"Bella! Baby can you come downstairs? I have a surprise for you!" I heard Charlie yell from downstairs as I towel dried my hair. I had just come out of the shower and was only wearing my robe. Finally, I thought to myself. The bastard had been holding out on me for the past week or so and I was getting bored of my goddamn vibrator. There are only so many positions you can get yourself into with them.

I quickly dropped my towel and fluffed my hair a little. I added a little colour to my pale lips still keeping it natural, and then... I decided I was going to tease him; make him wait for me just as he made me wait for him. I stripped out of my robe and made my way over to my closet. The top shelf is where I kept all of my valuable belongings as well as the expensive ones. I picked out the black box and brought it down onto my bed where I opened it. Pulling aside the tissue paper, I picked up the skimpy lingerie that I had treated myself to a couple weeks ago. It was a navy blue baby doll made of lace and satin and it had matching lacy panties to go with it.

"Bells? Hurry up what's taking you so long?" I smirked to myself. Now look who's getting impatient. I quickly pulled on the outfit and checked myself out in my mirror one last time before I opened the door and made my way downstairs.

I walked into the living room and leaned against the doorframe, which I could only hope, looked sexy. But to my horror, I saw Charlie sitting in the recliner with the infamous Dr. Carlisle Cullen... sitting right opposite him on the couch.

"SHIT!" I quickly turned around with every intention of running back up the stairs, only to have Charlie grab my wrist and pull me back into the living room.

"Now hold on there a second Bella. I thought you'd be happy about my gift?" I slowly looked back and forth and Charlie and Carlisle, and then it suddenly clicked to me. Carlisle was my gift! Charlie had actually taken my word seriously. I didn't think he'd do it or even be open to the idea. Guess I was wrong.

Charlie slowly let go of my wrist and I made my way back into the living room with a new, confident attitude.

"Good evening Bella. Might I say that you look absolutely... delectable." Carlisle greeted me. Wow. He's just as charming as his son Edward.

"Well Dr. Cullen..." he stopped me before I could carry on

"Please. Call me Carlisle."

"Well Carlisle," I looked at Charlie again who was smirking at me, "I think... that you have way too many clothes on. I heard Charlie chuckle near the fire place where he was getting a fire going.

"I warned you Carlisle, she is quite forward." And with that, we finally got the party started.

I stood up and walked to the fire place taking a few of the cushions with me. I set them down the carpet and sat down in the midst of them. Then I lifted my eyes to meet Carlisle who was staring unabashedly at my legs. When his eyes finally met mine, he smirked and walked over to me sitting down beside me just as Charlie sat down on the other side of me. I could feel the warmth of the blaze across my back and all in all, it was a pretty romantic set up. Only we all knew that the sweet and innocent atmosphere wouldn't last very long. God Carlisle was so hot. He looked way too young to be a doctor with his perfect pale skin, his perfect golden blonde hair and his deep ocean blue eyes.

I leaned in and he met me half way as we shared a kiss. As his lips caressed my bottom lip, I slowly slipped my tongue into his mouth. I moaned at the feeling and at the same time moaned as Charlie began slowly kissing his way down my neck while his fingers played with my nipples through my baby doll.

Our kiss grew more heated as I reached a hand down and started playing with Carlisle ever present bulge in his pants. Wow. He was huge. Charlie was thick but Carlisle felt like he had the length on him. Lucky me. I slowly sat up on my knees facing both men and started undoing Charlie's pants. Carlisle caught on and started stripping down while standing up. Charlie also removed his shirt so that they were both standing in front of me, fully naked.

My mouth began salivating as I took them both in my hands. I was right, Carlisle had a long cock which was fairly thick while Charlie had more girth. I slowly bought Charlie to my lips sucking on his head and then taking him all the way in starting a steady pace. My free hand was stroking Carlisle and both of them were moaning. I slipped Charlie out of my mouth and continued stroking him while I took Carlisle into my mouth.

"Oh God Bella. Fuck Charlie you were right, she definitely has a mouth on her." Carlisle groaned.

"Don't I know it. Fuck Bells that's it, make daddy proud." I moaned around Carlisle's cock in appreciation causing him groan even louder at the vibration and brought his hand to the back of my head so that he could take control of his hips, pushing them in and out of my mouth.

Charlie came around and knelt behind me. He hastily took my panties off and brought his cock between my legs before thrusting it into my pussy.

"Mmmmm... fuck yeah!" I sighed before bringing Carlisle back to my mouth. The sensation of Charlie in my pussy while Carlisle was in my mouth felt amazing. Charlie soon picked up the pace as did Carlisle to the point where I was nearly gagging. My knees were digging into the carpet from the force of the two but I handled it well. I brought my hand to play with Carlisle's ball suck as I felt him getting closer while my other hand made its way down to baby doll which I hastily peeled it off my body before massaging my clit as I brought myself closer to an orgasm.

"You like that baby girl? You like me fucking your tight pussy while you suck off another man?" Charlie growled between clenched teeth. All I could do was moan in response as his words caused me to tip over the edge and come undone around him. The vibrations went straight to Carlisle's cock which caused him to unexpectedly start cumming down my throat as well.

"Fuuucckkk! That's right. Swallow everything I give you. Ahhhhh," he continued thrusting a little longer until I had swallowed every last drop. When his hips finally stopped thrusting I took him into my hand again, softly and slowly stroking him while gazing up at him, smirking slightly. Charlie had now pulled out of me as well and was now stroking himself while watching me and Carlisle.

Carlisle leaned down and thrust him tongue into my mouth before bringing me to my feet. He walked back towards the couch as he kissed me roughly practically bruising my lips. There's nothing hotter than a guy tasting himself, especially when it's on my tongue.

He sat down pulling me on top of him so that I was straddling him while his hand made its way to my now dripping pussy making me moan. He slipped two fingers inside me as he finally pulled him lips from mine. Then he pulled his fingers out and brought them to my lips where I eagerly sucked them into my mouth, tasting myself.

"You're such a dirty girl aren't you? You like being fucked my older men including your father."

"I also enjoy fucking your son whenever he's in town." I don't know where that came from but oh well. It's true, Edward was amazing in bed, not to mention his was incredibly hot with a body to die for.

I could feel Charlie scowling at me from behind but before I had the chance to say anything Carlisle thrusting his long cock into my poor pussy effectively stopping anything from coming out of my mouth except for a scream. I guess he didn't take that comment all too well either. He held my hips roughly as he pounding himself into me practically punishing me.

"Oh fuck! Shit!" Were the only words I could say. It felt so good but taking it this rough was going to leave me fucking sore, not to mention the finger prints that would definitely grace my hips.

"That's right Carlisle you give it to her good. She has a potty mouth and she needs to learn how to control it." And with that, Charlie stood up and made his way over to us. Carlisle slowed down for a minute letting Charlie get three fingers in my ass. My body froze and the sudden intrusion. With the only source of lubrication being Charlie's saliva and my own cum, it was bound to be slightly uncomfortable. They really were punishing me; and I loved every second of it.

Charlie finally replaced his fingers with his cock and the two men set a slow and steady rhythm. All i could do was moan in ecstasy. I had wanted this for so long. A cock in my pussy while my daddy fucked my ass.

"Fuuuckk yeesssssss! Oh daddy this feels so good." Charlie tipped my head back and plunged his tongue into my mouth while Carlisle sped up, grabbing my hips roughly once more as he pounded into me roughly.

"This is what you wanted wasn't it baby girl? You asked me to pound your ass while another man fucked you pussy. How does it feel baby girl?"

"God daddy it feels so good. I can feel you both in me. I feel so full. Oh fuck me harder daddy please. Fuck my ass good and hard. Ahhh!" I could only scream as the two men lifted me slightly and set a brutal pace. Alternating between thrusting into me at the same time and thrusting into me one after another. I could feel my orgasm coming on fast and I called Carlisle's name as I came all over him cock.

"You came without me you naughty girl. Your pussy is much too wet for me now. I want to feel that ass of you around my cock too." I nodded breathlessly, agreeing to anything at this point with the amount of pleasure I was receiving. I looked at Carlisle who was looking at Charlie. The two shared a look between them confusing me slightly, but I found out soon enough and boy was I in for a ride!

Carlisle picked me up slightly and brought me further towards him while Charlie still had his cock in my ass and he brought his own cock to my ass. Shit! My ass was about to be filled with two cocks! Fuck!

"Oh my god, fuck, Carlisle, it's not going to fit, please!" I was starting to panic. They were going to rip me apart.

"Trust me Bella, you're going to be just fine. I'm a doctor remember? And the doctor says that you need a good dosage of two cocks in your ass to make you feel good." He breathed out in a sexy voice.

I braced myself as he slowly pushed his way into my ass. At first he kept slipping out, but with enough lubrication from my pussy, he was able to get a couple inches in. I clenched my eyes shut and bit my lip as hard as I could to keep myself from screaming.

"Shhh baby girl, you can do this," Charlie distracted me with a kiss while his hands came down to massage my breasts. They slowly set a pace, Carlisle slowly sliding more and more of himself into me. It definitely began to feel better, but now my pussy was feeling lonely. I pulled my lips away from Charlie long enough to tell Carlisle, "Touch my pussy," before pulling Charlie's head back down to mine.

Carlisle started caressing my outer lips and massaging my clit making me moan into Charlie's mouth and they picked up the pace slowly; as one thrusted in, the other pulled out and they kept going. God, they both had amazing stamina. I had already come twice while Carlisle had only come once, and Charlie had yet to come at all.

I as the pleasure began to build I began to move my body along with theirs, gyrating and swivelling my hips. I heard Carlisle moan at my movement and Charlie pulled his mouth away from mine, moaning himself. Give the opportunity, Carlisle pulled my face towards him and stuck his tongue in my mouth and I could feel the sensation start to build again in the pit of my stomach. With both cocks now plunging in and out of me at the brutal pace I was consistently moaning into Carlisle's mouth. I brought my hands to his hair and held him to me as I began assaulting him mouth violently, kissing, licking, sucking and biting. Carlisle tangled his hand into my hair and fisted it holding my face to his and at the same time plunged three fingers into my pussy.

"Give her more Carlisle. My baby girl can take it. She loves having her pussy filled completely." Carlisle didn't need any more encouragement as he quickly stuck a forth finger into my pussy, and finally his whole hand. I screamed into his mouth as Charlie roughly grabbed both of my hips just as Carlisle had. Carlisle was breathing heavily into my mouth as his hand assaulted my pussy while his cock assaulted my ass. They were both driving me crazy and I was so ready to fall over the edge but I wanted to wait for the both of them.

"Come on, fuck me harder, make me scream, GOD MAKE ME CUM HARD!" I screamed as Charlie brought his hand down to rub my clit while biting my neck; and then I was done. My body convulsed as my pussy quivered. With both cocks in my ass, Carlisle's fist in my pussy, his lips on mine, Charlie's hand rubbing my clit and biting my neck, I exploded, seeing millions of stars before my eyes. I could feel Charlie and Carlisle explode in my ass as they finally reached their own highs.

I fell forward onto Carlisle as I could no longer hold myself up. I whimpered as they both finally pulled out of me, Carlisle also slipping his hand out of my pussy. I could barely keep my eyes open as Charlie picked me up and lay me on the pillows I had arranged earlier on the floor in front of the fire. I remember feeling the warmth of the fire along with the warmth of the two bodies I was now sandwiched in between as I drifted off into a sweet and blissful slumber.