupid little shit. "If you tell me how you did it, I can gladly convince the principal to leave you off with a warning and nothing else."

Eren gaped like a fish, looking everywhere but Levi Recon. If he told him the technique, would that be okay? He'd only have a warning, nothing else. No suspension.

Then, Eren tilted his head up, deciding he shouldn't leave his mission so easily. He would not give Levi Recon the satisfaction.

"No." He said, this time staring straight into Levi Recon's eyes, earning a little spark of interest from the substitute teacher. It was a momentary event, Levi Recon's face barely changing.


Eren smiled. "Have you not listened to what I said back there? About the rules of magic?"

Levi raised his eyebrow in question.

"You should never reveal a trick of your own, sir," Eren said proudly. He got up from his seat and walked toward the office door. He glanced back at Levi, who was still crouching in the same spot. "Now if you excuse me, I have to use the bathroom."

Eren splashed his face with water from the tap, looking at himself in the mirror. He wore a victory face proudly. He did not tell Levi Recon how he did the trick, he did not chicken out because of the suspension. Eren always knew that he'd find something worth the struggle and this time he was sure it was magic.

He observed his own face, full of determination. This was his path, his choice. He tried to convince himself that Levi Recon couldn't make him regret everything he had chosen.

Eren believed he had to do something in this world, to leave a mark. Ever since he started shuffling cards and entertaining his classmates, he was determined to do something more with this quest.

He wanted to become the very best. Making Levi Recon like magic was the first step towards his future.

Eren grabbed a paper towel and wiped his face, enjoying the refreshing feel on his face. He opened his eyes to look at his reflection again.

Instead, he found himself staring at an Ace of Spades card, stuck right on the mirror. Eren squinted, not believing his eyes. This must be some kind of a stupid joke.

He reached for the card, instantly grabbing it and re-attaching it from the mirror.

The card, to Eren's surprise, was metal. He inspected it, especially the paint and the backside.

Eren found a small note on the other side of the card, inclined in red.

10 p.m.

Titan bar

Don't forget your cards.

"What the fuck," Eren aired.

"Eren Jeager, come back to the office at once!" he heard the principal's voice from the corridor. He quickly hid the card in his pocket, his heart pounding hard and fast. How the hell did that card appear stuck on the mirror?

And where the hell is this Titan bar?

Eren sat in the passenger seat of Mikasa's car. She was fuming with anger, sometimes speeding more than the speed limit allowed.

"Whoah, Mikasa, do you want us to die?" Eren murmured when she turned a sharp turn toward their street.

"You are an idiot," she said, breaking her silent treatment. "Armin warned you."

"I know," Eren said.

"You skipped class for a trick," she went on. "And wrecked school property."

"I didn't know the ceiling would be counted as school property."

"Also, a week of suspension? Mom and Dad are so disappointed."

Eren clutched his backpack. "Does it sound like I care what they think?"

Mikasa didn't answer.

Eren was not in the mood for another quarrel with Mikasa's overprotective instincts. The card in his pocket got all of Eren's attention, Eren's thoughts lingering on it like it was the plague.

How the hell would he be able to go out tonight without Mikasa or their parents noticing?

Mikasa parked her car next to their house, rushing Eren out of it, so she could lock it. Eren swung his backpack on his left shoulder and entered the house. And of course, their parents were already waiting.

"Have you got no shame?" Eren's mom said. Eren hated when she didn't shout or yell at him when she was angry. It made it ten times worse.

He stared at her without answering, because, what was there to answer anyway? He rebelled, and nearly got away with it. God damn Levi Recon.

"Mikasa, could you please leave us alone with Eren for a while?" Eren's dad asked her and she nodded, climbing up the stairs to her room.

Eren would listen to his parents for a while, but inside of his head, there was a plan.

He would go to the Titan Club no matter what.