They found the female woman, she was lying on the ground her body ripped open from the gut up to her throat, her eyes were glued open as and her legs and arms tied down with thin wire that dug into her skin. The police flashed their flash light around until they found a young man handing he was covered in blood and holding a knife, he blinked at them and winced at the light in his eyes "W...Where am I?" The young teen asked, the police looked at each other before looking at the teen

"Drop the fine and come with me lad." One older cop said to the dark hair boy.

The FBI took the teen away and had him stripped down to his birthday suit and then swabs was taking of the blood on the teen's body and from his mouth. Shaking as from the cold the Forensic scientist took some of his hair from the roots and scraped under his nails before they forced him into a shower room and got him to clean off the blood before making him wear well worn jump suit. The boy was put into a white room that put his eyes and made to sit in the cold room until someone came to talk to him.

A tall man walked into the room closing the door shut with a hard click, he walked over to the teen making him feel like he was tiny. "I am Agent Jack Crawford Will; I will be conducting this interview." He tells Will, the teen nodded "Alright let's being, the date today is 3rd of July 2013 start time for the interview is thirteen hundred hours." He said as he set out the file in front of him "Can you tell me your full name?" He asked

"William Graham, I mean William Lecter." He said correcting himself; Jack looked at him before he started talking again

"What were you doing at that warehouse Will?" Biting his lip Will winced at the light's were harsh bouncing of the cold clean walls and into his eyes making so he could feel his head ache become one of those monster ones

"Can you dim the lights?" Will asked him softly

"Answer the question Will." Jack asked as if he didn't hear the poor boy, Will looked at him and saw the anger just under the man skin making the man stiff, he wanted to bury his head into his arms and block out the light from the room but his hands were handcuffed to the table,

"I... heard screaming I found her."

2 hours later the man across from hasn't stopped talking to him since the dragged him here. "Will do you understand why your here?" The dark hair man asked again Will looked at him with wide frighten eyes

"You think I killed someone." Will answered with wide eyes

"No, we know you did." Jack said

"I DIDN'T I WOULD NEVER HURT ANY ONE!" he cried out as tears start rolling down his cheeks.

Jack looked at him as if wasn't a child as if he was mass murder than anything other than a child "You were found at the crime scene covered in the victim's blood their body meters from where you stood holding a switch blade in your hands." Jack told him, Will shook his head

"No no I...I found her sh…she was alive and…and I pulled the knife out." He said, he started to feel really sick he didn't know how much of this he could take, he started shaking began to feel cold in the blue…ish grey jump suit they forced him to ware, he slammed his hands down onto the table making the teen jump

"I don't believe you Will…" there was a knock on the two way mirror making Jack stop and look up, Will saw his jaw tighten as he stood up and walked towards the door, leaving poor 16 year old to sit and cry.

Closing the door Jack walked into the room with the two way mirror and looked at the older man in front of him "WHAT ARE YOU DOING I HAVE HIM THIS CLOSE TO CONFESSING!" He yelled, the other man behind the window looked at him, he handed Jack a file

"There has been another killing in the same way a young blonde woman a knife in her chest and caved up for the world to see." The man said

"What?" Jack looked down at the file flicking thought it

"Also the kid's father is here and he is putting up a stink about the treatment of his ill son."


"The kid had mental health problems his father is a psychiatrist one of my friends Jack, what you are doing to this boy is over the top, I've been here for 5 minutes and this kid is in a state, you could force him to have another brake down."

"Andrew, Will killed that girl I don't care who is father is!"

"I do and the fact that there has been another killing puts him out of the suspect running and into a very very frighten witness who may not remember anything now thanks to you." Just then a tall dusty blonde man walked through the door in his face blank as he looked at the two men.

"Hannibal…" The dusty blonde man put his hand up to Andrew and looked though the two way mirror at Will and frowned. Will was sat there with tears running down his young his face his hair was wet and stuck to his head; he could tell he was shivering

"Andrew I want to take William home now." Hannibal said in a cold clear voice

"Of course I am sorry for his treatment Hannibal but at the time he was our only suspect."

"Even so but look the mess your argent has left him in, his mind his receptive and hypersensitive he is a very vulnerable child and using him like this and treating him no better than the shit at the bottom of your shoes Agent Crawford, this could leave some permit painful damages to him." Hannibal said as he walked away from the two Agents and into the white room.

The door open and Will looked up; tears are falling down his face as he looked up at Hannibal "D...Dad." he choked

"Take those off him!" Hannibal barked at Jack, the man didn't say a word as he walked in and took the handcuffs of him and the anklecuffs. Taking his jacket of Hannibal placed it around Will's shoulders and kneels in front of him and touches his forehead "Do I need to take you to the hospital?" Will gave him a blanket look as he leaned into the touch before he let out a gasp before he fell back wards and started shaking on the floor; Hannibal turned around and looked at the two men at the door "Get an ambulance!"

Will spent a couple of days in the hospital resting up after what happen, Hannibal was worried about the young teen's mind as he was prone to brakes and it didn't just hurt him mentally it an all over blow to him. Sighing Hannibal spoke to the Doctor looking after Will and told him he could leave as long as he is resting and nothing stressful was to upset him.

After another couple of days Hannibal took Will home, the teen was quiet as he was wheeled towards the entrance. Will stood up unsteadily and held onto his father's arm and let his Hannibal help him out to wards the car, opening the door Hannibal picked up Will and put him into the front seat "Buckle up." Hannibal said as he closed the door, Will pulled the seat belt down and clipped it in and then brought his knees up as his adoptive father got into the car.

Hannibal looked at his from the corner of his eyes; he could see the dark heavy bags under his eyes and knew he was worried that he has failed Hannibal in some way "I'm sorry dad." Will finely said ending the quiet; Hannibal kept looking straight ahead as he turned out of the hospital parking lot, a small smile on his face that was hardly there unless you could see it

"What for Will?" he asked as he moved down the road

"For getting caught." He whispered into his knee

"William do not mumble. Now what was it you said?" Hannibal said with humour

"I got caught." He said

"Yes that did you had me worry William, but your acting skill are wonderful" Hannibal said turning to look at him and saw the down look on his son's face "However I was lucky enough to have to have the time to find someone else for tonight meal." He said, Will looked at him "How about I cook your favourite… ummm when we get home ummm?" Will looked at him and smiled

"Really deer?"

"Of course only the best cuts."

Two day later

Hannibal was sat in his home offices working some of his patient reports, he put his pen down and rubbed his tied eyes, he turned to looked at clock on his desk and frowned 22:53pm it read…strange Will normally comes to say good night… he thought, he let out a sigh as he got off his chair gathering his papers he put them back in the file and put them in the cabinet as finished downloading his recorded note onto his computer…I bet he has fallen asleep in front of that TV… he thought as he shut the computer down and empting his recorder for the next session he will have tomorrow, he placed that back in his bag before turning the desk lap off and walking the room. He didn't bother locking his door he didn't see the point Will never entered his offices unless Hannibal was in there or he asked him to go in there.

He walked down stairs to find seeing the light's left on as he walked around, he moved into the living room when he see his son sleeping on the sofa curled under a blanket, Hannibal chuckled as he rounded the sofa and bent down and scooped him up holding him close to his chest. "Stag." Will mumbled as the tall man carried him up to his bed room

"Shhh William, the stag is your friend." He told him as he walked down the hall turning to into an open room and placing Will onto bed and started to undressed him, he help take off the blue jeans and trainer and placed the jeans on the chair by the window and trainers just under his bed, he removed the teen's glasses and placed them on the bed side table before pulling the blankets over him.

He walked out the room closing the door leaving it open a jar, he walked back down into the living room to tied up a bit or otherwise he wouldn't sleep that night. He folding the blanket and placed it over the sofa and turned the TV off and straighten the pillows, he smiled when he see Will's school bag and he picked up his note book and looked at he his doodles and looked the images, his smiled didn't change as he see the dark and macabre images from his scarred mind. He remembered when he first had Will brought into his life, the boy was only 6 years old and covered in blood, someone had broken into his home and killed Will's father, Hannibal was called in to talk to the Will and the found the boy's mind wonderful it wasn't much thought put into bring him into his home as well, but he couldn't let some family take this brilliant child into their home and waist his mind, no William will be is son.

It wasn't hard to let him in on his secret, after the death of his father Will had shut himself away from people he would hold Hannibal's hand and watched people. When Hannibal first told him he was eating a human lungs, the boy had brought his fork up to his mouth and froze for a moment, looking at the lump of meat on the fork with the green kale before he put it into his mouth

"The lungs are a little tough." He said, Hannibal smiled and leaned back and drunk some wine

"I see, well I will keep that in mind." He mused at him

"May I have some deer tomorrow?" he asked

"Of course."

Hannibal was brought out if his thoughts by the Will screaming, he ran up the stairs and into the bed room to find the room empty "Will!" He called out as he ran into the hall away he spotted the bathroom light on, and he ran to the door and pushed it open. He stood there looking at Will who was sat in the bath with a pocket knife in his hand "Will?" Hannibal called out softly trying not to scare him

"Dad." Will chocked as he looked towards the blonde man, Hannibal walked over to the bath and took the thin blade off Will and put into the skin before he looked at the cuts on Will's chest

"Oh William." He said as he scoped the boy out of the bath and set him down on the small counter top by the sink and looked at the wounds, Will winced as Hannibal touched the skin around the area of the cut. "What were you thinking?" The older man asked

"I'm sorry dad, I was running in the woods and…and I saw the stag and them I woke up in here." He said crying, Hannibal clean the cuts and looked at them shaking his head

"They will leave scars." He tells him as he covers the cuts before bandages the chest up…beautiful scars… he thought.

He helped Will stand up "Take your clothes off I will get you some new ones." Hannibal said as he walked out the room, the young man took his bloody clothes off and put them in the other hamper used for hunting clothes. Hannibal walked back in to see Will shivering "Here put these on."

Thank you Dad." He said as he took the clothes and went to put them on. "C...Can I sleep in your bed please." He blushed as Hannibal gave him a look

"You know you're a bit too old for that?" He said as he looked at Will

"Please it stops me from sleep walking." Will tells him, Hannibal smiled and puts a hand on Will's shoulder

"All right just for tonight mind you... then you will sleep in your own bed especially since you want me to buy you a dog. " Will looked up at him with hopeful blues eyes

"Can I name him?" Will asked him with a smile

"Of course you can." He smiled as he guided Will to his room "I will deal with what that man had done to you tomorrow Will, your taken another week of school until those cuts start healing."

"Yes dad." The curly hair boy sniffed as he crawled onto Hannibal's bed.