By SakuraWorshiper

A/N & Dislaimer: I do not own Fushigi Yuugi, and if I *did*, it would be all messed up so quit bugging me about it! Anway......WOW! This came out of *nowhere*!! But I think this will be one of my best! *SMILES* It's got angst, romance, horror, lemon (guy-guy sex), and all that good stuff! The only thing it doesn't have is humor, definitely no humor here! It's your basic blood, guts, gore fic, with the traditional twist.... Well, I really don't have to explain much here, you'll get it while you read..... I *hope*! I'm using non-seishi names (except for Nakago), cuz it's not that kind of fic! =P You'll see........ -_-;

I stumbled as my foot hit a tree-root. The mist that swirled around me made it difficult to watch my footing. "Odokun!!?? Where are you?! Odokun please answer me!!" I was out in the forest, searching for my younger cousin, who had run away earlier that evening. Despite the lantern I carried, the mists shrouded everything and I couldn't make out anything other than shadows. I heard a twig snap behind me and whirled, "is that you Odokun?!" No response. I sighed and forged onwards, calling out for my lost cousin. I did not sense another's presence and was suddenly hit from behind. My head exploded in intense pain and I fell to my knees, dropping the lantern. The candle went out, leaving me unconscious and alone with the darkness and my attacker.


A/N: Oh wow..... ^^; Eh heh heh heh..... sorry about the note being as long as the actual prolog..... I hope you're intrigued! I will warn you, this fic is going to be pretty long!